News by the Ukrainian Women’s Guard Ukrainian Daily Wins May 02, 2022

Ukrainian Women’s Guard Monitoring Department


✅  As of February 24, Ukrainian defenders have eliminated 23800 russian invaders. 

 ✅  The US congress plans to use the funds stolen by russian oligarchs to cover the costs of security protection of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the war against russia. 

 ✅  The Ukrainian air defense is working effectively to protect the Ukrainian sky. As a result 10 russian Orlan UAVs were destroyed.   

✅ Kyiv metro completed the first voting stage to rename 5 metro stations and shared ideas for the second stage. For example, among possible ideas of renaming Heroiv Dnipra stations are Heroiv Mariupolia and Heroiv Ukrainy. You can vote here. 

 ✅ Evacuation is underway in Mariupol. The buses departed from Mariupol. Private vehicles were also allowed join the convoy. 

 ✅ Russian soldiers have stolen 27 agricultural machinery units worth $5 million from official John Deere agricultural machinery store. Some machinery was shipped by land to Chechnya. They weren’t able to start it because it was blocked remotely. 

✅ Based on the grant agreement of the Trust donor fund, the US, Norway and Austria already sent the funds and Ukraine received 495 million Euros in grant funds which should not be paid back. 

✅ Prosecutors and police have identified the first suspect in atrocities committed in Bucha, Kyiv oblast commander of russian National Guard division Sergey Kolotsey. 


✅ Dutch docks refused to unload the tanker transporting russian diesel fuel. Currently, it is being docked near Amsterdam. 


✅ According to Yle teleradio company, Finland wants to build the wall to guard the country from russia.



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