News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard, August 28, 2022. Ukrainian Daily Wins

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   According to the General Staff, as of the morning of August 28, the total death toll of russian invaders is 46,750 personnel.

✅ Mayor of the city, Ivan Fedorov said that the Armed Forces hit one of the largest enemy military bases on the territory of the Avtokolorlit plant in Melitopol.

✅ The South Operational Command informs that Ukrainian artillerymen hit three control points of the russian military in Kherson and Dariivka . Ammunition depots in Liubimivka and Kherson were also affected. The confirmed losses of the enemy are 11 invaders, 3 units of armored vehicles and a self-propelled Msta-S howitzer.

✅ CNN informs that in the war with Russia, Ukraine successfully applies the American concept of resistance – the ROC (Resistance Operating Concept). In particular, signs of its use are seen in a series of explosions in Crimea.

✅ The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) says that Russia’s offensive capabilities in Kherson region have deteriorated even more.

✅ The Zaporizhzhia RMA reports that in the temporarily occupied Mykhailivka, Zaporizhia oblast, a collaborator who called himself the ‘head of the police’ was found dead.

✅ According to the Washington Post, the Pentagon has expanded the use of shipping by sea to deliver weapons to Ukraine.

✅ Financial Time informs that next week during an informal meeting in Prague, Foreign Ministers of the European Union are preparing to support the suspension of the agreement on a simplified visa regime with Russia, which will limit the opportunities for russians to travel to EU countries.

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