War in Ukraine today: latest news, April 26, 2023 (photo)

It has been the 427th day of the Ukrainian resistance to the russian military aggression. 

What happened in Ukraine today:

Here is operational information of the General Staff as of 6 pm:   

The russian federation continues to violate the International Humanitarian Law by targeting and shelling the positions of Ukrainian troops and civilian infrastructure, terrorizing civilians.

Russian troops launched 3 missiles, 31 air strikes, and up to 26 MLRS attacks. The attacks caused casualties among civilians (both dead and wounded), and damage to private residential buildings and other civilian infrastructure.

Ukraine is still under the threat of missile and air strikes.

Russia focuses on offensive operations towards Bakhmut, Avdiivka, and Mariinka. 43 russian attacks were repelled. The fiercest fighting is raging for Bakhmut and Mariinka.

Towards Volyn and Polissia, there were no significant changes. No signs of the formation of russian offensive groups were detected.

Towards Siversk and Sloboda, russian troops remain stationed in the areas of Bryansk, Kursk, and Belgorod oblasts (russia) bordering Ukraine. Russian soldiers fired artillery and mortars at Medvedivka, Halahanivka, Leonivka, Buda-Vorobivska, Hremiach, Chernihiv oblast, Znob-Trubchevska, Chernatske, Seredyna-Buda, Bachivsk, Sydorivka, Shptl, Mykolaivka, Sumy oblast, Hurriv Kozachok, Hlyboke, Oliinykove, and Zelene (Kharkiv oblast).

Towards Kupiansk, the russian army fired artillery and mortars at the settlements of Kamianka, Krasne Pershne, Novomlynsk, Lyman Pershyi, Kyslivka, Berestove, Kharkiv oblast, and Novoselivske, Luhansk oblast.

Towards Lyman, the russian army did not conduct any offensive operations. Terny, Torske, Dibrova, Bilohorivka, Verkhnokamyanske, and Spirne, Donetsk oblast, came under artillery fire.

Towards Bakhmut, the russian army continues its offensive operations. Heavy battles for the city of Bakhmut continue. In addition, russian military conducted unsuccessful offensive operations towards the settlements of Orikhovo-Vasylivka and Ivanivske.  Vasyukivka, Zaliznianske, Orikhovo-Vasylivka, Novomarkove, Hryhorivka, Bakhmut, Chasiv Yar, Ivanivske, Predtechyne, Kostiantynivka, Dyliivka, Pivnichne, Pivdenne, and New York, Donetsk oblast, suffered from russian shelling.

Towards Avdiivka, the russian army attempted offensive operations in the vicinities of Avdiivka, Sieverne, and Pervomaiske, Donetsk oblast), to no success. Russian troops shelled the settlements of Novokalynove, Berdychi, Lastochkyne, Avdiivka, Vodyane, Pervomaiske, Karlivka, and Nevelske, Donetsk oblast).

Towards Mariinka, Ukrainian defenders repelled numerous russian attacks in the vicinity of the settlement of Marinka. Krasnohorivka, Heorhiivka, Marinka, Paraskoviivka, and Novomykhailivka, Donetsk oblast, were shelled by the russian army.

Towards Shakhtarsk, the russian army did not conduct any offensive operations during the day of April 26. Russian military shelled the settlements of Bohoiavlenka, Novoukrainka, Shakhtarsk, Prechystivka, and Vuhledar Donetsk oblast.

Towards Zaporizhzhia and Kherson, the russian army continues to defend. At the same time, russian soldiers shelled more than 30 settlements, including Vremivka, Novopil, Donetsk oblast, Huliaipole, Zaliznychne, Mala Tokmachka Novoandriivka, Kamyanske, Zaporizhzhia oblast, Beryslav, Kozatske, Tokarivka, Antonivka, Bilozerka, Berehove, Kherson oblast, and the city of Kherson.

Ukrainian Air Forces launched 11 air strikes on the buildup of russian troops and military equipment. 1 russian Supercam reconnaissance UAV was shot down.

According to the President’s Office, Ukraine returned 44 Ukrainian defenders from the russian captivity. Among them are 36 soldiers and sergeants and 6 officers. They are military men, border guards, navy men. 2 civilians were also released.

Mykola Oleschuk, head of the Air Defense, tested Patriot systems in Ukraine. Patriot is on combat alert starting from April.  

The President of Ukraine had a phone conversation with the CPR head Si Tsin Pin. Volodymyr Zelenskyy shared the news in his social media. Following the discussion, China will send the representative on Eurasian issues in Ukraine to Ukraine and other countries to foster further communication with all parties on handling the crisis in Ukraine.”

Recent war events in the east of Ukraine

Kharkiv oblast

At least 17 settlements in Kharkiv region came under russian shelling overnight and 10 during the day, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported. 

A bus with residents of Kozacha Lopan and volunteers returning from Kharkiv came under Russian fire. This was reported by the head of the Proliska humanitarian mission, Yevhen Kaplin. One of the shells exploded 30 metres from the bus. None of 36 people were injured, but a shell fragment damaged the bus window and the blast wave smashed one window.

A damaged volunteer bus. Photo from social media

The enemy fired at least 17 border and frontline settlements in Kharkiv, Kupiansk and Chuhuiv districts. Kupiansk, Udy, Vetarine, Ohirtseve, Hatysche, Krasne Pershe, Novomlynsk, Dvorichna and other settlements were under enemy fire.

According to the updated data, two women aged 54 and 57 were killed and 10 people were injured as a result of the missile strike on Kupiansk. 4 of them were hospitalised, while 6 others sustained minor injuries and received medical treatment on the spot. An employee of the city’s Department of Culture, Youth and Sports, Iryna Korystina, said that the victims were the director of a museum and her deputy. 

Demining operations are ongoing. Over the past 24 hours, pyrotechnic units of the State Emergency Service have defused 138 explosive devices.

A 12-year-old resident of Mali Prokhody in Dergachi district was exhumed on 26 April. According to the prosecutor’s office, last year he came under fire while feeding cattle with his mother: a shell hit their home, killing the child and injuring his mother.

During the occupation, the russian military set up a field hospital in the Holy Trinity Church in Mala Komyshuvasa, Izium district. They left behind syringes, propaganda newspapers and dirty mattresses in the church.

Donetsk oblast

The russian army is on conducting offensives in Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Mariinka directions. Over the past day, Ukrainian defense forces repelled 39 attacks by russian troops in these areas. The fiercest fighting continues for Bakhmut and Mariinka. This was reported by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in a morning briefing. 

In the afternoon, russian troops shelled Druzhkivka in Donetsk region. There are damages and destruction in the private sector. “No one was injured or killed,” said Sergey Boyevsky, head of Druzhkivka’s MVA.

“Russian troops hit the Druzhkivka police department, where three police officers on duty were wounded,” the Donetsk police press service said.

“In the evening, the russian military shelled Kostyantynivka community,” said Oleksiy Roslov, head of the MVA.

There was no information about civilians, wounded or killed in the shelling over the day.

Russians launched a rocket attack on Druzhkivka, damaging a residential building and an administrative building.

Towards Volnovakha, the enemy fired twice at Novoukrainka and twice at Prechystivka in the Vuhledar community. 

Towards Donetsk, 8 houses in Novohrodivka were damaged. Maryinka was constantly shelled during the night. Kurakhivka came under fire once. At night, russians were actively shelling Avdiivka: 4 times with rockets and 3 times with artillery.

Towards Horlivka, russians shelled Kostyantynivka three times, damaging 7 houses. Shelling of the outskirts of Chasovoyarske, Soledar and Illinivske communities was recorded.

Towards Lysychansk, a house in Siversk was completely destroyed, and several other buildings were partially damaged. Zvanivka and Pereyizne were shelled throughout the day.

Almost the entire territory of the Holy Mountains National Park in Donetsk region is currently under threat. “We have cleared 50 hectares out of 44,000,” said acting director Serhiy Pryimachuk.

“New mass graves have been found in occupied Mariupol,” said Petro Andriushchenko, an adviser to the mayor of Mariupol. According to the mayor’s adviser, Novotroitske cemetery was closed until about mid-July and was under the control of the occupiers.

Luhansk oblast

For several days in a row, the russians have not been advancing on our frontline. However, this does not make it safer, they are using artillery with the same intensity as before. Enemy air raids have not disappeared either. They continue to use aircraft, but it has not become the dominant component of the enemy’s offensive capabilities. Our military, in turn, are doing everything possible to maximise the damage to the enemy.

Novoselivske, Nevske, Dibrova and Bilohorivka were hit by russian artillery shelling.

The occupiers continue to detain local residents who have different views or simply do not like them. 

Ukrainian paratroopers destroyed an Ural army truck and an infantry fighting vehicle (BMP-2) of the russian military in Luhansk region, the military of the 25th separate airborne brigade of Sicheslav.

Residents of different nationalities are being relocated from russia to the occupied territories of Ukraine in Luhansk region. “The local occupiers are resettling newly arrived families, employing them, providing affordable loans for housing and business,” said Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Maliar.

Residents of the occupied Luhansk region suspected of collaborating with Ukraine are being abducted and taken to an unknown destination. People from Svatove district are being held on the territory of a former fur farm near Kreminna, the Luhansk Military Administration said.

What is happening now in the north of Ukraine

Kyiv oblast

The liquidators of the accident at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant, which happened 37 years ago, on April 26, 1986, were honored in the Chornobyl exclusion zone. Minister of Environmental Protection Ruslan Strilets said that the workers who worked for 35 days in the occupation during the invasion of the russian federation were also awarded. According to him, a significant number of people who were taken from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant are still in russian captivity.

A permanent monitoring mission of the IAEA has been stationed at the Chornobyl NPP since this January. It documents the impact of the war on the enterprise, studies its priority needs. Acting Chief State Inspector for Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Ukraine Oleg Korikov announced that immediately after the de-occupation, the IAEA began to provide assistance with technical support. According to him, 12 countries have offered help to Ukraine through the mechanism of the international emergency preparedness and response network, these are Australia, USA, Romania, Hungary, France, Germany, Sweden, Israel, Japan, Canada, Switzerland and Spain.

Borodianka and Moschun entered the experimental project on complex restoration. As the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal reported, the project included six settlements that suffered terrible destruction and will be rebuilt according to the principle of “better than it was”. Among them, Trostianets in Sumy oblast, Posad-Pokrovske in Kherson oblast, Tsyrkuny in Kharkiv oblast and Yahidne in Chernihiv oblast.

The rescuers of Kyiv oblast conducted planned tactical and special training, the main purpose of which was to study the object from an operational and tactical point of view and practice the interaction of all units and services. As reported in the Regional Emergency Service, firefighters set themselves the task of improving their skills in the organization and tactics of extinguishing fires at critical infrastructure facilities under conditions of russian aggression.

The other day in Kyiv oblast, with the participation of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Ukraine, Mr. Matsuda Kuninori, the transfer of humanitarian aid to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine from the Japanese International Cooperation Agency “JICA” took place. The rescuers received crane trucks, metal detectors with sets of spare parts for them, and protective equipment for pyrotechnicians.

Transfer of humanitarian aid to the State Emergency Service from the Japanese International Cooperation Agency “JICA”. Photo: State Emergency Service of Kyiv oblast

Polish partners will provide Bucha materials worth more than three million hryvnias. As reported in the city council, they will be used to restore the roofs of houses destroyed or damaged due to russian military aggression. The delivery of the roof cover for reconstruction was agreed with the leadership of the UN Global Compact program in Poland during the 15th European Economic Forum in Katowice.

The KCSA reported that the UN Population Fund handed over three cars to Kyiv for mobile brigades that help victims of violence. It said there had been an increase in domestic and gender-based violence calls during the full-scale invasion.

The street exhibition “Union of the White Eagle and the Golden Trident” opened on Kontraktova Square with the assistance of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance. It draws parallels between the events of a century ago, when the Polish and Ukrainian peoples joined forces for a joint armed repulse of the aggression of communist russia, and the present. The exhibition was created by the Military History Research Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The documentary “How to survive when you are killed” was shown in the Gallery of Protest Art of the Maidan Museum. The movie tells about the survival of the inhabitants of Hostomel during the russian occupation. The screening took place as part of the exhibition ” February: Edges of Invincibility”, dedicated to the struggle for Kyiv at the end of February – the beginning of March 2022.

Zhytomyr oblast

A series of open lessons on tactical medicine for graduates of 32 lyceums of Zhytomyr was organized by the city’s education department on the initiative of the Zhytomyr Center for Recruitment and Social Support. Graduates of 19 educational institutions have already undergone training, all graduates will undergo practical classes in tactical medicine by the end of May.

The “Fireproof” art exhibition opened in the House of Ukrainian Culture of the regional center. Zhytomyr artist Anastasia Sladkovska spent about a year realizing her creative idea, which she dedicated to rescuers of the State Emergency Service in Zhytomyr oblast.

Sumy oblast

The Sumy RMA reported that the russian military shelled the border communities of Khotyn, Bilopillia, Yunakivka and Esman. 70 hits from mortars, artillery and grenade launchers were recorded. As a result of the shelling, the premises of a local enterprise, a household and power lines were damaged.

At night and in the morning, the enemy shelled the communities of Seredina-Buda, Znob-Novhorodske, Bilopillia and Esman – 32 hits were recorded. In Seredina-Buda, a house was damaged, in the village of Znob-Trubchevsk, the summer kitchen of one of the households caught fire.

Two civilians were wounded due to shelling of the Yunakivka community, they are being provided with qualified medical assistance. The community suffered from mortar shelling – 4 hits were recorded.

In Lebedyn region, a tractor driver found ammunition while working in the field. It turned out to be a dangerous fragment from a cluster projectile for the Uragan MLRS. Police explosives officers, having arrived on call, destroyed the ammunition from a distance with an electric detonation.

A fragmentary element from the Uragan MLRS ammunition was found by a tractor driver in a field in the Lebedyn region. Photo from social networks

Chernihiv oblast

The SBGS reported that the Semenivka, Horodnianka and Novhorod-Siverskyi communities of Chernihiv oblast came under enemy shelling. A total of 47 mortar strikes were recorded.

The ‘North’ Operational Command reported that russian troops shelled the border areas of Chernihiv oblast. Horodnianka, Novhorod-Siverskyi and Semenivka communities came under shelling. A total of 32 hits from mortars, self-propelled guns and MLRS were recorded.

Commander of the United Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Lieutenant General Serhii Naev announced that the russians continues systematic artillery shelling of the border of Chernihiv and Sumy regions, conducts aerial reconnaissance with the aim of inflicting fire damage on critical civilian infrastructure facilities and exposing our air defense system. According to him, for the actions in the northern direction the russians involved two groups covering the state border, deployed in the southern part of belarus and in the territories of the Bryansk and Kursk regions of the russian federation, with a total number of about 17 thousand soldiers. The Northern Group of Ukrainian troops continues to strengthen and prepare reserves.

Head of the Chernihiv RMA Viacheslav Chaus said that more than 18,400 hectares of fields in Chernihiv region have not been inspected yet for the presence of explosive objects. A significant part of them is located in a 20-kilometer zone to the border, where demining work is currently impossible. In general, explosive objects were found on 130 hectares of agricultural land in the spring of this year.

On the 37th anniversary of the Chornobyl tragedy, the oblast honored the memory of the dead NPP workers, firefighters, military personnel and civilians who participated in the liquidation of the consequences of the accident. As reported in Chernihiv oblast, 244 settlements of Chernihiv oblast are classified as radioactively contaminated, 22% of the population suffered from the consequences of the accident, almost 15,000 residents of Chernihiv oblast are liquidators of the accident at the Chornobyl NPP.

Recent events in the central regions of Ukraine

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

According to the head of the regional council Mykola Lukashuk, russian occupation forces shelled the Nikopol region four times during the day, using heavy artillery to hit two communities. Enemy shelled Chervonohryhorivka and Marhanets territorial communities. The building of a pumping station was damaged in the latter. Velykomykhailivka community  in Sinelnykove region was attacked  from an aircraft.

Dnipro City Council reported that Dnipro received a batch of special vehicles from its Japanese partner city Osaka. It includes six different types of vehicles: trucks with cranes, ambulances, and a bus with rescue equipment.

Vinnytsia oblast

​​ Vinnytsia Mayor Serhii Morhunov has announced that there are four Vinnytsia residents among the soldiers released from captivity. 

The mobile team of social and psychological assistance has received a car to respond promptly to requests from Vinnytsia residents. The car was donated by the United Nations Population Fund, with which the city council has been cooperating since 2020.

Kirovohrad oblast

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress delivered humanitarian aid to Kirovohrad oblast for internally displaced persons, specifically food kits.

Poltava oblast

A team of Poltava sports journalists has launched a new season of a series of charity matches in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Last year, the team played 16 matches within the project, won 8 matches, and raised more than UAH 250,000 for the needs of the Armed Forces.

Cherkasy oblast

Co-organiser of the project and volunteer Oleksii Sviatenko reported that Cherkasy volunteers raised 200 thousand hryvnias for the military through the “Drawing Victory”project. During the project, the organisers sold containers for tank shells with Ukrainian ornaments on them. 

Latest news from the front of the southern regions of Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia oblast

During the past day, April 25, russian forces launched 67 attacks on 19 civilian settlements using aviation, drones, artillery, and MLRS. Last night, the russians used lethal UAVs of the “Shahed 136” type to strike the regional center. Drones hit the city infrastructure in Zaporizhzhia. In addition to the regional center, the following settlements were shelled by russian forces during the last day: Huliaipole, Orikhiv, Zaliznychne, Novodanylivka, Novoandriivka, Hulyaipilske, Mala Tokmachka, Olhivske, Charivne, Poltavka, Temyrivka, Bilohiria, Zatyshshia, Mali Shcherbaky, Kamianske, Stepove, and Prymorske.

On April 26, 2023, the russian army shelled the city of Orikhiv again. As a result of the enemy attack, a 46-year-old local resident was killed. The Polohy Region Prosecutor’s Office has launched a pre-trial investigation into the violation of laws and customs of war in connection with the incident.

Mykolaiv oblast

Modular houses are being installed in the village of Partyzanske, the Pervomaisk territorial community in Mykolaiv oblast, for temporary accommodation of people who have lost their homes due to shelling by russian military forces. Up to 5 people can live in one house.

The International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Radiation Accidents and Disasters is an annual tribute to the events of April 26, 1986, at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant. A one-day exhibition dedicated to this date was held by the Mykolaiv Academic Art Drama Theater. The entire photo exhibit is located on the street in front of the theater building.

Odesa oblast

There were no air raid alarm or shelling in Odesa oblast on the night of April 25-26. However, the danger of missile strikes and drone attacks by the enemy remains very high for the region. As of evening, the russian naval group in the Black Sea was increased to thirteen units with twice as many missile carriers. According to the “South” Operational Command, two submarine and two surface missile carriers were on combat duty, with a total salvo of up to twenty-four Kalibrs.

Representatives of russia in the Joint Coordination Center (JCC) in Istanbul blocked inspections of vessels in Turkish territorial waters for the third time this month, which carry grain and food products from Ukrainian ports in the Odesa oblast to the Black Sea as part of the Safe Transport Initiative. As a result, four vessels, including the Akdeniz M ship chartered by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to deliver wheat to Ethiopia, have been unable to leave the ports of Chornomorsk, Odesa, and “Pivdenny” and are forced to wait for an indefinite period for their passage to be approved.

Today marks 37 years since the tragic event in Ukraine’s history – the accident at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant. A rally-requiem with the laying of flowers at the monument to the people of Odesa who were affected by the Chornobyl disaster was held in Odesa on the Day of Remembrance of the Chornobyl tragedy.

Kherson oblast

Today, the russian army shelled the Antonivskyi Bridge near Kherson. One man died on the spot from injuries, and a journalist from the Italian media “La Repubblica” received a shoulder injury. A 26-year-old man was also injured as a result of the artillery strike on Stanislav.

During April 25, russian occupiers shelled peaceful settlements in Kherson oblast 75 times, firing 389 shells from artillery, multiple rocket launchers, mortars, tanks, RPGs, drones, and aviation. Russians attacked Kherson 11 times, firing 33 shells at the city. In the village of Kizomys, the Bilozerka community, 11 residential buildings, a church, two stores, garages, and a car were damaged due to enemy shelling. One person was injured due to russian aggression yesterday.

Consequences of enemy shelling. Photo: Police of Kherson oblast

Yesterday, the police opened 31 criminal proceedings against the russian armed forces for war crimes in Kherson oblast. There is information that in one of the villages in the temporarily occupied Kahovka region, russian military personnel shot a 38-year-old man for his pro-Ukrainian position.

Today, the mobile fire groups military of the Southern Air Command destroyed 6 enemy drones: 5 “Lancet” attack drones and 1 “Merlin-VR” drone.

Due to massive artillery shelling and bombing by russian forces in Kizomys, the Bilozerka village military administration organized the evacuation of residents. Families with children are offered to leave Kizomys community, and other people are temporarily relocating to other villages of the community. Anyone willing to leave should contact the village elder or military administration.

Another batch of power equipment, provided by Lithuania and Germany, has arrived in Kherson oblast. The region has received power transformers, generators for temporary energy recovery, special clothing, materials for equipping air lines, switches, and circuit breakers.

American science fiction writer Charlie Marino will donate paintings from his own collection to the Kherson Regional Art Museum. The writer wrote a letter to the Kherson Museum in which he offered to donate paintings from his own collection and called on art connoisseurs to join his initiative.

Latest news for today in the western regions of Ukraine

Volyn oblast

The management, deputies of the regional council, utilities and volunteers collected most required items in several weeks for the needs of the three battalions of the 100th Brigade of the Anti-Terrorist Defense and the mechanized battalion of the 118th Brigade, where 90% of Volyn residents serve. They purchased a four-wheel drive off-road vehicle, an ambulance from the Volyn ambulance service, generators of various capacities, modern thermal imagers, drones and Starlink satellite modems; dried fruit, long-term storage products and personal care products for the soldiers. Additionally, they collected medicines, water filters, flashlights, chargers, binoculars, power strips, office equipment and fuel for the long trip.

Aid for the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Volyn community. Photo from social media

The Lutsk city territorial community received a vehicle from the UN for the work of a mobile social and psychological support team that helps people who have experienced domestic or gender-based violence.

Another prisoner exchange took place today. Ukraine managed to return home 44 people, including two Volyn residents.

Servicemen from Luhansk region joined in planting greenery in Volyn. These are soldiers of the 111th separate territorial defense brigade who helped plant oak, fir and larch trees. They joined the all-Ukrainian environmental campaign.

Yuriy Pohuliaiko, head of the RMA, reports that farmers in Volyn region have resumed spring field work, suspended in early April due to weather conditions and flooding. Farms are currently finishing sowing spring wheat. 97% of the planned 13,000 hectares of spring wheat in the region has been sown. 

Zakarpattia oblast

The 101st separate Territorial Defense Brigade of Transcarpathia received two armored combat vehicles Kozak-2. The vehicles were sent to the battalion, stationed in eastern Ukraine.

American doctors from the International Medical Response organization, with the support of the Heart to Heart charity foundation, the international organization Zonta Club, and the Corvallis-Uzhhorod Sister City Association, are launching several joint projects in Zakarpattia. The main focus is on providing quality health care for vulnerable populations, free gynecological examinations for displaced women, and mentoring and training for medical students from US doctors.

Environmental activists from the CHYSTO.DE NGO organized a cleanup campaign at the Vilshany Reservoir in Zakarpattia in memory of Roman Zhuk, a scout with the 128th separate mountain assault brigade of the Zakarpattia region killed in action in Zaporizhzhia last May. The brigade’s orchestra took part in the event, and its performance further motivated volunteers advocating protection of the Carpathian nature. Along with cleaning the lake, the volunteers wove camouflage nets for the brigade. The event contributed to the wellbeing of the environment, the military and civilians alike.

Young artists from Mukachevo, students of the Munkachi Art School, joined the charity exhibition “My Unconquered Ukraine”. The exhibition will be held in London as part of the International Charity Program “Kids and Art for Ukraine”.

According to the  Ukrzaliznytsia, this Friday, a new train will start running between Kyiv and Uzhhorod and back. 

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

Eight-year-old Maksym Kosyk from Ivano-Frankivsk raised almost 14,000 UAH for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. On his birthday, the boy aimed to raise UAH 10,000 for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He managed to raise UAH 13,700. He handed over the money to volunteers from the NGO Public Initiative of Galicia to join the fundraising for Mavic drones.

The team and partners of the Chysti Sertsem Charitable Foundation sent about 15 tons of humanitarian aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The aid was made possible due to the support of the People’s Republic of China; Ruslan Savchuk, Peter Sifen, the Maidan Network Foundation in Reine, Germany; the Center for Ukrainian Studies in Germany. Reine, Germany; and the Center for Ukrainian Culture in Tallinn, Estonia.

In Ivano-Frankivsk, the logistics center collects parcels to the front.  Thanks to the volunteers of the Union of Volunteers of Prykarpattia, the aid will be sent to Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk and Luhansk.

Lviv oblast

The press service of the Lviv Regional Military Administration reported that the mother of the fallen defender Oleksandr Sozansky purchased four drones for the 80th separate air assault brigade. The drones were bought for almost a million hryvnias. It was transferred by the residents of the region to support the family.

Representatives of the Croce Viola charity organization handed over the aid to the municipal institutions of the Lviv Regional Council, the Lviv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital OKHMATDYT and the Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Center.

On April 25, 13 ambulances were sent to Ukrainian hospitals in Lviv by the Help Ukraine Gothenburg Foundation, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The ambulances were sent to hospitals in Mykolaiv and Kherson oblasts and the city of Izmail. The Volkswagen-based vehicles are going to zero positions, while the rest will work on the 2nd and 3rd evacuation lanes.

The Lviv Regional Military Administration received two diesel generators for the military from the DIL Charitable Foundation. Their capacity is 7.5 and 3.5 kW. Soon they will be delivered to the brigades in which the defenders from Lviv region are fighting.

A free evacuation bus runs from Lviv to Warsaw. It is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In addition, a free evacuation bus will run from Lviv to Przemysl daily. Registration for the bus will take place in a volunteer tent at the Lviv railway station. The bus will depart when it is full.

Rivne oblast

During the war, Rivne oblast provided shelter for more than 86,000 IDPs. Almost 54,000 internally displaced persons remained in Rivne oblast. About 25,000 of them are women, more than 15,000 are children, more than 7,500 are elderly people and almost 2,000 are people with disabilities. 

An evacuation reception center will be set up in Rivne oblast to integrate IDPs. This will be the only place where IDPs can go and receive a full range of social services. This will include legal, psychological, educational support, assistance with job search, business relocation or starting a business, etc. The premises are currently being prepared for repair and construction works.  The project is being implemented with the financial support of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and in partnership with the charitable organizations Civil Network “OPORA”, “100 % Life Rivne”, “АGENCY for sustainable development of the city” and “INTEGRATION CENTRE”. 

Vitalii Koval, the head of the Rivne Regional Military Administration, signed a memorandum with WEGLOKOKS S.A., a state-owned holding company, to reconstruct a bridge on the local road Ostroh-Raduzhne-Tochevyky in Rivne oblast. Its reconstruction is aimed at improving the logistics of humanitarian aid. 

Ternopil oblast

The head of the Ternopil Regional Military Administration, Volodymyr Trush, reported that another evacuation train arrived in Ternopil. People were brought from Pokrovsk with various types of fractures and hypertension.  Ambulances delivered the patients to hospitals in the oblast. 

The head of the Ternopil Regional Military Administration, Volodymyr Trush, reported that a new profession, “operator of ground control equipment for unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)”, will be taught in Ternopil oblast. This became possible thanks to the joint efforts of the Ministry of Education and Science, Ternopil Regional Military Academy, and Ternopil Vocational College with enhanced military and physical training. 

The head of the Ternopil Regional Military Administration, Volodymyr Trush, reported that Ternopil Oblast has received medical aid worth over UAH 16 million from the Czech Government. This includes medicines, surgical instruments, medical implants, materials for prosthetics, and bandages. In addition to humanitarian aid, the Czech Republic assisted in the creation of a modular town for internally displaced persons in the village of Malashivka, Ternopil territorial community.  

Khmelnytskyi oblast

The Khmelnytskyi Regional Art Museum opened an exhibition of posters by Kyiv-based artist Mykola Honcharov “(NOT) INSTEAD OF WEAPONS”. It is an artistic response to the Revolution of Dignity and the 9-year russian-Ukrainian war.

New shelters will be built on the territory of nine educational institutions of the Khmelnytskyi TC. The geodesy of the sites is currently being determined and design and estimate documentation is being prepared.

Chernivtsi oblast

The 107th Separate Brigade of the territorial defense received sniper rifles equipped with optical and thermal sights from the mayor of Chernivtsi, the Chernivtsi Regional Council reported.

According to the Chernivtsi Regional Council.From 15 May to 7 June, 15 Chernivtsi families and families of internally displaced persons will be able to take part in the coworking space “Amulet for the Family”.  

Deputy Chairman of the Regional Council Mykhailo Pavliuk met with the President of the Romanian Peace Institute (PATRIR), Kai Fritjof Brand-Jacobsen. The parties discussed student and youth movements in Europe, cooperation with Ukrainian youth in times of war. 

The Chernivtsi Regional Clinical Hospital received another donation from philanthropists. The benefactors donated functional beds, mattresses, blankets and pillows, office and upholstered furniture, wheelchairs, medical supplies and medicines to the hospital. A new boiler for the kitchen was donated to the Chereshovo Neuropsychiatric Nursing Home. 

The Primary Health Care Centre of the Novoselytsia community “Ray of Health” has delivered a shipment for seriously wounded Ukrainian soldiers who are in a hospital in Kramatorsk: medicines, orthoses and fixators, as well as other medical supplies. 

International support of Ukraine in the russian-Ukrainian war (russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

A draft resolution entitled “Ukraine’s Victory” was presented in the US Congress. The document was presented during a press conference of the Helsinki Commission. 

Vedant Patel, deputy spokesman for the US Department of State, stressed during a briefing in Washington that the United States will pay close attention to the possible cooperation between russia and North Korea in the supply of lethal weapons. 

A Ukrainian-Italian conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine takes place in Rome. Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal met with Italian President Sergio Mattarella. They discussed current areas of cooperation in the financial and defense sectors, as well as sanctions against Russia’s nuclear industry and the work of Grain from Ukraine.

US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink visited the Danube ports of Reni and Izmail to emphasize the US government’s support for Ukrainian grain exports during the full-scale war unleashed by Russia. Brink announced this on Twitter. According to the press service of the US Embassy, the initiative is aimed at modernizing and expanding the activities of the ports of Izmail and Reni through a joint investment of resources by USAID, Kernel and Nibulon.

A hub for the repair of Ukrainian Leopard 2s will be launched in Gliwice, Poland, in May. “The relevant agreement between Ukraine, Poland and Germany was signed last Friday in Ramstein, Germany,” said Minister of National Defence Blaszczak.

Recruits of the Defense Forces in the UK are honing their skills in trench warfare. Under the guidance of Norwegian National Guard instructors, they are practicing the preparation, capture and holding of a trench, trench, position,” the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said.

Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Estonian Defence Forces Mart Vendla states that about a thousand Ukrainian soldiers have been trained by Estonian instructors since the beginning of the russian aggression. 

The organizers of the International Book Fair announced that Ukraine will be the guest of honor at the International Book Fair in Warsaw on 25-28 May. Dozens of Ukrainian publishers and authors will take part in the fair. 

French artist Christian Guemi, also known as C215, painted Lesya Ukrainka in Borodianka. He also shared her poem “Hope” translated into French.

Lesya Ukrainka in Borodianka. Photo from social media

From now on, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All russia is on the Czech Republic’s sanctions list for supporting the russian invasion of Ukraine. This means a ban on the patriarch’s entry to the Czech Republic and the freezing of any of his property in the country.

The cartoon “Mavka. The Forest Song” will be shown in Ukrainian on the big screens of the United States and Canada. The launch of the film’s English theatrical release will be announced separately. Mavka will also premiere on digital platforms in the United States and Canada.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan presented the State Award for the Highest Self-Sacrifice to Ukraine and the State Emergency Service for their participation in the search and rescue operation to overcome the consequences of the powerful earthquake in Turkey.

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Tamara Moshkovska, Sofia Ratynska, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Vita Petrenko, Аnna Efremova, Halyna Vaskiv

Translated by Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Ioanna Kryvenko, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Yevheniia Sukhonos, Marharyta Koval, Tetiana Kurbatova, Olga Shalya 

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