War in Ukraine today: latest news, January 23, 2023 (photo)

It has been the 334th day of the Ukrainian resistance to the russian military aggression. 

What happened in Ukraine today:

Here is operational information of the General Staff as of 6pm:   

The invaders launched 4 missiles and 18 air strikes. Ukrainian air defense destroyed 2 missiles. The enemy also conducted 24 MLRS attacks. 

Ukraine still remains under the threat of russian air and missile strikes.

The enemy continues its offensive towards Bakhmut and Avdiivka to capture the entire Donetsk oblast despite numerous losses. Towards Kupiansk, the invaders conducted unsuccessful offensive operations. All enemy attacks were repelled.

Towards Lyman, Novopavlivka, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson, the invaders are on the defensive. Towards Volyn, Polissia, Siversk and Sloboda, there are no significant changes, no offensive groups of the enemy were found. 

At the same time, the settlements of Novovasylivka, Boiaro-Lezhachi and Stukalivka of Sumy oblast, as well as Huriv Kozachok, Slobozhanske, Zelene, Ternova, Starytsia, Vovchansk, Zemlianka, Kamianka and Krasne Pershe in Kharkiv oblast were shelled.

Towards Kupiansk, the enemy shelled the settlements of Dvorichna, Hrianykivka, Kupiansk, Kyslivka, Krokhmalne and Berestove in Kharkiv oblast, as well as Novoselivske and Stelmakhivka, Luhansk oblast.

Towards Lyman, Makiivka, Ploshchanka, Kreminna, Dibrova and Kuzmyne of Luhansk oblast suffered fire damage.

Towards Bakhmut, Spirne, Vyimka, Berestove, Bilohorivka, Vesele, Krasna Hora, Bakhmut, Klishchiivka, Kurdiumivka, Maiorsk and Niu York were shelled.

Towards Avdiivka, Berdychi, Avdiivka, Vodiane, Krasnohorivka, Marinka and Novomykhailivka of Donetsk oblast came under enemy fire.

Towards Novopavlivka, Mykilske, Vuhledar, Prechistivka, Neskuchne and Velyka Novosilka, Donetsk oblast were shelled.

Towards Zaporizhzhia, Komyshuvakha in Donetsk oblast, Chervone, Huliaipole, Charivne, Novodanylivka and Orikhiv in Zaporizhia oblast were shelled from artillery.

Towards Kherson, the occupiers shell civilians every day. Once again, Antonivka and Kherson were exposed to MLRS fire.

TRussian occupiers continue to die ingloriously in Ukraine. During January 20-21, the enemy conducted offensive operations towards Zaporizhzhia near Mali Scherbaky. According to the updated data, as a result of a military clash with units of the Defense Forces, the invaders’ losses during this period amounted to over 50 people, 16 of them were irretrievable. In addition, 9 units of weapons and military equipment of various types (tank, 6 units of infantry fighting vehicles and a Tiger armored car) were destroyed. 4 units were damaged.

Since the beginning of January, the number of wounded enemy servicemen in the temporarily occupied part of Kherson oblast has increased significantly. Local hospitals are overcrowded. All seriously wounded are concentrated in medical institutions in the oblast. Only some soldiers are sent to the temporarily occupied Crimea for further treatment.

In a number of settlements in Sievierodonetsk region, Luhansk oblast, russian occupiers are trying in every possible way to isolate the local population from the world. Thus, Ukrainian television and mobile communications are not available.

Aviation of the Defense Forces inflicted 5 strikes on buildups of the invaders. 

Our defenders shot down 2 enemy Su-25 aircraft, a Ka-52 helicopter, an Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicle and 2 Kh-59 guided missiles.

Units of rocket forces and artillery of the Defense Forces of Ukraine hit 3 buildups of the occupiers and an enemy logistics warehouse.

The press service of the Air Force Command informs that on Monday, 6 enemy air targets were destroyed. In the eastern direction, units of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed two russian Su-25 attack aircraft, a Ka-52 attack helicopter, two Kh-59 guided missiles, and an Orlan-10 operational-tactical UAV.

Representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Vadym Skibitskyi says that russia has up to 20 % of pre-war stockpiles of high-precision missiles and what was produced during the war. According to estimates by Ukrainian military intelligence officers, approximately 550 units of high-precision missiles remain. Therefore, they began to combine them with kamikaze drones and recycle S-300 and S-400 missiles for surface-to-ground launches.

Recent war events in the east of Ukraine

Kharkiv oblast

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, russians attacked at least 15 settlements. Russian troops tried to advance towards Kupiansk and the Defence Forces of Ukraine repelled all enemy attacks.

Head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, Oleh Syniehubov, reported that the situation with electricity supply in Kharkiv oblast remains difficult. Due to the fall of temperature and the renewal of industrial operations after the holidays, consumption has increased. Scheduled blackouts are being applied. The region received 188 generators from the French Embassy and about 100 more from the United Arab Emirates.

Head of Vovchansk City Military Administration, Tamaz Hambarashvili, informed about russian shelling, injuring three people. According to him, there are problems with electricity supply in the city as a result of the shelling.

The Invincibility Tent, where people can warm up, charge their gadgets and drink tea, was donated by Kazakhstan to be set up in Kharkiv. The tent is near the monument to lovers in downtown. Tent employee, Oleksii Aleksieienkov, said that the tent is open seven days a week from 9 am to 7 pm.

Invincibility tent in Kharkiv. Photo: Marharyta Dezhkina

The night before, the invaders launched a missile in Pisochyn settlement near Kharkiv. According to the law enforcers, the missile hit the private sector, the crater is 9.5 by 4.5 meters. The blast wave tore down people’s fences and there were no casualties.

Crater near residential buildings. Photo from social media

Yesterday, the enemy continued shelling civilian settlements in Bohodukhiv, Chuhuiv, Kharkiv and Kupiansk regions. In Kupiansk, an enemy shell hit the yard of a residential building and in Vovchansk a private building was also hit. A 49-year-old man was injured. A 67-year-old woman was killed in Petrivka village, Zolochiv community, as a result of enemy shelling.

Donetsk oblast

Deputy Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, Vadym Skibitskyi, reported that in the next two months, in February and March, fighting in eastern Ukraine is expected to intensify. Russians are redeploying and gathering forces to resume their offensive. Intelligence has enough information to predict further actions of the russian federation.

Head of Kramatorsk City Military Administration, Oleksandr Honcharenko, informed about a  missile attack by russians. The strike hit the industrial area and the private sector.

Command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that Ukrainian air defense forces shot down two russian planes, one helicopter and other air targets towards the east. In total, as of 5 pm, 6 enemy targets were hit. 

Towards Volnovakha, Vuhledar and the outskirts of Novoukrainka and Bohoiavlenka were under attack, with no casualties.

Towards Donetsk, the enemy was actively attacking Avdiivka: late in the evening, there was artillery and Grad shelling with cluster munitions, at night – massive artillery shelling, and in the morning – Grad shelling. The aftermath is being established.

Towards Horlivka, 3 people were injured and 3 private buildings damaged in Bakhmut. The situation in the Soledar community is tense: Fedorivka, Paraskoviivka, Rozdolivka, Vasiukivka and the outskirts of Soledar were targeted. Chasiv Yar was shelled – 3 buildings were damaged. There were no casualties.

Towards Lysychansk, it was noisy in Siversk, Torske and Zarichne of the Lyman community. There was no information about casualties.

Referring to Head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration, Pavlo Kyrylenko, russians injured 4 civilians: 1 in Avdiivka and 3 in Bakhmut.

Luhansk oblast

Yesterday our troops repelled enemy attacks near Novoselivse and Stelmakhivka towards Kupiansk. Towards Lyman, Chervonopopivka, Kuzmyne, Makiivka, Ploschanka and Serebrianka forestry were under the enemy attack.

Head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Serhii Haidai, reported that the forests around Kreminna are densely mined by the invaders, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing every day. He also noted that at least several dozen russians were killed during the explosion in the temporarily occupied Kadiivka.

According to the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, in the occupied Luhansk oblast, potatoes and beets are more than twice as expensive. Pork, chicken and cabbage are almost twice as expensive as the average Ukrainian prices. Corruption was legalized in the so-called “Luhansk People’s Republic” – purchases are made from a single supplier, information about them is hidden, qualification criteria are ignored during the tender. Warm clothes are being collected in Antratsyt for the injured invaders. A number of russian soldiers in Luhansk oblast receive low payments because they are on the territory of the russian federation according to their documents.

Head of Luhansk oblast, Serhii Haidai, met with Lithuanians from Blue/Yellow for Ukraine. They discussed the situation in the region, the needs of our military and the residents.

Meeting with Blue/Yellow for Ukraine. Photo: telegram channel of Serhii Haidai/Luhansk Regional Military Administration

What is happening now in the north of Ukraine

Kyiv oblast

According to Oleksandr Pavliuk, Deputy Commander of Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, fortifications at the strongholds of the Kyiv defense forces are being set up. Firing positions are installed and equipped on the probable enemy’s routes of advance, and protective structures are erected to personnel.

Strengthening the defense lines of Kyiv and the oblast. Photo: Oleksandr Pavliuk / Telegram

A training center for psychological resilience is being built in Kyiv. It will be designed based on the similar centers that exist in Israel. The Embassy of Canada to Ukraine is helping to create this center. According to the Kyiv City State Administration, this is an important stage in creating a system of social and psychological training and assistance provided to civilians, as well as developing stress resistance skills among city residents.

The Department of Education and Science of the Kyiv Regional State Administration reported that 507 general secondary education institutions in Kyiv oblast resume classes after the winter break. Currently, 421 schools operate in full-time and mixed forms of education, and 86 institutions offer remote education to students. The rest, namely 131 institutions, are on leave. 

The Ministry of Health reported that high-powered generators for Ukrainian institutions were delivered by PerinGenerators Group in cooperation with Rolls-Royce Power Systems. One of the generators, which can fully ensure autonomous operation of the institution, was transferred to the Vyshhorod Central District Hospital.

Kyivvodokanal received generators from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and Ukrvodokanalekologiya Association to provide water supply facilities with autonomous power sources during power blackouts. The equipment was distributed to pumping stations in large residential areas of the capital.

Representatives of the International Police Association from Estonia handed over a ton of food for police dogs in Kyiv. Earlier, Kyiv dog handlers received equipment for their dogs from Lithuanian volunteers and food from local residents. According to the representatives of the Kyiv police dog training center, in total, there are 56 service dogs actively involved in search for weapons, explosives, detention of offenders, search for missing persons, detection of drugs and in law enforcement. 

Zhytomyr oblast

Emergency blackout schedules were introduced in Zhytomyr oblast by Ukrenergo’s order. Scheduled stabilization blackouts are not in effect. This forced step is due to the current electricity consumption exceeding the limit for the oblast.

According to the Mayor of Zhytomyr Serhiy Sukhomlyn, the authorities will additionally allocate UAH 50K for each family of the fallen defender to install monuments at the military cemetery. The monuments will be identical, and their design was chosen by the relatives of the soldiers killed in action. 

Charity event “Sing a carol and support the Armed Forces of Ukraine” was held in cultural institutions of Chudniv community. Throughout the month, cultural workers organized charity concerts, Christmas nativity scenes, and caroling, raising UAH 120,000 for the needs of the Ukrainian military.

“Sing a carol and support the Armed Forces of Ukraine” carolers from Chudniv community. Photo from social networks

Sumy oblast

Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, the head of Sumy Regional Military Administration, reported that yesterday, the occupiers continued shelling the border areas of Sumy oblast. During the day, the enemy fired at Nova Sloboda community three times, resulting in 15 incoming mortar bombs. Shalyhine community came under artillery fire.

After midnight, russians launched 15 mortar rounds at Znob-Novohradske community. In the village, the headman’s house, a local community center, a shop and a power line are damaged.

At around noon, the occupiers shelled Vorozhba, Sumy oblast, using barrel artillery. There were 10 shells exploding in the town center. A direct hit to an apartment building was recorded. One of the shells hit an apartment, causing it to be completely destroyed, and three other houses were severely damaged. The household facilities of local residents were damaged: a barn, a garage, a summer kitchen, and a bathhouse. A gas pipeline and power lines in the town were severely damaged, as well as the railroad, its facilities and tracks.

During the artillery shelling of the Esman community, the enemy targeted the house of a family with many children. A young woman was killed, and two other residents were injured and hospitalized. In total, 10 shells were fired at the community.

The First Sumy Humanitarian Center reported that IDPs from Sumy can get help with food for their pets. Assistance is provided to cat and dog owners in the form of dry food or canned food.

Italian philanthropists delivered humanitarian aid to Sumy oblast in the form of food packages. Food for low-income and large families was donated by AVSI non-governmental organization. 

Students painted the walls of a bomb shelter with bright colors on the Day of Unity of Ukraine in Shostka. The event was held as part of the educational STEAM project. Students of the Malva Fine Arts Studio, headed by their teacher Tetiana Mykhailychenko, took part in the event.

The walls of a bomb shelter in Shostka painted by children on the Day of Unity of Ukraine. Photo from social networks

Children from the Trostianets community were invited to an excursion to the French city of Gennevilliers. Children from families who suffered during the russian occupation or whose parents are defending the country in the ranks of the Armed Forces will go on the trip. The program for children was arranged by the mayor of Gennevilliers, Patrice Leclerc, and his partner, Benjamin Atwa.

Chernihiv oblast

The ‘North’ Operational Command reported that the enemy continues shelling Chernihiv border areas. In the afternoon, 19 shells were reported on the territory of Mikhalchyna Sloboda village in Novhorod-Siverskyi region. According to the preliminary information, a self-propelled artillery system was used.

At the same time, the enemy opened mortar fire on another village in Novhorod-Siverskyi region. Overall, 12 mortar bombs exploded near Buchky village.

Chernihiv will have a new modular town for residents who lost their homes due to the russian attack. On Volodymyr Drozd Street, there are seven two-story wooden houses designed for many apartments. The construction is financed by the Red Cross Society of Ukraine. The works are to be completed in October this year.

The Chernihiv City Council reported that Chernihiv and the German city of Aachen signed an official agreement on city partnership. According to the report, Chernihiv will benefit from German experience in city management.

Nizhyn Pokrovsky parish donated the 12th vehicle to the frontline. The vehicle was given to the 4th Company of the 163rd Battalion. The aid was provided by the rector of the Church of the Intercession, Mykhailo Yakubiv, whose family has been volunteering since 2014.

Recent events in the central regions of Ukraine

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

According to Head of the regional council Mykola Lukashuk, the enemy shelled Marhanets and Myriv communities in Nikopol region at night. Russian occupiers fired about two dozen shells from Grad and Hurricane.

Today, the head of the regional Mykola Lukashuk and Volodymyr Orlov met with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grundi. The commissioner inspected the scene of the tragedy that occurred in the Dnipro on January 14. He saw what was left of the residential building, hit by a russian airstrike on that terrible Saturday. They discussed further cooperation in helping the victims, as well as supporting Ukrainians who moved to the region due to the war and needs of the communities hosting internally displaced persons. 215 people were killed in Dnipropetrovsk oblast because of the actions of russian terrorists.

Arrival of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Philippe Grandy. Photo: Mykola Lukashuk

Vinnytsia oblast

The Vinnytsia City Council reported Vinnytsia volunteers sent individual kits for children, bicycles, mobile phones, jackets, generators, musical instruments, etc. to the de-occupied part of Kharkiv oblast within the Interregional Coordination Humanitarian Headquarters, In addition, the Vinnytsia Chamber Theater staged a real sensation with the play “About a dream that cannot be betrayed” in the city’s cultural center.

Lyceum deputy director Liudmila Sapitura informed that 13,000 hryvnias for a car for the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were collected at a charity fair held at the Lyceum in Tyvriv. Homemade pies with poppy seeds, cherries and potatoes were sold by middle and high school students.

Kirovohrad oblast

A grappling championship was held in Dolyna territorial community in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. UAH 20,000 collected in the championship will be transferred to support one of the units of the special operations forces of the Armed Forces.

In the volunteer space “Krop:hub” in Kropyvnytskyi, an exhibition of photos taken by the shooter of the 121st Territorial Defense brigade, Yurii Chornolutskyi, was launched. During the event, a photo auction was held, all funds will be transferred to support the Armed Forces.

Poltava oblast

According to Dmytro Lunin, Head of the Poltava Regional State Administration, Poltava region received another batch of humanitarian aid from the UNHCR. 3,000 pillows, sets of bed linen and blankets, as well as 1,500 towels and 1,000 thermoses will be sent to places of compact living for internally displaced persons.

Cherkasy oblast

According to Head of the Cherkasy State Administration Ihor Taburets, Cherkasy pyrotechnicians continue demining Uman region. The enemy hit warehouses there in the first days of the war. Ammunition scattered for many kilometers around. Rescuers have already examined more than 26,000 hectares. The fields were examined first, so that farmers can grow crops there again. Now the forest strip is being examined.

According to Head of the Cherkasy State Administration Ihor Taburets, with the assistance of the hub team, a cargo of support from the SOS Attitude and Protection Civile funds arrived in Cherkasy. The aid contains medicines, food, generators, tents, blankets and other necessary things.

Latest news from the front of the southern regions of Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia oblast

Spokesman of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Shtupun reported that the enemy tried to advance towards Zaporozhzhia, but the Defense Forces of Ukraine pushed it back to the previously occupied positions. The information about the complete capture of the village of Kamianske, Vasylivka region, is not accurate. The enemy, in small groups of up to 10 people, is trying to improve their tactical position in separate areas. Ukrainian troops control the situation, the enemy has no success. The front line towards Zaporizhzhia has not changed within the last two weeks.

The village of Novodanylivka, located near Orikhiv, Zaporizhzhia oblast, is 3 kilometers from the front line, but, as before, is under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was reported by the head of the village, Serhii Ivaschyshyn. According to him, the information about the transition of the village and town of Orikhiv under the control of the russian occupiers is not true. 94 people live in the village as of now. Before the full-scale invasion, the village was home to over 1,000 people.

Yesterday, January 22, russian troops shelled Zaporizhzhia oblast 111 times. 88 strikes were targeted at civilian facilities. As a result, 41 buildings were destroyed, one person was injured. The enemy struck the Huliaipole, Orikhiv, and Stepnohirsk communities.

According to the General Staff, the enemy continues to suffer losses. Thus, the Dniprorudne city hospital is full of wounded. Only recently, about 150 invaders have been delivered there. At the same time, most of the hospital staff refused to cooperate with the occupiers. So doctors were sent from the russian federation.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees team visited Zaporizhzhia. During the visit, delegations discussed the issue of support for displaced persons and arrangement of assistance centers for them, as well as liberation of Zaporizhzhia oblast.

Volunteers from Zaporizhzhia handed over 400 food kits from international charity funds to the front-line villages of Vasylivka city community: Primorske, Kamianske, and Plavni. It was possible to do this only on the third attempt due to hostilities.

Distribution of food packages. Photo from social networks

Mykolaiv oblast

On January 21 and 22, there was no shelling in Mykolayiv oblast. This was achieved thanks to the Ukrainian military, who struck the positions of the russian army on the occupied Left Bank and the Kinburn Spit. Defense forces hit ammunition warehouses, as well as points from which the russian army fired at Ochakiv.

During the weekend of January 21-22, ammunition was detonated four times in Mykolaiv oblast. As a result, six adults and one child were injured.

The Italian University of Cattaneo (LIUC) has recently joined the international team of specialists working on the post-war Mykolaiv reconstruction project. The University of Cattaneo will collaborate with the international architecture company One Works and participate in the project phase, involving  the support of the database’s restoration and evaluation of the economic impact. In total, the #UN4Mykolaiv working group unites 16 UN agencies and programs.

Odesa oblast

The enemy’s naval group in the Black Sea consists of 11 units, including 3 missile carriers equipped with 24 Calibers and 2 large amphibious ships. This was reported by the ‘South’ Operational Command. Control of the surface situation is ensured by 1 enemy ship in the Sea of Azov.

Odesa oblast received another batch of humanitarian aid from the Lodz Voivodeship from the Republic of Poland, notably generators, food products, hygiene products and medicines. Over the past 11 months, the partner region has taken in children from Odesa oblast, provided an ambulance and regularly sends humanitarian goods to the region.

Odesa oblast received a batch of Starlink terminals that will work in Invincibility Centers. 55 Starlinks arrived in the region, which will be proportionally distributed among communities.

Kherson oblast

Today, the russian army once again shelled civilian facilities in Kherson oblast. Enemy shells hit a building in the village of Antonivka. 1 person was killed.

On the night of January 23, the russian military again shelled the temporarily occupied Kakhovka. This was announced by the mayor of the city Vitalii Nemerets. As a result of shelling, multi-story buildings were damaged. The courtyard of the city hospital was also hit, and a gas pipeline was damaged.

Yesterday, January 22, russian invaders shelled the territory of Kherson oblast 25 times. The russian army shelled Kherson 4 times. The coastal areas of the city of Kherson and the town of Antonivka came under massive enemy attack, private and apartment buildings, cars, the territory of the river port, a plant, a gas pipeline and power lines were damaged. 3 people received injuries of varying degrees of severity.

Over the past two days, on January 21-22, the police opened 14 criminal proceedings on the facts of war crimes committed by the russian military in Kherson oblast. An electrician was blown up by an anti-personnel mine in the village of Arkhanhelsk. The police continue to receive reports of looting by the russian military. Russian soldiers ransacked the regional hospital in Skadovsk. The invaders took away the equipment in military trucks.

From January 18 to 21 of this year, occupier reinforcements arrived in the settlements of Vynohradove and Brylivka, Kherson oblast. The personnel was armed only with small arms, the means of personal protection, such as bulletproof vests, had only some soldiers, military equipment was not delivered.

The enemy secret subversive group tried to land on one of the so-called Potiomkin Islands on the Dnipro. The Defense Forces hit a light civilian boat that the occupiers had appropriated and equipped for military purposes. Enemy saboteurs disguised as civilians were heading to one of the Potemkin islands near Kherson.

Collaborator Volodymyr Saldo announced the complete evacuation of residents, occupation authorities and organizations from the 15-kilometer left bank zone of the Dnipro. This is stated in the occupation telegram channel of Kakhovka region.

The fire and rescue service has resumed work in the Tiahynka community, Beryslav region. The rescuers are equipped with everything necessary and are ready to help the local residents.

Five administrative service centers of Kherson oblast received equipment for resuming their work. The centers in Bilozerka, Stanislav, Dariivka, Chornobaivka and Muzykivka communities have already received the first part of the equipment that will allow them to resume the provision of administrative services to the population. During occupation of these communities, russians ransacked the administrative service centers. They stole or destroyed most of the equipment.

Latest news for today in the western regions of Ukraine

Volyn oblast

The daily limit for Volyn on Monday proved by Ukrenergo is extremely low and makes only 46% of the required for a full power supply of the oblast.

In Lutsk, a 200-meter long flag was unfurled on the occasion of the Day of Unity and a living ‘chain of unity’ was created. With a flag and to the sounds of the Volyn border guards’ orchestra playing, local people marched from Teatralnyi Maidan to the walls of the Liubart Castle.

Representatives of the Flemish Government of Belgium headed by Minister-President Jan Yambon paid an official visit to Lutsk. The visit was part of the project of cooperation with the Belgian Red Cross of Flanders Aid Items for Ukraine. 4 powerful generators were handed over to Lutsk.

Military serviceman from the village of Shatsk, deputy battalion commander Ruslan Maksymchuk, received the honorary badge Steel Cross from Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valerii Zaluzhny.

Zakarpattia oblast

Deputy Head of the RMA, Petro Dobromilskyi announced that Zakarpattia is among the leaders in the amount of financial support provided to IDPs in 2022. According to him, IDPs who registered in the oblast last year received state aid in the amount of UAH 1.8 billion and over $100 million from foreign donors.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

Ukrenergo proved somewhat lower limits for power supply than the previous day. The night limit for the oblast is 236.96 MW, the daytime limit is 273.53 MW.

There are 185 Invincibility Centers in Prykarpattia. Almost 17K people have visited them since they were arranged.

In Ivano-Frankivsk, on the facade of Lyceum No.7, a memorial plaque was opened to the fallen defender Taras Mykytsia. The soldier was killed during the enemy assault on the position.

Lviv oblast

Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Liashko is on a working visit to Lviv oblast. The minister met with the heads of the central regional and city hospitals of the Zolochiv region.

A foreign delegation, led by the former Minister of Social Policy and Boris Johnson’s Adviser Brooks Philip Newmark, visited the Lviv RMA. Representatives of the delegation were interested in future cooperation in the issues of evacuation, medical and psychological support, coordination of centers in the regions, support for the elderly, and relocation of enterprises.

Defenders of the 24th separate mechanized brigade named after King Danylo received drones worth over UAH 1.5 million, namely four DJI Mavic 3 Classic, six DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, one DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo, four DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise and three sets of additional batteries. The fighters are defending against the russian occupiers at the hottest point of the eastern front – near Bakhmut in Donetsk oblast.

Mayor of Lviv Andrii Sadovyi presented thank-you certificates to servicemen of the 125th Separate Territorial Defense Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Rivne oblast

Head of the Rivne RMA, Vitalii Koval, reported that training sessions are regularly conducted near the Rivne NPP. The approach to the defense of the city of Varash has been fundamentally changed, with everyone being in charge of a specific sector.

Ternopil oblast

Emergency shutdowns of electricity have been introduced in Ternopil oblast. Currently, in the oblast, both stabilization and emergency shutdown schedules are in effect.

The city council reported that another car with equipment and ammunition for defenders from the Territorial Defense was sent from Ternopil to the front.

Paramedic and defender of Azovstal Kateryna Polishchuk visited the wounded treated in one of Ternopil’s medical institutions. She discussed with soldiers and medical workers of the hospital.

Khmelnytskyi oblast

Practical classes on military training were included into the course Defense of Ukraine. High school students will learn to shoot a pistol and a machine gun in a multimedia shooting range. Classes are conducted by snipers from Khmelnytskyi.

In Khmelnytskyi, a rally dedicated to the Day of Unity was held. A 100-meter flag was unfurled on Proskurivska Street. From the Alley of Heroes to the Headquarters for Helping Ukrainians from the Front Line. In front of the cinema named after Taras Shevchenko, the participants of the rally created an outline of the map of Ukraine, inside which the names of Ukrainian cities were placed.

Rally in Khmelnytskyi. Photo from social networks

Chernivtsi oblast

Chernivtsi oblast have received about 110K internally displaced people, one third of whom are children. This was discussed during a meeting chaired by Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine,  Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk.

A hotel-type shelter for IDPs was opened in Khotyn. Four international foundations and 8 international organizations participated in its creation.

The Khotyn hospital received a special vehicle and equipment, namely, ventilators, anesthesia stations, acid-base balance analyzers, furniture, etc. The shipment came from Polish medics from the Wojewódzki Szpital Podkarpacki im. Jana Pawła II w Krośnie, Korczyn commune.

International support of Ukraine in the russian-Ukrainian war (russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

The first meeting of G7 representatives in 2023 will take place from February 17 to 19 in Munich and will be dedicated to unity with Ukraine on the eve of the anniversary of the start of the full-scale invasion.

The Moroccan army sent 20 units of T-72B tanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In the interests of Ukraine, they were repaired in the Czech Republic and sent to the battlefield about a week ago.

The government of Estonia approved another package of military aid to Ukraine with a total cost of EUR 113 million, namely, dozens of 155-mm FH-70 and 122-mm D-30 howitzers, thousands of 155-mm artillery shells, hundreds of M2 Karl-Gustaf anti-tank grenade launchers with ammunition and equipment support of artillery units. Thus, the total military aid to Ukraine makes up over 1% of Estonia’s GDP. In addition, Estonia will continue to provide both basic and specialized training to servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Head of the Italian Foreign Ministry, Antonio Tajani, announced that Italy and France are finishing the preparation of the SAMP/T air defense complex for transfer to Ukraine.

France and Germany will conduct military exercises near the border of Ukraine. Franco-German joint maneuvers will take place in Lithuania and Romania.

Head of the Estonian Foreign Ministry, Urmas Reinsalu stated that the country will close the Gulf of Finland to russia. The government of Estonia is going to introduce a coastal ‘adjacent zone’ in the Gulf of Finland, thereby “closing” the Gulf to russia.

According to Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, Edgars Rinkevics, as a sign of solidarity with Estonia, from February 24, Latvia will reduce the level of diplomatic representation in russia to a temporary authorized clerk, accordingly asking russia for similar actions.

Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Mykhailo Fedorov announced that on the basis of the Ukrainian application Diia,  Estonia created its own application for the digital transformation of the government – mRiik.

Chairman of the Committee on International Relations of the US House of Representatives, Michael McCaul, stated that sending even one Abrams tank to Ukraine is enough for Europe to start supplying Kiev with German Leopards.

Minister of Digital Technologies of Taiwan, Audrey Tan, stated that the country is closely associated with Ukraine in activities against the expansion of authoritarianism into the digital sphere.

In Warsaw, there was a rally near the russian embassy in support of establishing a tribunal for putin and all war criminals involved in the tragedies in Ukraine.

Rally in Warsaw. Photo from social networks

Sean Penn’s film about Ukraine will be shown at the Berlinale. The documentary film is called Superpower. It discusses the role of art during war.

On the occasion of the Day of Unity inUkraine, our polar explorers in Antarctica created a living chain of unity.

Chain of Unity in Antarctica. Photo from social networks

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Tamara Moshkovska, Sofia Ratynska, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Vita Petrenko, Аngelina Lopatina

Translated by Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Ioanna Kryvenko, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Yevheniia Sukhonos, Marharyta Koval, Tetiana Kurbatova, Olga Shalya 


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