News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard, July 19, 2022 Ukrainian Daily Wins

Ukraine managed to stabilize the situation on the battlefield, it is fully controlled, Commander-in-Chief Valerii Zaluzhny said in a conversation with Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley.

✅ In Kherson, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the enemy’s cluster of weapons, equipment and ammunition depot in the area of Raiske and an ammunition depot near Beryslav.

  A separate detachment of special purpose of the National Guard in cooperation with paratroopers eliminated a group of russian soldiers near Sloviansk in Donetsk oblast.

✅ Russia has lost about 38,550 personnel, 1,691 tanks, 3,892 armored combat vehicles and 851 artillery systems in the war in Ukraine.

  Russia faces a serious shortage of personnel in the war against Ukraine and is torn between Donbas and Kherson, which slows its progress, according to a British intelligence report.

✅ Haluk Bayraktar, chief executive of Turkish company Baykar Makina, said he would never allow the sale of Bayraktar drones to Russia and supported Ukraine in its struggle for sovereignty and independence.

Ireland has suspended visa-free travel for refugees from 20 European countries to make room for Ukrainians.

✅ During a visit to Lviv, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary says that Budapest is ready to pass  all the assistance provided by other countries to Ukraine, including military assistance through its territory.

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