War in Ukraine today: latest news, October 26, 2023 (photo)

It has been the 610th day of the Ukrainian resistance to the russian military aggression. 

What happened in Ukraine today:

Here is operational information of the General Staff as of 6 pm:   

There were 45 combat engagements. The enemy launched a total of 14 air strikes and 12 MLRS attacks at the positions of Ukrainian troops and various settlements. The attacks injured and killed civilians. Private houses and other civilian infrastructure were destroyed and damaged.

The operational situation in east and south of Ukraine remains difficult.

Towards Volyn and Polissia, there were no significant changes and signs of forming an offensive group. Certain units of the armed forces of belarus continue their missions in the areas bordering Ukraine.

Towards Siversk and Sloboda, the enemy  maintains its military presence in the areas of russia bordering Ukraine. They continue to shell Ukrainian settlements from the territory of russia, continue to conduct sabotage and reconnaissance activities and increase the density of minefields along the state border of Ukraine. The settlements of Nova Huta, Volfyne and Pozhnya, Sumy oblast suffered from the occupiers’ artillery and mortar fire.

Towards Kupiansk, the enemy conducted unsuccessful assault operations in the vicinity of Synkivka, and Ivanivka, Kharkiv oblast. The invaders fired artillery and mortars at the settlements of Dvorichna, Synkivka, Kyslivka, Berestove, Ivanivka, Kharkiv oblast.

Towards Lyman, the invaders did not conduct any offensive (assault) actions and continued to regroup their troops. The occupiers fired artillery and mortars at the settlements of Nevske, Bilohorivka, Luhansk oblast, and Siversk, Spirne, Donetsk oblast.

Towards Bakhmut, the Ukrainian defenders repelled 4 enemy attacks in the vicinity of Bohdanivka and Khromove, Donetsk oblast. They also tried to regain the lost ground near Klishchiivka and Andriivka, where Ukrainian defenders repelled 7 attacks. Around 15 settlements came under artillery and mortar fire, including Orikhovo-Vasylivka, Novomarkove, Bohdanivka, Chasiv Yar, Predtechyne, Bila Hora, Donetsk oblast.

Towards Avdiivka, the enemy conducted unsuccessful assault operations in the vicinity of Avdiivka, Stepove, Tonenke, Sieverne, Donetsk oblast. The Ukrainian defenders repelled 14 enemy attacks in the area. The invaders fired artillery and mortars at more than 10 settlements, including Ocheretyne, Novobakhmutivka, Berdychi, Tonenke, Opytne, Donetsk oblast.

Towards Mariinka, the enemy conducted assault operations with air support in the vicinities of Maryinka and Novomykhailivka, Donetsk oblast, to no success. The Ukrainian defense forces repelled 13 enemy attacks in the area. Around 10 settlements in Donetsk oblast, including Oleksandropil, Krasnohorivka, Heorhiivka, Maryinka, Pobjeda, were under the occupiers’ artillery and mortar fire.

Towards Shakhtarsk, the enemy maintains its military presence and regroups its forces. The enemy launched an air strike near Staromaiorske, Donetsk oblast. Around 10 settlements, including Vodiane, Vuhledar, Prechystivka, Zolota Nyva, Blahodatne, Urozhaine, Donetsk oblast, came under artillery and mortar fire.

Towards Zaporizhzhia, the enemy did not conduct any offensive (assault) actions and continued to regroup its troops. Over 20 settlements, including Levadne, Malynivka, Hulyaipole, Novoselivka, Orikhiv, Pyatykhatky, Zaporizhzhia oblast, came under enemy artillery and mortar fire.

Towards Kherson, the occupiers launched air strikes in the vicinity of Odradokamyanka, Mykolaivka, Olhivka, Tiahynka, Ivanivka, Kherson oblast. The settlements of Lvove, Tiahynka, Mykilske, Kherson oblast came under enemy artillery and mortar fire.

At the same time, the Ukrainian defense forces continue offensive operations towards  Melitopol, offensive (assault) operations towards Bakhmut, inflicting losses in manpower and equipment on the occupation forces, and exhausting the enemy along the entire front line.

The Ukrainian Air Force launched 1 air strike on the buildup of troops, weapons and military equipment, and 1 air strike on an air defense system of the russian invaders.

The missile troops hit 1 buildup of troops, weapons and military equipment and 1 artillery systems of the occupiers

According to the Minister of Strategic Industry Kamyshyn, by the end of 2023, Ukraine will be producing tens of thousands of drones a month. He also added that the production of artillery shells has also increased significantly, but its volumes do not fully meet the current needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

Due to constant shelling, forced evacuation was announced in ten settlements of Kharkiv oblast in Kupiansk, Kindrashivsk, Kurilivsk communities, where 275 children live.

Recent war events in the east of Ukraine

Kharkiv oblast

Oleh Syniehubov, Head of Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, said that the fighting continues towards Kupiansk. The Armed Forces repelled 13 enemy attacks near Synkivka, Petropavlivka and Ivanivka. The enemy is not successful and suffers losses.

Yesterday the enemy shelled the frontline and border settlements of Chuhuiv and Kupiansk regions.

As a result of shelling of Podoly village, Kupiansk region, a private building was destroyed and 3 other damaged around 8 pm. A 83-year-old woman was injured and hospitalised in a moderate condition.

In Ohirtseve village, Chuhuiv region, shelling damaged a residential building and started a fire.

In addition, Okhrymivka, Kruhle, Budarky of Chuhuiv region and Pershotravneve, Kindrashivka, Ivanivka, Kyslivka, Pishchane, Berestove of Kupiansk region were under enemy attack.

A 57-year-old man tripped over Butterfly anti-personnel mine in a field near Yaremivka village, Izium region, at around 4:50 pm and died on the spot.

Pyrotechnics of the State Emergency Service examined more than 12 hectares of territory and defused 301 explosive ordnance.

As of now, 78 children remain in Kupiansk-Vuzlovyi and 71 in Kivsharivka. In total, 275 children are on the list for evacuation from Kupiansk region.

The Regional Council informed that Kharkiv Regional Library for Children received a parcel with books that survived russian attack on the Nova Poshta terminal near Kharkiv on 21 October. The books in the parcel will be marked with stickers mentioning the missile strike.

Donetsk oblast

Donetsk Regional Military Administration reported that towards Donetsk, Krasnohorivka, Novomykhailivka and Kostiantynivka of Marinka community were shelled. A building was damaged in Umanske of Ocheretyne community. The outskirts of Kurakhove community were shelled, with no casualties.

Towards Horlivka, 1 person was injured in Markove of Kostiantynivka community. Two apartment blocks and 2 private buildings were damaged in Chasiv Yar community.

Towards Lysychansk, five streets in Siversk were hit. Lyman community suffered 18 attacks.

Destruction as a result of russian shelling. Photo: National Police

In Sviatohirsk, a temporary shelter will be opened this winter, just like last year, to accommodate a hundred residents.  Volodymyr Rybalkin, Head of Sviatohirsk City Military Administration, said that only the hospital and institutions will be heated this year, while residential buildings will not be heated so a winter shelter is being prepared for people and firewood, and fuel briquettes are being distributed to residents of the private sector.

Towards Avdiivka, russian assaults have not stopped but became somewhat less frequent. Also russian units in this area are regrouping due to significant losses but continue to actively use aviation. According to Oleksandr Shtupun, Spokesman of the Joint Press Centre of the Tavriisk Defence Forces, russian troops have dropped almost fifty guided bombs in this area over the past three days.

Vitalii Barabash, Head of Avdiivka City Military Administration, said that one person was evacuated yesterday. Locals refuse to evacuate despite the upcoming winter.

Luhansk oblast

According to Luhansk Regional Military Administration, warm clothes and 500 loaves of bread were delivered to Hrekivka, Novoliubivka, Makiivka and Nevske yesterday. After a short break, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are repelling several attacks a day near Makiivka and Nadiia.

Aviation strikes were launched on the territory of Novoselivske, Serebrianka forestry and Bilohorivka. Makiivka, Nevske and Bilohorivka suffered artillery and mortar attacks.

The invaders report a rapid pace of forced passportisation, demonstrate the protocols of the so-called “first elections” with a high turnout, where it was impossible to vote without a passport. However, in the settlements of the former Kreminna region, just over a third of the population received passports. It is impossible to obtain the necessary documents in Kreminna and Rubizhne. The nearest point of reception and issuance is in Sievierodonetsk.

In the so-called “LPR”, russians opened about ten offices to provide free psychological assistance. However, the psychologists, who arrived from russia, were approved by the FSB. They are assigned to collect information about disloyal residents.

Roman Vlasenko, Head of Sievierodonetsk Regional Administration, said the majority of people in Sievierodonetsk region were left without centralised heating. Customers connected to the water and electricity supply are receiving these services with interruptions.

The FSB has become more active in the occupied territories. The invaders are conducting propaganda activities with educators, cultural workers and authorities to further preventive work with the population. Half of the region’s current residents are russian military personnel and russian tourists.

What is happening now in the north of Ukraine

The Joint Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that measures are being taken to increase the density of minefields on Ukraine’s northern border. Serhii Naiev, head of the North Operational Command, got acquainted with the progress of engineering equipment and mining of the most threatened areas of the border regions of the Northern Operational Zone. Measures are being taken to improve the level of state border protection. Local authorities are allocating funds and equipment to enhance monitoring of the situation in the threatened areas.

Kyiv oblast

In Kyiv, a report was presented on fakes in the nuclear energy sector spread by russia to intimidate western political elites into curtailing their support for Ukraine. The analysts researched this issue and compiled a database of russian fakes, which as of October 24 included 329 sources. 

Ruslan Kravchenko, Head of the Kyiv RMA, reported that inspections of reconstruction sites continue in the Kyiv oblast. The special commission checked the process of work in Makariv, where two residential buildings are being restored at the expense of the Fund for the Elimination of the Consequences of Armed Aggression.

According to the Ministry for Restoration, Irpinski Lypky residential complex is being restored in Irpin at the expense of the Fund for the Elimination of the Consequences of Armed Aggression. The work began in October this year and is expected to be completed in a year.

Kyiv RMA reported that The Kyiv Regional Oncology Centre has opened a renovated shelter. It can accommodate more than 200 patients. The shelter has rooms with beds, three treatment rooms, sanitary rooms, and storage facilities for medicines, water and food supplies.

Vitalii Klychko, the mayor of Kyiv, reported that the capital’s budget allocates additional funds for the needs of Ukraine’s defenders. Of these: UAH 980 million to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, UAH 100 million to the National Guard of Ukraine, UAH 100 million to pay financial assistance to the soldiers of the Kyiv Voluntary formations of territorial communities, and UAH 300 million to finance the Kyiv Defender programme. 

In Kyiv, the NGO Ukrainian Women’s Guard held an event to provide psychological support and rehabilitation for women, to counteract burnout in the war and to motivate them. The communication took place in the safe cultural and information space of the Lesia Ukrainka Public Library.

The Kyiv City State Administration reported that Kyiv Metro has received all 60 cars as part of the technical assistance from Warsaw. The last train from the Warsaw metro arrived today.

Zhytomyr oblast

Vitaliy Bunechko, Head of Zhytomyr RMA, met with representatives of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ukraine and discussed the possibility of cooperation. 

The Communism = Rashism exhibition of the Archive of National Memory was opened in Zhytomyr. The exhibition was presented by the Ihor Kulyk, director of the Archive of National Memory. It aims to show the parallel between the crimes of the USSR and modern russia. It is based on archival documents from the archives of Ukraine, contemporary photographs and documented crimes of the modern russian army.

Sumy oblast

Ihor Klymenko, Minister of Internal Affairs, reported that a 16-year-old boy died as a result of shelling of the border village of Pozhnia in Sumy Oblast. Around 13:00, enemy artillery hit the young man on the porch of his own house. The enemy shelling destroyed private houses of local residents.

According to the Sumy RMA, at night, russians shelled the Yunakivka community with firearm.

The Sumy RMA reported that on October 25, russians fired 20 times at the border areas of Sumy Oblast. There were 146 attacks with mortars, cannon artillery, MLRS, AGS and enemy drones. Bilopillia, Krasnopillia, Velyka Pysarivka, Esman, Shalyhine, Seredyna-Buda, Znob-Novhorodske communities were shelled.

An enemy agent group was exposed in Sumy oblast. The criminals reconnoitered the positions of the Defence Forces in the border areas of the oblast to adjust artillery and air strikes against them, and informed the enemy about the results of fire damage. The offenders face life imprisonment.

According to State Emergency Service of Ukraine, in Konotop, Shostka and Sumy districts of Sumy oblast, bomb squads found and destroyed 7 explosive devices. 

Chernihiv oblast

The State Border Guard Service reported that  russians fired 7 times at the border of Chernihiv oblast. There were 89 attacks with mortars and cannon artillery and the dropping of two explosive devices from UAVs. The Novhorod-Siverskyi, Semenivka, Snovsk and Horodnia communities were shelled.

According to the Chernihiv RMA, almost 200 residents of Chernihiv Oblast have received grants under the government’s Own Business programme. The total amount of financial support from the state was UAH 45.6 million. Their business plans include the creation of 419 jobs.

The Northern Detachment of the State Border Guard Service reported that the border guards received a car from representatives of the Zhytomyr Assistance Centre charity fund.  The Citroen Jumper will improve the performance of logistics tasks. The donation was made with the assistance of Czech citizens who are immigrants from Ukraine. 

Recent events in the central regions of Ukraine

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

Mykola Lukashuk, Head of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Council, informed that the invaders attacked Nikopol region twice yesterday evening. They shelled Myrove community and Nikopol with artillery and launched about a dozen shells.

In the afternoon, the invaders attacked Nikopol region with a Kamikaze drone and shelled with artillery. A private enterprise and 3 residential buildings were damaged in Nikopol. In the evening, russians shelled Pokrovske community.

Almost two thousand IDPs found jobs through the employment service of Dnipropetrovsk oblast in 2023. They were mostly employed in trade, educational and medical institutions, industrial and agricultural enterprises.

Vinnytsia oblast

Vinnytsia City Council reported that Ukrainian Defenders received children’s gifts from the students of VinSmart Centres. The club members joined the collection of humanitarian aid as part of the Little Volunteers campaign. The defenders of Ukraine received 20 packages which children formed together with their parents and teachers.

More than 600 people received free prosthetics and rehabilitation at Vinnytsia State Experimental Prosthetic and Orthopedic Enterprise since the start of the full-scale invasion. More than 200 of them are military personnel.

Kirovohrad oblast

The Regional Museum of Art in Kropyvnytskyi presented the The Beauty of the Buzk’s Gard exhibition of photographs by the fallen soldier, photographer Denys Kryvyi. The photographs were brought to the museum by the wife of the fallen soldier, Halyna Volhina. The exhibition features 130 photographs.

Poltava oblast

Myrhorod Mayor Serhii Solomakha informed that 146 applications for financial assistance were submitted as houses were damaged after russian shelling on 16 October. About UAH 540K has already been allocated to the first applicants for financial assistance. The first executive committee allocated money for 27 applications and the second one for 61 applications. The largest amount paid from the city budget is UAH 48K.

Poltava Army Aviation Brigade received an unmanned aerial vehicle. The soldiers are currently learning how to operate the device. After that, it will be used in combat missions.

Cherkasy oblast

Viktor Liashko, Minister of Health, reported during his working visit to Cherkasy oblast that more than 190 additional rehabilitation beds are planned to be installed in the region.

Latest news from the front of the southern regions of Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia oblast

Yesterday, the russian army carried out 136 strikes on 26 populated areas in Zaporizhzhia oblast. 112 artillery shelling incidents targeted the areas of Huliaipole, Orikhiv, Zaliznychne, Charivne, Chervone, Poltavka, Bilohiria, Piatykhatky, Kamianske, Stepove, Plavni, Lobkove, and other cities and villages along the front line. The enemy conducted 4 air strikes on Orikhiv, Novodarivka, and Novodanylivka, 4 MLRS attacks on Robotyne and Temyrivka, as well as 16 UAV attacks on Novoivanivka, Novodarivka, Malynivka, Mala Tokmachka, Robotyne, Levadne, and Mali Shcherbaky. There have been 10 reports of damage to residential buildings and infrastructure facilities. Civilians were not harmed.

On October 23, representatives of the Ukrainian resistance movement detonated a vehicle with four FSB employees in the temporarily occupied Berdiansk. Among the casualties was a war criminal who had committed brutal torture against Ukrainian citizens. This was reported today, October 26, by the press service of the Chief Ukrainian Intelligence Directorate.

Mykolaiv oblast

According to Mykolaiv RMA, on October 25 at 11:33 and on October 26 at 02:03, the russian army conducted artillery strikes on the waters and the town of Ochakiv. Also, on October 25 at 10:43, there were artillery strikes on the coastline of Kutsurub community. There have been no casualties or injuries as a result of these shelling incidents.

Odesa oblast

Engineer and designer Albert Virnin, along with his family, manufactures anti-drone shotguns and “trench jamming stations” in Odesa to counter russian unmanned aerial vehicles. The “trench jamming stations” create a protective dome around themselves that disrupts the operation of enemy drones, as explained by the engineer during a briefing at the Ukraine Media Center.

Recently, the mayor of the Austrian capital, Michael Ludwig, handed over five reanimobiles to Odesa. As reported by the head of Odesa RMA, Oleh Kiper, these vehicles have already arrived in the city.

Two medical facilities in Odesa have received powerful generators produced in Japan thanks to cooperation between the governments of Japan and Slovakia, the ADRA Foundation, and Odesa’s Ambassador to Slovakia, Alexander Roitburg. This information was shared by Odesa’s Deputy Mayor, Svitlana Bedreha.

The information regarding the cancellation or unexpected stoppage of the temporary corridor for the movement of civilian vessels to and from the ports of Odesa does not correspond to reality. All established routes set by the Ukrainian Navy are valid and used by civilian ships. Given that the corridor was implemented in extremely complex conditions due to russia’s military aggression, its operation takes into account the military situation and weather conditions. The Ministry of Infrastructure clarifies that there are currently 23 ships at the ports of Odesa, Chornomorsk, and Pivdennyi, with a total of 51 ships having used the corridor for entry. 33 ships have exported over 1.3 million tons of Ukrainian agricultural products and other cargoes through this corridor. This information was provided by the press service of the Ministry of Development of Communities, Territories, and Infrastructure of Ukraine.

Kherson oblast

On October 26, at around 06:30, russian military personnel shelled the village of Kizomys with artillery fire, damaging several residential buildings. A local resident, aged 67, sustained injuries and was hospitalized.

Yestreday, the enemy carried out 51 attacks, firing a total of 365 shells from mortars, artillery, Grad MLRS, tanks, aviation, and UAVs. Occupiers twice attacked Beryslav with airstrikes and used artillery in the evening. These attacks resulted in the destruction of over 20 buildings, garages, agricultural facilities, a vehicle, and storage facilities at a factory. Two people, including a 13-year-old boy, were killed, and two others were injured. The enemy also conducted air strikes on Olhivka, Mykolaivka, Burhunka, Tiahynka, Odradokamianka, Novoberyslav, and Vesele in Kakhovka region. Six private houses were damaged, and a lyceum was destroyed, with a 74-year-old woman being injured in Olhivka. Two buildings were damaged in Lvove, and 18 residential houses were damaged in Zmiivka. The powerful explosions in several populated areas resulted in power outages. russian forces shelled residential quarters in Kherson from the left bank of the Dnipro River. Private and multi-apartment buildings in the coastal zone, the city downtown, Korabelny, and Dniprovsky districts suffered damage and destruction. Due to russian aggression yesterday, two people were killed, including one child, and four others were wounded. The police opened 11 criminal cases related to war crimes committed by russian military personnel in Kherson oblast.

Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to carry out their missions in the south. Yesterday, Ukrainian defenders eliminated 25 occupiers, three cannons, two tanks, two BTR-80s, and ten other armored vehicles. One field supply point and one observation point were also destroyed.

Reconstruction work is ongoing in 220 liberated populated areas in Kherson oblast to restore critical and social infrastructure. As of October 26, international and volunteer organizations have provided 1,231,935 food packages and 191,532 hygiene kits to residents of Kherson oblast through 31 humanitarian aid distribution points. Gas supply has been restored in 77 populated areas, and electricity in 188 populated areas. There are 80 healthcare institutions operating in the de-occupied part of the region. Mobile communication has been restored in 62 populated areas of the region. After de-occupation, 19 bank branches have resumed their operations, and there are also 68 ATMs and 51 self-service terminals. Ukrposhta has reopened 19 branches, and “Nova Poshta” has reopened 7 branches in Kherson city.

During the weekend, medical volunteers from the Ukrainian-Israeli mission “Frida” provided free medical examinations to over 400 residents of Kherson, Myroliubivka, and Oleksandrivka. Residents of these populated areas had the opportunity to see therapists, cardiologists, surgeons, oncologists-mammalogists, gynecologists, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists, neurologists, dermatologists, endocrinologists, and psychologists. Residents also had the opportunity to undergo ultrasound diagnostics. In total, specialists provided 950 consultations.

Six generators with capacities ranging from 6.5 to 200 KVA were delivered to four hospitals supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross. This equipment will allow medical facilities to continue providing assistance to the population even in the temporary absence of electricity supply.

Latest news for today in the western regions of Ukraine

Volyn oblast

The RMA held a meeting with representatives of the MTU Toeta Ukrainat Estonian public organization. They have been helping Ukraine since 2015. And after February 24, 2022, 33 off-road vehicles, 2 ambulances, 4 vans and 7 sauna trailers for the military were imported into the country. Volunteers also delivered about 40 tonnes of tactical, medical and humanitarian aid and seven full trailers of tires.

Volyn oblast sent warm clothes and shoes, medicines, bedding, food and stoves for heating and cooking to residents of Kharkiv oblast thanks to the Swedish Assistance Center CF.

Zakarpattia oblast

The RMA reported that 16 chaplains from Zakarpattia support the spirit of soldiers on the front line, many of them also volunteer.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

From Prykarpattia sent 16 kamikaze drones and 18 rechargeable batteries worth UAH 300K to the soldiers of the 10th separate mountain assault brigades. Drones and components were purchased from the regional budget. In addition, Ivano-Frankivsk Rotary Club sent an SUV for the needs of the military.

Lviv oblast

The first 30 mobile fire groups worth about UAH 500K each, that will shoot down kamikaze drones in Lviv oblast have already been seen to the West Air Command.

Novoiavoriv City Council  donated UAH 4 mln to the 65th separate mechanized brigades for the purchase of UAVs thanks to the Armed Forces Support Program. Some of these drones are already performing tasks in Zaporozhye oblast. About UAH 20 mln were also donated for the purchase of motor vehicle tractors, which are needed to the 65th brigades for the effective conduct of hostilities.

Employees of Novorozdil City Council (Strii region) sent a generator over to soldiers at the front line. Also, Novorozdil community together with benefactors sent humanitarian cargo to Chornobaivka.

The RMA reported that the International Medical Corps donated 170 blankets for the Strysia City United Hospital Territorial Medical Association.

A register of places of temporary residence for IDPs is being formed in Lviv oblast. Places to be included in the register will be able to receive compensation for utility services and support from international partners.

As of today, there are 96 military chaplains in Lviv oblast. Of them, 49 priests are chaplains of military formations of the oblast, and 47 priests are volunteer chaplains.

Rivne oblast

The Psychosocial Support in Ukraine forum was held in Rivne oblast. During the discussion of mental health issues, the critical need for psychosocial support of people affected by the war and creation of such services in communities of the oblast, even in the most remote ones, was separately highlighted.

Oleksandr Tretiak, Mayor of Rivne, arrived on a visit to the USA. The aim is to hold meetings for the support and advocacy of Ukraine.

Ternopil oblast

In the shelter of Ternopil Vocational College, a life safety classroom was opened with enhanced military and physical training. 82 security classes have been installed in the oblast.

Ternopil City Council reported that the city sent 18 tonnes of rice, buckwheat, millet, peas and other cereals to Kherson oblast.

Khmelnytskyi oblast

Khmelnytskyi sent 3 DJ Mavic 3t Termal drones, 3 Dji Mavic 3 drones, 39 Motorola R7 radio stations, and educational and training equipment (16 pieces), tablets, anti-drone guns, additional batteries and charging stations, worth over 2,5 mln to units of the National Guard performing combat missions. These are funds from the city budget.

Chernivtsi oblast

The RMA presented awards to mothers of the fallen defenders of Ukraine. National Guardsmen Andrii Dmytriuk and Maksym Sahaydak were awarded with the 3th degree For Courage Order (posthumously).

International support of Ukraine in the russian-Ukrainian war (russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

Germany will allocate an additional EUR 195 mln to Ukraine for the needs of energy companies this winter. About half of the new funds should be used to protect the energy infrastructure shortly before the onset of winter, to restore the war-damaged Ukrainian power system, and at the same time to ensure the use of energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy sources.

A group of Ukrainian pilots began flight training on the basics of operating American F-16 fighter jets at the base of the 62nd unit of the US Air Force National Guard. The base where pilots are trained is located in the state of Arizona.

The Parliament of Wales recognized the Holodomor as genocide of the Ukrainian people. Today the Holodomor has been recognized as a genocide of the Ukrainian people by parliaments of about three dozen countries around the world, as well as the European Parliament and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, had a phone conversation with Mette Frederiksen, Prime Minister of Denmark. Long-term macroeconomic support for Ukraine was discussed.

Andrii Yermak, Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, had a phone conversation with Jake Sullivan, national security adviser to the President of the US. They coordinated steps to implement agreements on joint defense production.

Andrii Sybiha, Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, met with the delegation of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland and Peter Hafner, Chargé d’affaires of Switzerland in Ukraine. They discussed  the Ukrainian Peace Formula and cooperation with Switzerland in its practical implementation.

IAEA reacted to the fall of russian drones near Khmelnytskyi Nuclear Power Plant. “This incident once again highlights the extremely precarious nuclear security situation in Ukraine that will exist as long as this tragic war continues. The fact that numerous windows at the site were destroyed shows how close it was. We may not be so lucky next time. A strike on a nuclear power plant should be avoided at all costs,” said Rafael Grossi, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Since the beginning of the great war, Moldova has extradited 35 citizens who crossed the border illegally to Ukraine. The transfer and reception of citizens between Moldova and Ukraine is carried out on the basis of the Agreement between the governments of Ukraine and Moldova on the readmission of persons, which the countries concluded in 2017.

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Tamara Moshkovska, Sofia Ratynska, Ioanna Kryvenko, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Аnna Efremova, Albahachiieva Helena

Translated by Tetyana Pidgorna, Yana Hushchyna, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Viktoriia Pushyna, Marharyta Koval, Tetiana Kurbatova, Olga Shalya 


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