Перша група українських військових закінчила тренування у Чехії

Ukrainian Daily Wins. December 22, 2022. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

Materials prepared by Oksana Demchyna

⠀⠀•  According to the country’s news agencies, the first group of Ukrainian military completed training in the Czech Republic within the framework of the EU mission.

⠀⠀•  As CNN reports, Zelenskyy met with four leaders of the US Congress.


⠀⠀•  During President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s trip to the United States, Ukraine, and its leader became the #1 trend on Twitter in the United States.


⠀⠀•  The US President Joe Biden said that Ukraine will receive almost $375 million in humanitarian aid from USAID.


⠀⠀•  Minister of Defense of Denmark Jakob Ellemann-Jensen reported that Denmark will provide Ukraine with a new package of financial aid in the amount of 43 million dollars.


⠀⠀•  The illumination of Niagara Falls was temporarily turned off tonight in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, who suffer from Russian shelling and partial blackout.


⠀⠀•  The General Staff reports that since the full-scale invasion, the Russian army has lost more than a hundred thousand soldiers in Ukraine.


⠀⠀•  According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Croatia plans to allocate almost EUR 3 million to the purchase of demining machines for Ukraine.


⠀⠀•  Relying on the information provided by Maksym Kozytskyy, the head of the regional military administration, in Lviv, UAH 1 million were collected during the Two Wonders charity art auction.


⠀⠀•  President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said that Ukraine would receive 900 generators for powering critical infrastructure from the EU.


⠀⠀•  War crimes by russians: The New York Times journalists identified 22 soldiers from the 234th Airborne Assault Regiment of the Russian Armed Forces who killed Ukrainians in Buch.


⠀⠀•  President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Poland on his way from the USA and met with its president Andrzej Duda.


⠀⠀•  As the representative of the Secretary General of the Organization, Stephane Dujarric says, the UN will consider the purchase of weapons by the Russian PMC Wagner in North Korea.

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