News of the Ukrainian Women’s Guard June 26, 2022 Ukrainian daily wins.

Air defense was working in Kyiv region in the morning and one missile was shot down. It fell on the outskirts of one of the villages of the district, there are no destructions and victims — Head of the Kyiv Region Military Administration Kuleb.

✅ The long-awaited American HIMARS missile systems are already at the forefront. The Special Operations Forces destroyed a convoy of russian equipment, which contained several rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

✅ Near Odessa, the Ukrainian air defense shot down two enemy Onyx missiles. They were released from the coastal missile complex Bastion, from the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea.

✅ The General Staff reported that the Ukrainian military inflicted significant losses on the occupiers in the Bakhmut direction, also repulsed the assault in the Slovyansk direction.

✅ The “South” Operational Command reported that hostilities are ongoing in Kherson region. Russian units are firing on their own positions to quickly escape from the zone of active action and blame for it the Ukrainian military.

✅ A seven-year-old girl who was rescued from the rubble of a residential building in the capital after a rocket attack was operated in a hospital. She is conscious, her life is not in danger, the surgeon on duty at Okhmatdyt Hospital told the Suspilne Media.

✅ The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson and the President of France Emmanuel Macron discussed further support for Ukraine on the sidelines of the G7 summit.

✅ Bloomberg: russia may default today. The fact is that this Sunday (June 26) evening, the grace period for missed payments of about $ 100 million ends. “There will be no official statement, and russia is already denying the appointment, but if investors do not receive their money by the deadline, there will be a default on Monday morning, according to bond documents,” the newspaper said.

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