War in Ukraine today: latest news, April 24, 2023 (photo)

It has been the 425th day of the Ukrainian resistance to the russian military aggression.

What happened in Ukraine today:

Here is operational information of the General Staff as of 6 pm:   

The russian army launched 6 missiles and 47 air strikes, 25 MLRS attacks at the positions of Ukrainian troops and critical infrastructure in various settlements.

Ukraine is still under the threat of further missile and air strikes.

Russian army focuses on offensive operations towards Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Mariinka directions, with more than 30 russian attacks repelled. The fiercest fighting is raging for Bakhmut and Mariinka.

Towards Volyn and Polissis, there were no significant changes. No signs of formation of an offensive group.

Towards Siversk and Sloboda, russian troops remain stationed in the areas of Bryansk, Kursk, and Belgorod oblasts, russia, bordering Ukraine. Russian soldiers shelled the settlements of Hremiach, Chernihiv oblast, Kucherivka, Shalyhine, Iskryskivschyna, Popivka, Sumy oblast, Okip, Mali Prokhody, Strilecha, Neskuchne, Hatyshche, Budarky, and Chuhunivka, Kharkiv oblast.

Towards Kupiansk, the russian army continues to fortify its positions in certain areas. Topoli, Kamianka, Krasne Pershe, Fyholivka, Novomlynsk, Dvorichna, Zapadne, Kyslivka, Kharkiv oblast, and Novoselivske, Luhansk oblast, were shelled with artillery and mortars.

Towards Lyman, the russian army did not conduct any offensive operations. Makiivka, Nevske, Dibrova, Bilohorivka, Luhansk oblast, Torske, Verkhniokamianske, Spirne, and Pereizne, Donetsk oblast, were shelled with artillery.

Towards Bakhmut, the russian army continues its offensive operations. Heavy battles for the city of Bakhmut continue to rage. In addition, russian troops conducted unsuccessful offensives towards the settlements of Novomarkove and Khromove. Orikhovo-Vasylivka, Markove, Hryhorivka, Khromove, Bakhmut, Ivanivske, Chasiv Yar, Pivnichne, and New York, Donetsk oblast, were shelled by the russian army.

Towards Avdiivka, russian soldiers conducted offensive operations near the settlements of Novokalynove, Stepove, and Pervomaiske, Donetsk oblast, to no success. Russian troops shelled Novokalynove, Avdiivka, Sieverne, Tonenke Pervomaiske, Karlivka, and Nevelske, Donetsk oblast.

Towards Mariinka, Ukrainian defenders repelled russian attacks in the vicinity of settlement of Mariinka and near Novomykhailivka. Russian army shelled the settlements of Krasnohorivka, Hostre, Mariinka, Pobieda, Novomykhailivka, and Paraskoviivka, Donetsk oblast.

Towards Shakhtarsk, russian soldiers did not conduct any offensive operations. Russian troops shelled the settlements of Vuhledar, Prechystivka, Velyka Novosilka and Komar, Donetsk oblast.

Towards Zaporizhzhia and Kherson, the russian army is on the defensive. At the same time, russian military shelled settlements near the front line of active. Among them are Novosilka, Novopi, Donetsk oblast, Olhivske, Malynivka, Chervone, Charivne, Orikhiv, Zaporizhzhia oblast, and the city of Kherson.

The russian army continues to re-purpose the civilian infrastructure of the temporarily occupied settlements. Russian troops are using one of the schools in Holubivka, Luhansk oblast, as a medical center to provide medical care to their troops.

The Ukrainian Air Force launched 6 air strikes on buildups of russian troops and military equipment. 2 various type reconnaissance UAVs were shot down.

Ukrainian rocket and artillery troops hit 1 anti-aircraft missile system and 2 electronic warfare stations of the russian army.

According to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, since the full-scale russian invasion began, Ukraine has freed 2,238 people from russian captivity. Among 2,238 released persons, 140 are civilians. 

Andriy Demchenko, the spokesman of the State Security Service of Ukraine, reported that the situation on the border with belarus is fully under control. The russian military continues to remain there, but their numbers are not increasing. 

The spokesman of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuriy Ihnat informed that One division of the Patriot air defense system is already in Ukraine. Other complexes will later also be in Ukraine and will stand in for combat duty.

Recent war events in the east of Ukraine

Kharkiv oblast

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, russian troops are reinforcing their positions in certain areas towards Kupiansk. At least 15 settlements were under artillery and mortar attack.

State Border Guard Service said that a Russian kamikaze drone, that had crossed the border and was flying into the country, was shot down with automatic weapons.

Viktor Kovalenko, head of the Zolochiv Village Military Administration informed that the night before, russia shelled Tymofiivka, a border city, with artillery. After the shelling, there was a partial blackout in the settlement and a building and outbuildings were damaged.

Yesterday, the enemy continued to attack the areas near the border and frontline settlements in Kharkiv, Chuhuiv and Kupiansk regions. Specifically, Hoptivka, Zelene, Neskuchne, Budarky, Milove, Krasne Pershne, Vovchansk, Dvorichna, Hrianykivka, Lyman Pershyi, Kyslivka and other settlements were under enemy attack. There were no large-scale destruction or casualties among the civilian population.

Mine clearance is ongoing. Yesterday pyrotechnic units of the State Emergency Service examined more than 3.3 hectares of territory and defused 86 explosive ordnance.

Oskil today. Photo from social media

Donetsk oblast

Referring to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, russian troops are advancing towards Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Marinka. The Defence Forces repelled more than 30 enemy attacks in these areas. The fiercest combat continues to rage for Bakhmut and Mariinka.

Oleksii Dmytrashkivskyi, spokesman of the Tavriisk Defence Forces, reported on the air of Yedyni Novyny TV marathon that russian troops have sent a tank brigade to Avdiivka to reinforce their units, which lost more than 200 soldiers and 20 pieces of equipment yesterday. In the near future, it will be used to advance on the positions of the Defence Forces.

Two men were killed this morning as a result of shelling in Shakhtarsk. One woman was injured.

In the occupied Mariupol, russians began to actively use aviation. Russian Aerospace Forces have not been so active for several weeks.

At midnight, russians launched two missiles at Kramatorsk, damaging a school and nearby private buildings.

Towards Volnovakha, 2 people were injured in Novoukrainka, 2 private buildings and an administrative building damaged.

Towards Donetsk, shelling of Mariinka and Krasnohorivka continued. Russians shelled Kurakhove community six times, damaging 6 buildings: 3 in Hostre, 2 in Veselyi Hai and 1 in Hannivka. Another 2 buildings were damaged in Halytsynivka of Novohrodivka community.

Towards Horlivka, 2 private buildings and 1 apartment block in Bakhmut were damaged. 2 buildings were damaged in Toretsk community and 1 more in Predtechyne of Kostiantynivka community. There was shelling of the outskirts of Chasiv Yar and Soledar communities.

Towards Lysychansk, 10 shells hit the territory of Torske and Zarichne communities in Lyman community.

Pavlo Kyrylenko, head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration reported that russians killed 2 civilians in Bakhmut. Two more people were injured.

Luhansk oblast

For the second day in a row, russians did not conduct any offensive actions in our sector of the frontline. However, our military is expecting any movement. They are on the alert every minute. At the same time, the shelling of settlements located near the front line does not stop. The enemy continues to use artillery of various types and aircraft, including cruise missiles.

Yesterday, russians shelled Novoselivske, Makiivka, Nevske, Bilohorivka and Dibrova.

Having no significant achievements on the frontline, russian soldiers and representatives of the wagner PMC are increasingly trying to find someone to blame. They are blaming each other for their own tactical mistakes and losses.

Based on the information of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a battle between these enemy units occurred in Stanytsia Luhanska, which turned into a firefight. The conflict resulted in losses on both sides. They continue to suffer heavy losses on the battlefield.

Luhansk Regional Military Administration reported that medical facilities in the temporarily occupied territory are overcrowded with injured invaders. As a result, the enemy is forced to use educational institutions for its own purposes. For instance, in Mistky, the invaders converted a local school into a military hospital. There are a large number of injured russians there. Besides, there is a great shortage of medicines and bandages in all enemy medical institutions. Those who want to save their lives and health and refuse to fight are sent back to the basement. Earlier, after some media exposure, its activities were suspended, but when the number of refusers increased, the enemy resumed using compulsory measures.

What is happening now in the north of Ukraine

Kyiv oblast

The Kyiv regional military administration reported that 11,784 objects have already been fully and partially restored in the oblast. 10,365 private households and multi-apartment buildings, 187 institutions of general secondary and preschool education, 100 health care institutions, 66 community centers and administrative buildings were rebuilt to provide livelihoods. Restoration works are carried out with the funds allocated from the reserve fund of the state and local budgets, with the assistance of international partners, organizations and foundations.

Kyiv oblast was visited by a delegation of ambassadors and permanent representatives of Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Iceland, and Canada at UNESCO. As reported in the Kyiv RMA, during their visit, the guests saw with their own eyes the destruction caused by the russian army in Irpin, and visited the place of mass burials on the territory of the Church of St. Andrew the First-Called Apostle in Bucha.

The Ministry of Veterans Affairs reported that during the creation of the National Military Memorial Cemetery in Kyiv, they plan to take the experience of the military cemetery in Arlington (USA) as an example.

Residents of Kyiv oblast exchanged about 1 million incandescent lamps for LED ones. Currently, more than 200,000 LED lamps remain unchanged in Ukrposhta branches. The goal of the light bulb exchange program is to reduce the load on the energy system of Ukraine.

The exhibition “Sophia Deesis” was presented in St. Sophia Cathedral. This is a series of works by the artists Oleksandr Klymenko and Sonya Atlantova from the project “Icons on boxes from cartridges”. The exhibition is dedicated to fallen soldiers from the 114th, 112th and 241st territorial defense brigades of the Kyiv oblast and the capital. The artists presented 11 works drawn on boxes from weapons, which remained after the battles during the defense of Kyiv oblast in the spring of 2022.

Zhytomyr oblast

In Zhytomyr, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyiymet with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia Kaia Kallas, who arrived in Ukraine on a visit. During the negotiations, they discussed the situation at the front and the most important steps taken by international partners to bring Victory closer.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky awarded the Order of Yaroslav the Wise to Estonian Prime Minister Kaya Kallas. Photo: from social networks

Head of the Zhytomyr RMA Vitaliy Bunechko reported that the first project of the international program for the restoration of the oblast with the assistance of Estonian friends was the construction of a new kindergarten in Ovruch. The first phase of modules has already been installed, connection to networks and finishing works are underway. The communities of the oblast received from the Government of Estonia during the full-scale war about 80 units of equipment. These are emergency medical vehicles, special vehicles for firefighters and foresters, buses for educational institutions of the oblast.

As part of the working trip of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy to Zhytomyr oblast, a coordination meeting on the security, socio-economic and socio-political situation in the region was held, in which the leaders of the security and defense forces and law enforcement agencies took part. It was about the socio-economic situation in the region, measures to strengthen the state border, arrangement of fortification and defensive engineering structures.

The Regional Emergency Service reported that another train with 58 evacuated residents of Donetsk oblast, including 17 children, arrived in Berdychiv on April 23. All displaced persons will be resettled on the territory of the Hryshkivtsi territorial community.

Sumy oblast

The Sumy RMA reported that the russians shelled two border communities in Sumy oblast, hitting their territories with 11 mortar strikes. 5 strikes were recorded in Bilopillia, 6 – in Khotyn communities.

In the morning, the russian military attacked the border region of the oblast with mortars. They hit the Bilopillia region and the Velika Pysarivka region – a total of 10 mines were released.

The ‘North’ Operational Command reported that the russian army shelled villages in the Shostka region with barrel artillery. 9 hits were recorded in the village of Kucherivka. According to the State Emergency Service, a human dwelling caught fire as a result of this attack. Around the same time, the occupiers shelled the village of Shalyhine – 8 hits were recorded.

A long-distance bicycle marathon – 212 km organized by volunteers – was held in Sumy oblast. The team, which was joined by all Sumy Red Cross volunteers, headed to the border town of Okhtyrka as part of the marathon, and returned to Sumy from there.

The police reported that an unexploded bomb from the Second World War was found in a field in Sumy oblast. An aerial bomb was discovered near one of the villages in the Konotop region during spring field work. Experts noted that the case with the explosives and the detonator were preserved – the bomb still posed a serious threat. 

Chernihiv oblast

The Chernihiv border detachment reported that the russian military struck two communities in Chernihiv oblast. Three explosions were recorded in the village of Karpovychi, Semenivka hromada – the enemy dropped explosives from a UAV. Barrel artillery fired on the territory of Novhorod-Siverskyi community.

The ‘North’ Operational Command reported that the occupiers shelled the village of Hremyach in the Novhorod-Siverskyi community. 13 hits from self-propelled guns were recorded.

Head of the Chernihiv regional military administration Vyacheslav Chaus announced that during the week, the enemy shelled the outskirts of 13 border settlements of the oblast 19 times from the territory of Bryansk region, during which 134 explosions were recorded. The enemy twice used aviation to launch guided aerial bombs. As a result of shelling, power was cut off in populated areas in the Novhorod-Siverskyi region, energy workers are establishing electricity supply.

Head of the Chernihiv RMA Viacheslav Chaus announced that another 10 generators were provided to the oblast by the Danish company ROCKWOOL. Two generators will serve the maternity hospital and children’s hospital in Chernihiv, the others will be handed over to the communities of the oblast. The leader noted that Chernihiv oblast has already received about 380 generators from ROCKWOOL.

Recent events in the central regions of Ukraine

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

 According to the head of the regional council, Mykola Lukashuk, russians attacked Nikopol with cannon artillery at night.  In the afternoon, the russian army fired twice at the Marhanets community. The occupiers dropped ammunition on a peaceful village from a drone. Later, the enemy fired on the Marhanets community with heavy artillery and launched another drone. The shelling damaged 2 private houses and 1 outbuilding.

Consequences of enemy shelling. Photo: Mykola Lukashuk

Vinnytsia oblast

​Vinnytsia Regional Prosecutor’s Office reported that employees of the regional office and District Prosecutor’s Offices of Vinnytsia region purchased a Nissan Terrano SUV and readied it for use. The vehicle was handed over to the military personnel of one of the Assault Brigades, which is currently destroying the enemy in the Bakhmut area. This was reported by the.

Kirovohrad oblast

During the open athletics championship of Kirovohrad region, 52 sets of awards were played out and more than UAH 10 thousand were raised for the needs of the soldiers of the Third Regiment of Special Forces named after Sviatoslav the Brave.

Yevheniia Shkil, a patron of the arts from Bath, came to Oleksandriia. The British city of Bath is the local community’s partner. She founded the Friends of Oleksandria Foundation. During her visit to the city, she visited educational, medical, and cultural institutions to decide on further support for the city.

Poltava oblast

Poltava Regional Hospital named after M.V. Sklifosovsky reported that a verticaliser-balancer has been purchased for the Rehabilitation Medicine Centre in Poltava with funds from UNITED24 donors. Thanks to the new equipment, which was purchased for donations, specialists can help patients with severe spinal diseases and injuries more effectively. During the first month of operation, 12 patients underwent rehabilitation on the simulator.

Cherkasy oblast

Military instructors brought grenade launchers, mines and drones to Cherkasy schoolchildren to teach mine safety, how to handle weapons, and provide first aid.

The press service of the General Staff of the State Emergency Service in Cherkasy region reported that the rescuers in Cherkasy Oblast received a reconnaissance aircraft. It was donated by Canadian benefactors as part of international cooperation. 

Latest news from the front of the southern regions of Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia oblast

Today, the russian army launched air strikes on Hulyaipole, Zaliznychne, Yehorivka, and Stepanohirsk was hit by Grad MLRS. As a result of the shelling, one woman was injured.

Yesterday, April 23, the enemy attacked Orikhiv, Huliaipole, Rivnopillia, and 17 other peaceful towns and villages with various types of weapons. The number of attacks increased. There were 112 strikes yesterday – 94 artillery strikes, one missile strike, 4 air strikes, 3 strikes from MLRS, and 10 with the use of UAVs. According to the National Police in Zaporizhzhia oblast, residential buildings, a farm, warehouse premises, and other infrastructure of the Zaporizhzhia, Polohy, and Vasylivka regions were damaged. Two civilians were injured.

Russian military personnel are laying mines in fields and dirt roads near the temporarily occupied village of Vesele in Melitopol region. This was reported by the Mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov.

In the temporarily occupied city of Berdiansk, russians are forcing medical workers who have obtained passports of the russian federation citizens to register with the military due to the shortage of medical personnel at the front. In case of refusal, medical staff are threatened with job loss. In addition, the russians are trying to export stolen crops by loading them onto cargo ships in the city.

Zaporizhzhia oblast received powerful Bluetti charging stations from the Lviv Maltese Aid Service. The devices were handed over to the State Emergency Service. Some of the charging stations will be used to ensure the sustainable functioning of the executive authorities.

Mykolaiv oblast

Yesterday, russian occupiers launched drones into Mykolaiv oblast and shelled Ochakiv with artillery. According to Mykolaiv RMA, there is no information about casualties. 

Foreign countries are offering to help restore destroyed objects. Denmark, France, Moldova, Germany, and Kazakhstan are taking separate large objects for restoration. 12 bridges have been restored Mykolaiv oblast with the help of the military, donors, and sponsors. Two more are in progress. 

Last weekend, a charity concert to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces was held in Pervomaisk. The event was initiated by volunteer Ihor Budak. A total of 22,254 hryvnias was collected with the efforts of Criptex and “Faino shos” bands, the sale of souvenirs, and 15% of the pub’s revenue.

Odesa oblast

There were 4 russian ships in the Black Sea as of the morning of April 24.  Among them there are two submarines with 8 Kalibr missiles, which pose a potential threat of missile strikes on Odesa. However, according to the “South” Operational Command, there are currently no signs of a massive missile strike.

Over 500 tons of  low-alloy steel preforms, worth over 4 million UAH, were discovered and seized in one of the sea ports in Odesa oblast. The metal was being transported from russia through Ukraine in transit after the start of the full-scale war in March 2022. The court has now seized the property and handed it over to the Asset Recovery and Management Agency.

Odessa medical facilities received modern refrigeration equipment from the UN Children’s Fund.

The Polish company Auto Partner SA and the “Brotherly Heart” Charity Fund provided another batch of humanitarian aid to the people of Odesa. According to the Odesa City Council, they regularly provide assistance to the Municipal Humanitarian Center of the Kyiv district, which is visited by 500-700 people every day, including both internally displaced persons and Odesa residents. This time it was a car

Several graffiti dedicated to Iranian kamikaze drones, which russia has been using to attack Odesa for half a year, destroying 4 buildings, appeared near the 411 Battery Memorial in Odesa. Odesa artist and designer Vadym Luhovtsov depicted the head of the iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei instead of the warhead of the iranian drone “Shahed 136”. The inscription in Persian above the drawing reads: “Take your crap back!”

Graffiti dedicated to iranian drones in Odesa. Photo: from social networks

Kherson oblast

On April 23, russian occupiers shelled Kherson oblast 83 times, firing 412 shells from artillery, multiple rocket launchers, mortars, tanks, drones, and aircraft. Two people were killed and six more were wounded to varying degrees as a result of russian aggression. 

The russian military continuously attacked Kherson and Beryslav regions. Dozens of residential buildings, a police service car were damaged, and two local residents were injured in the village of Kizomys during an aviation attack. An 80-year-old woman was injured and a police service car was damaged during the shelling of the city of Beryslav. The cemetery in the village of Havrylivka was damaged by a strike by russian forces. 

The Bilozerka community was under enemy shelling, and an educational institution, homes of civilians, and infrastructure were damaged. In the village of Veletenske, a 72-year-old man was killed as a result of artillery fire. 

The coastal areas and suburbs of Kherson suffered the most damage to residential buildings, shops, and civilian infrastructure. An 81-year-old man was killed during mortar shelling in the central district. 

Consequences of enemy attacks. Photo: Police of Kherson oblast

The police opened 23 criminal cases in the past two days for war crimes committed by russian occupiers in Kherson oblast. Russian troops stole two service cars from primary health care centers in the temporarily occupied Henichesk region in April of this year. Medical workers are now left without the ability to travel to patients to provide them with qualified assistance or transport patients to hospitals.

Near the village of Davydiv Brid, a 30-year-old local resident blew himself up on an explosive device and died on the spot. Another local resident was seriously injured as a result of tripping and blowing up an unknown explosive device. 

In October 2022, russian forces stole the Gospel of 1785 from the book collection of the Kherson Regional Local Lore Museum. According to the museum, the book was received in 1963 from the Holy Spirit Cathedral of Kherson. Prior to that time, the book was kept in the Catherine Cathedral.

Latest news for today in the western regions of Ukraine

Volyn oblast

The Volyn Prosecutor’s Office reported that Lt. Colonel Viktor Nasikovskyi, their former employee, was killed near the city of Bakhmut, Donetsk oblast, while defending Ukraine as part of the 127th Territorial Defense Brigade.

Zakarpattia oblast

The first international theater festival Freedom has ended in Uzhgorod. The funds collected during the event will be donated to help victims of the war in Kherson oblast.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

Special training Rescue Days Ukraine 2023 took place in Prykarpattia. Almost 100 rescuers from 20 oblasts of Ukraine took part in the training. The purpose of these exercises is to increase the level of professional training of emergency services specialists to respond to the elimination of the consequences of traffic accidents.

The RMA reported that with the support of the Foundation Agendum fund, cars for soldiers on the front lines were sent. Regional military administrations sent 7 cars to the front.

Lviv oblast

Over 50 IDPs were trained in the Shield of Protection training in Hnizdychev, Strii region. Psychosocial support was provided by representatives of the Danish Refugee Council with the support of the USAID Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance in cooperation with the Advisory and Coordination Center of Strii region.

The RMA reported that in the village of Porshna, a mobile bath-laundry was made for the military of the 103rd separate territorial defense brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Rivne oblast

The Rivne Regional Phthisiopulmonary Medical Center reported that Andrii Selivanov, their medical director received the Silver Cross of Honor of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ternopil oblast

In Ternopil, a vaccination bus was operating on the theater square. Everyone was able to get vaccinated against coronavirus infection, diphtheria and tetanus free of charge. The event was held as part of World Immunization Week.

Khmelnytskyi oblast

The RMA reported that a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Swiss-Ukrainian project Cohesion and Regional Development of Ukraine, UCORD, the Agency for Regional Development of Khmelnytskyi oblast, the Khmelnytskyi RMA and the Khmelnytskyi Regional Council.

The RMA reported that Last week, 1,3K kg of clothes were issued to 634 IDPs at the clothing distribution point at Khmelnytskyi RMA.

Chernivtsi oblast

The RMA reported that 22 enterprises were identified as critically important for the needs of territorial communities of Chernivtsi oblast.

The RMA reported that the first 5 companies that will receive compensation for the purchase of generators have been determined.

Another meeting of the Coordinating Council on IDPs was held. They discussed creating coordination and advisory centers for IDPs under regional military administrations.

IDPs living in Klishkovets community received food kits, drinking water, and hygiene products from the Chernivtsi regional organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine.

International support of Ukraine in the russian-Ukrainian war (russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

The Council of the EU reported that Ukraine and the EU will recognize and implement each other’s court decisions.

The EU has provided €10 million in support to the International Criminal Court to strengthen its capacity to investigate and prosecute these crimes.

The EU imposed sanctions against 16 people, including maria lvova-belova, who are responsible for the deportation and forced adoption of Ukrainian children from the territories under the occupation of russian troops.

The European Commission will also inform the European Parliament about the development of the initiative of the EC and Poland aimed at the return of illegally deported or transported Ukrainian children.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with Kaya Kallas, Prime Minister of Estonia. Aid to Ukraine was discussed.

The strategy of US behavior in the Security Council of the United Nations, when russia headed the body on a rotating basis, underwent changes in the level of their participation in the meetings. Americans send diplomats of a lower rank than the ambassador to the meeting.

The US Embassy in russia refused visas to the propagandists accompanying lavrov.

Piotr Waczyk, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, said that Poland does not want to wait years for Ukraine to join NATO. “In our opinion, the sooner it happens, the better, because it will be a guarantee of security not only for Ukraine and Poland, but also for the entire region,” he said.

“Instead of repeating clichéd phrases about NATO’s open doors, we need to find more concrete mechanisms for the rapid integration of Ukraine into the NATO space after the end of the war,” Gitanas Nauseda, Lithuanian President, said.

Fanny Lechevalier Lafon, French artist, used the work of Giorgio de Chirico, Italian artist, created during the First World War, rethought it and added Ukrainian motifs to the painting.

Work of the French artist. Photo from social networks

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Tamara Moshkovska, Sofia Ratynska, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Vita Petrenko, Аnna Efremova, , Halyna Vaskiv

Translated by Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Ioanna Kryvenko, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Yevheniia Sukhonos, Marharyta Koval, Tetiana Kurbatova, Olga Shalya 


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