Ukrainian Daily Wins. March 13, 2023. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

Ukrainian Defense Forces eliminated 710 more russian invaders 

Between February 24, 2022, and March 13, 2023, the Ukrainian Defense Forces eliminated 159,800 russian aggressors, with another 710 killed over the past day.


The Armed Forces of Ukraine produced ammunition systems for M240 machine guns

A batch of ammunition systems for American M240 machine guns was produced for the Ukrainian military.


Defenders of Bakhmut received Bulgarian Bullspike grenade launchers

In Donetsk oblast, Ukrainian soldiers were armed with Bulgarian Bullspike grenade launchers.


The Association of Ukrainians in Luxembourg donated fire and rescue equipment and ambulances to the SES

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine received four fire and rescue vehicles and two armored resuscitation vehicles from the Association of Ukrainians in Luxembourg Ukraine.


The center for training paramedics to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine was created in Poland

A training center for Polish paramedics has recently been set up in Warsaw to help save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers at the front.


Kremenchuk received a mobile boiler house from the Swedish Business Association

A boiler house with a capacity of 4 K kilowatts was donated to Kremenchuk by the Swedish Business Association.


Cherkasy water utility received five powerful generators from Germany

The Cherkasy water utility received five modern, powerful generators from the German city of Bielefeld.


Mykolaiv oblast received over 400 modular houses for people who lost their homes – Kim

Mykolaiv region received about 430 modular houses from international partners, which will be distributed among residents of the de-occupied territories and the most affected settlements.


Ukraine received six ambulances, personal protective equipment, and medicines as humanitarian aid

Last week, Ukraine received six ambulances, medicines, and personal protective equipment as humanitarian aid from international partners.


The NBU was named Bank of the Year by the Central Banking Awards

The National Bank of Ukraine has been recognized as the Central Bank of the Year at this year’s Central Banking Awards.


Come Back Alive Foundation to support the Invictus Games team

The Come Back Alive Charitable Foundation will support the Ukrainian national team at the Invictus Games-2023.


The cartoon “Mavka. The Forest Song” will be released in more than 80 countries

The State Film Agency has announced the distribution schedule for the Ukrainian animated film Mavka. The Forest Song” abroad.


Ukrainians in New York held a mass rally in Times Square

Ukrainians in New York City (USA) held a new mass action in Times Square to strongly remind the American and world community of Russia’s ongoing genocidal war against Ukraine.


Taras Shevchenko’s memorial evening was held in Kazakhstan

In honor of the 209th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko’s birth, the Ukrainian House at the Embassy of Ukraine in Kazakhstan hosted an evening in memory of the great Ukrainian poet and artist.


Poetry readings and exhibitions of Kobzar’s paintings and portraits drawn by children held in Ankara

The Ukrainian Union in Ankara held Shevchenko Days, organizing poetry readings of Kobzar’s poems, a photo exhibition of his paintings and an exhibition of portraits of the poet created by students of the Ukrainian Saturday school, a fair, a concert, and a charity auction.


Boombox gave a concert in New York

On Sunday, the Ukrainian rock band Boombox performed a concert in New York City, gathering hundreds of spectators on the stage of the prestigious Racket NYC club in Manhattan.


Zhadan presents a jazz musical about Kharkiv in New York

The premiere of Radio 477, an avant-garde jazz musical directed by Les Kurbas and written by poet Serhiy Zhadan, takes place in New York.


Ukrainian athletes win the team event of the European Throwing Cup

Ukrainian track and field athletes won four gold and one silver medal at the European Throwing Cup.


“Fierce Birds”: Dignitas and Uklon announce fundraising for 1K FPV strike drones

The Uklon car call service and the Dignitas Charitable Foundation launched a large-scale program to purchase attack drones for the front line – “Fierce Birds” invited to join the joint purchase of the first 1,000 Ukrainian-made FPV strike drones.


‘Buy’ russia for the Armed Forces: Ukraine launched a gamified website for donors

Radio host and comedian Danylo Belyi created a website where you can ‘buy’ and rename a city in russia. The proceeds from the ‘purchase’ will go to the needs of the Armed Forces.

Materials prepared by Yuliia Akinzhaly

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