Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news August 16, 2022 (photo)

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Ioanna Kryvenko

Editor-in-chief, Ukrainian Women’s Guard Ruslan Polishchuk

It has been the 174th day of Ukraine’s resistance to Russian military invasion.

Ukraine briefly:

Here is operational information as of 6pm:

The enemy continues focusing on establishing full control over the territories of Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts, maintaining the temporarily occupied areas of Kherson and parts of Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia and Mykolaiv oblasts, creating favorable conditions to resume the offensive in certain areas, as well as blocking Ukraine’s maritime communication in the Black Sea. Air and missile strikes on civilian objects of our state continue.

Towards Volyn and Polissia, there were no signs of any offensive groups of the armed forces of the russian federation and the republic of belarus. However, the threat of missile and air strikes from the territory of belarus remains.

Towards Siversk, the enemy shelled areas near Kamianska Sloboda in Chernihiv oblast and Khodyne and Svarkove, Sumy oblast. Reconnaissance flights of enemy UAVs are underway.

Towards Kharkiv, the enemy inflicted fire damage on the settlements of Cherkaska Lozova, Chepil, Cherkaski Tyshky, Dementiivka, Duvanka, Ivanivka, Korobochkine, Mospanove, Odnorobivka, Petrivka,  Pytomnyk, Sosnivka, Ruska Lozova, and Verkhniy Saltiv.

Air strikes were launched near Husarivka, Sosnivka and Verkhniy Saltiv. Also, near Peremoha and Ukrainka, remote mining of the area was conducted.

Towards Sloviansk, the enemy fired Dolyna, Hrushuvakha, Krasnopillia, Mazanivka,  Ridne and Virnopillia with tanks, barrel and rocket artillery. 

In the areas of Dibrovne and Nova Dmytrivka the russian occupiers used incendiary ammunition.

Near Mazanivka, the enemy tried to launch an offensive, failed and withdrew.

Towards Donetsk, the main enemy’s efforts are focused on conducting active offensive and assault operations towards Avdiivka, Bakhmut and Kramatorsk. 

Towards Kramatorsk, the enemy fired barrel and rocket artillery in the areas of Hryhorivka, Kramatorsk, Pereizne, Rozdolivka and Verkhnokamianske. Near Ivano-Darivka, supported  by aviation, the enemy conducted unsuccessful assault operations, yet suffered losses and retreated.

Towards Bakhmut, there was a series of shelling of military and civilian infrastructure near Maiorsk, Kostiantynivka, Soledar, Shumy, and Yakovlivka. The enemy also launched airstrikes near Soledar and Yakovlivka. The invaders tried to conduct combat reconnaissance near Vershyna, but were defeated and fled. Offensive and assault actions of occupiers in the areas of Maiorsk, Soledar, and Zaitseve resulted in their losses and withdrawal.

Towards Avdiivka, the enemy shelled Avdiivka, Krasnohorivka, Novokalynove, Novobakhmutivka, Oleksandropol, Opytne and Vodiane.  Besides, they launched an airstrike near Marinka. Nevelske was assaulted. The fighting rages.

There was artillery shelling towards Novopavlivka and Zaporizhzhia near  Dorozhnianka, Charivne, Kamianske, Novoukrainka, Novopol, Novoselka, Pavlivka, Vremivka, Vuhledar  and Volodymyrivka. 

The enemy launched airstrikes near Novoandriivka, Pavlivka and Poltavka. The invaders are on the offensive near Novomikhailovka. The fighting rages.

Towards the South Buh, the main enemy’s efforts are focused on preventing the advance of our troops and conducting air reconnaissance with UAVs.

The enemy continues shelling Andriivka, Blahodatne, Chervonohryhorivka, Dobrianka, Kobzartsi, Kyselivka, Nova Zoria, Shyroke,  Osokorivka, Potiomkino, Prybuzhske, Shevchenko, Stepova Dolyna, Trudoliubivka, and Velyka Kostromka from tanks, barrel and rocket artillery. 

The invaders launched air strikes targeting Bila Krynytsia, Lozove and Posad-Pokrovske. A poor offensive attempt near Novohryhorivka ended in significant losses and retreat of the invaders.

Explosions rocked again in the Dzhankoy district of the temporarily occupied Crimea. An ammunition depot in the village of Maiske detonated. Kremlin gauleiters acknowledged that a military facility was damaged by explosions near Maiske. The railway track, power lines and a power plant were also damaged. The occupiers introduced a “regional emergency state.” The Office of the President of Ukraine says that this will continue until the complete de-occupation of Ukrainian territories.

The Verkhovna Rada adopted a bill banning use of any fireworks, including firecrackers, and any pyrotechnic products and explosives. The ban does not apply to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Police and emergency services. The draft law also provides for establishing an age limit on purchase of pyrotechnic products.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy on his Twitter announces that he had a phone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron. They discussed the situation at the front, russian nuclear terrorism at the Zaporizhzhia NPP, as well as enhancing macro-financial assistance for Ukraine and food security. 

Eastern regions

Kharkiv oblast

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the enemy shelled Kostiantynivka, Pytomnyk, Rtyshchivka and Ruski Tyshky with barrel and rocket artillery. The invaders remotely mined near Peremoha and Ukrainka villages, launched airstrikes near Husarivka, Sosnivka and Verkhnii Saltiv. In Izium district, they used incendiary munitions near Dibrivne and Nova Dmytrivka. 

The enemy attempted to break through our troops’ defenses in the direction of Kozacha Lopan-Udy. Ukrainian soldiers encountered the invaders hard and pushed them back.

The enemy continued to inflict strikes at civilian targets in Bohodukhiv, Chuhuiv, Izium and Kharkiv districts. Private houses and outbuildings were damaged. According to the Emergency Medical Centre, 9 people were injured in Kharkiv. One woman, unfortunately, died of her wounds.

Referring to Kharkiv Mayor, Ihor Terekhov, overnight russian invaders shelled five of Kharkiv’s nine districts – Industrial, Kholodna Hora, Kyiv, Saltiv and Shevchenkove districts. According to him, it was one of the most massive shellings of Kharkiv recently.

Head of Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, Oleh Syniehubov, reported that the enemy shelled Kyiv district with MRLs. Private houses and road surface were damaged. The Defence Staff said that seven rockets were launched at once from Belgorod towards the city. Industrial, Kholodna Hora, Kyiv, Saltiv and Shevchenkove districts were targeted.

Part of the rockets hit the open areas of Kharkiv, so they did not cause fires. The facades of buildings were damaged by shrapnel and blast waves, and the road surface partially destroyed. Preliminarily, there were no casualties.

One of the missiles, used by russian troops to strike Kharkiv, hit the ground on Vesnina Street. There were no casualties. The building of the scientific-research coal-chemical institute was damaged.

Consequences of the hit near the scientific institute in Kharkiv. Photo: from social media

Kharkiv Mayor, Ihor Terekhov, informed that Saltiv district was also shelled by russian federation. There were no casualties, but the fire broke out. According to him, a few garages were burning. There was no information about casualties. 

Head of Zolochiv community noted that as a result of the russian shelling, the lyceum court and residential building were damaged in the community.

Donetsk oblast

The enemy was most active in Donetsk direction. In Avdiivka, chaotic shelling did not stop during the night.

In Kurakhove, russians launched a rocket attack on the power infrastructure and several enterprises. One person was injured.

The invaders used Uragan with cluster munitions in Ocheretyne community near Karlivka.

Maksymilianivka was attacked. The House of Culture and 4 shops were damaged. No casualties.

In Kramatorsk,  2 houses in Sloviansk and 4 houses in Yasnohirka village were destroyed.

Russians launched a rocket attack on Mykolaivka, destroying a local school.

Bakhmut was shelled once. A private house and a cottage were damaged. Another shelling was in Zaitseve. A man was injured.

Near Soledar and nearby villages, isolated shelling continued throughout the night. Two houses were damaged in Fedorivka.

House after the shelling in Donetsk oblast. Photo: telegram channel of Pavlo Kyrylenko/Donetsk Regional Military Administration

Head of Avdiivka City Military Administration, Vitalii Barabash, reported that the territory of the Pisky settlement is partially controlled by russians and partially by Ukrainian troops. According to him, all residents left the settlement.

Luhansk oblast

 Head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Serhii Haidai, informed that russian troops are conducting an offensive from Lysychansk oil refinery. Yesterday, Ukrainian troops forced the invaders to retreat six times. Fighting is still ongoing in three other areas on the border between Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts, specifically, near Lysychansk oil refinery.

The enemy is shelling Ukrainian settlements and positions with artillery. Overnight alone there were 4 tank attacks and 4 air strikes.

According to the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, mobilisation measures were intensified in the occupied territories. This is due not only to significant losses of russians at the front line, but also to a lack of motivation to fight. Also, the military of the so-called “Luhansk People’s Republic” refused to follow orders on the territory of the “fraternal people” – “Donetsk People’s Republic”. The invaders complain of threats, harassment, blackmail and fallacy.

Head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Serhii Haidai, said that explosions at warehouses and military bases in the occupied territory of Luhansk oblast are happening more and more often due to the “russian carelessness”, as they themselves claim. He noted that this significantly reduces the number of artillery attacks and makes it more difficult for russian troops to advance deep into Ukraine.

Northern regions

Kyiv oblast

Hollywood actor and United 24 project ambassador Liev Schreiber and Ukrainian footballer Andriy Shevchenko visited Borodianka. They also met with President Volodymyr Zelensky to discuss interim results of the platform, which helped raise $170 million.

Liev Schreiber and Andriy Shevchenko visited Borodianka. Photo: Borodianka territorial community

A body of another civilian killed by the russian military was found in Kyiv oblast. He turned out to be a 58-year-old resident of Bucha region, who was trying to evacuate with his family in February, but their car was shot by the invaders. The victim’s wife and 17-year-old son were killed at the time and found in April, while his 5-year-old daughter survived.

The body of a civilian killed by the russian military was found. Photo: Andrii Niebytov

A bridge across the Zdvyzh river, damaged as a result of a direct hit by russian missiles, was repaired in Makarov in Kyiv oblast. At present, passenger and cargo traffic is fully resumed on this section of the T 1019 highway, connecting Vyshhorod, Bucha, and Fastiv regions.

As a result of hostilities more than 200 educational institutions were damaged in Kyiv oblast. Most of them have already been restored, while works continue at certain sites. Soon 11.5 thousand square meters of roofing materials will be allocated to repair roofs in 13 educational institutions of Dmytrivka, Bucha, Ivankiv, Borodianka, and Byshiv territorial communities.

The Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center has launched a project to martirologize civilian victims of the russian-Ukrainian war from 2014-2022, titled ‘Closed Eyes’. The project aims to draw the attention of the global community to the results of a slow response to military aggression and failure to act during times of mass violence.

Harvesting continues in Kyiv oblast. Over one million tons of grain and leguminous crops have already been threshed. Farms are already preparing to sow winter crops for the 2023 harvest.

Zhytomyr oblast

During the day, the enemy launched two missile strikes on the territory of Zhytomyr oblast. According to preliminary information, the missiles were launched from the territory of belarus. According to the head of Zhytomyr Regional Military Administration, Vitaliy Bunechko, there were no casualties.

Renovation of damaged infrastructure continues in Zhytomyr oblast. According to the Presidential Office, restorations were completed at 19 apartment buildings, 25 schools and kindergartens, 10 administrative buildings, 6 cultural institutions, 6 healthcare facilities, and 1 housing and public utilities facility of the oblast.

Educational institutions are being inspected in Zhytomyr oblast to ensure they are ready for the new school year. Today the educational facilities of Berdychiv community were inspected, which are 86% ready for the start of classes. In war conditions, shelters in educational establishments should be provided with fire extinguishers, first aid kits, adequate stock of medication and food, a ventilation system, sitting areas, access to drinking water and toilets.

Shelter in an educational institution of Berdychiv community. Photo: the head of Zhytomyr regional military administration Vitaliy Bunechko

Sumy oblast

The “North” Operational Command reported that over the past day, russian troops shelled the Chernihiv and Sumy regions five times. In total, there were more than 130 explosions. The Khotin, Znob-Novgorodske and Shalygine communities of the Sumy oblast came under enemy fire. The enemy inflicted fire damage using mortars, grenade launchers, barrel artillery, MLRS and small arms.

Remnants of MLRS shells, Shalygine TC. Photo: “North” OC

The head of the Sumy RMA, Dmytro Zhivytskyi announced that the information about attempts to break through the border by enemy SRGs in Sumy oblast is not true.

The infrastructure in the de-occupied territories is being restored. As reported in the President’s Office, more than 370 objects have been restored in the Konotop, Lebedyn, Okhtyrka and Shostka districts of Sumy oblast.

The National Police reported that community police officers received 29 official vehicles with modern equipment. According to the “Community Police Officer” project, 33 territorial communities already have their own sheriffs (51 TCs in total).

The Sumy City Council reported that internally displaced persons will be able to receive free legal consultations at the First Sumy Humanitarian Headquarters now. There is also an opportunity to get legal help online.

The Sumy clothing brand sews patriotic T-shirts. According to the founders, work on the collection began in the first months of the large-scale russian invasion. Designers have been sowing a pixel T-shirt for the military during all this time from one purchase of each T-shirt. More than three hundred military T-shirts have been created. At the request of the military, they make pouches for first-aid kits and anti-mosquito nets.

Chernihiv oblast

The enemy shelled the outskirts of Kamianska Sloboda settlement of Novgorod-Siverskiy district with barrel artillery. According to information of “North” OC, there were 74 explosions. The civilian buildings of the club and the school were damaged due to shelling.

The President’s Office reported that the infrastructure in the de-occupied territories is being restored. Reconstruction and overhaul works were carried out at the 181st facility in Chernihivoblenergo. Despite the fact that 220 Chernihivgaz facilities were damaged, 99% of consumers are supplied with gas today.

The creation of new and modernization of existing warning systems in the oblast continues. According to information from the Chernihiv RMA, a total of 108 electric sirens have been installed, specifically 31 in Chernihiv. In the former district centers, local residents are notified of danger by one to three sirens. Modernized warning systems work in the villages of Desna, Goncharivske and in the city of Bobrovytsia.

The shelters are being arranged in Chernihiv oblast. The regional military administration reported on checking the condition of shelters in the Korop community. Shelters in local educational institutions are in satisfactory condition. Some of them are planned to carry out additional work. The anti-radiation shelter of the Korop Hospital needs high-quality ventilation and arrangement of rooms for surgeries and accommodation of persons with reduced mobility.

Repair work is being completed at the school in Stary Bilous, seriously damaged during the russian shelling. Work on the shelter is planned to be completed in approximately one and a half weeks. The shelter will be equipped with furniture, a generator, bio-toilets and everything necessary.

213 applications were submitted for receiving a micro-grant for creating or developing one’s own business in the oblast through the “Diya” portal. According to the results of the first two waves, 8 out of 157 applications received a positive result, through more than 20 jobs will be created. Currently, 56 submitted applications of the third wave are being considered.

Central regions

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

At night, Dnipropetrovsk oblast was again under fire. The enemy hit Kryvyi Rih and Nikopol districts. Two people were injured. Several residential buildings and a gas pipeline were damaged.

Chervonogrigorivsk community was shelled twice during the night. The occupiers fired 40 shells from “Grad”, they hit from barrel artillery. One and a half dozen residential and commercial buildings, a grain storage warehouse, an agricultural firm’s garage, agricultural machinery, gas pipeline and power lines were damaged. There was a fire in one house, it was extinguished.

The consequences of the morning shelling in Dnipropetrovsk region. Photo: social networks

The occupiers hit the residential quarters of Nikopol with 20 rockets from “Grad” MRLS and 10 shells from barrel artillery. Four people were injured. Several private houses damaged in the city. Several others caught on fire.

Consequences of shelling in Nikopol. Photo: Valentyn Reznichenko/ Dnipropetrovsk State Administration

“Beauty for the sake of peace”, under this slogan, a charity art auction is underway in Kryvyi Rih. 34 authors presented their works, 70 artworks are at the auction. All funds collected will be transferred to help the Armed Forces. In total, there are 70 works. The vast majority are paintings in the style of realism or abstraction. Compositions and sculptures are also presented.

Painting “Venice” by Mykola Ryabokon. Photo: Social networks

Vinnytsia oblast

Oleksandr Kolomiets from Vinnytsia won two gold, silver and bronze medals at the Ukrainian arm wrestling championship. According to Nemyriv children’s and youth sports school, these competitions qualified for the European and world championships. Oleksandr Kolomiets became the right-handed and left-handed champion in his weight category among youth, and  a member of the national team of Ukraine.

Oleksandr Kolomiets from Vinnytsia at the Ukrainian arm wrestling championship. Photo: Nemyriv City Council.

Kirovohrad oblast

Kirovohrad Oblast completes harvesting of early grains. Almost 3 500 farms operate in the region. Crops have been harvested on 90% of the area, two million tons of grain have been threshed, the head of the Kirovohrad Regional Military Administration, Andrii Raikovychsaid. However, in the farms of the region, there is no hurry to sell the collected grains, because they still keep last year’s harvest.

Farmer Mykola Makodzeba. Photo: Social networks

Poltava oblast

Approximately 20% of a garden in Poltava was cleared in more than a month since its creation. According to Tetiana Tatarina, the initiator of the garden, vegetables are grown on six plots of 14 square meters each. The products will be given to educational institutions where internally displaced persons study. The territory clearing is planned to be completed next year.

A garden in Poltava. Photo: Social networks

Cherkasy oblast

The chaplain service of the Cherkasy Territorial Defense organized a charity fair of handmade items in the church of Saints Kyrylo and Methodius. A church abbot, Ihor Shemiakov, noted that 30 craftsmen from all over Ukraine sent their products by mail, local ones also joined in. The raised funds will be spent on the needs of military personnel. They plan to buy a car for the front line. The fair will be open for at least two weeks, and then the products will be sold online.

Fair in support of the Armed Forces. Photo: Social networks

The head of the Cherkasy RMA  Ihor Taburets reported that the inspection of shelters in all educational institutions of the region has been completed. A special commission, consisting of members of the State Emergency Service and Civil Defense, recommended 318 institutions out of 479 for studying. In others, it is impossible to equip shelters due to architectural features, or repair work is still ongoing there.

Shelter in an educational institution. Photo: Cherkasy RMA

Southern regions

Zaporizhzhia oblast

The occupiers shelled civilian infrastructure in the areas of Orikhiv and Huliaipole. There were 28 reports of destruction of civilian infrastructure as a result of shelling by russian occupation forces.

The russian military shelled Orikhiv with multiple rocket launchers for several hours. One local resident was killed, six people injured. Dozens of private houses and facilities of civil infrastructure were destroyed, and fires broke out.

Orikhiv. Photo: Zaporizhzhia RMA

There were two explosions near the substation in Melitopol. After that, the broadcasting of the television, captured by the russian occupiers, stopped. According to preliminary information, the transit cable was damaged by the explosions.

A cargo with emergency repair kits for buildings damaged by russian shelling has arrived in Zaporizhzhia from the Norwegian Refugee Council.

The Security Service of Ukraine detained a russian agent correcting missile strikes on Zaporizhzia in exchange for the promise of a “leading position” in the event of the city’s occupation. The agent scouted places of deployment and movement of units of the Defense Forces of Ukraine near the southern front and collected information on results of enemy shelling on the civilian and critical infrastructure in Zaporizhzhia. Currently, the detainee has been notified of suspicion of treason, and a preventive measure in the form of detention has been chosen.

The Zaporizhzhia Regional Prosecutor’s Office accused Yuri Radkov, the former head of the Myrne settlement council, of treason and voluntarily occupying a position in an illegal authority.

1 133 people, including 309 children, were evacuated from the temporarily occupied territory.

Mykolaiv oblast

The enemy continued shelling from tanks, barrel and jet artillery in the areas of the settlements of Stepova Dolyna, Nova Zorшa, Prybuzke, Shevchenko, Kyselyvka, Blahodatne, Shyroke, Kobzartsi, Andriivka, Dobrianka, Osokorivka, Potiomkyne, Trudoliubivka, Velyka Kostromka and Chervonoghryhorivka. This is reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The russian invaders damaged 14 infrastructure objects.

As a result of the aggressor’s shelling, private residential buildings were destroyed in the villages of Bereznehuvate and Chervona Dolyna in Shyroke community. A civilian woman was killed. According to the report of the State Emergency Service, the Bereznehuvate community was fired upon with cluster munitions, multiple rocket launchers, and rockets.

 At dawn, the enemy shelled the industrial infrastructure of Mykolaiv with “Smerch” MRLs. No losses.

As of August 16, russian troops shelled 49 educational institutions in Mykolaiv. Four schools were partially or completely destroyed.

School No. 48, destroyed by enemy shelling. Photo from social networks.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy issued an order to dismiss Ihor Mukharskyi from the position of head of the Mykolaiv District State Administration. He held this position from March 5, 2021.

Odesa oblast

A storm continues in the Black Sea, 2 enemy missile carriers with 16 Calibers are on standby.

The seventh and the largest caravan consisting of 5 ships left Ukrainian ports within the “grain corridor”. This is reported by the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority. The total cargo volume of the caravan is 110K tons. Two ships left the South port for Africa and South Korea. Almost 30K tons of wheat and corn were sent through the “grain corridor” from the port of Chornomorsk.

Panamax BONITA. Photo: Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority

Kherson oblast

The sabotage and reconnaissance group of the enemy made an attempt to pass behind the rear of the Ukrainian troops near Osokorivka. As a result of the shooting battle, the group retreated. Enemy losses are being clarified.

At night, the enemy attacked Ukrainian positions along the contact line with a helicopter. No losses.

During the day, the occupiers tried to carry out assault actions with the support of artillery and aviation to improve their tactical position towards Novohryhorivka and Bilohirka. Without success. 14 air attacks were launched, all of them turned out to be fruitless.

Ukrainian aviation hit 2 strongholds and 2 buildups of enemy weapons and equipment in the areas of Novopetrivka and Maksymivka. 

Rocket forces and artillery units destroyed 23 invaders, a 152-mm howitzer gun, and 7 units of armored and automotive vehicles as part of their fire missions. An enemy ammunition supply point was destroyed in Sukhyi Stavok.

The enemy shelled 6 settlements in Kherson oblast. There were wounded. The villages of Osokorivka, Ivanivka, Olhyne, Mykolaivka and Arkhangelsk were under fire.

The police opened 20 criminal proceedings regarding war crimes committed by the russian army against the civilian population of Kherson oblast. In addition to  shelling, the police recorded such crimes of russian military as kidnapping, seizure of administrative buildings and enterprises, and robberies.

The police are documenting the consequences of enemy shelling. Photo: Police Kherson oblast.

The russian military set up a torture chamber in the Kherson reception-distributor for children. About 60-70 Kherson people are kept there. This was reported by the Kherson District Council. Kherson head Ihor Kolykhaev was probably also there.

The Kherson regional military administration has launched a “hotline” for residents of the region. The hotline of Kherson RMA is 0800330951. Those who cannot call can write to Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp or Signal messengers at the number +380930119596.

Western regions


The first truck with construction materials from partners from Sweden arrived in Volyn for construction of housing for forcibly evacuated Ukrainians.

For five days, trauma surgeons from Poland – Professor Julian Dutka and Jan Jaworskyi – were in Volyn. Together with Volyn colleagues, doctors examined patients and performed 50 joint operations at the regional clinical hospital.

Borys Naumchuk, the abbot of one of churches in the Volodymyr district, handed over his Ford car to the Ukrainian defenders for combat missions.

A resident of Novovolynsk organized a photo project to help the Armed Forces. Maria Dolinovska collects old embroidery and decides to de-conserve part of her collection, which is over 100 years old, to hold a photo session for those who wish. The woman donates all the collected funds to the needs of Ukrainian soldiers.

Maria Dolinovska. Photo: from social networks

Lutsk hosted a presentation of the exhibition Evacuated Life by Volodymyr Yanitskyi, an emigrant artist from Donetsk region, struggling with blindness since childhood.

Zakarpattia oblast

A meeting with representatives of the International Orthodox Christian Charities was held in the RMA. The support of forced migrants was discussed at the meeting.

At the charity auction 125 Colors of Victory in support of 125 separate brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a silver pendant in the form of a trident from the patriotic collection was sold for UAH 70K. It was created during the war by famous Zakarpattia jewelers, the Kochut brothers.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

Mayor of the city, Ruslan Marcinkiv, said that from Ivano-Frankivsk, packages for the soldiers from their relatives were delivered to the front line.

The Kalusa City Council received UAH 121K for compensation for accommodation of forced migrants.

Lviv oblast

The RMA held a meeting with the Head of the Office of the Prime Minister of Poland, Michal Dworczyk, and the Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Lviv, Eliza Dzvonkiewicz. During the meeting, they discussed humanitarian assistance to displaced persons, potential new railway connections and possibility of opening new checkpoints on the border between the countries.

The First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska and Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko visited the West Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Center in Lviv as part of a working visit.

In Lviv oblast, a renewed checkpoint Krakivets – Korchova was opened with a new bus terminal and additional infrastructure to increase throughput.

From August 6 to 15, 50 children who moved to Lviv oblast from Mykolaiv and Kharkiv oblasts were able improve their health at the Carpathians are Calling camp in the village of Vorokhta, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast. The organizers of the event are the Children’s Service of the Lviv RMA in cooperation with the CF Care of the Future and New Horizons for children.

Thanks to the joint project of the Lviv RMA, World Vision International and the Public Organization Public Initiative Let’s Help Together, the Pidbuzy geriatric boarding house received new household appliances.

Rivne oblast

In Rivne, a new complex video surveillance and video analytics system is being installed as part of the Safe City program. The implementation of the program is supervised by the department of the Municipal Guard of the Rivne City Council.

The Kostopil community sent 500 kg of humanitarian cargo to Kharkiv oblast – food, medicines, hygiene products and basic necessities.

Polygraph examiners will be trained in Rivne oblast at the Ostroh Academy National University.

Ternopil oblast

A meeting with the President of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, Mykola Polishchuk, took place in the RMA. At the meeting, they discussed work of shelters in the autumn-winter period, provision of material assistance to vulnerable categories of population, etc.

Polish and Ukrainian soldiers who died in opposition to the bolshevik regime over 100 years ago were commemorated at the Lychakiv cemetery. Head of the office of the Prime Minister of Poland Michal Dvorchyk and Mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovyi joined the memorial events.

Commemoration. Photo: Lviv City Council

In Ternopil oblast, a creative space is being set up in the protective buildings of schools. The walls are painted brightly, literature and games are prepared. This will help children relax and  take away of disturbing thoughts.

A charity fishing tournament was organized in the village of Tylyavka in Ternopil oblast. During the competition, over UAH 25K were collected. Proceeds will be directed to the needs of the Armed Forces.

A charity football match was held in Ternopil oblast. About UAH 20K collected were sent to help the Armed Forces.

A girl who suffered from rocket attacks in Chortkov raised funds for the Armed Forces. Using this money, rolls of black oilcloth and insulation were purchased for a soldier, Serhiy Dubtsov, fighting in Kramatorsk.

Khmelnytskyi oblast

In Khmelnytskyi oblast, relatives of the defenders of Azovstal, volunteers and public organizations announced an open-ended campaign Bring the heroes home, aimed to support the families of prisoners of war.

NGO Territory of Sustainable Development created the project Look into the future! – IDP children can attend free robotics and programming workshops.

Chernivtsi oblast

Experts of the Israeli Trauma Coalition, as part of the Crisis Psychological Assistance course, shared with Bukovyna psychologists the effective techniques needed when working with IDPs of various age categories during the war.

In Bukovyna, the Ukrainian Soldier’s Library campaign continues, during which local residents bring books for the military. Collected literature is delivered to the front line by a volunteer, Father Vasyl Hasynets.

50 children from Chernivtsi and Kharkiv oblasts went on a sea vacation to Romania. Kharkiv benefactors arranged a holiday as a sign of gratitude for the help of humanitarian headquarters Olympia in the first months of the war.

The children went on vacation to Romania. Photo: from social networks

International support

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov announced that six M109 howitzers have arrived in Ukraine from Latvia and are already used in battles.

Italy provided Ukraine with a €200 million loan for salaries of educators. The loan will be provided on preferential terms for 15 years with a zero interest rate.

In the Portuguese city of Albufeira, Ukrainian dog handlers completed a training course for service dogs using the Arcón method. The course was conducted by the developer of the method, Dr. Jaime Parejo.

President of Serbia Oleksandr Vucic announced that Serbia refused the russian military base on the territory of the country and will train the army according to NATO standards.

The office of the President of Ukraine was visited by US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink, Deputy Head of the Mission at the US Embassy Christopher Smith and US Embassy Army and Defense Attaché Garrick Harmon. Bridget Brink assured that the USA will continue to provide Ukraine with the support it needs to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Canada is the first country to legalize the mechanism of confiscation and sale of assets of those responsible for a full-scale invasion. As part of economic sanctions against russia in support of Ukraine, russian assets worth over 413 million Canadian dollars (about $320 million) have been blocked in Canada.

Collection of funds for the purchase of Bayraktar unmanned aerial combat vehicle for the needs of the Armed Forces of Latvia has begun. In the first hours of the initiative, about 200 people donated 7K euros.

In the Estonian city of Narva, the dismantling of the Soviet tank-monument began.

Ministry of Statistics Mykhailo Fedorov announced that the well-known brand of audio and video equipment Bang&Olufsen, in cooperation with UNITED24, organized an action in support of Ukraine. The limited collection of Beosound 2 Ukrainian edition speakers cannot be bought, but you can win by donating from 10 euros through UNITED24. The collected funds will be used for the purchase of X-ray machines.

Beosound 2 column. Photo: from social networks


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