Новини Української Жіночої Варти 25.07.2022, перемоги ЗСУ, Україна новини

News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard. July 25, 2022 Ukrainian Daily Wins

Materials prepared by Mila 

 The General Staff reports that in Kherson oblast, russian troops tried to advance, but suffered losses and randomly retreated.

✅ On the night of July 24, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 100 soldiers as a result of a hit on a hotel in the city of Krasnyi Luch, Luhansk oblast, as reported by the Strategic Communications Department.

✅ Sicheslav paratroopers shot down a russian Su-25 attack aircraft from the Igla MANPADS.

✅   Over the past day, the defenders of Ukraine destroyed 3 air defense systems and 4 cruise missiles of russians, as well as 5 UAVs, 8 ACVs, 2 multiple launch rocket systems and 7 artillery systems.

✅ Poland handed over PT-91 Twardy tanks to Ukraine, as stated by the spokesman of the Armaments Agency of the Polish Ministry of Defense Krzysztof Płatek.

✅ Germany began supplying Gepard anti-aircraft self-propelled artillery installations in Ukraine.

✅ Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov says that Ukrainian artillerymen skillfully use high-precision Western weapons, in particular HIMARS systems, cutting off supplies of the russian army.

  The European Investment Bank has allocated almost EUR 1.6 billion to Ukraine for restoration of the most important damaged infrastructure.

✅ Eurovision-2023 will be held in the UK on behalf of Ukraine. The decision was made by the European Broadcasting Union, Suspilne and BBC. Ukraine, as the country-winner of Eurovision-2022, will automatically get to the finals of the upcoming competition. 

Boris Johnson said that last week he agreed with Volodymyr Zelenskyy that no matter where Eurovision took place, it should celebrate Ukraine and Ukrainian people.

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