Junta in Estonia

Report on a trip to Estonia.
Before this visit to Estonia,  last time I was there in my childhood with my parents (mid 80s), while I know Latvia and Lithuania  very well. Some time even lived in Riga, had business there. But Estonia somehow did not work to get there.
The first positive impression of the organizers (International Centre for Defence and Security www.icds.ee/) and organization. The decision was taken to go to Tallinn in a very short time, so everything had to be done urgently, besides the validity of my visa expired. Organizers worked fantastic – 20 minutes after the conversation has been posted on the necessary documents reservation and more. The same positive impression of the consulate. The documents was adopted in a non-visiting day, they did not take money for visa, plus visa opened on  half a year. Secure is very polite, Consul -woman, also (unlike most workers EU consulates in Ukraine).
About the delegation. In the delegation attended two officers of the Azov Regiment, Combat 5 battalion. Ukrainian Volunteer Corps of “Right Sector” and his deputy plus a person from the party “Right Sector” officers of Battalion Dnepr-1, Oleg Havruk from the Office promoting territorial defense of Ukraine, my wife Elena Biletska from Ukrainian Women’s Guards and I’m from the Center for special military training and Ukrainian Military Guards . Names and call signs not call consciously,  if they want – be called themselves. Also crew of Inter with Roman Bochkaloyu have joined to us in Estonia.
The first day had a meeting with Mr. Victor Kryzhanivsky, Ambassador of Ukraine in Ukrainian Embassy in Estonia. Ambassador of Ukraine in Estonia is in place. Our embassy in Estonia is very small – only three diplomats, so much work and not enough people. There were pleasant and quite frank conversation with the ambassador about the situation in Ukraine and his work in Estonia. During the following days, the ambassador always kept us in sight, and if possible even for a short period appeared at events where we were present, despite the fact that at this time a forum was held in Riga, where he was actively involved and I heartily thank him for it!
After the meeting at the embassy, ​​the ambassador took us to the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Tallinn, organized by Anatoly Liutiuk, born in Tyazhylov, Vinnitsa region and his family. We were very impressed by Ukrainian center. It is hard to describe how it looks, it should be seen. This is probably one of the greatest impressions from visiting Tallinn. Center made with fantastic taste and love in the old Lutheran monastery of the 14th century in the Old City. In the center of a fantastic museum papirnya  (paper made with old technologies), school of calligraphy, design studio, printing (print lead letters on the old stalls), art and joinery workshop and museum, church, volunteer center and even Bandera bunker and much more . Had a talk with the organizers and workers Ukrainian center and a fantastic greeting with Ukrainian dishes and bread baked in  wooden oven, homemade pickles and steep tour.
Second day.
In the morning had a closed conference at the International center of defense and security www.icds.ee/. Told of combat experience and the experience of the volunteer support of our people during the war with Moscow. We talked almost exclusively. Some Estonian officers approached and asked whether Ukrainian will come if the war starts in Estonia. In general, we all (who was from Ukraine) have reached an agreement that smells like war in Estonia. A lot of the processes taking place on the same scenario that we had in the Donbas. After the conference went to the main office Kaytselitu. In Kaytseliti we met with the General Meelisom Kiili, head Kaytselitu, Lt. Col. Arthur Lillyenurmom, chief inspector training Kaytselitu and several other officers.
How Kaytselit is arranged.
Kaytselit – Estonian Defense League. Voluntary organization under the military leadership of the Ministry of Defence and Supreme Commander of Estonia. Built under the concept of national mobilization for total war (hope our military knows what it is and learn the concept of military universities and AHSHU). For general information about Kaytselit can be viewed on their website http://www.kaitseliit.ee/en/. I only do some of my own comments. The Organization is  voluntary, but guided by military personnel and is part of the Ministry of Defence of Estonia as a separate branch of service. Funded mainly from the military budget. There are also symbolic membership fees (12 euros per year.) Form, ammunition, small arms (almost all Swedish production) and ammunition issued by the state.
Interesting trinkets.
All questions relating to financing, general organization etc. – resolved by meeting as in usual NGOs. All questions relating to the war – solved solely by military lines unquestioning execution of orders of the military leadership.
Estonian military leadership has made many practical conclusions from the Russian-Ukrainian war and has introduced innovations in life:

  • Have learned from the seizure of airports and military units in Crimea you in Donbas – has conducted several studies and implemented a number of operational and tactical measures to prevent the capture of airfields, ports and / or hours of their release from the enemy in case of capture.
  • Concluded its military blackmail through the capture and detention of families and children – for this program developed and conducted training on emergency evacuation of military persons and children kaytselitchykiv what the female structure of Kaytselit do, under the direction of the military headquarters. (More about it – later)
  • After capturing in Ukraine warehouses with arms and equipment, decided to give members of Kaytselit of the villages the guns with ammunition , light infantry cannon (without ammunition) and infantry mortars (without ammunition) and trucks not to was the concentration of weapons and equipment in one place and its not easy to capture.
  • Have made conclusions from the war of our roads and block-posts and registered all transport communications in case of war. Each district headquarters Kaytselitu knows exactly roads / bridges must immediately block or destroy for enemy forces did not pass, and which should defend and protect their own logistics for troops and allied forces.
  • In every district compiled a list of companies and owners of trucks, construction and other special equipment, which according to the order of headquarters IMMEDIATELY must be activated to perform all engineering and military problems in the case of war.
  • Elders (officers) of the Armed Forces of Estonia massively turn away because of work in the structures Kaytselitu (as well as previously drove through participation in  fighting operations in Iraq and Afghanistan), for better understanding the specific and practical experience in working with volunteers.
  • Significantly increased budget funding and volunteers. For example is carried out the program that each volunteer should be given a flak jacket and helmet.

The third day.
Early in the morning went to Narva to take part in an open seminar, organized by the Estonian international center of defense and security in Narva College of Tartu University. The Name of the seminar Contribution of volunteers in the safety and security of Estonia and Ukraine.
Narva is the Estonian version of Donbass, where 98% of the so-called russian-speaking (ryuskayazychnyh). The city is full of custody. On machines georgovski tape and tricolor. Estonians sincerely believe that this cotton somehow be integrated into Estonian society.
Narva College – completely modern building of glass and concrete, which goes very well to the Narva City Hall Building time of Swedish King Karl XI.
During the first part of the seminar were Estonian volunteers of Kaytselit, voluntarily assistant police (By the way, these volunteers after a short course-issue, they were given a short- weapons and they are involved in patrolling with the police) and volunteers firefighters.
During the second part of the seminar we were. Even before the speech, we are constantly provoked russian-speaking. After my calm and balanced answer to one of the quilted jacket, he began to threaten the organizers (not me!) That I will submit an application to the police claiming that I threatened him, although it is not. After story on a trip to Lugansk! Through the territory of Ukraine, I proposed to introduce surname and name the person who gave permission for travel in Lugansk for application to the appropriate authorities. After our performances the same quilted jacket wanted us to see the cemetery. Well, as I understand it, after the incident with the police threats quilted jacket and organizers decided not to give me word, that I suddenly did not prevent the integration quilted jacket in Estonian society.
The workshop most of the youth was tuned aggressively against us. Many girls come from woven into the hair tricolor, many people were with georgivsky ribbons. During the speeches we have constantly provoked exclamations. In a special ecstasy custody came when declared performances of Azov and Right sector. But the speech had effect. After the concert we went to a small group of guys who said they did not watch TV (obvious Moscow) and try to understand themselves around and said that we do everything correctly and thanked for coming. It was also nice to hear the gratitude from the Ukrainian, Ukrainian – speaking woman, which was very emotive during our speeches and shouted Glory to Ukraine! In contrast of custody of the junta and fascism. Always nice to meet his in a hostile environment!
The fourth day
Early in the morning went to Tartu military training Kaytselit. In the morning looked a little tactical training. Practiced sweep of the building. When went to see staff training. Inside  we were not allowed, the bus was allowed to drop to the court staff and make a circle with the ban to shoot photos and video.
Then we were visiting the home of Captain Kaytselitu Andrus Rootsmyae (captain Andrus Rootmäe). Showed own weapons and equipment. In principle, all standard as we (SCS pump, hunting shotgun, automatic rifle Ak Swedish-5) Short-except for the presence of arms and bayonet to the rifle. No nonsense about hunting and “fighting” for rifle ammunition, but there are restrictions on the amount (no more than 400 bullets in the barrel can be stored in a safe at home), which we haven’t. The captain stood at the origins of the Armed Forces of Estonia. In the Soviet army took military service near Vinnitsa region. Touched after meeting with us, especially when he learned that Elena Biletska native of Vinnitsa. At the end of the meeting gave us the honor.
Stopped to look at the premises of the Estonian National Security College and the Baltic Military College in Tartu located in the same building. The first has local significance and officers are taught the Estonian Armed Forces to Major inclusive. The second has general NATO’s status. Here  trainings are conducted.
Then went to see cyber-center forces, which also took place of exercise. Inside  we were not allowed again. The Head of the Centre made a little talk about goals and objectives of cyber forces and its center. Cyber ​​troops in Estonia attaches great importance, especially after cyber attacks on government institutions Servers from Russia in 2007. Now operating in Estonia cyber landfill NATO regularly held local and general cyber NATO training.
With cyber landfill went to see training for the female Kaytselit. Rehearsed evacuation of children and families kaytselichykiv. As I said, the idea of ​​evacuation of families emerged after the events in the Crimea. Soldiers and officers during the fighting must be sure that their families are safe. Children aged 4 to 15 years were removed for two days to a specially equipped room, where they were temporary camp with equipped kitchen, program of entertainment and occupation. Including sessions included the provision of medical care to wounded adults, and for the little ones – like flip adult. Also, older kids organize interesting games for the younger ones. In case of war, all the organizational  headquarters assume (location, transport, food, equipment) and the implementation of women engaged in volunteer unit of Kaytselit.
At the end of the day, drove to the newly built district center Kaytseliit County,  Jõgeva County (Jõgeva maakond). Shoot inside not allowed. The meeting and tour of the center held a major Kaytseliit Kuusvere Mati (major Mati Kuusvere). Center really very cool! In addition to administrative and office premises in the center of a huge armory, a room for simultaneous cleaning of weapons at several hundred people, cool and well-equipped 50 meter range, fully autonomous power supply and communications, large bath, a logistics center, workshops for repairing weapons, boxes for storage and repair of trucks technology, a large fleet of trucks (mainly Mertsedesivski Unimohy, but there are Urals with Kamaz), conventional cars and more.
I want to thank the employees for organizing the visit of the International Centre for Defence and Security and personally Mrs. Sylvie Keili, Mr. Dmitry Teperykov, Ms. Anna Bulakh, Colonel Arthur Lillyenurmov Kaytseliit.
Report prepared by
Chairman of the Ukrainian Military guards
Alexander Biletsky