Ukraine Crisis Media Center. Ukraine Under Attack – Digest 38. April 01, 2022. Russian War Crimes in Ukraine


Ukraine Crisis Media Center
Ukraine Under Attack – Digest 38
April 1, 2022.
Russian War Crimes in Ukraine
Facts and Evidences



















153 Ukrainian children were killed, 245 were injured since the beginning of russian
invasion. The data are not comprehensive because of combat actions in Mariupol and
other territories.

Source: General Prosecutor’s Office.
russian troops took children as hostages in Novyi Bykiv village. Occupants intend to
use them as a live shield during the retreat from Chernihiv region.
Source: Ombudsman of Ukraine.

On March 29, russian invaders shelled Davudiv Brid village in Kherson region. Two
civilians were killed, additionally a kid was injured. Some houses were damaged.
Source: Prosecutor’s Office of Kherson Region.

russian aggressors continue heavy shells and attempts of the offensive in Donetsk
region. On March 31, five civilians were killed, 22 more, including four children, were
injured. There is no possibility to count all victims in Volnovakha and Mariupol.
Source: Head of Donetsk Regional Military Administration.
russian invaders continue heavy shells and attempts of the offensive in Luhansk region.
During March 29-31, at least seven civilians were killed, eight were injured.
Additionally, on March 30, occupants fired an evacuation bus in Lysychansk.
Source: General Prosecutor’s Office.

russian aggressors continue using MLRS with cluster munitions against reside area of
Ukrainian cities. At least 22 these russian war crimes happened in Saltivka
neighborhood of Kharkiv on February 27 – March 16. Many houses, schools, markets
and tram depot were damaged or destroyed by such shells.
Source: Amnesty International

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