Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news June 23, 2022 (photo, video)

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Reka Olena, Hushchyna Yana, Halyna Radevych, Ioanna Kryvenko

It has been the 120th day of Ukraine’s heroic resistance to the russian invasion.

Ukraine briefly:

It has been the 120th day of Ukraine’s heroic resistance to the russian invasion.

The situation is complicated, yet controlled. “The Ukrainian military is forced to conduct maneuverable defense at the front,” says Valeriy Zaluzhny, commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The general also adds that the first American multiple launch rocket systems HIMARS have already arrived in Ukraine and promises  a “hot summer” on the battlefield for russian oсcupiers.

Here is the operational information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 6pm:

Towards Volyn and Polissia, there were no signs of the enemy’s offensive operations. Mobilization exercises are held with military commissariats of certain regions of belarus, where issues of alerting and manning military units are being worked out.

Towards Siversk, the enemy continues to ensure enhanced security of the section of the Ukrainian-russian border. Civilian infrastructure was shelled in the areas of Atynske, Stary Vyrky and Starykove.

Towards Kharkiv, the enemy carried out artillery shelling of civilian and military infrastructure in the areas of Kharkiv, Khrestyshche, Mospanove, Pechenigy, Pryshyb, Stary Saltiv, Ruski Tyshky and Ruska Lozova.

Towards Sloviansk, the enemy shells civilian infrastructure with barrel artillery and multiple launch rocket systems in the areas of Adamivka, Bohorodychny, Dibrivne, Kurulka, Mazanivka, Petrivske, and Sokopillia. Our soldiers repelled an assault near Dolyna and Bohorodychne and forced the enemy to retreat.

Towards Donetsk, the enemy continues firing the units of the Defense Forces with barrel and reactive artillery, mortars and tanks along the contact line. 

The main efforts of the enemy focused on Sievierodonetsk and Bakhmut areas to establish control over Sievierodonetsk and Mykolaivka. The russian military gained a foothold in previously captured positions in Loskutivka and Rai-Oleksandrivka, trying to replenish losses.

Towards Kramatorsk, the enemy did not conduct active hostilities.

Towards Sievierodonetsk, the enemy carried out shelling with tanks, mortars, barrel and rocket artillery in the areas of  Lysychansk,   Myrna Dolyna, Sievierodonetsk, Syrotyne, and Voronove. Units of the 2nd Army Corps, supported by russian guard units conducted assault actions to establish full control over Sievierodonetsk. Fighting is ongoing.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine halted the offensive near the southern outskirts of Lysychansk, inflicted losses on the enemy and forced them to retreat. To resume the offensive, the occupiers put the reserves forward. The offensive actions near Borivske were also stopped.

The enemy conducted a battle reconnaissance in the area of Bila Hora. The invaders continued the offensive near Rai-Aleksandrivka. Fighting continues.

Towards Bakhmut, the enemy fired artillery of various calibers at our positions in proximity of Berestove, Klynove, Kodema, Luhanske, Mykolaivka, Novoluhanske,  Pokrovske, and Toretsk. There was an airstrike near Klynove.

The invaders are trying to establish control over the settlement of Hirske. The forces of assault groups from the 1st Army Corps captured Mykolaivka. The hostile battle reconnaissance in the area of Vershyna failed.

The enemy unsuccessfully tried to attack our units in the area of Klynove.

Towards Novopavlivske, the enemy shelled positions of our troops with tanks and artillery near Pavlivka, Vuhledar and Prechystika. There were some airstrikes in the areas of Pavlivka, Vuhledar and Shevchenko. There was a tough battle near Shevchenko. Ukrainian fighters forced the enemy to withdraw.

To identify weaknesses in our defense, the invaders used sabotage and reconnaissance groups in the areas of  Novosilka, Neskuchne and Vremivka. Ukrainian soldiers successfully disclosed them. Suffering great losses, the enemy withdrew.

Towards Avdiivka, Kurakhiv and Zaporizhzhia, the enemy did not conduct active hostilities. To prevent the transfer of our reserves to other areas, they shelled the positions of our troops with tanks, mortars, barrel and rocket artillery near Avdiivka, Hrushove, Mariinka, Novopollia, Pisky, and Opytne. 

The attempt of the enemy’s offensive towards Mariinka was severely suppressed by our soldiers.

In the South Buh direction, the enemy did not take active operations. Civilian infrastructure was shelled with barrel and rocket artillery in the areas Dobrianka, Mykolaivka and Trudoliubivka. The enemy carried out an airstrike on the positions of our troops near Kniazivka. In order to identify changes in the position of our units and correct the fire, russian invaders conducted air reconnaissance with UAVs.

In the waters of the Black and Azov Seas, the enemy’s ships are trying to maintain a favorable operational regime. Five russian carriers of high-precision weapons are ready to launch missile strikes on facilities on the territory of Ukraine.

Our units continue to carry out rocket and artillery fire tasks in certain directions and beat russian invaders in close battles.

Without locals’ support in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories, the occupiers are afraid of total resistance of the local population. To this end, they conduct illegal searches, detentions and arrests.

There are about 10K people missing in Ukraine as a result of hostilities as reported by the National Police.

The European Parliament supported granting Ukraine the EU candidate status. The final decision on granting the EU candidate status should be made by the leaders of EU member states on June 24.

In Ukraine, 12 pro-russian parties have been banned due to their support of the rf official position regarding our country. This is stated in the SSU message. Among banned political structures are the Opposition Platform for Life, Opposition Block, Shariy’s Party and some others.

Eurovision-2023 will not be held in Ukraine. The final decision was confirmed by the European Union for Television and Radio Broadcasting (EBU), as reported on the official website. The organizers fully understand disappointment about their decision. But safety must be above all.

The most famous Ukrainian sapper-dog Patron received an international award “Golden Paw” from the canine club of Ireland. This was reported on the SES page. This award is given to dogs for an action benefited the human community or at least one person.

Eastern regions

Kharkiv oblast

According to General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine, toward Kharkiv, Russian troops shelled civilian and military infrastructure near Kharkiv, Pechenihy, Pryshyb, Khrestyshche, Mospanove, Ruska Lozova, Staryy Saltiv, Ruski Tyshky.

The enemy conducted aerial reconnaissance near Bayrak and Rubizhne settlements. Near Izium, the enemy is trying to create conditions for a renewed offensive toward Izium – Barvinkove and Izium – Sloviansk.

According to the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, russian invaders shelled Kharkiv and Derhachi during the night. According to the Derhachi City Council, after missile strikes, there was a power outage in most parts of the city. Shells with a self-destructive mechanism were found in Slatyne.

According to the head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, Oleh Siniehubov, 7 people, including 2 children, were injured as a result of the russian shelling of Pechenihy village. According to him, a local enterprise caught on fire. Private houses were destroyed.

According to the Izium Raion State Administration, residents of Balakliia community report shelling. There is information about casualties. Their toll is being verified.

In Odnorobivka village in Zolochiv community, a 70-year-old resident was injured as a result of russian artillery shelling. 2 houses caught fire.

Kharkiv pyrotechnicians removed a 500-kilogram undetonated russian aircraft bomb from the roof of a nine-storey building in Northen Saltivka.

The court found the head of Pivdenne City Council in Kharkiv oblast, Oleksandr Briukhanov, guilty of infringement of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. According to the investigation, after russia invaded, he urged the community not to resist the invaders and said that there was no need to form resistance forces. Briukhanov was sentenced to 5 years in prison with a probation period of 2 years. He agreed to a deal with the investigation and pleaded guilty.

Donetsk oblast

The Ukrainian troops repelled a russian army offensive near Borivske. The invaders conducted combat reconnaissance near Bila Hora settlement. They continued the offensive near Ray-Oleksandrivka settlement. Fighting continues.

According to Mariupol mayor’s councillor Petro Andriushchenko, Mariupol residents have npt had water supply for several months now. People are collecting rainwater again.

The invaders are conducting a “census” in Mariupol. Residents are forbidden to leave the city and prices of goods and services are constantly rising. The cost of a 1.5-litre bottle of water is about 100 hryvnias and a kilo of pork is 600 hryvnias. There are also russian funeral teams operating in the city. The price of their “services” is 10K hryvnias per deceased.

According to Pokrovsk mayor Ruslan Trebushkin, radio stations will be installed in Pokrovsk’s most crowded places for immediate emergency response and notification of citizens in case mobile communications disappear. Residents of Pokrovsk heard an explosion caused by the air defense as the russian missile was shot down.

The russians killed 6 Donetsk civilians in 24 hours: 3 in Pryshyb, 2 in Avdiivka and 1 in Chasiv Yar. 5 people were injured. The exact toll of russian casualties in Mariupol and Volnovakha cannot yet be verified.

Luhansk oblast

The Ukrainian troops repelled the offensive towards the southern outskirts of Lysychansk causing damage to the russian troops and forcing them to retreat. The russian invaders are bringing forward reserves to resume the offensive.

According to the head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Serhiy Hayday, russian troops gathered all reserves and sent them to storm Sievierodonetsk and towards Zolote-Toshkivka. The russian troops are partially successful due to the use of “creeping tactics”, i.e. destruction of populated areas.

According to the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, russian troops are approaching Lysychansk, gaining a foothold in settlements nearby. The city is being shelled by aircraft, artillery and tanks. At least 3 civilians were injured and several policemen sustained injuries. 34 people were evacuated from Lysychansk on 23 June. Four and a half tonnes of humanitarian aid were delivered to the city.

German BILD journalist Paul Ronzheimer was under shelling as he was leaving Lysychansk. The windows of the car were broken. The passengers were not hurt.

The Ukrainian troops do not exclude the possibility that they will have to leave Sievierodonetsk and retreat to more fortified positions in the industrial zone of the city they control. According to the head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Serhiy Hayday, if russian troops take control of Sievierodonetsk, people who are hiding in the shelters of the Azot plant will only be able to reach the occupied part of Luhansk oblast.

In the recently occupied territories of the region, russian invaders started the so-called “filtration”. Men are forced to go and fight against Ukraine.

Northern regions

The enemy continues shelling the border areas of Ukraine. Since the beginning of the month, russia has shelled Chernihiv and Sumy oblasts 320 times. The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine informed that border guard units continue defending Ukraine as part of the security and defense sector and hold their positions firmly despite the constant enemy fire.

Kyiv oblast

On Maidan Nezalezhnosti square in Kyiv, a memorial service was held to honor the commander and founder of the Karpatska Sich battalion and the deputy head of the Municipal Guard Oleh Kutsyn. Oleh was killed in action while defending our country in the Izium direction.

In the last 24 hours, 807 explosive objects were cleared in Kyiv oblast. Inspection and clearance of such objects were carried out in the settlements of Bila Tserkva, Brovary, Bucha, Brovary, Vyshhorod regions. In total, EOD specialists found and disposed of more than 45K explosive objects.

The National Police informs that operative police units of Kyiv have exposed a man who was storing an arsenal of weapons and ammunition. The law enforcers seized ammo, weapon, radios, and phones from the perpetrator and are now investigating whether he was part of a sabotage and reconnaissance group.  

Despite martial law, Kyiv oblast continues to prepare for the heating season, reports the Regional Military Administration. Territorial headquarters have been created in each community of the oblast to oversee preparations for autumn and winter seasons. Work schedules have been developed and approved.

Work continues to repair road infrastructure in Kyiv oblast heavily damaged as a result of russian aggression. Almost 8 thousand sq. m. of potholes and damage to the surface of municipal streets and roads were fixed in the settlements. The biggest amount of repair work has been done in Borodianka, Bucha, Irpin.

At a session of the Kyiv Regional Council, two programs were adopted to help people, who became homeless as a result of the war, get accommodation sooner. This was reported by Oleksiy Kuleba, head of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration. Under the program “Restoration of private houses,” 560 new houses are planned to be constructed. The “New Home” program implies the purchase of 2K already finished apartments at the recommended price.

In the village of Kukhary, Vyshgorod region, construction of a modular village has started to accommodate the residents who lost their homes. A total of 307 houses were damaged in Kukhari, 77 were completely destroyed. A total of 172 people became homeless. Enemy bombardments destroyed a school and an outpatient clinic, as well as damaged a bridge.

A mobile center for administrative services started working in Borodianka community. The mobile facility, already functioning in liberated settlements of Kyiv oblast, was provided by the Slavuta Society of Khmelnytskyi oblast. The administrative service vehicle is equipped with a laptop, multifunctional laser devices, a router, and stationery.

Volunteers hung the flags of our ally states on the pedestrian bridge over Instytutska street in Kyiv. By doing so, the activists wanted to express gratitude to friends from different countries for their help in our fight for freedom.


Zhytomyr oblast

A modern shelter was opened in Berezivka community to accommodate people who suffered from domestic violence. According to Zhytomyr Regional Military Administration, since the beginning of the year, social services of the oblast have received 1600 calls from people who found courage to inform about such cases. As part of the project it is planned to build a total of 4 shelters and 2 day-centers, create a special service and buy 4 cars for such facilities.

Regional Military Administration informed that three trucks with food and hygiene product kits arrived in Zhytomyr. Almost 60 tons of humanitarian cargo from the International Committee of the Red Cross were received. The food kits will be distributed among IDPs and other categories of people seeking help and support.

Sumy oblast

Photo: Consequences of the shelling of the Bilopil community of Sumy oblast, June 22.

In the Okhtyrka area, a police car exploded on a mine while patrolling. Sumy RMA reported that an explosion took place at the scene during the work of a team of explosive technicians and investigators. As a result, five people were injured and one died.

SBGS reports the enemy struck Sumy oblast with incendiary shells using 9M22C ammunition from MLRS from the russian territory. A total of 30 shots were fired, 25 of which exploded in the air over one of the settlements of Yunakiivka community, other 5 – on its outskirts. Due to the strike, the civilian infrastructure was damaged.

Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, the head of RMA, announced in his telegram channel that during the shelling of the Yunakiyivka community, the enemy used banned phosphorous shells.

Already 18 communities of Sumy oblast belong to the war zone. The Ministry of Reintegration has updated the current list, which includes four more communities of Sumy oblast. Therefore, in the Sumy oblast the combat zone is:

  • Konotop district: Novoslobidska village, Putivl city;
  • Okhtyrka district: Okhtyrska, Trostyanetska, Velykopysarivska;
  • Shostka district: Esman, Hlukhiv, Seredino-Bud, Shalyhyn, Svesk, Znob-Novgorod;
  • Sumy district: Bilopilska, Krasnopilska, Khotynska, Myropilska, Sadivska, Vorozhbyanska, Yunakivska.

Police are documenting russian war crimes in Krasnopil district. The police inspected the territory of the settlement and recorded destruction. The mortar shelling damaged a school, a post office, various outbuildings of local residents, private transport, roads, fences and crops.

Chernihiv oblast

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reports that today the border of Chernihiv oblast came under enemy fire. 24 mortar explosions and more than 40 grenade launcher shots were recorded.

Demining of the territory of the region continues. According to the SES in Chernihiv oblast, SES’s underwater demining and pyrotechnic works teams  were involved in  neutralizing explosive devices 22 times. They found and seized 162 such items. 28 961 explosive devices have been seized since the beginning of hostilities.

Boiler houses of JSC Oblteplokomunenergo and roofing in the Chernihiv oblast blood center are being repaired. Windows at the facilities of ME “Chernihivvodokanal” are replaced and highways damaged infrastructure in the Chernihiv oblast are being restored.

Central regions

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

The enemy shelled Apostolovo community again. As a result of shelling, there is no power supply in Novosemenivka settlement, said Head of Dnipropetrovsk regional council Mykola Lukashik. Residential buildings were partially destroyed. The gas pipeline was damaged.

Yards of residents are littered with cluster munitions in Apostolovo. About 20 people were evacuated. Since the morning, sappers neutralized 30 cluster munitions. Because of detonation of cluster munitions, 2 people were injured and hospitalized. Residents were barred from leaving their homes for 34 hours.

The head of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Valentyn Reznichenko informed that fire was extinguished at oil depot of Novomoskovsk. The fire broke out due to missile strikes on June 18. The fire had been put out for more than 108 hours.

Poltava oblast

Vartan Markaryan, an artist from Poltava, is selling his paintings, created over the past ten years, to raise money for quadcopters and cars for the military.

In Kotlyarevsky Regional Library, books by russian writers are being removed from shelves in accordance with recommendations of the Ministry of Culture and the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting. According to Director of the library Tetiana Zelenska, up to seven thousand copies have been removed.

Vinnytsia oblast

Vinnytsia City Court found a man from Kryzhopil guilty of treason: he called on russians to strike at a television tower. The court stated that the accused had voluntarily communicated with the russian military and provided them with information on movement and concentration of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The traditional Field Kitchen Festival in memory of the fallen Heroes named after Taras Sych, a military cook who died near Debaltseve in 2015, will take place in Vinnytsia on June 28. There will be a patriotic concert program. The funds raised during the festival will be donated to the needs of the Armed Forces. Last year the defenders in the East of Ukraine bought a quadcopter using the funds raised at the festival.

A dry swimming pool for adults was opened in Vinnytsia. It is filled with 30,000 balls. The pool is located in a basement, so it is possible to relax there during the air raid alarms.

Cherkasy oblast

Kaniv City District Court reports that a Kaniv resident has justified russians in social media. According to the investigation, the woman shared posts on her page in Odnoklassniki that justified, denied russia’s armed aggression in Ukraine, as well as glorified those who carried out such aggression. The woman pleaded guilty. The court found the woman guilty and sentenced her to 5 years in prison, then released her from serving a probation period of 2 years.

Southern regions

Zaporizhzhia oblast

Zaporizhzhia RMA reported the situation has not changed significantly. There are positional battles in Zaporozhzhia oblast. The military command reports about daily artillery duels and air strikes. Oleksandr Starukh said that there is neither advance of troops, nor concentration of efforts or offensive in the Zaporozhzhia direction. 

The enemy fired 37 shells with artillery and MLRS at the positions of the Ukrainian defenders along the entire line of contact.

According to the Zaporizhzhia Main Regional Department of the National Police, the enemy shelled civilian infrastructure in the areas of Chervone, Huliaipole and Orikhiv. There have been six reports of hostile shelling in the Polohy district. As a result of shelling, roofs of houses were destroyed, windows were broken, walls were cut down, fences and yards were damaged.

Photo: Damaged household after the shelling in Polohy district

There were 2 fires in Polohy and Vasylivskyi districts as a result of artillery shelling by russian occupiers.

Pyrotechnicians of the State Emergency Service found one cluster fragmentation element and 2 rockets from “Uragan” MLRS in several settlements of Zaporizhzhia region. All detected explosive devices were destroyed.

Without support among citizens in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories, occupiers carry out illegal actions to search for and seize weapons and ammunition from local citizens and conduct detentions and arrests.

A total of 1 388 people, including 306 children, were evacuated.

More than 24 thousand consumers in 82 settlements of Zaporizhzhia oblast do not have power supply due to damage to power lines. As a result of enemy shelling, 2 285 families in the service area of ​​the Orikhiv district branch and 380 homes in the town of Polohy and the village of Ivan Franko.

Mykolaiv oblast 

The South Operational Command informed the situation in the operational zone in the southern direction is tense, but under control of the Ukrainian forces. 

Mykolaiv was attacked again by 3 cruise missiles from the occupied territory of Kherson oblast. The city’s industrial and social infrastructure was hit and one civilian was injured.

As a result of enemy strikes on Mykolaiv and the village of Halytsynove, 8 private houses, 8 cars, premises of educational institution, property of the private enterprises and other objects of civil infrastructure were damaged. The information about the victims is being clarified. It was reported by Police of Mykolaiv Oblast.

Photo: Policemen record consequences of enemy attacks in Mykolaiv oblast.

Four fires were registered as a result of military operations in Mykolaiv oblast on Wednesday. The Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Mykolaiv Oblast reports about it. A large-scale fire broke out at the facility during the rocket attack on Mykolayiv. 24 units of equipment, a fire train and 83 firefighters were involved in extinguishing the fire.

Tue losses, incurred by municipal utility company “MykolaivVodokanal” due to enemy attacks, exceeded 20 million hryvnias.

In partnership with USAID (DG East), Mykolayiv received the equipment for pumping drinking water from artesian wells. According to the Mykolaiv development agency, 20 Italian downhole electric pumps Pedrollo 4SR4 / 22 F-PD and 20 devices for protection and management of the Ekonom AKN-11-2.2, made in Ukraine, worth UAH 600K were shipped to the region. 

The social program was launched in Mykolaiv. Within this program families with small children up to 7 years will receive bottled drinking water free of charge.

Creative therapy classes for internally displaced families are held in Iuzhnoukrainsk. Psychologists hold classes using various methods of art therapy such as drawing, modeling, and creating fairy tales.

Odesa oblast 

Two more cruise missiles hit Odesa oblast. They were successfully eliminated by the air defense forces.

The enemy naval group currently consists of 5 missile and 3 large landing ships, equipped with 40 cruise missiles. The danger of missile strikes in the southern regions remains.

A military operation is underway to defeat the enemy’s forces and means on Zmiinyi (Snake) Island. Another anti-aircraft missile and cannon complex “Pantsir-C1” was hit.

Odesa RMA announced that after being attacked by Ukrainian Armed Forces on June 20, the drilling rigs were turned by russian army into military units. Air defense and garrisons were stationed on them. 

The SSU reported that the  ex-deputy from “Party of Regions” received suspicion of collaborative activity. SSU does not disclose the name, but the details indicate that this is a former member of the Party of Regions Igor Markov.

In March 2022 he was one of the mouthpieces of russian propaganda in the temporarily occupied territory of Kyiv region. He regularly recorded videos in which he denied russian aggression. In May 2022, the defendant took part in an russian information campaign, where he once again spoke in support of its aggression and the temporary occupation administrations in the southern regions of Ukraine

Kherson oblast 

In the north of Kherson Oblast, a russian sabotage and reconnaissance group, trying to penetrate the rear of Ukrainian troops, came under fire and retreated. This was reported by the ´South’ Operational Command.

At dawn, a helicopter strike was carried out at one of the enemy command and observation posts and a cluster of russian military equipment.

It was confirmed that the enemy lost 9 people, a self-propelled howitzer “Msta-C” and a light multi-purpose transporter-tractor during the night. The rest is being clarified.

Kherson police have opened a criminal investigation regarding shelling of civilian objects and death of a civilian in Novovorontsovka.

The russian military seized the Kherson Regional Universal Scientific Library named by Oles Honchar. According to Yuri Sobolevsky, first deputy chairman of the regional council, the director of the institution, Nadiya Korotun, categorically refused any form of collaboration with occupiers, and most of the team did the same.

The chairman of the village council of Skadovsk district of Kherson Oblast  is suspected of treason. This was reported by the SSU in Kherson Oblast. The investigation established that the official voluntarily sided with the invaders. On the instructions of the special services of the russian federation and russian occupation authorities, he organized collection and transfer of information about location and addresses of local patriotic activists, servicemen, members of the ATO / OOS and law enforcement officers. In addition, the head of the village council organized construction and installation works for the arrangement of fortifications at checkpoints of the russian federation on the territory of the entrusted community.

Photo: Chairman of the village council of Skadovsk district suspected of treason

The russian military released from captivity Maxim Vinnik, the vice-rector of the Kherson state university. According to Rector Oleksandr Spivakovsky, the man is already on the territory controlled by Ukraine.

From July 1, will stop providing internet services in the settlements of Kherson oblast due to the impossibility to resume repairs on the damaged main channels due to the occupation of the Kherson oblast by the russian troops.

Western regions

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reports that near the borders with Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania, the belarusian military is digging trenches, renewing the location of checkpoints and fortifications. Belarusian troops have installed wooden models of tanks on the border with Ukraine.

 Zakarpattia oblast

The first economic forum “Relocation to Zakarpattia: the European dimension” is being held in Uzhhorod. International partners helping Ukraine since the first days of the war, took part in the forum. 

At the Owl’s Nest Humanitarian Aid Center, two transport incubators used in intensive care of newborns, medicines, baby diapers, disinfectants, wet wipes, medical gowns and gloves were received for Zakarpattia Children’s Hospitals. All this humanitarian aid was brought from Vienna by the YOUKRAINE Charity Foundation.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

Ivano-Frankivsk is negotiating with the Czech Republic for the supply of six used Skoda 24Tr Irisbus trolleybuses from the Czech city of Jihlava as humanitarian aid.

14-year-old Volodymyr Romanchuk from Ivano-Frankivsk decided to sell his T-shirt with the autograph of the world-famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo at the charity auction. This T-shirt is from the Portugal-Ukraine match, which took place on March 22, 2019 in Lisbon. The young man plans to use all the funds raised for provision of Prykarpattia battalions on the front line.

Lviv oblast

19 969 people crossed the checkpoints in Lviv oblast during the day.

191 IDPs arrived by two evacuation trains in Lviv, including 6 people evacuated from the battlefields. Their condition is assessed as severe and moderate.

The police have processed 1 453 complaints about suspicious persons and objects.

Lviv Regional Military Administration, NGO “Good. Action” and the International Headquarters for Ukrainians provided assistance to soldiers of the 103rd separate brigade of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the 24th OMBR named after King Danylo and the 132nd separate reconnaissance battalion of the DShV. 6 cars with tactical equipment, optics, medicines, clothes, food, household chemicals and other humanitarian aid were collected by volunteers and the Lithuanian Charity Foundation “KOLO”.

Rivne oblast

The SSU reports that in Rivne oblast, a cache of ammunition, was found in one of the abandoned residential buildings in Zarichne district, which borders the republic of belarus: RPG-22; RGD-5 and F-1 grenades with fuses; a box with ammunition of various calibers. It was packed in a bag and carefully hidden. Investigative actions are underway to identify those involved in construction of the hiding place.

Ternopil oblast

The Western Ukraine Digital Project office has opened in Ternopil, which aims to support and develop business of western regions (Ternopil, Lviv, Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk). It is planned to prepare and develop projects for digital transformation of economic sectors, launch and promote innovative projects.

For three months, Oleh Pysklyvets, a Ukrainian student at Solomiya Krushelnytska Ternopil Art Vocational College, goes out on the balcony of the Buchach City Hall twice a week and performs the National Anthem of Ukraine.

International support

The Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova reported that Ukraine and Austria signed a memorandum of cooperation between the Office of the Prosecutor General and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Austria on cooperation in investigation of russian war crimes.  

The Czech Foreign Ministry reported that by March 2023, the Czech Republic had stopped issuing visas and residence permits to russians in the Czech Republic.

Due to sanctions, Great Britain did not issue visas to members of the russian delegation, thus preventing them from visiting the OSCE session.

Great Britain announced new sanctions against russia. This time the ban applies to technologies and goods of oil refining, maritime sector, as well as export and use in russia of pounds sterling and banknotes of EU countries.

The German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said that training of the Ukrainian military on the German MLRS Mars II (M270) will begin next week.

Hungary extended the term illegal travel for Ukrainian carriers.

The mayor of Bergamo said that Italy has already decided to allocate the first 500K euros for reconstruction of Bucha and will continue to finance reconstruction of the city.

Nobel Peace Prize winners visited Lviv oblast, where they met with regional authorities. During the meeting, the parties discussed providing medical, psychological and humanitarian aid to the victims. After the return, delegation will report to the UN Secretary-General and UN officials.

Since the war broke out, Poland has received the largest number of Ukrainians more than 4 million. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reported that more than 8 million people have left Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

The delegations of Ukraine and Romania met at the Siret checkpoint to discuss the prospects of increasing the checkpoint at the joint border section and introducing joint control at this section. This was reported by the Western Regional Department of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu pledged that Turkey will not allow delivering grain which russia stole in Ukraine to Turkey.

US Congressmen ratified a bill that allows Ukrainian pilots and crew members to learn operating F-15, F-16 and other aircraft.

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov said that American HIMARS have already arrived in Ukraine.

USA will supply Ukrainian sappers with a robot dog Spot from Boston Dynamics for demining the territory. This robot is capable of neutralizing mortar shells and cluster munitions.


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