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Ukraine Operational information from the regions 11.05.2022 (photo, video)

The bodies of 44 dead civilians were found in the temporarily occupied Izyum from under the rubble of a five-story building that the occupiers destroyed in the first decade of March.

Operational information from the regions of the Active Community network 11.05.2022

Ukraine in Brief:

The 77th day of the Ukrainian people’s heroic struggle against the russian military invasion goes on.

There has been no active enemy action in the north of Ukraine. In the Sumy and Chernihiv oblasts, units of russia’s armed forces continue their ‘show-off’ activities, effectively keeping the Ukrainian military at their positions. The enemy is beefing up its air-defense systems in oblasts neighboring Ukraine.

There has been no enemy offensive in the direction of Kharkiv. The invading units have switched to the defense mode to slow the advancement of Ukrainian troops. Successful actions by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) units allowed liberating the population center of Pytomnyk, Kharkiv Oblast.

The invaders are suppressing cellular communication networks in most temporarily occupied areas of the Kharkiv Oblast. Residents of multiple residential areas are left without power and water supply. The russian invaders are banning local Ukrainians from leaving for the territories controlled by Ukraine.

The main efforts of russian occupation troops in the Donetsk direction are focussed on taking the town of Rubizhne under full control and launching an offensive towards Lyman. The enemy is trying to retain its position on the right bank of the Siverskyi Donets river. It also continues preparations for an offensive toward Kurakhove and Novopavlivka.

The enemy keeps shelling the positions of Ukrainian troops. It has stepped up the intensity of its air reconnaissance missions using UAVs.

The key efforts of russian occupation troops in Mariupol are aimed at blockading and destroying Ukrainian units in the area of Azovstal. The enemy artillery bombardments and airstrikes of the mill continue.

There has not been active enemy combat action in the directions of Kryvyi Rih and Mykolayiv. The aggressors have been subjecting Ukrainian units to conventional artillery and mortar fire.

The enemy keeps taking losses; it is disjointed and demoralized. According to available information, servicemen of certain individual russian military units performing tasks on the territory of Ukraine have been notified about the impossibility of force rotation until the end of the so-called ‘special operation’.

Northern oblasts

Kyiv Oblast

Occasional explosions are indicative of mine-clearing works going on in Kyiv and the Oblast. Within the past 24 hours, blast technicians in the Kyiv Oblast have found hand grenades, unguided missiles, and fragmentation munitions.

The Oblast is hosting foreign politicians and diplomats daily. Foreign affairs ministers from Germany (Annalena Baerbock) and the Netherlands (Wopke Hoekstra) visited Irpin yesterday. British Ambassador to Ukraine Melinda Simmons came to the town ruined by the invaders today.

Zhytomyr Oblast

Educators, students, and their parents held a rally near Lyceum 25 in Zhytomyr, destroyed by russian occupation troops. The education institution is beyond repair Derussification is going on in the Zhytomyr Oblast.

Public hearings kicked off in the Ruzhyn community to rename streets whose recent names have been linked to the soviet period or russian figures. Three churches in the Oblast left the moscow patriarchy.

Chernihiv Oblast

Border areas of the Oblast have been subjected to russian mortar fire – again. They have started renovating roads in Chernihiv. The priority is given to sections most affected by enemy attacks. Pyrotechnical staff spares no time and effort to clear the Oblast of land mines. The specialists have disposed of 388 explosive items in the past 24 hours.

Sumy Oblast

As a result of yesterday’s shelling by a russian aircraft in the urban-type settlement of Voronizh, 21 houses and 43 apartments were damaged. One woman suffered a concussion. Two international missions arrived in the Sumy Oblast: the Vostok SOS monitoring mission and the delegation of the Swiss Humanitarian Office. The local authorities discussed with them the urgent needs of residents and the need to rebuild infrastructure. They also noted that humanitarian aid is needed and sustainable investments and business projects in the Oblast.

Eastern oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

It is relatively quiet in the Kharkiv Oblast thanks to the successful actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). The AFU stopped the advance of russian occupation troops in the Izium sector. In addition, Ukrainian fighters destroyed an enemy helicopter over Izium. However, the situation on the front line remains tense.

Russian invaders continue to shell settlements. Over the past day, ten people were wounded, and one was filled due to shelling by russian occupation troops. Today, the russians shelled the village of Novyi Merchyk and injured a man. Relevant Ukrainian services carry our mine clearance. Critical infrastructure is also being restored, primarily gas and electric power supply.


Donetsk Oblast


No shelling was registered in the city, but a missile and bomb attack was launched on Slovyansk. According to the Head of the Oblast Military Administration, the exact extent of destruction and the information about the casualties is being clarified. The AFU and the local Territorial Defense units are preparing to confront the enemy. The Mayor regularly publishes a list of operating post offices, shops, and health care facilities.


Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

The enemy does not stop the assault operations in the Avdiivka and Kurakhove sectors to establish full control over the territory of the Donetsk Oblast, with the support of tube and rocket artillery units. The Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) repel the enemy. The local Territorial Defense units patrol the territory of the community.

The last day in the Pokrovsk community was relatively quiet. No casualties or damage were reported. The city’s life is provided in full measure: all public utilities operate. Spring landscaping of the Pokrovsk community is underway: more than 1000 rose bushes were planted in the Yubileinyi (Jubilee) Park. The mayor also joined this collective effort of the residents /

The municipal non-profit enterprise “Pokrovsk Clinical Hospital” provides patients suffering from diabetes mellitus with insulin (except Farmasulin). Such issuance will be made daily.



The situation in the community is very tense. Fierce fighting is going on around the community within a 40-60 km radius.


Over the past 24 hours, the russian military has carried out 38 airstrikes on the Azovstal plant, 4 of them with strategic bombers. There are Ukrainian defenders at the plant, including the wounded. About a hundred civilians are also hiding in bomb shelters.

150-170 thousand inhabitants remained in the city. Some residents from nearby villages returned to Mariupol through a strict filtration system. At the same time, the humanitarian situation in the city is extremely difficult. Mariupol residents are forced to live in unsanitary conditions without the necessary medication and medical care. There is a possibility of spreading infectious diseases and deaths.

Luhansk Oblast

Over the past day, russian occupation troops fired 15 times on residential areas and infrastructure of the oblast. In particular, the russians hit the Oblast boarding school in Hirske, where children with special needs studied. As a result of constant russian attacks, 30% of houses in Severodonetsk are uninhabitable.

Southern oblasts

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

During the day, the enemy’s armed forces carried out shelling of settlements and civilian infrastructure. The situation in the Oblast remains tense. Russian invaders continue to concentrate their offensive in the direction of Polohy and Hulyaypole.

As a result of the shelling of the civilian infrastructure of Orikhiv city (Polohy Raion) on May 10th, one person was killed, and eight were injured. A house was destroyed in Zarichchya village (Polohy Raion). Its wreckage injured the owner. He died of his wounds.

In Preobrazhenka village, a russian shell hit a private house, injuring three people. In Hulyaypole, two houses and an outbuilding were destroyed by artillery shelling. A woman died in Tavriyske village, also as a result of enemy artillery shelling.

On May 11th, the russian aggressor shelled residential areas in Komyshuvakha village. People are asked not to leave the shelters. The Ukrainian military is holding back the enemy. During the past 24hrs, the Defense Forces in the Zaporizhzhia direction have destroyed: 6 multiple rocket launchers “Grad”, 2 120 mm mortars, three armored combat vehicles, and five automobiles.

The State Enterprise «National Nuclear Energy Generating Company «Energoatom» fired three employees of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant for participating in the action of the “Immortal Regiment” in Energodar, organized by the russian occupiers.


On the morning of May 11th, the Air Defense worked near Zaporizhzhia. The russian missile exploded over the infrastructure object, and it was damaged. Previously, no one was injured. Rescuers extinguished the fire in an area of 200 square meters. No one was injured. The cause of the fire is being established.

An information and humanitarian center for internally displaced persons (IDPs) from occupied Berdyansk has opened in Zaporizhzhia. Zaporizhzhia hospitals received 69 boilers in cooperation with international partners – Orozco Trucking Hiring Drivers from Chicago. On May 10th, in Zaporizhzhia, the last honor was paid to Lieutenant Dmytro Batrak, who died defending the Motherland at the age of 22.


Law enforcement agencies have opened criminal proceedings over the theft of Ukraine’s national values from the museum in Melitopol by the russian military. According to preliminary data, a collection of Scythian gold was among the stolen property discovered by archaeologists in the 50s of the last century. The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine expelled from its ranks three journalists from Melitopol for cooperation with the occupiers.

Kherson Oblast

The occupiers continue to fire from artillery systems on the territory of the Kherson Oblast, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) previously liberated. Auxiliary troops are being mobilized from Crimea for further hostilities. In the Kherson Oblast, the russian occupiers plan to place the military in apartments where nobody lives. For this purpose, they demand lists of empty apartments from heads of residential districts.

In Nova Kakhovka, drunken russian soldiers kidnapped football coach Iryna Petrova. They grabbed her at the entrance, around 4 pm, and took her away in an unknown direction. The AFU shot down a russian drone over the Kherson Oblast. Local peasants managed to save the burning forest in the Kherson Oblast.


There are no local Territorial Defense units in the city. The Mayor continues to work remotely online, but there has been no news from him in recent days.

People are divided into two camps: those who are already accustomed and ready for anything and those who panic and can not calm down seeing the russian tricolor hanging in the square.

In general, the situation is difficult. More than 55% of residents left occupied Skadovsk and the Oblast. There is still a problem with drugs that are not available. Banking institutions and ATMs do not work. There are high prices for everything.


Mykolayiv Oblast

Russians torture and shoot pro-Ukrainian activists in the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson and Mykolayiv oblasts.

Odesa Oblast

Russian fighter jets, ships, and submarines are near the Oblast. The threat of enemy troops landing on the territory of Odesa oblast remains. In addition, the russians continue to attack the civilian and tourist infrastructure. Today they launched a cruise missile in the Odesa Oblast. It was shot down over the sea by Ukrainian Air Defense. The russians are trying to strengthen their position on Zmiinyi Island.

Central oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Zelenodolsk and Shyroke communities suffered from enemy shelling. The electricity network and buildings in the Zelenodolsk community were damaged.

218 400 IDPs are officially registered in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, including 53 700 children and 47 300 low-mobility citizens and people over 60 years old. Cities with the largest number of IDPs: Dnipro – 88 500 people; Kryvyi Rih – 37 400 people.

In Dnipro, the city council renamed 19 streets associated with russia. The city received 20 tons of humanitarian aid from Azstudenterbaijan. The long-term storage of products and medicines will be divided between IDPs and soldiers.

After online school and music lessons, 6th-grade pupil Tymofiy Poteryaylo goes outside, sits down in front of big stores, and plays the bandura. In a month, he collected almost 1000 UAH for the AFU.

Police officers of the Pishchanka territorial community in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast delivered essentials, products, and kits for field medicine to Kramatorsk and Bakhmut cities in Donetsk Oblast. Volunteers from the NGO “Ecocite” helped to collect humanitarian aid.

Kirovohrad Oblast

Today without air alarms. The AFU protect the Oblast’s borders and military facilities. Troops are on duty at checkpoints and patrolled the city together with the police.

In Kropyvnytskyi, law enforcement officers began to record curfew violations more often. All shopping centers, shops, businesses, cafes, and restaurants must end an hour before the curfew so that employees can get home, – said Alexander Mosin.

A new train has been launched on the Haivoron narrow-gauge railway, an object of Ukraine’s historical, cultural and technical heritage, connecting Kirovohrad Oblast with Vinnytsia. The train runs three times a week, on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

The monument for IDPs who come to Kropyvnytskyi from other cities of Ukraine has been updated in Kropyvnytskyi City Council. The shortage of medical specialists in Kirovohrad Oblast is currently being solved thanks to IDPs. In particular, 14 doctors among IDPs have already been hired in the city hospitals of the Oblast’s center.


Poltava Oblast

In Poltava, it is planned to recall two members of the city territorial election commission, controlled by ex-People’s Deputy from the pro-russian party “Opposition Platform for Life” Ilya Kiva. Such a renewal of the TEC, in theory, could unblock the process of recalling some of the deputies who formed a coalition in the City Council.

A patriotic mural with a girl, a dog Patron, and the military is being created in the center of Poltava. Artists are painting a wall near a kindergarten in the city center. Two Poltava artists created the mural.

Employees of the Territorial Department of the State Bureau of Investigation of Poltava joined the investigation of the crimes of the occupiers in Trostyanets ( State Bureau of Investigation has found important documents that clearly indicate that russia was preparing to seize the entire territory of Ukraine. More than 2000 hectares of the city destroyed by the invaders were inspected. The locations of the aggressor’s combat units and the positions from which the shelling was carried out have been established. They seized documents and personal belongings of the russian military.

A charity tasting of 5 varieties of craft beer will be held in Poltava to raise funds for defenders for a device for quick wound healing.

Vinnytsia Oblast

The situation in the Transnistrian region of the Republic of Moldova remains tense. Units of the task force of the russian troops continue to be on alert. The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) have been transferred to an enhanced service mode. Representatives of the local Territorial Defense patrolled the community.

Along with active social care for IDPs, Khmilnytska community does not stop caring for its residents. The community runs local social programs designed to help people in difficult life circumstances and support current community initiatives. Under the comprehensive program “Good” for 2022, from the beginning of the year, the local budget provided assistance and support totaling 873.5 thousand UAH.

420 tons of drinking water for inhabitants of Mykolaiv were delivered from Vinnytsia. 70 000 bottles were transferred. Kindergartens, hospitals, IDPs, and the military received this assistance.

The spy from Vinnytsia Oblast was awarded the Order of Merit of the III degree. The courageous soldier Nariman Bilyalov (Isa Akayev) was forced to leave the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula, move his family to Vinnytsia, and in 2014 become a military spy.



There are no enemy troops in the community. Local Territorial Defense units patrolled the main positions. The Mayor called on entrepreneurs from the occupied territories to relocate their businesses to the city community with the appropriate opportunities.

Citizens are worried as news about the victims from the territory of local and neighboring communities arrives each day. The situation is generally stable. IDPs have access to medical, legal, and educational services. The music school organizes leisure activities for migrants. The situation with gasoline is critical as it’s almost absent. Gas is periodically imported, but it is not enough. Nevertheless, the sphere of public transport is working. There are delays in wages for railway workers. Given that Zhmerynka is a city of railway workers and a significant percentage of the population works there, people are worried about this situation.


Western oblasts

Lviv Oblast


There were no reports of airstrikes last night. Drohobych Raion received humanitarian aid from the Netherlands – 22 tons of high-yielding seed potatoes. It was distributed among the agricultural enterprises of the community. It will be planted this year on about 10 hectares of land.

More than 100 cars have already been handed over to the defenders from the Drohobych Raion. These cars were bought and brought from abroad by caring people. All vehicles are repaired and painted by local craftsmen. That’s why every pickup truck, minibus, or truck is ready to help Ukrainian soldiers defend the country from the enemy.

Another 327 people from other oblasts settled in the Lviv Oblast during the day. Since the beginning of the full-scale russian attack, more than 341 thousand people from other oblasts have moved in. In the Lviv Oblast, economic activity has already been resumed by 100 enterprises, which were forced to suspend operations due to a full-scale invasion of russia.

The Lviv Oblast Military Administration noted that residents of the Oblast could visit forests, but only on foot. Instead, it is forbidden to enter the woods by any means of transport.


Rivne Oblast

The general situation is relatively calm; as of 16:50 there were no air alarms. The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) patrol the border with belarus. Representatives of the Territorial Defense units are patrolling and on duty at checkpoints. Citizens are united and help volunteer headquarters financially and immaterially.

The Rivne Oblast Military Administration (OMA) Head held a briefing on the situation with fuel at gas stations. According to him, the Rivne OMA will inform daily about the availability of oil products at gas stations; critical infrastructure is provided with fuel. Also, for the convenience of residents, Rivne OMA introduces daily information on the availability of fuel at gas stations in the Oblast. According to the gas station, such operational data will be provided on the OMA information resources twice a day: at 9 am and 6 pm.

Due to the reduction of curfew, public transport (trolleybuses) will now run until 10 pm.

Public utilities of the Rivne community work daily.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast


The situation in the community is calm. The project of a social canteen in Kamianets-Podilskyi for IDPs and low-income categories of citizens is under discussion. The city authorities transferred almost 100 000 hryvnias to the Ukrainian soldiers. They purchased five freezers, lanterns, shovels, and axes.

The municipal institution “Miskteplovodenerhia” employees bought a car from their salaries and handed it over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). The local Territorial Defense units, where many former workers of municipal institutions, will use it. In addition, “Miskteplovodenerhia” constantly provides defenders with food and camouflage nets.

Volunteers continue fundraising for a minibus for the combat medics to rescue and transport the wounded soldiers of the AFU. Two cars for the soldiers on the front line have already been purchased.

As of today, farmers are starting to fertilize winter and spring crops. It was reported to the beekeepers of the community. The bees are better to be kept in hives for a week. According to the farmers, a good harvest cannot be expected without fertilization. There is a children’s town in the park of Heroes of Euromaidan. Every day, various workshops and games are held for children.


Chernivtsi Oblast (Bukovyna)

The situation in Bukovyna is calm. Business and people are working. Employees of the Main Directorate of the National Police in Chernivtsi Oblast and philanthropists continue to take care of the victims of the russian aggression. Law enforcement officers visited internally displaced children from Kharkiv Oblast, talked to them, and gave food, hygiene products, and toys.

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ukraine has delivered humanitarian aid to children who found refuge in the “Your Camp” in the village of Rzhavyntsi in Bukovyna during the full-scale invasion. More than 150 children from Mykolayiv, Pervomaisk, and Novoukrainka orphanages live here. They were given washing machines, hygiene products, food, and delicious pastries.

386 Chernivtsi residents will receive compensation of 264 thousand hryvnias for the utilities in May because they sheltered IDPs for free.


Zakarpattia Oblast

The situation in Zakarpattia Oblast is calm. Guests from Japan, who visited the Uzhhorod City Council, said they planned to find funds and opportunities to build a house in the city for children left without parents and relatives due to the war. The city authorities, in turn, are ready to give the land for the building for free.

People actively help the AFU and war-affected Ukrainians. In early March, a Kharkiv resident and her daughter left their normal life when the city was under enemy fire. At first, she went to Uzhhorod and then to Slovakia. Her husband is currently serving in the local Territorial Defense in Cherkasy Oblast, while the woman is trying to be useful to Ukraine and Ukrainians even from abroad. She works at the call center of the “Tatras Help Ukraine” project, which helps Ukrainians travel abroad due to war.

On May 10th, the Palace of Culture and Arts in Mukachevo hosted the first meeting of the Ukrainian Language Conversation Club for internally displaced students who temporarily reside in the Mukachevo community. Children learn to correct common mistakes that occur in everyday communication, write tests and improve their skills in spoken Ukrainian.


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