Ukraine Operational information from the regions 02.05.2022 (photo, video)

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Operational information from the regions of the Active Community network 02.05.2022


Ukraine in brief:

The sixty-eighth day of the heroic opposition of the Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion continues.

The biggest activity of the invaders is observed in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk regions. In the Zaporizhzhia, Kryvyi Rih and Mykolayiv areas, the enemy regrouped troops, strengthened artillery units and air defense units. It is trying to establish a system of logistical support for the grouping of troops in these areas.

The enemy continues to destroy Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure. Inflicts rocket and bomb attacks and carries out artillery shelling of residential areas of the city of Mykolayiv, as well as settlements of Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Luhansk and Kharkiv regions.

The Russian military continues to shell the city of Kharkiv. In the Izyum direction, the enemy continues to attack in the directions of Izyum – Barvinkovo ​​and Izyum – Slovyansk.

In the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the main efforts of the enemy were focused on establishing full control over the settlements of Rubizhne and Popasna and advancing in the directions of the settlements of Lyman and Siversk.

In Zaporizhzhia and Kherson oblasts, regrouping of units and engineering equipment positions is underway. In particular, an artillery unit was deployed at firing positions near the settlement of Tokmak in the Zaporizhia region. The enemy carried out artillery shelling of the positions of our troops in the area of ​​the settlement of Orikhiv.

In the Odesa region, the situation in the Transnistrian region of the Republic of Moldova remains tense. The enemy, through controlled media, continues to spread provocative reports about the growing threat to the population of Transnistria from Ukraine.

In the north of Ukraine, the possibility remains of enemy demonstrations and provocative actions in the areas adjacent to the state border of Ukraine.

In the temporarily occupied territories, the Russian occupiers are artificially creating and exacerbating humanitarian and economic crises. There is a shortage of medicines in the settlements, the range of grocery stores is limited, and banking institutions do not function.


Northern regions


South Korean Ambassador Kim Hyun returned to Kyiv together with some members of the diplomatic mission.

Kyiv’s Under Wonder restaurant is preparing to pour free champagne on the occasion of Vladimir Putin’s death. This way, restaurant wants to continue the tradition of the Washington restaurant “1203”, which in 1953 offered guests a free borsch on the occasion of Stalin’s death.

Kyiv Oblast

Danish Foreign Minister Eppe Kofod visited Irpin.

The Security Service of Ukraine has identified almost 900 Russian soldiers and 100 collaborators involved in crimes in the Kyiv region. In the Kyiv region, according to police, the bodies of 1,202 civilians killed by the Russian occupiers were found. As of today, 280 bodies remain unidentified, and hundreds of people are missing.

Activists rescued a cat sitting on the seventh floor of a destroyed high-rise building in Borodyanka. Animal was rescued with the help of special equipment with a crane.

Zhytomyr Oblast

Today at the Smolyan military cemetery last goodbyes were said to the serviceman Nikolay Fialkovsky who died in the East of Ukraine on April 22nd,

Zhytomyr rescuers conduct mine defense lessons online for schools and colleges.

Chernihiv Oblast

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the ski base in Chernihiv has been under constant shelling. In mid-March, the Russians dropped an air bomb on a sports facility. Almost all sports equipment burned down together with the premises. Before the war, national competitions were held on the base. More than 300 athletes trained at the children’s and youth sports school. Now most of them were forced to go abroad to be able to continue training.

Sumy Oblast

In Sumy, out of 520 grocery stores, 410 outlets have opened, which is 90%.

From April 20 to May 1, new electronic petitions from citizens appeared on the website “Unified System of Local Petitions”. In particular, in petitions, Sumy residents raise such issues as turning on traffic lights, renaming streets and squares, preventing the financing of pro-Russian parties at the expense of the community, and so on. As of May 1st, 15 petitions were open for signing. Four petitions to rename the streets have already received the support of residents and have been submitted to the relevant departments.

Eastern regions

Kharkiv Oblast

During the day, the occupiers did 5 artillery shellings at Kharkiv. Saltivka, HTZ suffered. Bohodukhiv, Zolochiv, Mala Danylivka, and Chuhuiv were shelled as well. 3 people were killed and 8 civilians were injured.

Fierce fighting continues in Izyum. The enemy is trying to conduct offensive operations in the direction of Barvinkov. But the Armed Forces hold positions, so attempts to attack the occupiers are unsuccessful. The conversations of the Russian military intercepted by the Ukrainian secret service show that they no longer want to attack. But the leadership threatens to shoot them.

Donetsk Oblast


The situation in the city remains alarming. No actions of the russian federation were recorded in the city. Fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defense Forces are preparing to confront the enemy.

The city is operating normally. Cleaning of the city and asphalting of problem areas continue. The utility company has started watering the lawns along the roads. The City Council has set up a centralized hotline for humanitarian aid.

The mayor informed residents that the Pokrovsk-Chop evacuation train had been canceled due to low demand. Residents who wish to evacuate are invited to use buses or the Pokrovsk-Dnepr commuter train.


Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

The enemy is constantly waging an information war.

The past day in the community was restless – several explosions were heard. According to preliminary information, the wreckage of an enemy missile fell on the territory of the city (undeveloped area), as the air defense forces shot it down over Pokrovsk. Information on damage and destruction of infrastructure facilities and residential buildings is being clarified. No civilians were killed or wounded. Relevant specialists work on the site.

The grouping of occupation troops is conducting offensive operations practically along the entire line of contact. The enemy unsuccessfully carried out assault operations in the Marinka area.

The aggressor’s troops hit such settlements as Avdiivka, Ocheretyne, and Volodymyrivka.

At least 35 civilian facilities were destroyed: residential buildings, a farm, a granary, and public utility infrastructure.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces repulsed enemy attacks. Representatives of the local Territorial Defense units kept watch in the community.

In the Myrnohrad community, the city’s critical infrastructure facilities are undamaged. Today the city is provided with water, electricity, gas and other utilities.



In the Bakhmut community, one person died from injuries received in the Luhansk Oblast. Another person from the Luhansk Oblast was given medical assistance.

As of May 2, private retail facilities operate on a limited basis.

The Bakhmut-Khlib LLC works steadily to meet the needs of the community. The market is working.

The regional coordinator of the advises citizens on the provision of humanitarian aid.

Nova Poshta resumed its work in Bakhmut.



For more than two months now, Mariupol has been blocked by russian troops. The infrastructure of the city is completely destroyed. There is currently no medical care, so people with oncology and chronic diseases are doomed. They report extremely high mortality rate due to lack of drinking water, food and medicines. The number of victims of russian aggression is constantly growing. Locals bury the dead in the yards.

The invaders are trying to hide the consequences of their crimes. It was already reported earlier about the mass burial of local residents, which the russians arranged on the outskirts of the village of Manhush. It has now become known that the bodies of the dead who were found under the rubble are being taken away in the same trucks that bring “humanitarian aid” to civilians.

In addition, the city is in an information blockade – the invaders forbid local residents to take pictures and shoot videos. Instead, in the temporarily occupied territories, information is being disseminated that russian troops are allegedly already on the main street of Kyiv – Khreshchatyk, and control Kharkov.


Luhansk Oblast

Russian troops destroyed the gymnasium in Lysychansk, which was built in the 19th century. On May 1, the russians launched a targeted shelling, after which a fire broke out. The fire lasted for several hours, as a result of which the gymnasium building burned to the ground.

The russians are continuously shelling Rubizhne. The evacuation was thwarted again. Due to the shelling, it is dangerous to be in the humanitarian center, where a week ago the Ukrainian authorities brought several tons of food. The city is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe.

In other communities of the Luhansk Oblast, the situation with the delivery of humanitarian aid is under control.


Southern oblasts

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

The situation in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast remains threatening.

Last day, the russian military fired on the high-rise buildings in Orikhiv. As a result of the shelling, four people were hospitalized with injuries of varying severity. Two men died from shrapnel wounds.

In Polohy, the russian military invaders set up an ammunition depot on the premises of a local hospital and prohibit personnel from providing medical services to local residents. In the village of Vozdvyzhivka, the Polohy Raion, a russian aircraft shell hit a farm. The explosion destroyed farm buildings and killed domestic animals. In total, 647 households in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast were completely destroyed or partially damaged.

In the Terpinivka community, the invaders appointed their “officials” from among the collaborators and traitors. The Prosecutor’s Office of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast is preparing criminal proceedings on this case.

In Melitopol on May 1, the invaders tried to hold a demonstration on the occasion of Labor Day using Soviet symbols. They failed to hold this mass event: only about 40 people came to the demonstration. Agricultural machinery stolen in Melitopol was spotted in Chechnya. However, the russians cannot use it, because the manufacturer turned it off remotely.

They also tried to hold a demonstration on May 1 in Berdyansk. There, a few participants were given “St. George ribbons” prohibited by Ukrainian law. The occupiers also began calling local residents and demanding that they report to the police or the pseudo-administration.

Since yesterday, a part of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast has been without mobile communications and the Internet – they were disconnected by the russian invaders. It has not yet been possible to establish contact with the occupied territories.

Residents of Mariupol started arriving in Zaporizhzhia in their own vehicles. They receive everything they need: hot meals, medicines, food and psychological assistance. People evacuated from Azovstal are expected to arrive in the oblast center later in the late afternoon.


Mykolaiv Oblast

The Armed Forces of Ukraine defend the lines they have occupied, but the russian troops do not stop shelling the Mykolaiv Oblast. Over the past day, 12 people were injured in the Oblast.


Odesa Oblast

As a result of the russian missile strike on Odesa on May 2, there are dead and wounded, said Maksym Marchenko, the head of the Oblast Military Administration. According to him, the missile strike was inflicted on one of the infrastructure facilities in Odesa. The Ukrainian air defense forces shot down a russian drone over the Black Sea. Russian troops hit the bridge across the Dniester estuary for the third time.

Central oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Yesterday the occupiers fired on the settlements of Osokorivka, Trudolyubivka, Kniazivka and Tavriyske near Kryvyi Rih.

In the morning, an enemy missile hit the elevator of one of the agricultural companies in the Pokrovsky community of Synelnykiv district. The roof of the building where the grain was stored collapsed.

Later, the russians launched 2 missile strikes on the village of Mezhova. One rocket hit the pig farm. Though the cattle were not harmed, it affected the warehouses. The second missile landed on the planting.

Two residents of Kremenchuk, who were under the influence of drugs, were detained in Dnipro. Samples of Soviet army uniforms and russian symbols were found in their belongings.

On average, about 1,000 migrants come to Kryvyi Rih per day, half of them from the Kherson oblast. Many are in transit, but there are now more than 50,000 in the city.

The Kryvyi Rih authorities purchased more than 10,000 bulletproof vests for the military and the National Guard.

Kirovohrad Oblast

Since the beginning of the war, the Kirovohrad oblast has met more than 134,000 migrants. Half – remained to live in the cities and villages of the obast. Almost all of them have already received registration, – says the head of OVA Andriy Raikovych

In the New Ukrainian community of the Kirovohrad Oblast, IDPs are actively involved in all initiatives to help the Armed Forces, including weaving camouflage nets and sewing clothes and ammunition.

In the oblast centre Kropyvnytskyi, it is calm, without air alarms. The Armed Forces of Ukraine protect the borders of the oblast and military facilities. Troops are on duty at checkpoints and patrol the city together with the police.

A new social dormitory will be opened in the regional centre, which will be managed by the city department of education. Residents of the hostel will be provided with psychological and emergency medical care, free legal advice and information on social protection.


Poltava Oblast

On the night of May 2nd in the Poltava Oblast, there were two air alarms and one in the afternoon.

Poltava law enforcement officers continue to protect the safety of citizens. They check vehicles and suspects. One person is checked for involvement in cooperation with the enemy.

Poltava OMA is already negotiating with the Poltava authorities to allocate 12 hectares of land for the construction of housing for displaced persons – 2,000 apartments per 100,000 m2.

According to Deputy Head of the Office of President Kirill Tymoshenko, to speed up construction, low-rise buildings will be erected – 3-5 floors. Each of the houses will be equipped with a bomb shelter. After the destroyed housing is rebuilt, the resettlers will return home, and the vacated apartments will be given to the military and those who stood in line.

The school year will end on May 31 in the Poltava Oblast. Due to military actions, the students of the graduating classes were released from the state final attestation. Instead of the traditional external evaluation for 11th graders, this year a national multi-subject test (NMT) on the Ukrainian language, mathematics and history of Ukraine will be held. Issuance of documents on education to graduates of 9th and 11th grades is scheduled for June 10th.

Free classes with dogs for displaced children were organized in Poltava. With the help of various exercises and games with dogs, it is possible to get them out of stress. Three dogs of different breeds work with children. Each lesson lasts about an hour. Currently, they are arranged, in particular, for those who live in the dormitories of Poltava University.


Vinnytsia Oblast

Unrecognized Transnistria continues to prepare for war with Ukraine. A large circulation of Transnistrian newspapers, dated May 2, 2022, was published there. The central material of the newspaper is “Official address of the residents of Transnistria to the President of the russian federation Putin”. The text requests “to involve the armed forces of the Transnistrian region in the actions of the russian army.” To this end, “mobilization points” are being set up on the territory of the Russian Federation itself to recruit volunteers to fight in the Transnistrian army.

The military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been transferred to an enhanced mode of service. Representatives of the local Territorial Defence are on duty.

The Vinnytsia community continues to receive humanitarian aid from the Polish sister city of Kielce. This time, in addition to food, hygiene products and other things, touching pictures of kindergarten children were obtained.


Western oblasts

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

The situation in the Oblast is relatively calm.

It is planned to open several kindergartens in Ivano-Frankivsk, as working parents have nowhere to leave their children. The mayor said that the number of seats will be limited.

The city is preparing to celebrate its 360th anniversary. This year the event will be celebrated by planting 360 trees and praying for Ukraine’s victory in the war. The city also plans to update the markings on busy roads with heavy traffic and crossings.

The city continues to help migrants but also supports its residents. The program of assistance on the occasion of the birthday of people of “golden age” who have reached 70 years and older, as well as people with disabilities 1 group (all) and 2 groups (whose pension is less than 3,000 hryvnia). The city authorities also pay 100,000 hryvnias to the families of soldiers killed in the Russian-Ukrainian war. Children of servicemen can receive a little help on the occasion of a birthday.

Rivne Oblast

There were no air alarms during the day. The general situation is calm.

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine patrol the border with Belarus. Representatives of the Territorial Defense are patrolling and on duty at checkpoints.

There is a shortage of fuel in the Rivne Oblast and in the Rivne community. In particular, the mayor of Rivne, on the morning of May 2, announced that during the week only part of the buses will go on the routes, and public transport (trolleybuses) will run on schedule. The head of the Rivne Oblast Military Administration also noted that there is a shortage of fuel and said what steps had been taken by the Government and the Oblast council to overcome the deficit.

21 facilities connected with the communist regime are being dismantled in Rivne. The list of these facilities was approved today by members of the Rivne City Executive Committee at an extraordinary meeting.


The general situation in the community is calm. There were no air-raid warnings. Local Territorial Defense Forces guard checkpoints and check the documents of all passers-by.

Local authorities formed two cargoes with aid for both civilians and soldiers to be sent to eastern Ukraine. Deputies keep in touch with Polish volunteers who help with humanitarian aid.

There are currently about 300 IDPs in the community. The community and volunteers help in every possible way. In school, people continue to weave camouflage nets for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

Zdovbytsia Village Council informed that the community has purchased a car for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). Education and culture workers, entrepreneurs, volunteers, Ukrainians living abroad and all willing residents of the community joined the fundraiser.


Khmelnytskyi Oblast


Today our soldiers have received walkie-talkies and tactical gloves. A total of 116 tons of aid have already been shipped from the city depot, and about 2 million hryvnias have been transferred from the budget to the military and Territorial Defense Forces.

In Kamianets-Podilskyi, almost 19,000 Ukrainians have already been granted IDP status. Among them, there are 4471 children under 18, 1898 retirees, 458 people with disabilities, and 19 big families. On Friday, 1,577 Ukrainians were granted IDP status. Over the weekend, another 38 IDPs officially received shelter. Most of them are residents of Popasna, Luhansk Oblast. 5461 people received food on Saturday and Sunday. Also, quite a lot of people are already leaving the city due to the cessation of hostilities in their Oblasts.

The toponymic commission at the City Council is preparing for a meeting concerning changing street names.

The organizing committee for the celebration of May 8th, Mother’s Day, in Kamianets-Podilskyi is currently working. On this day people will honor the “Mother Heroines”, the mothers of the fallen Heroes.

Chernivtsi Oblast

The situation in Chernivtsi Oblast is calm and under control.

Serhiy Osachuk, Head of the Chernivtsi Oblast Military Administration, met with the European Parliament members who arrived in Bukovyna to pay a working visit. The participants of the meeting discussed the needs of IDPs in Oblast and aid from them in the future.

Residents of the Nedoboivtsi community bought 8 cars for the Ukrainian military. There are cars for water and gasoline, buses, and trucks. Before sending to soldiers, cars are also repaired and refuelled.

During March and April, the “Chernivtsioblenerho” enterprise transferred 7 million hryvnias (5 mln hryvnias in March and 2 mln hryvnias in April) to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). In two months in Bukovyna, ambulance doctors collected 850,000 hryvnias for the defenders of Ukraine. In addition, ambulance crews go on calls to other Oblasts of Ukraine to rescue wounded soldiers and take them to Chernivtsi for treatment.

The humanitarian headquarters in Bukovyna received the Red Cross aid from Romania. They handed over a truck with long-term food and hygiene products. The Chernivtsi Oblast Organization of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society donated ten thousand cans of canned food, six thousand kilograms of sugar and much more. These products replenished the city reserve. If necessary, they will be distributed to the people at the Centers for Displaced Persons.

In Chernivtsi, IDPs organized the production of bulletproof vests. They order vests from the local sewing company to be sewn and buy plates from them. More than 350 bulletproof vests have been made since the beginning of the war.

As of May 2nd, 100,589 IDPs including 33,341 children have been given shelter in Oblast. Among them, 82,340 people officially registered and received the status of forcibly displaced persons.


Zakarpattia Oblast

There are no hostilities in Zakarpattia, but Oblast residents constantly feel their consequences. Local communities organise different events to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and war victims.

The lecture “Woman in Traditional Ukrainian Culture” will be held in Uzhhorod for its citizens and IDPs.

Borzhava narrow-gauge railway is to be opened in Zakarpattia. People repair the track and put rolling stock in order.

The 128th Zakarpattia Brigade has published a photo of fighters with an axe and trembita.

A rally in support of Ukraine took place in Budapest. Both Ukrainians and Hungarians took part in the event. One of the participants in the rally was Andriy Slokhinyak from Zakarpattia, who has been working in Budapest for three years. He told Suspline Zakarpattia newspaper how the event took place and whether a pro-russian action taking place nearby affected it.

Organizations formed a coalition called “Zakarpattia for de-russification” in Uzhhorod. On the last day of April this year, several public, state and scientific organisations initiated the creation of a charity association “Coalition of organizations of Zakarpattia for de-russification” in Uzhhorod.

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