Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news June 14, 2022 (photo, video)

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Reka Olena, Hushchyna Yana

It has been the 111th day of Ukraine’s resistance to russia’s full-scale invasion.

Ukraine briefly:

It has been the 111th day of Ukraine’s resistance to russia’s full-scale invasion.

Operational information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 6pm: 

The aggressor continues conducting missile and air strikes on military and civilian infrastructure on the territory of Ukraine.

In Volyn and Polissia directions, no active operations are observed. As part of inspection of combat readiness of the armed forces, units of special operation forces  of the republic of belarus conducted exercises.

Towards Siversk, the enemy continued mortar attacks on settlements in border areas, in particular civilian infrastructure near Mikhalchyna Sloboda of Chernihiv oblast.

Towards Kharkiv, the enemy focused on keeping the seized positions and conducted systematic fire strikes on the positions of our troops.

Russian invaders shelled civilian infrastructure in the areas of Dementiivka, Ruska Lozova, Mospanove and Bazalivka.

The enemy remotely mined the area in proximity of Bairak, Peremoha and Shestakovo. There are ongoing assault operations near Rubizhne, the fighting continues.

Towards Sloviansk, there is systematic artillery shelling near Tetianivka, Chepil, Dolyna, Dibrivne and Bohorodychne.

Towards Lyman, the enemy did not conduct active operations. However, artillery shelled civilian infrastructure in Siversk area.

Towards Severodonetsk, the invaders shelled civilian infrastructure in the areas of Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, Bila Hora, Ustinivka, Toshkivka and others. An airstrike was also carried out from helicopters near Metiolkine.

The enemy continues storming Severodonetsk, the fighting continues. They are regrouping troops and trying to strengthen the positions.

Towards Bakhmut, the aggressor fired at Ukrainian troops with mortars, barrel and rocket artillery in the areas of Mykolaivka, Berestove, Vrubivka, Pokrovske and New York.

The russian aircraft carried out an airstrike in proximity of Bilohorivka.

Near Berestove, Ukrainian fighters repelled an enemy assault, inflicted losses and forced them to withdraw.

The enemy was storming in the area of Zolote. The fighting continues.

Towards Avdiivka, Kurakhiv, Novopavlivske and Zaporizhzhia, the aggressor did not conduct active operations. However, civilian infrastructure was shelled near Avdiivka, Mariinka and Huliaipole.

Assault and combat aircraft carried out strikes in the areas of Sribne and Mali Shcherbaky.

In the South Bug direction, the enemy shelled units of our troops and tried to conduct a counterbatary struggle.

In proximity of Trudoliubivka, Tokareve, Bashtanka, Kvitneve, Luch, Tavriia, Oleksandrivka, russian invaders shelled infrastructure with artillery, mortars and multiple launch rocket systems.

The aggressor remotely mined certain areas of the Ingulets River. The invaders continue improving engineering equipment of their positions.

In the Bessarabian direction, the situation has not significantly changed.

The Defense Forces of Ukraine act in unison on the battlefield and inflict significant losses on the enemy. There is a total resistance of the local population in the territories temporarily occupied by russian invaders.

The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down three cruise missiles (probably “Kalibr”), launched on the territory of Ukraine from the Black Sea. One of the missiles was shot down from the man-portable air defense system in the area of responsibility of the “Center” Air Command, the other two – by using anti-aircraft missile systems in the area of responsibility of the “West” Air Command.

Russian invaders began to save modern high-precision missiles and launch obsolete Soviet models on Ukraine. Also, the press service of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that since the beginning of a full-scale invasion, over 500 russian air targets have been shot down. Also for about 2 months, russian aircraft have not flown into the territory of Ukraine controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has recorded 4 432 deaths and 5 499 cases of injuries to the civilian Ukrainian population since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion. Most deaths and injuries are caused by the use of ammunition with a large area of destruction – Multiple Rocket Launch Systems (MRLS), missile and air strikes. The Office of the UN High Commissioner believes that real figures are much higher due to the lack of information from those areas where intense fighting continues.

Eastern regions

Kharkiv oblast

On June 14, the enemy concentrated its main efforts on maintaining the occupied lines. To restrain the actions of the russian Defence Forces’ units, they were systematically firing at the positions of our troops. The enemy was remotely mining Bayrak, Peremoha and Shestakovo settlements. The onslaught on Rubizhne continues. The battle continues to rage. 

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on June 14, the invaders are conducting assault actions near Rubizhne, Vovchansk community. Dementiivka, Ruska Lozova, Mospanove, Bazaliivka, Chepil and Dibrivne were bombarded by russians.

According to the regional prosecutor’s office, the russian troops struck Malynivka, Kharkiv oblast, on the morning of 14 June. 3 people were injured: a 36-year-old, a 72-year-old man and an 83-year-old woman. A number of residential buildings were also damaged.

According to the head of the Pechenihy united territorial community, Oleksandr Husarov, a 35-year-old woman was killed and her 3-month-old baby was injured as a result of shelling in Piatnytske village, Pechenihy community, Kharkiv oblast. Residential buildings and an agricultural enterprise were destroyed as a result of the shelling. The russian invaders began shelling Piatnytske and Pechenihy the day before around 9:30 pm. “The enemies’ MLRs were firing,” Husarov said. The dead woman’s 3-month-old daughter is hospitalized and, according to the head, there is no threat to the infant’s life.

Russian invaders shelled Zolochiv, Kharkiv oblast on June 14 with shells on parachutes: 4 houses were damaged and there were no casualties.

As a result of russian shelling of Korobochkyne village, Kharkiv oblast, on June 14, 2 outbuildings and a garage in a private yard burnt down.

According to the Borova village council, the occupation authorities of the Borova settlement, Kharkiv oblast, are trying to find and re-install a monument to Lenin. In some schools, the invaders held a meeting with teachers. They are looking for loyalists and those who will agree to become heads. At the same time, residents of Iziumske village, where the school building was damaged by the attack, were told that if they wanted the school in their village to work, they should repair it at their own expense.

Donetsk oblast

The invaders shelled our troops with mortars, conventional and rocket artillery near Mykolaivka, Berestove, Vrubivka, Pokrovske and New York. Enemy aviation launched air strikes near Bilohorivka.

According to the head of the Donetsk Regional Civil Military Administration, Pavlo Kyrylenko, central water supply is being restored in northern Donetsk, namely in Kostiantynivka, Druzhkivka and Sloviansk.

According to the Mariupol city councillor Petro Andriushchenko, occupation authorities stopped any exhumations and reburials in russian-occupied Mariupol. He added that if you follow the rules of the occupation authorities, you have to wait for a “prosecutor” and an “investigator” to examine the body when exhuming it. It is free of charge. Then Mariupol residents have to go to Donetsk at their own expense for forensic examinations. Only then burial is possible in a designated place.

Also in the central district of Mariupol, the invaders partially switched on the power supply. The residents are allowed to turn on one light bulb in the flat.

1 civilian was killed, 3 destroyed and at least 25 buildings were damaged – these are the consequences of the overnight rocket attack on Dobropillia.

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the mayor of Sviatohirsk, Volodymyr Bandura, is suspected of treason under martial law in absentia. He faces 15 years in prison or life imprisonment.

Luhansk oblast

The Ukrainian troops repelled a russian offensive in Metolkine, Luhansk oblast. The russians shelled Borivske, Synelnikove and Pavlohrad. Hirne community was shelled with large-calibre weapons. Lysychansk and nearby cities are under fire every day.

The invaders shelled civilian infrastructure in Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, Bila Hora, Ustynivka, Toshkivka and others. They carried out airstrikes from helicopters near Metolkine.

Toward Severodonetsk, the enemy strengthened grouping by moving to Kreminna-Rubizhne in two battalion tactical groups. Supported by artillery, the enemy is conducting assault actions in Severodonetsk, trying to gain a foothold in the central part of the city. The battle continues to rage with Ukrainian defenders fighting for every inch of the regional centre. There are still too many orcs alive – but it’s only a matter of time. With artillery, the russians are destroying our settlements around the clock. Now the focus of the rashists’ attention is Severodonetsk industrial zone: it is being heavily shelled with large-calibre artillery. They are systematically hitting the Azot plant, where 500 civilians are sheltering, and the neighbouring Skloplastyk JSC.

Around Severodonetsk it is no less intense than in the city itself. Satellite villages are also constantly assaulted and shelled. Yesterday a hostile attack was repelled in Metolkine. Borivske, Synetskyy and Pavlohrad were heavily shelled. Lysychansk and nearby cities were also hit. A woman was injured in Novodruzhesk. Hirne community was hit with large calibre arrivals yesterday. As a result, craters of more than 5m. Around 50 buildings across the region were damaged during the day.

According to the head of the Luhansk Regional Civil-Military Administration, Serhiy Hayday, 21 people, including 4 children, were evacuated from Luhansk oblast. He added that another 4 tonnes of humanitarian aid has been delivered to the region for people who remained.

Northern regions

As of 06:00 on June 14, according to the operational information from the General Staff of the AFU, the enemy added two battalion tactical groups of airborne troops to strengthen the units of the 1st Tank Army of the Western Military District involved in covering the russian-Ukrainian border in Bryansk and Kursk oblasts.

The enemy applied artillery fire on the positions of our defense forces in border areas of Sumy and Chernihiv oblasts. They also conducted air reconnaissance using UAVs near the Seredeno-Buda settlement in Sumy oblast.

Due to russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, additional temporary security restrictions were introduced in the controlled border areas of Chernihiv, Rivne, Kyiv, Zhytomyr, and Sumy oblasts. These restrictions were introduced to prevent further complications at the State border and prevent destabilization of the situation and will remain in force until the end of the martial law.

Kyiv oblast

Oleksiy Kuleba, the head of Kyiv Regional Military Administration, said yesterday that about 5,000 residential properties in the Kyiv oblast were destroyed during the hostilities. To address this issue, two residential complexes of 50,000 square meters each are planned to be built in Irpin and Borodyanka.

Today, the head of Kyiv Military Administration visited Vasylkiv: he inspected boiler houses damaged due to the hostilities, a military unit, and a professional lyceum hit by an air strike. He talked to the residents of a high-rise building where 70 families lost their homes. Oleksiy Kuleba noted that they are doing their best to help everyone and rebuild every house, but this process may be delayed in war conditions.

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine reported on detection and removal of explosive objects in the liberated settlements and territories of Kyiv oblast as of June 14.

The head of Kyiv City Military Administration announced the approval of the Program for inspection of damaged objects in Kyiv. These include educational institutions, centers for social protection, culture, health care institutions, housing facilities, etc. Following this, they will decide whether some buildings are to be demolished. As of today, 284 out of 360 damaged objects were inspected.

Since the beginning of full-scale armed hostilities in Ukraine, the Kyiv City Blood Center has received 8600 donors. During the first 30 days of the war alone, more than 3 000 donors were admitted. For the sake of saving lives, the citizens of Kyiv walked to the blood donation centers, lined up, and left only by curfew. Today, medical institutions of the capital are fully stocked with the necessary blood components.

Estonia sent first 5 buses for Bucha region, Kyiv oblast. Thirty more will be delivered shortly.

The “12 Months” zoo in the Vyshhorod district of Kyiv miraculously survived the occupation and is recovering. During this month, the zoo has faced many issues: heating, feeding the animals, grounds cleaning, lack of most of the technical staff, etc. Russian troops robbed the local office, taking everything out. However, the animals, buildings, and the people who did not leave the animals in distress were not harmed.

Zhytomyr oblast

The Department of Social Protection of Zhytomyr Regional Military Administration informed that nce the beginning of the war, Zhytomyr oblast has been receiving displaced people from other regions of Ukraine where active hostilities are ongoing or which are temporarily occupied. 38,088 families have found shelter in Zhytomyr oblast, including 567 families with many children.

Right now, the largest number of displaced people are in several communities bordering Kyiv oblast. Brusyliv has generally proved to be the most welcoming settlement in the oblast. After all, it now hosts the largest number of people, which is more than 7,500 citizens, who were evacuated mainly from Kyiv oblast during the fierce fighting in the first months of the war.

All categories of agricultural enterprises have almost completed the sowing of spring crops in the region. 373.5 hectares of spring grain and leguminous crops were sown, which is 97% of the planned amount.

Chernihiv oblast

Yesterday the enemy launched a missile strike on a facility near Pryluky. As a result, ammunition detonated, but the fire was confined, and there were no civilian casualties.

Evacuated people are returning to their homes today. Electrician crews are working to restore power lines. All the community services, AFU, and the local government worked together as one, said Viacheslav Chaus, the Head of Chernihiv Regional Military Administration.

Demining of Chernihiv oblast continues. Within a day, EOD and sapper diver teams of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine were involved in UXO disposal 9 times and found and recovered 166 such items.

High-priority work to restore the damaged infrastructure of the oblast continues.

The integrated modular village started to be installed in Kysylivka community in Chernihiv oblast. The blocks have been donated free of charge by the Polish government, and the modular village will be assembled by Polish specialists, after which the communications will be connected. The settlement will consist of 180 modules. Their first batch has already been delivered to Chernihiv.

Sumy oblast

Yesterday afternoon, russians opened a mortar fire at Esman community that resulted in 14 incoming shells. At almost 2 p.m., an enemy drone dropped ordnance on the territory of Velyka Pysarivka community. As a result of the explosion, 2 people were injured, and one killed. In the evening this community was also shelled with mortars. There were 30 incoming shells. In the evening, the same area was shelled with mortars; 30 strikes were recorded.

The enemy shelled three communities in Sumy oblast last night: Znob-Novhorod, Krasnopillya, and Esman. The enemy used mortar and artillery fire. According to the preliminary information, Zhyvytsky, the Head of Regional Military Administration pointed out that the civil infrastructure facility was damaged.

Central regions

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

As a result of yesterday’s shelling of Zelenodolsk community, one woman was killed. It is the third death from shelling over the last week.

About 120 citizens, whose houses were damaged by shelling, filed an appeal to police and local authorities.There are heavy damages.  The head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional council Mykola Lukashuk informed that residential buildings, the lyceum and two kindergartens were damaged.

Last night the enemy struck again the village Mala Kostromka, Kryvyi Rih district and hit the suburbs.

Apostolov and Pokrovsk communities were under fire at night. According to preliminary information, there are no victims. Residential buildings were damaged. Today, 5 buses evacuated 76 residents of Zelenodolsk community to Kryvyi Rih. Such evacuation routes have been used since the beginning of April. According to the head of territorial communities, Dmytro Nevesely, 26 K people lived in the community before the war, and now about 18K people are living there.

In Dnipro city, people commemorated the memory of victims of the 2014 plane IL-76 crash.  49 servicemen were killed there, 40 of them were paratroopers of the 25th separate Dnipropetrovsk Airborne Brigade.

Kryvyi Rih provides free hot meals to more than 40K people every day. These are military and internally persons staying in specially equipped premises. From the first day of the full-scale war, food was purchased, cooked and delivered where needed. The head of the Kryvyi Rih military administration Oleksandr Vilkul informed that from the first day of the full-scale war, food was purchased, cooked and delivered where needed.

Kirovohrad oblast

The head of the Kirovohrad Regional State Administration Andriy Raikovych reported a number of priority tasks of the region: helping defenders, preparing for new heating season, arranging shelters in educational institutions, providing humanitarian aid to internationally displaced persons and continuing to create wholesale housing for them.

200 streets glorifying the soviet past and associated with russian federation will be renamed in Kropyvnytskyi. The process can take 2-3 months. New street names will be discussed with residents at meetings. Then these decisions will be considered at the city council. session

Poltava oblast

On June 13, five men accused of treason were convicted in Poltava. They had sided with the enemy under martial law and took part in the activities of an illegal armed group. All defendants pleaded guilty.

The regional center received humanitarian aid from abroad and from the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. Smartphones, laptops, hard drives, software etc. were sent to medics and military units in the Poltava region as per the requests. 

About hundred birds from Donetsk oblast were evacuated to the zoo in the village of Takhtaulove, Poltava oblast. Also pheasants, parrots and peacocks were evacuated due to hostilities. They are currently being shown to visitors.

Vinnytsia oblast

Yesterday, the ‘YaMariupol-Rodyna’ health center was opened in the camp near Vinnytsia. The center will be able to host almost a thousand Mariupol residents during the season. The National Police Department housed summer camp to place the center.

Cherkasy oblast

The head of the Cherkasy Regional State Administration Igor Taburets informed about the transfer of a new batch of pickups to the military on the front line and replenishment of two ambulances the Uman District Hospital’s fleet.

The new academic year in Cherkasy region is planned to begin in September. All school shelters are inspected by a commission from the city’s education department. 14 shelters were already inspected. School shelters should be supplied with lighting and equipped with flooring. The number of entrances should be inspected. Medicines should be supplied so that students can return to school from the new school year.

Kindergartens during martial law should have shelters to restore their work. The staff of ‘Voloshka’ kindergarten are preparing the basement for work on their own in Cherkasy. Teachers and kitchen assistants of the kindergarten begin their morning with buckets and shovels.

Southern regions

Zaporizhzhia oblast

According to the Zaporizhia Region Defense Forces Headquarters, russian troops fired 34 times at the positions of Ukrainian military units along the contact line from the entire spectrum of armaments. The russians fired at the settlements of Malynivka, Temyrivka and Uspenivka with Grad MLRS. Su-25 attacked two Mi-8 helicopters in Kamyansky and Maly Shcherbak, and a Ka-52 helicopter was attacked in the village of Zelene Pole.

Russian military has been shelling a gymnasium in Kamensky, Vasylivskyi district for two days in a row.

Photo: Shelling of the gymnasium

Yesterday in the Zaporizhzhia direction Ukrainian defenders destroyed three vehicles and an armored combat vehicle, eliminated six russian servicemen and wounded 18. The russian ammunition depot and two enemy observation posts were also destroyed.

The occupiers continue kidnapping people. On June 12, in the town of Energodar, K. Slyvka was abducted by the russian military and taken in an unknown direction. On June 9, 2022 in the village of Kostiantynivka A. Sultan and O. Sultan also were taken in an unknown direction. Most likely people are in captivity.

In Zaporizhzhia oblast, pyrotechnics found and neutralized 11 cluster shells and 1 cluster element from the Tornado-C multiple rocket launcher.

The bodies of killed servicemen were exchanged in Zaporizhzhia oblast. Ukraine has returned 64 dead Azovstal defenders

Ivan Fedorov, Mayor of Melitopol announced that “Right here” assistance center was opened for IDPs from occupied Melitopol in Zaporizhzhia.

The Office of the General Prosecutor said that in Zaporizhia the occupiers stole almost 2K tons of grain during May-June.

In Zaporizhia, the State Bureau of Investigation reported suspicion of treason to eight law enforcement officers who sided with the occupiers.

Mykolaiv oblast

Russian troops continue to fire at Mykolaiv oblast. Yesterday and this morning russian troops fired at the suburbs of Mykolaiv, Bashtanka district and Mykolaiv district. Currently, it is reported about 23 wounded as a result of yesterday’s shelling.

Photo: Results of shelling in Mykolaiv oblast

Yesterday there was an air fight in the area of ​​Snigurovka in Mykolaiv oblast. Su-35 fighter fired an air-to-air missile on a pair of Ukrainian Mi-8s. Helicopters managed to dodge.

In Mykolaiv direction, in the areas of settlements Stanislav, Tomina Balka, Doslidne in Kherson oblast, russian troops deployed two jet batteries and one battery of barrel artillery.

Vitaly Kim, the chief of the Mykolaiv military administration, reported how the harvest season in Mykolaiv oblast will be arranged. According to him, the workers will be able to work during the curfew, but they have to apply for permission to administration or toheads of territorial communities.

Mykolaiv city council reported the expansion of a network of bread distribution points with the support of the United Nations, the food program WFP and the NGO Tarilka. Bread can be received every other day.

Odesa oblast

Missile strikes are launched on Odesa oblast. In the morning, Onyx cruise missiles were fired from the BAL coastal missile system in the temporarily occupied Crimea. Ukrainian air defense successfully shot down missiles.

There are four missiles and three large landing ships in the Black Sea. Marine-based cruise missiles continue to threaten the region.

In Bilgorod-Dnister, the SBU detained a propagandist who publicly supported the so-called “special operation” of the russian federation in Ukraine. SBU investigators are conducting a pre-trial investigation on suspicion of collaboration.

Due to the drought, farmers in Odesa oblast expect the harvest to be about 60% of the last year’s indicator. However, according to Alla Stoyanova, director of the Department of Agrarian Policy, Food and Land Relations of the Odessa Regional State Administration, this will be enough to feed the region.

Kherson oblast

At night, trying to regain lost ground, the occupiers continued to fire on neighboring regions from Kherson oblast. Tornado and Hurricane multiple rocket launchers hit the Kryvyi Rih district and Mykolayiv. No one was injured in the shelling.

Ukrainian and russian forces are fighting fierce battles in Davydov Brod area on the east bank of Ingulets and on russian ground lines of communications along the T2207 highway. Experts from the American Institute for War Studies state that the Armed Forces continue to gradually attack the positions of the russian army on the east bank of the Ingulets River and in the northwest of Kherson oblast.

In the Kryvyi Rih direction, the russian military mined the coast of the Ingulets River along the Davydov Brid-Kalynivske border in order to deter counter-offensive actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported.

The Ukrainian military shot down an enemy helicopter from a portable anti-aircraft missile system near Mykolayivka in Kherson oblast.

Today, the russian military seized the main building of the KSU and presented the “governing bodies”, – said the rector of the KSU Alexander Spivakovsky. According to him, the employees who worked in the premises have left their jobs and will continue to perform their duties remotely under Ukrainian law.

In the occupied territories, the russians are trying to create the so-called “People’s police” to maintain law and order. However, not many want to cooperate with the occupiers. For example, in Chaplynka with a population of 10,000 people only four local collaborators joined the occupation group. The situation is similar in other cities.

Western regions

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces, there are no significant changes in Volyn and Polissia directions.

According to border guards, on June 13, Ukraine’s western borders with the EU and Moldova were crossed by almost 70K people (more than 33K people left Ukraine, 36K people arrived in Ukraine, more than 32K of them Ukrainians) and more than 17K vehicles. During the day, 120 trucks with humanitarian aid were registered.


According to the Lutsk City Council, employees of the Lutsk City Territorial Community together with “Lutskvodokanal” purchased 25 bulletproof vests for the soldiers of the 2nd Separate Rifle Battalion. Funds were collected from one-day earnings in May.

Zakarpattia oblast

The painter Kateryna Tuz made three patriotic murals on the fence of Avangard Stadium in Uzhhorod. One of the images shows the dog Patron, a famous rescuer and mascot of all Ukrainian pyrotechnicians. She plans to paint 3 more murals depicting the Ukrainian military.

In the village of Sokyrnytsia, Khust district, on a buffalo farm, Polissia horses lived for more than 2 months and were evacuated from Kyiv oblast. On June 14, the herd returned home.

On July 3, Uzhhorod will host a charity race “I’m Ukrainian” and an auction, the funds from which will be donated to support the Armed Forces. “Ir-Run Club” NGO with the support of the Zakarpattia Regional Military Administration and Uzhhorod City Council organized the event.

Lviv oblast

According to border guards, almost 16K people crossed the border at all crossings in Lviv oblast.

According to the head of the Regional Military Administration Kozytsky, on June 14, air defense forces shot down a russian missile over Zolochev. The wreckage of the rocket fell on the brickyard. Six people were injured, including one child.

On June 13, Head of the Lviv Regional State Administration Maksym Kozytskyi met with Deputy Head of the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Ukraine James Weserill. The United Nations, represented by James Weserill, expressed readiness to assist Ukraine in humanitarian matters and announced the launch of the Office for Coordination of International Humanitarian Organizations in Lviv.

Ternopil oblast

According to the head of the Ternopil Regional State Administration Volodymyr Trush, on June 14, air defense forces shot down several enemy missiles over Ternopil oblast. There are no victims or damage.

Khmelnytskyi oblast

According to the head of the Khmelnytskyi Regional Military Administration Serhiy Gamaliy, on June 14, in Khmelnytskyi oblast during an air alert, air defense forces shot down an enemy missile. Debris fell in the field, there were no victims or damage.

 On June 14, the Khmelnytskyi Regional Philharmonic housed a charity concert  “TOGETHER FOR VICTORY” in support of the Armed Forces and war victims.

Chernivtsi oblast

Over 7K people have already used the free bus from Chernivtsi to the Porubne checkpoint on the Ukrainian-Romanian border in three months.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Military Administration reported that in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast on June 14, air defense forces shot down a russian missile. There are no human victims or damage to infrastructure.

 There are no significant changes in Rivne oblast.

International support

The journalist and public figure Andrews Tapinas announced that in the near future, Lithuania will send to Ukraine 110 Lithuanian-made anti-drone rifles, worth about 1.5 million euros, and “EOS C VTOL” drones, purchased specifically for the Ukrainian military.

 German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced the transfer of modern missile defense systems and radars to detect enemy artillery to Ukraine.

Estonia transferred 5 buses to Bucha district, Kyiv roblast, 30 buses are planned to be transferred.

 The United Kingdom handed over 5 ambulances to Ukraine. In total, Ukraine has already received 320 ambulances from its allies.

The US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Derek Hogan said that the USA plans to provide Kyiv with $1.5 billion a month to support the Ukrainian government.

The US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin reacted to the words of the councillor to the head of the Security Council Mykhailo Podoliak on a list of necessary weapons for Ukraine stating that the United States and its allies are ready to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with all necessary weapons.

In Boston, during the Got Back world tour, the cult favorite British musician and one of the founders of The Beatles, Sir James Paul McCartney, raised a huge Ukrainian flag on stage in support of the Ukrainian people.

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