Німеччина підготує 5000 солдатів ЗСУ

Ukrainian Daily Wins. November 15, 2022. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

⠀   The German Minister of Defense said that Germany will train 5,000 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “In addition, Germany will establish a maintenance and repair facility for military equipment in Slovakia.”

⠀•  Shares of Russian companies began to fall against the background of a missile hitting Polish territory.

⠀•  Maria Karchevych, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine said on the air of the nationwide marathon that the healthcare facilities in Kherson are working as usual and are provided with the necessary medicine. 45,000 tons of humanitarian aid — medicines and medical products — have already been delivered to the city.

⠀   The Migration Service of Ukraine resumes the provision of services in the de-occupied Kherson region.

⠀•  Anthony Blinken, the US Secretary of State announced that on Tuesday on his official Twitter page in response to the latest massive Russian missile attack on Ukrainian cities that the United States will continue to support Ukraine against the backdrop of Russian aggression and will remain with Ukrainian people as long as necessary. 

⠀•  The Ministry of Economy reports that the Government of Ukraine has allocated UAH 100 million for the restoration of the liberated Kherson region. The funds will be directed to critical infrastructure facilities and the social sphere of the region.

⠀•  In Ukraine, they want to ban the entry of citizens of the Russian Federation for 100 years.

Materials prepared by Olena Biletska

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