Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news June 20, 2022 (photo, video)

Materials prepared by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Reka Olena, Hushchyna Yana, Kryvenko Ioanna

It has been the 117th day of Ukraine’s resistance to russian invasion.

Ukraine briefly:

It has been the 117th day of Ukraine’s resistance to russian invasion.

The russian aggressor continues to carry out missile and air strikes on Ukraine’s military and civilian infrastructure. During the day for three hours, the russian invaders fired 14 missiles on the south of Ukraine.

Operational information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 6pm:

Towards Volyn, Polissia and Siversk, no significant changes were observed. Near Siversk, the enemy fired on the civilian infrastructure in the borderline areas of Sumy oblast.

Towards Kharkiv, to identify weak points in the defense of our troops, the enemy unsuccessfully tried to conduct battle reconnaissance near Rtyshchivka. Civilian infrastructure was shelled in the areas of Korobochkine, Mykhailivka, Petrovka, Udy, and Ukrainka.

Towards Sloviansk, the enemy focused its main efforts on maintaining their positions. They carried out artillery shelling in the areas of Dibrivne, Dolyna, Hrushuvakha, Krasnopillia and Velyka Komyshuvakha. In the area of Bohorodychne, Ukrainian defenders successfully repelled an enemy assault.

Towards Kramatorsk, the enemy did not conduct active hostilities.

Towards Sievierodonetsk, the invaders continue firing with barrel artillery and multiple launch rocket systems on our troops. They carried out air strikes on civilian infrastructure in the areas of Lysychansk and Ustynivka.

The civilian infrastructure was hit with artillery near Hirske, Lysychansk, and Ustynivka. Fighting continues to gain control over Sievierodonetsk. Ukrainian soldiers thwarted attempts of the enemy’s assault actions next to the settlements of Bila Hora and Myrna Dolyna.

Towards Bakhmut, under the cover of artillery shelling, a hostile sabotage and reconnaissance group tried to act near Mykolaivka. The invaders had to retreat after being fired by our soldiers. Later, the enemy attempted an assault, but failed. In addition, the occupiers shelled civilian infrastructure in Bilohorivka, Berestove, Pokrovske, and Yakovlivka. There were airstrikes launched near Bilohorivka and Maloriazantseve.

Towards Avdiivka, Kurakhiv, Novopavlivske and Zaporizhzhia, the enemy did not conduct active operations.  Civilian infrastructure was shelled near Avdiivka, Huliaipole, Kamianka, Malynivka, Vugledar and Zaliznychnyi. There were airstrikes on the settlements of Kostiantynivka, Mali Shcherbaky, Marinka, Novomykhailivka and Vuhledar.

In the South Buh direction, to hinder the actions of our units, the enemy shelled Chervonyi Yar, Kalynivka, Tipolyne and Zeleny Hai with artillery and mortars.

Due to significant losses, the personnel of individual units of occupation forces have a very low morale level and are looking for an opportunity to avoid further participation in hostilities. It is common among the personnel of the 1st Army Corps of the russian occupation forces in the units withdrawn to  restorate combat potential from the districts of Kherson, Mykolaiv and Popasna.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk, over 1 500 Ukrainian civilians are in russian captivity. These are people who are not prisoners of war and should be released.   

The Ukrainian Parliament has ratified the Istanbul Convention on Prevention of Violence against Women and Domestic Violence. The Convention clearly states that violence against women and domestic violence cannot be considered a personal matter and states should prevent violence, protect victims and apply criminal justice to those who commit it.

All EU countries previously supported granting Ukraine the status of a EU candidate. This is stated in the European Commission. The final decision on granting Ukraine the EU candidate status will be made at a summit in Brussels on June 23-24. 

In Ukraine, a website with data on russian war criminals has been launched. The project Book of Ukrainiansexecutioners collects evidence of the occupiers’ crimes on Ukrainian soil and information about those who committed them. Its creators ask citizens who suffered from russian invaders to testify about the war crimes committed by the invaders against civilians in Ukraine.

Eastern regions

Kharkiv oblast

According to the General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine, the invaders fired artillery and multiple rocket launchers at the outskirts of Kharkiv and regional settlements. The russian troops carried out an air strike and artillery shelling near Morozova Dolyna, Timofiivka settlements. Additionally, the russian invaders attempted a reconnaissance battle near Chuhuiv region, Rtyshchivka, Kharkiv oblast, but failed. The civilian infrastructure in Dibrovne, Hrushuvakha, Korobochkine, Mikhaylivka, Petrivka, Udiv, Ukrainka and Velyka Komyshuvakha is under fire.

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Hanna Maliar on the air of the national marathon reported that the russian troops are providing maximum resistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kharkiv oblast. The Ukrainian troops have little distance left to reach the border with russia.

According to Sirko 92nd Separate Mechanized Brigade, the Ukrainian troops also destroyed 23 russian servicemen and the invader’s equipment. More than 50 more were injured. 

According to the head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, Oleh Siniehubov, 8 people were hospitalized in Kharkiv oblast with injuries as a result of russian shelling on  June 19. 2 people were injured in Balakliia, 3 in Ivanivka village, Izium region, including children aged 13 and 14. Chuhuiv was shelled, there was 1 casualty. In Pervomaysk, Lozove Raions, a 13-year-old child was injured. In Shevchenkove, Kupiansk regions, there was 1 injured. Another person from Tsyrkuny village was hospitalized after a blowout on a russian mine.

According to the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, over the past 24 hours in Kharkiv, the enemy hit the outskirts of the city and Kholodna Hora region. In Liubotyn city, the enemy struck an educational institution with a rocket attack. In Bohodukhiv region, Baranivka village was shelled, and a private house was damaged.

At least 6 explosions were heard in Kharkiv the day before after an air-raid alert was announced. One of the russian missiles fell near the Zooveterinary Academy, Kharkiv, Mala Danylivka on the evening of 19 June. There were no casualties. The pit is four metres deep and has more than 160 broken windows: police have inspected the aftermath of the rocket attacks. According to preliminary reports, an Iskander missile hit the territory of Zooveterinary Academy.

The invader troops are shelling Kharkiv in the morning as well: the urban forest was hit.

According to Kharkiv mayor Ihor Terekhov, the russian troops intensified the shelling of Kharkiv. The situation in the city remains tense. The invader is shelling Kharkiv, the city’s infrastructure facilities, and residential areas, and there are casualties. The intensity of the fire has acutely increased today.

As a result of artillery shelling, a fire broke out in the east of Kharkiv. It broke out in the industrial zone of Nemyshlianskiy region.

According to the Borivske settlement council, russian troops who fought near Izium withdrew to Horokhovatka, Borivske community, some of them escaped from their commanders into the woods. At the same time, new columns of invaders are heading through Borove and neighbouring villages.

According to Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, Oleh Siniehubov, a resident of Kutuzivka and 2 people in Balakliia were killed as a result of russian shelling in Kharkiv oblast, 2 people injured in Kharkiv’s Industrialnyy district.

Donetsk oblast

The intensity of shelling is increasing along the entire front line. There were air strikes on Toretsk, New-York and Novomykhaylivka during the day. There was heavy shelling from artillery, tanks, Grad and Uragan multiple rocket launchers at Avdiivka, Bakhmut, Zalizne, Zaytseve.

6 multi-storey buildings and an equal number of private residential buildings, a police headquarters, Ukrtelecom premises, a vehicle depot, the Toretsk penal colony and a hospital were damaged. 1 person was killed and 7 injured.

“Treating the dead like rubbish became the norm”: invaders start slow exhumation of Mariupol residents. This was reported by Petro Andriushchenko, Mariupol mayor’s councillor. The russians are digging up corpses, loading them onto tractors and taking them to “the morgue on Metro”. “Because of the heat – from the morgue straight to burial in mass graves. Numbers are not always documented. Treating the dead like rubbish became the norm,” Andriushchenko added.

Luhansk oblast

The situation along the entire Luhansk front line is extremely difficult. This came to light from a telegram from Serhiy Hayday, head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration. He denied that the Ukrainian defenders are surrounded, on the contrary, they are causing significant losses to the enemy. Hospitals and morgues in the occupied territories are overflowing with rashists. Hayday said that russian troops had amassed enough reserves and were “starting a large-scale offensive in the region”. During the day, the entire free territory of Luhansk oblast is under shelling. Our defenders are succeeding in street battles, but hostile artillery prevails. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian troops do not now control Metiolkine near the regional centre.

In Sievierodonetsk, fighting is already ongoing in the industrial zone with Ukrainian troops controlling only the territory of the Azot plant. Fighting in the streets of the city is non-stop. Also, russians launched air strikes with a pair of Su-25 aircraft near Bila Hora and Myrna Dolyna. In addition, other settlements are constantly attacked by the enemy barrel and rocket artillery, with Bilohorivka, Borivske, Lysychansk, Mykolaivka, Orikhiv, Syrotyne, Toshkivka, Ustynivka, Voronove, Zolote being shelled most frequently over the past 24 hour.

Under constant fire, the satellite settlements of Sievierodonetsk are burning daily. Once again Skloplastyk plant and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine landfill were shelled. There have been massive destructions in Hirske Community. About 30 houses were damaged.

The Rashists are advancing along the Lysychansk-Bakhmut highway, and the settlements close to it are under constant shelling. The number of casualties cannot be established.

“Quiet” evacuations continue by military administration personnel, police officers, rescuers and volunteers. From settlements where active hostilities are continuing, people are evacuated by the military in armoured vehicles. In 2 days, volunteers in Luhansk oblast have evacuated 53 people from “hot” spots. Yesterday they visited Vovchoiarivka near Lysychansk, all 40 people from there are already safe. Today 11 people were evacuated from Myrna Dolyna, who survived yesterday’s aerial shelling. 2 more were evacuated from the legendary Bilohorivka.

According to Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Hanna Maliar, during a TV marathon, the russian troops aim to reach the administrative border of the region by June 26. 

Northern regions

Kyiv oblast

Over 3000 crimes committed by the russian troops were documented in Kyiv oblast. The Kyiv police emphasize the importance of bringing the russian invaders to justice under the national law.

The national police detained a supporter of the “russian world” and seized weapons and ammunition from him. The 65-year-old citizen, born in russia and a longtime resident of Bucha, openly supported russia’s military aggression against Ukraine and justified the occupation of the territories.

Ninety-two kindergartens in Kyiv oblast are working full-time with 3,301 children enrolled. 36 private educational institutions are operating remotely and in a mixed form of education, said the head of Kyiv Regional Military Administration Oleksiy Kuleba. A total of 267 preschool educational institutions are working only in a remote mode. They provide education to 13,256 children, where 645 are from families of internally displaced persons.

Hollywood actor and UN Goodwill Ambassador Ben Stiller came to Makarov in Kyiv oblast. The day before, he visited Lviv and also went to Poland on a humanitarian mission, where he met with Ukrainian refugees.

The second term of the camp for children affected by the war started in the village of Semypolky in Kyiv oblast. In the camp “7fields”, the children will work with psychologists on a daily basis and will enjoy a varied entertainment program. During summer 300 children aged from 7 to 15 will be able to attend the camp. The participation is free of charge; the organizers of the camp bring in international partners and private individuals for this purpose.

Photo: Espresso, Tetiana Litvinova

Zhytomyr oblast

In Zhytomyr oblast, they are cleaning up rubble and repairing buildings that remained after russia’s aggressive military actions on the territory of the communities. Demining work continues in the area packed with russian ammunition.

The region was subjected to nearly a hundred missile and bomb attacks, and nine villages were occupied by russian invaders. The damage to the region caused by the war has already reached 2.6 billion hryvnias. Korosten region in the north of Zhytomyr oblast, which borders the republic of belarus, suffered the most from the aftermath of the hostilities.

Sumy oblast

Seredyno-Buda community was once again shelled by the enemy. Yesterday during the day, the town was subjected to 10 mortar strikes, and today in the morning 30 artillery strikes, informed Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, the head of Regional Military Administration. There were no casualties or damage.

According to the regional State Environmental Inspectorate, the damage to the environment caused by missile attacks on an oil depot in Sumy oblast on February 28 amounts to nearly UAH 0.5 million. Due to the shelling in the area, several pipelines and oil tanks were destroyed and damaged, resulting in a fire and leakage of petroleum products. The total area of land polluted with oil products is more than 3 thousand meters.

Chernihiv oblast

State Border Guard Service of Ukraine informs that 15 explosions of russian artillery shells have been recorded on the outskirts of a border village in Novhorod-Siversky region, Chernihiv oblast. According to preliminary information, there were no casualties or damage due to the shelling.

Demining of the oblast continues. Over the weekend, EOD and sapper diver teams of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine were involved in UXO disposal 9 times and found and recovered 125 such items. According to the information from the State Emergency Service in Chernihiv oblast as of the morning of June 20, a total of 900 UXOs were cleared last week and 28,520 since the beginning of the war.

Defense fortification works are nearly completed in Chernihiv oblast, and civil protection works are being carried out, namely inspection of bomb shelters and air raid alarm system improvement. The Head of Chernihiv Military Administration reported on this and more in his Telegram channel as part of his weekly report and work planning in the oblast.

Medical facilities in the region are working, as usual, recovering from the damage caused by the enemy. The possibility of mobile operational teams working in the communities where hospitals were destroyed is being developed.

The systematization of data on damage to business and social infrastructure objects, as well as active search of all possible sources for their restoration, is the main focus of our work in the oblast, said Viacheslav Chaus.

As a result of russia’s aggressive actions, 10 Natural Environment Protected Areas in Chernihiv and Koriukivka regions have been damaged. The information on the damage sustained and losses suffered is still being established.

400 hectares of forest were damaged after russian airstrikes and missile attacks on forestry areas of the State Enterprise «Chernihiv Military Forestry», says the State Environmental Inspectorate in Chernihiv Oblast.

Photo: State Environmental Inspectorate in Chernihiv oblast

Central regions

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

Photo: Consequences of enemy attacks on village Velyka Kostromka, on the night of June 20. Photo is published by the head of the Zelenodolsk community, Kryvyi Rih region Dmytro Neveselyi

The enemy shelled the village Velyka Kostromka with the tube artillery. One private house was damaged by fire as a result of the enemy shelling. Destructions were reported. There were no casualties.

Rescuers continue to eliminate the consequences of the fire on the oil depot in Novomoskovsk district, which was attacked with missiles by the enemy on Saturday. The head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration Valentyn Reznichenko informed that three persons were killed as result of the missile strike. Today, rescuers found the body of the third killed person.

Kirovohrad oblast

In Kropyvnytskyi, the memorial of guerrillas fighting for Soviet Union ideology, erected in 1969 in Kovalivsky Park, was painted red. It was vandalism, as it is damage to the monument protected by Ukrainian law, said the director of the Regional Center of Ukrainian History Research Borys Shevchenko. He also noted that according to the Law of Decommunization, it should be dismantled.

Photo: Suspilne – Kropyvnytskyi

The National Police of Volyn Oblast informs that in village Zmiinets of the Lutsk district, a serviceman died of a grenade explosion. According to the preliminary information, a grenade that the man was carrying fell down and detonated. The serviceman died.

Vinnytsia oblast

Vinnytsia Oblast National Police Chief Ivan Ishchenko announced that Vinnytsia law enforcers have set up a special working group to receive reports on missing and kidnapped people under martial law. Captured or killed persons will also be identified by the group.

260 jobs were created at enterprises that were relocated to Vinnytsia. 24 out of 27 companies have resumed operations. According to Vinnytsia mayor Serhii Morhunov, most of them have relocated from Mariupol; others are from Kharkiv, Kyiv, Melitopol, Kherson, Dnipro, Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The 27th enterprise is the one from Sievierodonetsk. Five more applications are in progress. The enterprises specialize mainly in mechanical engineering, logistics and trade.

According to the information published on the official website of the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi awarded two medical workers and three donors from Vinnytsia oblast with state awards. 

Vinnytsia Emergency Aid Hospital received a modern X-ray monitor from Belgium. Vinnytsia City Council informed that modern radiological diagnostic monitor for radiologists was provided by the company Barco, which is a world leader in medical imaging equipment.

Poltava oblast

A military vehicle carrying ammunition caught on fire at a railway crossing in the village of Rudenkivka, Poltava oblast. The regional military administration reports that the detonation continues. Information about the casualties is being clarified.

Southern regions

Zaporizhzhia oblast

The operational situation in Zaporizhzhia direction has not changed significantly. 

The enemy continues to concentrate equipment and personnel in the settlements of  Polohy, Vasylivka regions and to carry out artillery shelling of settlements near the demarcation line. The probability of offensive actions of the enemy in the direction of the settlements of Huliaipole, Kamianske, Orikhiv in the near future is low.

The main forces and means of the invaders continue to be concentrated in the settlements of Polohy, Vasylivka regions.

In the settlement of Zapovitne (Vasylivka district) a convoy of trucks was moving towards Enerhodar. A column of military equipment and fuel trucks was moving from the settlement of Velyka Bilozerka (Vasylivka district) in the direction of the settlement of Mala Bilozerka (Vasylivka district). An indefinite number of russian military equipment  was recorded in the forest trip between the settlement of Shevchenko (Vasylivka district) and the settlement of Pershotravneve (Vasylivka district). It was confirmed that the enemy’s “Military Commandant’s Office ” is located in the settlement of Vasylivka in the building of the district state administration.

The location of ammunition depot and the place of residence of up to 120 russian servicemen were confirmed in the settlement of Vasylivka in the territory of the “Shliakhrembud” base. According to the information to be required, the place of residence of russian servicemen was recorded in the settlement of Verkhnia Krynytsia (Vasylivka district).

A large column of enemy equipment and personnel in the territory of the settlement of Berezivka (Polohy district) arrived.

The russian army continues firing at civil infrastructure and peaceful households. Huliaipole, village Novodanylivka of Polohy district, village Zaliznychne, township Stepnohirsk of Vasylivka district were under fire for the past day.

In addition, 34 shellings of positions of our troops along the line of conflict from the entire range of weapons in the area of the settlements:  Bilohiria, Burlatske, Chervone, Kamianske, Mala Tokmachka,  Novodanylivka, Novopil, Novoselivka, Olhivske, Orikhiv, Poltavka, Temyrivka, Zaliznychne, Zelene Pole.

The enemy fired at Burlatske from the BM-21 “Grad” MLRS. The village of Mali Shcherbaky was hit by airstrikes by enemy aircraft Su-25.

Last night, the russians fired artillery at a village school in the village of Yulivka. Zaporizhzhia RMA reported that the missiles hit the roof and walls of the room.

Photo: Results of fire attack in Yuliivka

Soldiers of the Defense Forces in the Zaporizhzhia direction eliminated 14 people and wounded 18, destroyed 3 APC (BTR tank), 1 observation post, 1 enemy platoon base, and 1 dugout.

Almost 23,000 consumers in 88 settlements do not have power supply due to damage to power lines. Yesterday, as a result of enemy shelling on the territory of the Orikhiv district branch, 834 families were de-energized.

The DBR reported a suspicion of treason to six law enforcement officers from Berdyansk who sided with the occupiers. According to the investigation, men voluntarily began service in the local occupation law enforcement agency in the temporarily uncontrolled territories of Zaporizhia oblast.

The Central Intelligence Agency reports that the Berdyansk occupation administration is creating artificial queues at local CNAPs. The occupiers are trying to show how willing  local residents are to obtain russian passports. All those registered at the military commandant’s office are forced to go to the CNAP to stay in queues in front of photo checkpoints for documents. Citizens who do not agree to stand in line are sent to public works.

Mykolaiv oblast

Russian troops continue to fire at Mykolaiv oblast. In particular, Bereznehuvatska, Halytsynivska, Shirokivska and Voskresenska territorial communities were shelled. As a result of shelling in the village of Halytsynive, residential buildings were partially destroyed. No one was injured. There is no power and water supply in Voskresenka community. In the villages, as a result of hits, fields with winter wheat were burned.

Yesterday, russian aircraft launched a missile strike on Ochakov. The military tried to destroy the port infrastructure, but also hit the private sector.

The Mykolaiv regional prosecutor’s office reported suspicion of collaborative activity to the inspector of management of the State agency of reclamation and fishery of Mykolaiv Oblast. According to the investigation, the official voluntarily agreed to cooperate with the occupation authorities of russia. The traitor headed the illegally created Kherson Department of Environmental Protection and Aquatic Bioresources of the russian administration. The man helps occupiers use the water transport of Kherson Environmental Patrol, issues fishing permits, recruits for the newly created “body” guard and agitates others to betray Ukraine.

In Mykolayiv, volunteers with the support of the non-profit organization World Central Kitchen prepare and distribute free lunches. Every day volunteers make 500 servings. Some portions are distributed at points of delivery, some are given to utility workers, and some are delivered to vulnerable groups.

Photo: Queue for free lunches in Mykolaiv

Odesa region

The “South” Operational Command reported that at night, the russian military fired cruise missiles “Onyx” at the Belgorod-Dnister region, and in the morning – at Odesa. Ukrainian air defense forces destroyed missiles in the air. 80 windows were damaged as a result of the morning attack in Odesa. 

There are also reports of missile attacks on Odessa during the day. As a result of the missile hit, the logistics food warehouse burned down. The fire on the area of ​​more than 300 square meters was extinguished. No civilians were injured.

Photo: Elimination of fire due to missile strike on Odesa

In the Black Sea, the ship group was reduced by 1 permanent missile ship. Now there are 2 submarines, as well as 3 VDK. The threat of a strike by 28 cruise missiles remains.

Kherson oblast

The situation is consistently complex in Beryslav and Kakhovka districts in Kherson oblast. Civilian houses were damaged and destroyed following fighting. There are a lot of mined infrastructure. The russians also continue to fire on Novovorontsovka. The shelling destroyed houses, infrastructure and a local cemetery.

According to Kherson Oblast Police, in the temporarily occupied city of Kherson, representatives of the occupation authorities stole election documents with voter lists for 2019. Relying on the previous version, the personal data of voters in the city of Kherson and the region can be used by occupiers to organize a pseudo-referendum to change the territorial borders of Ukraine.

The “South” Operational Command  reported that russian soldiers were shot dead in Kherson.

Now residents of Kherson Oblast have access to the mobile application of Oshchadbank via Viber. This will allow residents of the occupied territories to regain access to online banking. Customers should contact the contact center of the bank to obtain a one-time password to confirm entry to the mobile application.

Western regions

The situation in the Volyn and Polissia directions has not changed significantly.

40K people left Ukraine and 37K returned across the western border.


Police said that in the village of Zmiinets, Lutsk district, a grenade fell from a soldier’s pocket and detonated. The man received non-life-threatening injuries.

On June 18, “Together to Victory” charity tournament on Mixed Martial Arts MMA in support of the Ukrainian military took place in Lutsk. UAH 24K60 hryvnias were collected during the tournament. These funds were transferred to the Right Sector and the 14th separate mechanized brigade from the city of Volodymyr. An SUV for military needs in the combat zone was also shipped to the Volyn brigade from the VOIN sports club.

Zakarpattia oblast

The leadership of the Zakarpattia Regional State Administration and local businesses supplied a modern ambulance to the Sonechko Volunteer Battalion. In the near future, cars will be upgraded and equipped in accordance with the needs of the unit.

The Zakarpattia customs officers found a bus driver trying to bring clothes, shoes and accessories of well-known brands to Ukraine under the guise of his own belongings. The total weight of the contraband is 800 kg worth half a million hryvnias. A report has been made against the carrier. The undeclared goods have been sent to the customs warehouse. The court will rule out the decision in this case. 

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine and the Order of the Golden Star to the Zakarpattia soldier colonel Vadym Sukharevsky.

Lviv oblast

18 600 people crossed the checkpoints in Lviv oblast. 195 people arrived in Lviv by two evacuation trains, including 14 wounded from Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk oblasts.

The Eighth Administrative Court of Appeal of Lviv today banned the activities of the political party “Opposition Platform – For Life”. Funds and other assets of the party, its regional, city, district organizations, primary branches and other entities will be transferred to state ownership.

Through cooperation of Polski Komitet Narodowy EPAL (Poland) and local entrepreneurs, doctors of Novoyarychiv community received a vehicle to respond quickly to calls and provide effective assistance to community residents. The Novoyarychiv community has received more than 2K people who have left the war zone since the beginning of the war.

As part of the Polish-Ukrainian Open Border project, the renovated checkpoint Krakovets-Korchova has started operating, with a capacity increase of at least 50%.

Ternopil oblast

The Ternopil Regional Military Administration reported that UAH 300K was allocated from the budget of Chortkiv community to help people injured in the June 11 rocket attacks in Chortkiv. Each victim will get financial support in the amount of UAH 10K.

On June 19, in the village of Rokhmaniv in Ternopil oblast, a tournament among fishing enthusiasts took place. The funds raised in the event will be sent to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The Ternopil Army Assistance Center together with local residents and volunteers, collected more than 20 parcels with humanitarian aid, already sent to the military in eastern Ukraine.

International support

The Australian Ministry of Defense said that Australia sent 4 tracked armored vehicles M113AS4 to Ukraine. It is planned to transfer 10 more such armored vehicles. The Australian government’s military aid package included more than 285 million Australian dollars, protected Bushmaster mobile vehicles, M777 howitzers, as well as anti-tank weapons, ammunition, unmanned aerial vehicles and personal equipment.

The United Kingdom will change visa rules so that Ukrainian children can enter the country unaccompanied by adults.

The Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said that part of the military equipment for unblocking Ukrainian ports is already going to Kyiv.

Within the framework of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, Poland shipped 10 telemetry cardiographs for pregnant women to medical institutions of Zakarpattia.

The US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink reported that soldiers of the 82 Airborne Brigade arrived in Poland to train the Ukrainian military.

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson shot the video to support Ukrainians: “Ukrainian people, I’m with you.”

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