Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news June 28, 2022 (photo, video)

Materials prepared by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Halyna Radevych, Ioanna Kryvenko

It has been the 125th day of Ukraine’s heroic resistance to the russian invasion.

Ukraine briefly:

It has been the 125th day of Ukraine’s heroic resistance to the russian invasion.

Here is the operational information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 6pm:

Russian invaders continue shelling Ukrainian territory with missiles. Today, 6 rockets were fired on Dnipropetrovsk oblast. As a result, civilian facilities were destroyed and people were trapped under the rubble. There were missile attacks in Kharkiv and Mykolaiv oblasts. In Kremenchuh, rescuers continue clearing the rubble of the shopping mall, where a russian missile hit the day before. 20 dead and 59 wounded are reported.

Towards Volyn and Polissia, the enemy enhances engineering equipment for defensive positions in the border areas of Brest oblast.

From June 28 to July 16, in the Zhlobin district of Gomel oblast, training with military personnel is held. The units of the armed forces of belarus might carry out simulated and provocative warfare operations in the border areas with Ukraine and conduct reconnaissance to detect location of positions and activities of our troops.

Towards Siversk, to deter the actions of the Defense Forces of Ukraine, the enemy has three battalion tactical groups in border areas of Bryansk and Kursk oblasts. There was artillery shelling of  Krasnopillia, Khmelivka, Popivka and Turia, Sumy oblast and the village of Hirske, Chernihiv oblast.

Towards Kharkiv, the enemy fired artillery at Cherkaski Tyshky, Chepil, Ivanivka, Korobochkine, Peremoha, Pechenihy, Petrivka, Rubizhne, Ruska Lozova, Ruski Tyshky,  Slatyne, Tsirkuny, Vitrivka, Svitlychne, Udy, Verkhniy Saltiv,  Yavirske,and Zolochiv. Russian invaders also shelled the northern part of Kharkiv. An airstrike from Ka-52 helicopters was recorded near the village of Yavirske.

Ukrainian soldiers repelled assault actions and forced the invaders to retreat in the areas of Dementiivka, Dovhalivka and Zalyman. The enemy was conducting an aerial reconnaissance with UAVs near Kutuzivka and Tzirkuny.

Towards Sloviansk, our troops halted the enemy assault near the villages of Dolyna and Mazanivka. The invaders withdrew.

Adamivka, Barvinkove, Bohorodychne, Dolyna, Dibrovne, Hrushuvakha, Krasnopillia, Kurulka, Mazanivka and Velyka Komyshuvakha were subject to artillery shelling by the enemy. Russian UAVs operated in the area of Dibrovne.

Towards Kramatorsk, the enemy did not conduct active operations. Multiple launch rocket systems caused damage in Maiaky, Pereizne, Sloviansk, Serebrianka,  Zolotarivka and Zvanivka.

Towards Lysychansk, the enemy shelled the areas of Lysychansk and Vovchoiarivka with mortars and barrel artillery. There were attempts to establish control of the road Bakhmut–Lysychansk. The offensive towards Spirne failed. The invaders had to retreat.

Towards Bakhmut, there was shelling from barrel and rocket artillery near Bakhmut, Berestove, Bilohorivka, Klynove,  Novoluhanske, Travneve, Vershyna and Zaitseve. There was a missile and air strike on Shumy.

Towards Avdiivka, Kurakhiv, Novopavlivske and Zaporizhzhia, the enemy shelled Avdiivka, Hirke, Kamianka, Kamianske, Mariinka, Novomykhailivka,  Poltavka, Orikhiv, Shevchenko,  Staroukrainka, Vodiane, Vremivka, Vugledar, Zelene Pole and Zaliznychne. Ka-52 helicopters hit Avdiivka.

In the South Buh direction, the enemy continued shelling with barrel and rocket artillery in the areas of Blahodatne, Kobzartsi, Kulbakine, Liubomyrivka, Osokorivka, Posad-Pokrovske, Shevchenkove, Shyroke, Stepova Dolyna, Trudoliubivka and Velyka Kostromka. Enemy airstrikes were recorded near Potiemkine, Oleksandrivka and Velyke Artakove.

In the Black and Azov Seas, there are two carriers of high-precision weapons ready to be tasked with missile strikes on objects in the territory of Ukraine. The total potential makes up to 16 sea-based cruise Kalibr missiles.

The Defense Forces of Ukraine are skillful on the battlefield. When performing combat tasks, our defenders continue to inflict significant losses on the enemy. There is total resistance in the temporarily occupied territories.

G7 leaders pledge to continue imposing  sanction pressure on russia and help Ukraine in the fight against the invaders. This is stated in the press release published on the website of the European Commission. G7 leaders also warned russia against using chemical, biological or nuclear weapons or related substances in Ukraine.

In Ukraine, women will be drafted into military service starting from October 1, 2022. Due to the large number of fakes in the Center for Countering Disinformation, the NSDC stresses that registration is not mobilization. It only means that a woman becomes a military person and is in the reserve of the Armed Forces, the National Guard or other military formations. This concerns women of professions defined in the order of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine as of October 10, 2021. Women with minor children under 18 years old are not subject to conscription. All women serving now do so voluntarily and/or under the contract.

Eastern regions

According to Valeriy Zaluzhnyy, commander-in-chief of Armed Forces of Ukraine, the most intense fighting are in northern Luhansk and Kharkiv oblasts. According to him, the situation is very difficult but controlled.

Kharkiv oblast

Today Ukrainian soldiers repelled assault actions and forced the invaders to retreat from Dementiivka, Dovhalivka and Zalyman settlements.

The enemy also shelled with artillery Chepil, Cherkaski Tyshky, Ivanivka, Korobochkyne, Pechenihy, Peremoha, Petrivka, Rubizhne, Ruska Lozova, Ruski Tushky, Slatyne, Svitlychne, Tsyrkyni, Yavirske. Russian invaders also shelled the northern part of Kharkiv. Airstrikes from Ka-52 helicopters were recorded near Yavirske village.

Ukrainian soldiers repelled the assault actions and forced the invaders to retreat from Dementiivka, Dovhalivka and Zalyman settlements. The enemy conducted UAV reconnaissance near Kutuzivka and Tsyrkuny.

According to the head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration Oleh Siniehubov, 5 people were injured as a result of shelling and fire in the Industrialnyy district, Kharkiv on June 28 and 1 person is in serious condition. In Tsyrkuny, 2 people were killed and 1 was hospitalized. As a result of shelling of an industrial zone in the Industrialnyy district at around midnight, a fire broke out at one of the enterprises. The fire spread over the area of 50 square meters as reported in the State Emergency Service of the region.

Russia shelled Kyivskyy district, Kharkiv with artillery on the night of June 28. A car dealership and residential buildings near Valentynivska Street were damaged. There were no casualties. The property of the car dealership was destroyed: according to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the equipment, insulation and oil were burning.

Also on the night of June 28, another school in Slobidskyy district, Kharkiv was destroyed by russian missile strikes.

On Constitution Day, a blue-and-yellow mural with the text of Article 21 of the Basic Law was created in Zmiiv, Kharkiv oblast. According to Olha Perelyhina, coordinator of the All-Ukrainian action “Draw with BUR (Let’s build Ukraine together)” in Zmiiv, 27 cities and villages took part in the action.

Donetsk oblast

The Armed Forces of Ukraine stopped the enemy’s assault on Dolyna and Mazanivka villages. The invaders withdrew. The enemy shelled with artillery Adamivka, Barvinkove, Bohorodychne, Dibronve, Dolyna, Krasnopillia, Kurulka, Mazanivka settlements. Enemy UAVs operated near Dibrovne village. The enemy fired multiple rocket launchers near Maiak, Pereizne, Serebrianka and Sloviansk, Zolotarivka, Zvanivka. 

The invaders also fired barrel and rocket artillery near Bakhmut, Berestove, Bilohorivka, Klynove, Novoluhanske, Travneve, Vershyna, ZaytseveV. Shumiv was shelled with missile and aviation strikes.

The invaders attempted to cut off transport links from Donetsk to Lysychansk.

305 people were evacuated from frontline territories during the day. This work is ongoing despite the shelling.

On 28 June, the russians killed 1 Donetsk civilian in Avdiivka. 8 people were injured today. In addition, 1 person was killed in Donetsk oblast after being injured in Luhansk oblast. 7 people were injured in Luhansk oblast and were given medical care in Kramatorsk.

Luhansk oblast

The enemy shelled near Lysychansk and Vovchoiarivka with mortars and cannon artillery. The enemy is trying to gain control of the Bakhmut-Lysychansk highway. The enemy conducted an offensive toward Spirne village but failed and withdrew.

Russian occupation troops shelled 12 settlements in Donetsk oblast. They fired Grads, Uragans, S-300 surface-to-air missiles and incendiary shells. 2 people were killed and 13 injured.

According to Serhiy Hayday, head of Luhansk Regional Military Administration, as of the morning of June 28, russian occupation troops are onslaughting Lysychansk from the south and southwest. Fighting continues between Vovchoiarivka and the oil refinery. The invaders are trying to cut off Lysychansk from transport links to Donetsk. “It was reported that 2 more residents died. One of the women died in Kramatorsk medical facility, where she was taken two days ago. Another woman was found in Lysychansk without any signs of life”. Two pump stations in Lysychansk and one in Novodruzhesk were shelled by invaders, and two bridges and a road tunnel in Lysychansk were destroyed. There was a lot of destruction in the residential sector of the city.

According to Hayday, there is still no gas, water or power in Lysychansk, and all infrastructure was destroyed. The city is full of anti-personnel mines.

According to the evening report of Serhiy Hayday, delivery of humanitarian cargo is complicated, but it is still being shipped. One by one, russian ammunition depots explode, as do barracks with enemy personnel. Russians are already fighting using obsolete models of tanks: T-64s and even T-62s.

He also added that all russian army forces in Luhansk oblast are aimed at storming Lysychansk and all shellings in the occupied territory are for the benefit of the city’s defenders.

According to the Strategic Communications Division of Armed Forces of Ukraine, a military base of the russian occupation troops is on fire in temporarily occupied Perevalsk, Luhansk oblast.

The first mass protest actions against the self-proclaimed occupation administration took place in Mariupol. Russian invaders had to make concessions and disperse people with weapons. Also in the occupied city, the enemies under the guise of “reconstruction” are dismantling a fountain on the square near Drama Theater. They plan to take it to Donetsk.

According to Oleksandr Striuk, the current situation in Severodonetsk is as follows: before storming the city there were 10-11 thousand people, now there are 7-8K. It is possible to leave Severodonetsk towards the temporarily occupied territories. The invader does not give any other opportunities. Civilians began to leave the Azot plant shelters when the russian shelling subsided. The city is running out of food brought by Ukrainian volunteers.

Northern regions

Kyiv oblast

Kyiv mayor Vitaliy Klytschko met with Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida, mayor of the Spanish capital, at the NATO summit in Madrid. Klytschko thanked the mayor and representatives of all political forces in Madrid for the warm reception of Ukrainian refugees and humanitarian aid they provide to Ukraine.

Photo: Telegram channel of Kyiv City State Administration. The meeting of mayors at the NATO summit in Madrid.

Two russian commanders who gave the order to shoot civilians in Kyiv oblast have been identified, informed the State Security Service. The invaders forcibly detained local residents in one of the premises, tortured them, and then gave an order to their subordinates to shoot them and blow up the building. They are currently suspected of committing the crime of violating the laws and customs of war.

The State Emergency Service reports that inspection and clearance of explosive objects are underway in the liberated settlements and territories of Kyiv oblast.

In Kyiv, EOD specialists found World War II ammunition. The Kyiv city administration reported that six shells and an F-1 grenade were found on the territory of the M. Gryshko National Botanical Garden. In total, during the full-scale war, the sappers made 26 trips to the territory of the botanical garden and inspected almost 65 hectares of the area.

The modular settlements in Borodianka and Bucha are almost fully occupied by residents, informs the Regional Military Administration. The settlements consist of 88 rooms (intended for four people per room). Such towns are planned to be opened in Hostomel, Makarov, and Kuhkari in Vyshhorod region. Residents who have lost their homes and need temporary accommodation should contact the executive committee of the city, town, or village council.

According to Kyiv City Council, 7 public cinemas resumed full operation in the capital. Since June 2, public institutions have already shown 30 Ukrainian and foreign films. There was a total of 1 405 sessions, attended by 9.5K visitors. This number is 85% less than during the same period last year.

Zhytomyr oblast

In Zhytomyr oblast, the chairman of a charity foundation was detained for selling personal protective equipment for the military. According to the National Police, the goods came to Ukraine as humanitarian aid and were meant for Ukrainian defenders. The total amount of the “order” for sale was almost half a million hryvnias.

Sumy oblast

The enemy continues to fire on the border of Sumy oblast, according to the State Border Guard Service. The Bilopillya and Krasnopillya communities came under fire again. The enemy used artillery and mortars.

Sumy RMA reported that one person was injured due to shelling of the Krasnopillya community. She was evacuated to a specialized medical facility by air.

The SES reported pyrotechnics have detected 31 explosive devices in the Konotop, Okhtyrka and Sumy districts. Among them – artillery shells, mortar and anti-tank mines, anti-tank grenade launcher.

Photo: Interregional Rapid Response Center of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. Sumy oblast.

Doctors of Sumy City Children’s Hospital received humanitarian aid. The surgical department received it from the “United Help Ukraine” charity foundation, “Zdorovi” National Agency for Humanitarian Aid and UNICEF. The hospital now treats many children from warring regions, especially from Kharkiv oblast. The medical institution needs to upgrade equipment and sufficient consumables.

Photo: Volodymyr Chyzhyk / Suspilne

Chernihiv oblast

The “North” Operational Command reports that Chernihiv oblast is under fire again. In the area of the settlement of Hirsk of the Chernihiv oblast there have been 15 explosions. The shelling was carried out from artillery from the territory of the russian federation. There are no casualties among personnel and equipment. Due to the shelling: two craters, walls of an administrative building are damaged, windows are broken.

Photo: “North” Operational Command. Consequences of the shelling in the  Hirsk area. Chernihiv oblast..

Enemy artillery and mortars fired on the territory of the Snovsk community. The State Border Guard Service recorded explosions of more than two dozen munitions. The shelling was carried out from the Bryansk region. The information on losses and destruction is being clarified.

In Chernihiv oblast, the issue of shelter preparation is acute. The head of the regional military administration, Vyacheslav Chaus, emphasizes the need to identify all shelters to accommodate people if necessary.

The Chernihiv regional administration reported that  work to restore power and gas supply is underway in the region. 133 consumers do not have power supply (Bobrovytsia and Novoselivka districts), 743 households don’t have gas supply.

A list of private homes where roofs and windows will be restored is being determined in Kyinka and Novoselivka, Chernihiv oblast.

The Chernihiv RMA reported that the vast majority of boarding school students are sent to Transcarpathia for rehabilitation. Negotiations to organize recreation for the rest of the children are underway.

In Chernihiv oblast, environmentalists have estimated about 10 billion hryvnias in damage to land and air. Air bombardments and rocket attacks by russian troops in Chernihiv oblast have led to emergencies damaging enterprises, houses and forests. The State Ecological Inspectorate announced the amount of damage is estimated at 20 sites in Chernihiv oblast.

Photo: Chernihiv RMA

Аccording to experts, about UAH 803 million is required to restore the Chernihiv thermal power station. The facilities of this complex were systematically subject to enemy mortar and rocket fire. Due to the shelling the main transformer and a lot of special equipment were destroyed.

Photo: Chernihiv City Council. The main transformer that supplied the city with electricity was destroyed

Photo: Chernihiv City Council. Destruction at Chernihiv TPS.

Central regions

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

The enemy again shelled Shyrokiv and Zelenodolsk communities using barrel artillery and long-range weapons. There are no victims.

6 missiles were launched on the Dnipropetrovsk region. 3 of them were shot down by Ukrainian military in Dnipro and Synelnykiv district. In Dnipro, one of the missiles hit a service station. As a result of the shelling, railway infrastructure and an industrial enterprise were destroyed. Rescue operations continue.

Photo: Heroiv Maidanu Square  in Dnipro

In Dnipro, on Heroi Maidanu Square, young people held an event dedicated to the Constitution Day of Ukraine. Everyone was holding the banner with one of the articles of the Ukrainian Constitution with the text of the article and its QR-code.

Poltava oblast

Amstor shopping mall after a russian missile strike Photo: Yephrem Lukatsky, Associated Press

According to the director of a hospital in Kremenchuk Oksana Korlyakova, about 40 people got medical aid in the hospital after the rocket attack on the city shopping center. There were patients with minor injuries, debris wounds, damage to soft tissues, bones, traumatic amputation of the hand. 24 people have been hospitalized.

According to the President’s Office more than 40 applications have been filed by relatives about the missing people, who may have been in the Kremenchuk shopping center during the shelling. The bodies of some casualties are unrecognizable. They will be identified by DNA, which might take several days. It is currently known that about 20 people were killed. Debris removal  is ongoing.

Poltava City Council declared June 28, 2022 a Day of Mourning in memory of the victims of the air raid in Kremenchuh.

The Minister Denis Monastyrsky stated that the russian pilots who bombed the shopping center in Kremenchuh were identified. The article of the Criminal Code of Ukraine stipulates life imprisonment for those liable for this crime. 

The administration of the “Amstor” mall in Kremenchuh is threatened with imprisonment for ignoring the air alarm. The management of the shopping center will be responsible in court for its decision to leave the facility open during an air raid.

Citizens are bringing flowers, candles and toys to the burned-out shopping center.

The second russian missile hit the territory of the Kremenchuh plant of road machines (“Kredmash”). Infrastructure was partially destroyed as a result of the shelling. The head of the plant supervisory board Mykola Danyleiko informed that the plant has not produced military vehicles since 1989, only civilian cars. Russians know it, as they bought the company’s products in the past. Fortunately, 20 minutes before the explosion, about 100 people left the territory of the plant after the shift.

Southern regions

Zaporizhzhia oblast

The situation in the Zaporizhzhia direction has not changed significantly. The enemy concentrates its main efforts on holding the occupied positions.

The operation on return of bodies of the lost Ukrainian servicemen took place in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, the Ministry of Integration reports. Ukraine returned bodies of 46 heroic defenders for their worthy burial. 21 of them are Azovstal defenders.

The enemy carried out 47 shellings of the positions of Ukrainian defenders using artillery and MLRS along the entire contact line.

According to Zaporizhzhia Main Regional Department of the National Police, the enemy shelled civilian infrastructure in the areas of Huliaipole, Orikhiv, and Preobrazhenka. There were 19 reports of destruction of civilian infrastructure as a result of shelling by russian occupation forces.

Photo: Consequesnces of enemy fire at Zaporizhzhia Oblast

In the temporarily occupied Berdiansk, near the seaport, several powerful explosions were heard. This was reported in the headquarters of the executive committee of the city council.

During the day 1 690 people, including 377 children, were evacuated.

Recently the defenders of Zaporizhzhia direction have destroyed a sabotage and reconnaissance group of russian occupation forces. During the clash, six military occupiers were liquidated, and one captured. He was a former prisoner for grave crimes serving his sentence in penitentiaries of the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk Oblast.

Almost 24K consumers in 79 settlements of Zaporizhzhia Oblast are left without power supply due to damage to power lines.

Power supply have been restored for  almost 1K families in Berdiansk and Vasylivka districts.

Already this night, due to enemy shelling, new damage occurred in the Orikhiv networks. As a result 14 218 consumers were left without power supply. In the morning, the power supply was restored for 12 095 consumers.

In Zaporizhzhia, the Security Service of Ukraine exposed an employee of a state-owned enterprise who publicly supported LPR/ DPR terrorist organizations and the russian so-called “special operation” in Ukraine. He actively disseminated pro-Kremlin narratives on well-known social networks. 

Celebrations were held on the occasion of the Constitution Day of Ukraine in the Zaporizhzhia Regional Military Administration. As part of the celebration, Zaporozhians received honorary awards.

Photo: Presentation of honorary awards to Zaporozhians.

On June 29, in the Shevchenkivskyi district of Zaporizhia  blasting works will be carried out at the Mokryansky Stone Quarry #3 in connection with the planned technological processes. A siren will sound during the blasting.

Mykolaiv Oblast

As a result of night shelling of the Kutsurb community, social infrastructure facilities were destroyed. There was a fire in the field with winter wheat, but without casualties.

Before dawn, the Shyrokiv community of the Bashtansky district was shelled. Agricultural lands were hit. In the morning, there were also shellings in five other communities in the region along the line of contact. According to preliminary information, the infrastructure and residential buildings were damaged. There is no information about the victims at the moment.

Mykolayiv and the suburbs came under massive rocket fire from the Bastion coastal missile complex. The city stadium, military infrastructure and social and agricultural facilities in the suburbs were affected. There were no casualties.

Photo: City stadium after the enemy shelling

The enemy struck at Ochakov using volley fire systems. The occupiers hit the territory of the city market, the building of the Palace of Culture, the private sector, as well as residential buildings. Some areas of the city are left without water, gas, energy supply and internet. 3 people died, including 1 child. 7 people were injured.

Firefighters extinguished 5 fires which ignited as a result of enemy attacks in Mykolaiv Oblast The Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Mykolaiv Oblast reports about it.

There was an exchange of captives between Ukraine and the russian federation on the territory of Mykolaiv Oblast. 17 people were returned to the territory controlled by Ukraine, including 16 servicemen and 1 civilian.

Odesa oblast

In the waters of the Black and Azov Seas, the enemy holds two carriers of high-precision weapons with up to 16 cruise missiles naval base “Caliber”  in readiness to launch missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine. This was reported in the South Operational Command.

The defense forces continue the military operation on Zmiinyi (Snake) Island. An attempt to launch a missile strike by Onyx from the temporarily occupied Crimea at the Izmail district of Odesa oblast was successfully neutralized by air defense units.

32 tons of humanitarian aid arrived to Odesa. The aid was provided by Italian volunteers. There are food, hygiene products and medicines in the delivered boxes. They will be handed to displaced people and people who found themselves in difficult conditions due to the war.

Kherson oblast

The russian military continues to fire on the settlements of Kherson oblast liberated from their presence. The occupiers open a network of points for issuing russian passports on the temporarily occupied territories.

The police of Kherson oblast recorded 6 war crimes of the russian army against the civilian population. Kidnappings, including educators, and shelling of settlements predominate among the crimes committed by the occupiers. There are wounded civilians.

Photo: Policemen record war crimes in Kherson Oblast

Police officers saved 40 hectares of a grain crop from the fire that broke out following the russian attack on the territory of the Kochubeivka territorial community.

The russian military abducted city mayor Igor Kolykhaiev in Kherson. The mayor of Kherson came to one of the public utilities, where the staff of the city executive committee, who decided to stay in the city, worked. As soon as he got out of the car, he was immediately detained by armed russian guards and FSB officers. Kolykhaiev’s arrest is probably related to his refusal to collaborate with the occupying forces.

The russian military released Ivan Samoilenko, the head of the Stanislav rural territorial community from captivity.

The Kherson regional prosecutor’s office reported suspicion to the former teacher of the Kherson academy of continuous education. According to the investigation, the suspect voluntarily took the position of the so-called head of the “Department of Education and Science of the Military-Civil Administration of Kherson Oblast”.

There is only one legal way to withdraw cash in Kherson – through Privatbank branches. People register in the queue few days in advance and go to check in every day. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get Ukrainian hryvnias.

Western regions

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that the security situation towards Volyn and Polissya directions has not changed significantly, but a strict ban was imposed on citizens visiting forests in the north of Volyn oblast. The border with belarus has been guarded. In case of provocations of the Armed Forces, the Territorial Defense and volunteer units are ready for decisive action.


On the occasion of Constitution Day, a special redemption of the postage stamp “Ukrainian Dream” took place throughout Ukraine. The illustration of this stamp was made by a 12-year-old girl from Lyuboml.

An international exhibition of political and anti-war cartoons is being held in Lutsk. It features over 200 works by over 40 painters from 20 countries

Zakarpattia oblast

Border guards in Zakarpattia detained men who tried to cross the border with Romania illegally. Criminal proceedings have been opened. 

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

​​A music festival was held in Halych in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk Ruslan Martsinkov reported that the city of Salzburg offered Ivano-Frankivsk “transport” humanitarian aid, notably 5 used trolleybuses from Salzburg.

The schoolboy sold an autographed T-shirt of Ronaldo for UAH70K at the auction. All proceeds will go to purchase medicines for the military.

In Yavoriv region, a ten-year-old boy, Maksym Zarichny from Kherson oblast, raised about UAH 40K for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, organizing weekly solo performances for local residents and guests of the community. Today, head of the Yavoriv Regional State Administration Yaroslav Komynsky thanked the little volunteer who helps the Armed Forces.

Lviv oblast

120 people arrived by two evacuation trains in Lviv.

15 290 people crossed the checkpoints in Lviv oblast during the day.

The police processed 1 710 complaints about suspicious people and objects.

According to the program for implementation of infrastructure projects in Lviv oblast, repairs were started on 14 dormitories of vocational education institutions for IDPs. Almost UAH 54 million is provided in the regional budget for the program implementation.

Over a thousand people have already received housing in three modular towns in Lviv.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, 164 enterprises have moved to Lviv oblast. They created 4 500 jobs.

A record was set on the square near the monument to Taras Shevchenko in Lviv. Immediately 1 086 people from 47 countries sang the song “Oh in the meadow red viburnum”. This song used to be the song of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen. Now it has become a real anthem of the confrontation of Ukrainians in the war with russia.

As part of the initiative “1K cars of freedom” from Lviv oblast 20 cars with food kits, first aid kits, as well as 500 bulletproof vests will be sent to the Ukrainian military, which are now in the forefront.

As part of the initiative “1K cars of freedom” from Lviv oblast 20 cars with food kits, first aid kits, as well as 500 bulletproof vests will be sent to the Ukrainian military, which are now in the forefront.

Rivne oblast

In the city of Dubno, the court heard the case of a tenth-grader who, during the online celebration of the “last bell” of a local school, attended by about 100 people, in response to the phrase “glory of the nation” answered “f*ck the russian federation.” Due to the insignificance of the committed administrative offense, the court limited itself to an oral remark.

An exhibition of damaged equipment of russian military is being held in Rivne.

Ternopil oblast

Farmers from Ternopil oblast together with Terebovlya city community bought a ZIL-131 car for the needs of the Armed Forces.

In Ternopil, the Global Response Management International Charitable Organization trained police officers on providing medical care in combat.

In Chortkiv, the graduates refused to celebrate graduation and handed over UAH10 300 in support of the Armed Forces. The eleventh-graders made their own guardian angels for the fighters, drew pictures and wrote a motivation letter asking them to take care of themselves and return home as soon as possible.

International support

The EU will hand over over 90 off-road trucks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including medical equipment (with a field hospital), engineering equipment, and demining tools.

G7 countries will allocate $ 29.5 billion in financial assistance to Ukraine to eliminate the budget funding deficit. Additional financial assistance to state and private enterprises of Ukraine through the EBRD and the World Bank will amount to $ 3.5 billion.

The 7th European Civil Defense Forum is being held in Brussels on June 28-29. One of the key topics of this year’s Forum is Ukraine.

Baykar Company announced that it would provide Ukraine with Bayraktar drones for free, for which Ukrainians people had raised UAH 600 million in three days.

Canada plans to impose additional sanctions against the russians connected with the russian defense industry.

Ukraine purchased 2 900 RGW 90 Matador anti-tank missile systems from the German concern Dynamit Nobel Defense at its own funds.

Polish journalist Slawomir Serakowski launched a fundraiser on Bayraktar for the Armed Forces. It is planned to raise PLN 4.5 million in 30 days.

The US raised the duty rate on russian goods, the import of which is not subject to sanctions, to 35%.

The US imposed a ban on imports of gold from russia.

The American company PayPal continued the non-commission period on international payments for Ukrainians until September.

After a missile strike on the mall in Kremenchuh, Stephen King twittered that russia’s actions were terrorist attacks. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine replied: “Stephen, russians are more horrific than any monster in your novels…”.

American actor and producer Sean Penn met with Vladimir Zelenskyy. Sean Penn is currently making a documentary film about the war in Ukraine.

Finland banned exports of strong alcohol to russia. Transportation of alcohol for personal consumption was also banned.

The Finnish Foreign Ministry reports that Finland will allocate an additional € 70 million for humanitarian aid and development of Ukraine.

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