США вперше передадуть Україні комплекси Patriot в рамках пакету військової допомоги майже на $2 млрд фото

Ukrainian Daily Wins. December 21, 2022. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

Materials prepared by Oksana Demchyna

⠀⠀•  According to the information of the Associated Press, for the first time, the United States will transfer Patriot systems to Ukraine as part of the military aid package worth almost $2 billion.

⠀⠀•  In Kherson region, border guards discovered an ancient Roman settlement during the construction of fortifications on the Dnipro banks.


⠀⠀•  As the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine reports Israel transferred 17 generators of various capacities for Kherson region.


⠀⠀•  The Hill informs that the US intend to declare Russia an aggressor country.


⠀⠀•  Serhii Zhadan received the Schwarzkopf Europe Prize for supporting democratic values.


⠀⠀•  The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeriy Zaluzhnyy informs that the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland General Raimund Andrzejczak arrived in Ukraine on a working visit.


⠀⠀•  According to information of the Ministry of Economy of Switzerland, following the European Union, usually neutral Switzerland has expanded the list of sanctions against Russia.


⠀⠀•  Today, as a sign of solidarity with Ukraine, lights will be turned off at famous attractions and main city squares in various countries around the world.


⠀⠀•  Zelenskyy made a speech in the US Congress. And also, a joint press conference with the US President Biden.

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