Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news June 4, 2022 (photo, video)

Materials prepared by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Reka Olena, Viktoriia Peremoga

It has been the 101st day of Ukraine’s heroic resistance to russian invaders, the 101st day of the full-scale war.

Air alarm sirens are still sounding in every region of the country. Heavy fighting is underway in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. Russian troops are storming Severodonetsk, fighting continues in the city. At the same time, towards Bakhmut, the russian troops withdrew due to the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, the humanitarian situation is difficult: it is impossible to deliver food and medicines to Severodonetsk, but there is still the possibility of supplying humanitarian aid to Lysychansk and Hirska communities. The Armed Forces of Ukraine recaptured part of Severodonetsk and the city continues to be under the blue and yellow flag.

On June 4, russian occupation forces launched missile strikes from the Tochka-U OTMS on Kramatorsk, Bakhmut, Lysychansk and Kostiantynivka.

Besides, the russian invaders carried out missile and air strikes on the cities of Sloviansk and Soledar.

Near Donetsk, the enemy shelled Mykilske, Krasnohorivka, Vesele and Novoselivka. They launched strikes from Su-25 aircraft in the areas of Novomykhailivka, Maryinka. Missile and air strikes hit the village of Kurakhove.

Russian troops are trying to strengthen their positions in Kharkiv oblast and in temporarily occupied territories of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia oblasts. Rocket attacks continued. In particular on the night of June 4, the russians launched missiles towards Odesa and Mykolaiv.

Ukraine briefly:

According to the General Staff, as of  6pm the operational situation is as follows:

Towards Severodonetsk, the enemy fired from barrel artillery and multiple launch rocket systems the areas of Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, Ustynivka and Toshkivka. They carried out airstrikes from Ka-52 helicopters near Hirske, Yakovlivka and Myrna Dolyna, and Su-25 aircraft in the area of Ustinivka.

Towards Lyman, the enemy used artillery near Sviatohirsk, Starodubivka and Mykolaivka.

In Donetsk oblast, the occupiers are trying to hold back the defenders of Ukraine by violating the logistics support system. Fighting continues to establish full control over Severodonetsk.

Similarly, heavy shelling was observed towards Bakhmut. The russians used mortars, barrel artillery and multiple launch rocket systems in the areas of Toretsk, Niu York, Vrubivka and Pokrovskyi. They carried out air strikes from Ka-52 helicopterson Berestovo and Klynove.

Towards Novopavlovske and Zaporizhzhia, the russians fired from MLRS on Huliaipole, Zelenyi Hai and Orikhov. In Kamianske, invaders carried out an air strike from Su-25 aircraft.

In the South Bug, Volyn, Polissia, Siversk, Slobozhansky and Kharkiv directions, no significant changes were recorded compared to the previous day.

Russian invaders fired artillery at the border villages of Kamianska Sloboda in Chernihiv oblast, and Katerynivka and Starikove in Sumy oblast. 

The enemy continues to block civilian shipping in the northwestern part of the Black Sea.

On June 4, the Foreign Legion of Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported the death of several volunteers from the Netherlands, France, Germany and Australia.

June 4 is the International Day of Remembrance of Child Victims of Aggression. Today, on the territory of Sophia of Kyiv, bells were hung on the trees in memory of children whose lives were taken by the war. The bells symbolize the voices of at least 261 Ukrainian children, which we will no longer hear.

On June 4, 2022, as a result of military actions, a large-scale fire occurred on the territory of the All-Holy Skete of the Holy Dormition Sviatohirsk Lavra in Donetsk oblast.

According to the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Monastyrsky, Ukrainian intelligence officers are in touch with the captured soldiers of the Azov Regiment. Information is received on the possibility of releasing the prisoners of war and conditions of their detention.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy recorded a video message to the participants of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, calling for abandonment of the “twinning” of American cities with russian ones. He invited the mayors of American cities to implement a project to rebuild Ukraine. According to him, this may be the largest economic project of our time, which will strengthen both Ukraine and every country involved.

Russia has been suspended from 42 international organizations, including the Council of Europe, the UN Human Rights Council, the World Tourism Organization and the International Railways Union. “After all the atrocities and war crimes committed by russia, it has lost any moral right to sit at the same table with civilized countries,” said Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

There was an exchange of bodies of dead servicemen (160 to 160) between Ukraine and russia on the line of battle in Zaporozhzhia oblast.

Russian invaders began to demolish destroyed houses in the temporarily occupied Mariupol, without disassembling the rubble and removing the bodies of the victims.

The Ukrainian military began training on using modern HIMARS multifunctional American complexes.

Despite the occupation, sick leave and insurance payments continue to be financed in Kherson oblast.

On June 10, 2022, the last sales of the postage stamp “Russian Ship …IS DONE ” will occur. They will be held online, as well as in rural departments and post offices of regional centers.

Eastern regions

Kharkiv oblast

On the night of June 4, the Kharkiv Aeroclub came under russian fire.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to fight for the liberation of Tsupivka and Velyky Prohody, said the head of the Dergachiv community Vyacheslav Zadorenko. During the day, the russian military fired on the community with mortars, tanks and air.

Kharkiv residents who left the city due to the war will be able to monitor the condition of their own homes via the Kharkiv-Your Home chatbot. There they can find out if the house is damaged, as well as whether there is electricity, water or gas supply.

During the day, Kharkiv police provided a prompt response to 1 477 reports from citizens.

Donetsk oblast 

The enemy launched an offensive and assault in the Sloviansk direction, but suffered casualties. Towards Bakhmut, the Ukrainian units fired at the enemy and they withdrew. In the Donetsk direction, the enemy bombarded Ukrainian positions with mortars, artillery, and aircraft.

The occupiers fired on about 30 settlements in Donbas, destroyed and damaged 27 civilian objects. Two civilians were killed and eight injured. Today, Ukrainian defenders from the Joint Forces repulsed 5 enemy attacks. Fighting is still ongoing at 3 locations.

In the past 24 hours, the Joint Forces destroyed:

  • 3 tanks;
  • 4 artillery systems;
  • 11 combat armored vehicles;
  • 26 units of automotive equipment.

Air defense units shot down in the sky of the Ukrainian Donbas:

  • K-52 combat helicopter,
  • 2 Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles.

The occupiers fired on the Sviatohirsk Lavra in the Donetsk oblast. As a result, the wooden building of the All Saints Monastery ignited. The photo was published by the officer of the 95th Airborne Assault Brigade Yuriy Kochevenko.

According to our military, the situation towards Bakhmut remains “stably tense.” The russians fire indiscriminately non-stop using barrel artillery, jet artillery, and aircraft. They try to use everything they can. Their goal is to force out the Armed Forces of the Bakhmut-Lysychansk highway. Accordingly, the Armed Forces try to hold the line and don’t give a chance to the enemy to encircle them. 

The Mariupol mayor councillor Petro Andryushchenko says that in Mariupol, the occupiers began to demolish half-destroyed houses, under the rubble of which the bodies of dead people may remain. Construction garbage is taken to the Left Bank district of the city without dismantling the rubble.

The russian military also brought 5K russian textbooks to Mariupol. Instead, they dismantled all the “smart boards” in schools and, along with Ukrainian textbooks, took them to occupied Donetsk.

On June 4, specialists failed to start the Mayatsky water intake, which supplies water to the Slovmiskvodokanal filtering station due to the critically low water level in the Seversky Donetsk.

Luhansk oblast

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have pushed back the russian military in Severodonetsk by 20%. Now russia controls about half of the city, fighting continues. Towards Bakhmut, due to the actions of the Ukrainian military, the russian army was forced to withdraw.

All measures are now being taken to return Severodonetsk to full control of Ukraine. The head of the Severodonetsk Civilian and Military Administration Alexander Stryuk states: “I would not say that it is occupied. There was some military success on the part of the orcs, who managed to get into the city and capture a significant part of it, almost splitting it in half, if we talk about residential areas where they can feel confident. But our military managed to regroup, build a line of defense. Our military is taking all appropriate measures to drive the enemy out of the city, and street battles are being fought. The situation is quite tense, but there is hope and confidence in our Armed Forces that everything will work out. “

Northern regions

Kyiv oblast

In all districts of Kyiv oblast, a daily curfew shall last from 23:00 to 5:00. These temporary restrictions will be in effect from June 5 to 12.

Another body of a local resident shot by the invaders was found near Borodianka. As of June 3, law enforcement officers in Kyiv oblast found the bodies of 1314 civilians killed by the russian troops when the oblast was occupied, said the head of the National Police of Kyiv oblast Andriy Niebytov. According to him, they were civilian people who had nothing to do with the military forces, and most of them were killed with small arms.

Also, the police of Kyiv oblast recorded about 500 crimes related to looting, with 250 suspects being presented with accusations. More than 300 crime scene investigation teams are working on the territory of Kyiv oblast, recording the crimes of the russian army.

During a special operation in Kyiv Oblast, the Security Service of Ukraine neutralized an organized criminal gang that was acting in the interests of the aggressor’s special services. The perpetrators established a mechanism for transferring money from russia to our territory to carry out destabilizing activities against Ukraine.

Olexiy Kuleba informed that a visiting meeting was held in Hostomel. A task force aimed at the town restoration was created.

A russian helicopter shot down at the beginning of russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine was lifted from the bottom of the Kyiv water reservoir. It was probably a Mi-35 with dead rashists on board. It was shot down on February 24 during an attack on Hostomel.

Link to the video:

Demining continues in Kyiv oblast.

A byroad was paved near the destroyed bridge across the river Irpin. A total of 20 temporary crossings were built in Kyiv oblast next to the destroyed bridges. Also, the roads and streets in Kyiv oblast are still being cleared from the remains of vehicles and rubbish.

Fifty-four Administrative Service Centres (ASC), one territorial division, and 109 separate workplaces have already resumed their work in Kyiv oblast. The ASCs of Irpin and Borodyanka have partially resumed their services. 

The residents of Borodyanka orphanage have returned after being temporarily evacuated to Zhytomyr oblast.

A children’s railroad started operating in Kyiv. The railroad station Children’s Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi is a mini-copy of the capital’s real Central Station. To date, the length of the route is 6.7 km. The rolling stock consists of 3 locomotives, 12 passenger cars, and 2 cargo cars.

On St. Michael’s Square in Kyiv, there was the opening of the State Emergency Services’ exposition called “Territory of Safety”. There you can see examples of explosive objects such as shells, mines, disguised explosive devices, and also training models, with the help of which the EOD specialists demonstrate what a deadly threat looks like.

Zhytomyr oblast

Vitaly Bunechko, the Chairman of the Association of Military Organizations, reports that during 100 days of full-scale war Zhytomyr oblast suffered almost 100 missile and bomb strikes. More than 2 600 objects were damaged in the region, of which 87% were residential buildings:

  • 2 170 private residential houses;
  • 108 high-rises;
  • 71 educational institutions (2 of which are destroyed);
  • 25 medical facilities;
  • 32 cultural facilities;
  • 168 buildings were destroyed to the ground.

Thirty-six civilians of Zhytomyr oblast were killed due to the russian aggression.

Chernihiv oblast

The enemy has launched 19 mines on the Novhorod-Siverskyi district of Chernihiv oblast.

The high-priority works on restoring the damaged infrastructure are underway in Chernihiv oblast.

These days, the deputy head of the Chernihiv Regional Military Administration Dmytro Synenko and councillor of the head of the Regional Military Administration Viacheslav Skoriak returned from one of the hottest spots in the east of Ukraine, the city of Bakhmut. Together with the volunteers, they delivered two pickup trucks, several Starlink systems, routers, gas and diesel generators and other required stuff to Chernihiv defenders fighting on the front line.

The annual spring sowing campaign in Chernihiv oblast is under extremely difficult conditions due to the russian invasion. But Chernihiv oblast farms are finishing sowing buckwheat, corn, soybeans and other spring crops. As of June 2, 98.7% of the planned scope has been planted.

Sumy oblast

At around 4 a.m., an enemy aircraft came in from the direction of russia and launched an airstrike. According to the preliminary information, there were two incomings near Pischane and Stetskivka.

Around 12:04 a.m., the observers recorded a jet aircraft, which launched nearly six missiles at Ukrainian territory along the state border towardsHudovo village. As a result of shelling, houses in one of the settlements were damaged.

According to the State Border Service, a russian drone dropped two explosive devices in the Velyka Pysarivka district. A few hours later, in the afternoon, an enemy aircraft fired six missiles at the border territory of Sumy oblast.

In its evening report, the General Staff reported about artillery shelling of Starykove and Katerynovka villages in Shostka district.

The Ministry of Reintegration updated the list of Ukrainian territories with ongoing hostilities. It included 13 communities of Sumy oblast.

The head of Sumy Regional Military Administration, Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, published a summary of the 100 days of the war. According to it, the losses incurred by Sumy oblast since the beginning of the full-scale war are as follows:

  •  135 civilians were killed, including 8 children (as per official statistics);
  •  more than 150 residents of Sumy oblast are still being held captive by the enemy;
  •  1 979 critical infrastructure and housing facilities were damaged (this number is continuously increasing due to constant shelling and bombing);
  •  580 km of roads were destroyed and 833 km damaged;
  •  15 bridges were damaged.

However, at the same time:

  • 4,276,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid were delivered by rail;
  • hospitals of the oblast received: 19 ambulances, 4 anesthesia units, 5 ventilators, 40 oxygen concentrators, 1 incubator for nursing prematurely born babies, and 14 generators;
  • potholes were patched on 30 500 m2 of roads;
  • 45 objects were partially restored;
  • 1 105 hectares of fields were sown, that is 91% of the planned scope;
  • more than 530 million hryvnias worth of concessional loans were processed by agrarians;
  • the connection is 100% restored;
  • 1 074 couples got married;
  • more than 4 200 babies were born.

300K people left Sumy oblast during the war. Almost 200K have already returned home.

Central regions

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

During the first weeks of the war, thousands of residents escaped Kryvyi Rih, but now a lot less people are willing to move out of the city. In addition to that, in early June, 25K people returned to the city, despite continued hostilities in Ukraine.

Since the start of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, 2 461 people were evacuated from hotspots with the help of volunteers from the Dnipro Volunteer Coordination Headquarters. During evacuations, the volunteers’ cars were under fire several times, however they managed to bring 200 tons of food kits and personal parcels to those who had remained there.

During the 100 days of the war, volunteers of the Headquarters resettled about 28K internally displaced persons in the city and provided more than 35K food and hygiene kits.

In total, during the 100 days of the war,  Dnipro municipal authorities and the Volunteer Coordination Headquarters received and handed over humanitarian goods for more than 5 million euros, 3 million euros of which were spent on medicines and hospital equipment.

Kirovohrad oblast

In Kirovohrad oblast, the head of a charity organization and a mediator were detained for helping conscripts cross the border with European countries. Men of a call-up age were transported abroad as volunteers or for a permanent place of residence. The cost to cross the border under the guise of a volunteer was 2,500 dollars, and 5000 dollars – for departure to a permanent place of residence in the EU.

There are no major changes in other regions of Central Ukraine.

Southern regions

Zaporizhzhia oblast

The current situation in the southeast remains unchanged. The main efforts of the enemy are focused on deterring activities of our units and holding back the occupied positions.

Russian troops launched air strikes in the Kamyanske city and also used UAVs in some districts. The enemy is resupplying materials and carrying out engineering works to improve the fortifications.

The main forces and means of the invaders continue to be concentrated in the Orikhiv, Huliaypole and Velyka Novosilka, Donetsk oblast and reinforced their units in the Vasylivka city.

Russian terrorist troops shelled civilian infrastructure of the households of Huliaypole from MRLs. In addition, the enemy shelled the positions of our troops’ units along the contact line with the full range of weapons in Malynivka, Zatyshshia, Mala Tokmachka, Poltavka, Novopil, Olhivske, Vremivka, Zelenyy Hay, Huliaypilske, Chervone, Huliaypole, Orikhiv, Kamyanske, Mali Shcherbaky, Charivne settlements.

According to current information, the leadership of the occupying forces is taking measures to intensify reconnaissance, sabotage and subversive activities. To this end, mercenaries have recruited and trained to form reconnaissance and sabotage groups with further activities on Ukrainian territory. Preference is given to residents and former residents of the temporarily occupied regions who have a good knowledge of the Ukrainian language.

Russian looters stole agricultural machinery, namely 6 Carrier combined tillage machines in Melitopol. The total damage is 7,800,000 hryvnia.

Over the past 24 hours, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated 20 personnel, wounded 14 , destroyed 1 tank, 1 armoured vehicle and 17 vehicles. 1 observation post and 2 enemy ammunition depots and 2 trucks with ammunition were also destroyed in Polohy city.

The settlements remaining temporarily uncontrolled in the region are Berdiansk Raion, Melitopol Raion, Vasylivka Raion, and Pology Raion (except Orikhiv and Huliaypole).

Shelling by invaders makes it impossible to renew the supply of utilities.

As of today, 04 June, 22,644 subscribers in 77 settlements of Zaporizhzhia oblast are without power supply due to damage to power lines.

In the past 24 hours, police officers registered 6 applications from residents of Huliaypole whose houses as well as outbuildings were damaged by shelling.

On 2 June, the bodies of fallen soldiers were exchanged on the front line between Ukraine and russia in Zaporizhzhia oblast according to the “160 for 160” formula.

Mykolaiv oblast

The enemy continues shelling Mykolaiv oblast.

On the morning of 3 June, Mykolaiv was shelled with heavy artillery and multiple rocket launchers. There were no casualties. As a result of enemy shelling, garages in the city caught on fire.

On the morning of 4 June, the enemy shelled Mykolaiv again. 2 fires occurred in Korabelnyy region as a result of shelling with multiple launch rocket systems. At least 3 people were killed, 4 injured as a result of the shelling.

Yesterday, 3 June, and this morning, the Bereznehuvte community was shelled. As a result of the shelling, a residential building in Pryshyb village was on fire. 1 person was injured. Final information on casualties and damage will be updated.

In the Mykolaiv region on 3 June, enemy shelling led to the burning of coniferous litter in the Balabanivka forest.

On the evening of 3 June, russians launched 4 missiles from Crimea. 1 was shot down over Odesa oblast and 3 more over Mykolaiv oblast.

Odesa oblast

An X-59 cruise missile struck Odesa oblast in the morning. The territory of an agricultural enterprise and warehouses was damaged. The fire was quickly extinguished by rescuers. Preliminarily, 2 casualties were reported.

Today the Ukrainian troops shot down a russian Forpost UAV over Odesa oblast. The UAV fell into the Black Sea.

More than 20,000 people are registered as internally displaced persons in Odesa. More internally displaced people were registered from Donetsk and Mykolaiv oblasts. Also, people from Kherson, Zhytomyr, Zaporizhzhia and Kyiv oblasts come to the city.

Employees of a charitable foundation were detained in Odesa oblast who, according to investigators, were stealing humanitarian and military aid from foreign charitable organizations assigned to Ukrainian defenders.

Kherson oblast

The situation in the temporarily occupied Kherson oblast remains difficult. Currently, there is no mobile communication and partially no Internet in the temporarily occupied area. Communication with some communities has been established, while others are trying to be reached out.

In June, a russian mine blew up and killed 3 residents on the beach of the Lazurne settlement, Skadovsk region. According to the investigation, the russian troops, in violation of the requirements of the Geneva Convention on the Protection of Civilians, planted mines along the coast of the Black Sea.

According to “South” Operational Command, the invaders are afraid of the resistance of the local population, which is growing particularly in Kherson oblast. The leadership of invaders is moving around with large numbers of guards, wearing bulletproof vests and in armoured cars. Residents continue to resist.

Western regions


In Zakarpattia oblast in Solotvino registered industrial park “Maramures”. This is the first park registered in Ukraine since the full-scale war started.

​​In Uzhhorod, police detained a previously convicted man who was selling ammunition. Police found and seized a whole cache of grenades, TNT grenades and ammunition. The suspect was detained and placed in a temporary detention facility.


Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Order of Malta to Ukraine Antonio Gazzanti Pugliese di Cotrone arrived in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast. Volunteers and staff of the Order of Malta have been actively involved in helping Ukrainians since the full-scale russian invasion started. They handed over tons of humanitarian goods with food, medicine and medical equipment.

Volunteers from Kolomyia organized an auction of dates to raise funds for servicemen fighting in the East. The money received from the sale of lots is planned to be used to staff the 77th Battalion of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including fighters from the Kolomyia Terrorist Defense. Among the most famous participants from Prykarpattia are Ivano-Frankivsk Mayor Ruslan Martsinkiv and Kalush frontman Oleh Psyuk.


The last day in Lviv oblast passed quietly. An air alarm was reported once. Threat of russia’s missile strike was from the Black Sea.


In Rivne, more streets will be renamed as planned as part of decommunization. The new names in the community will be given to 60 streets, instead of 54 as previously planned.


A charity race took place in Petryky, Ternopil oblast. By joint efforts, the organizers raised more than UAH 18K. These funds were spent on the purchase of dried fruits for the production of energy bars. They will be handed over to runners from Ternopil oblast who are defending Ukraine. There are about 10 of them.

The charity fair “Children for the Armed Forces” took place in Brzezany. Toys were sold and bought at the fair. The funds raised will be donated to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Pochaiv city council approved a list of streets whose names are directly related to soviet culture and are subject to renaming. A total of 18 streets are planned to be renamed.

Khmelnytskyi oblast

As part of the “Donate Blood-Save Lives” campaign, 20 territorial defense fighters donated blood in Khmelnytskyi. The donated blood will be enough for the urgent needs of medical institutions in Khmelnytskyi oblast and other regions for a few days.


According to the head of the Chernivtsi Oblast State Administration in Bukovyna, the pace of mobilization is being carried out, but lower than in neighboring regions. Hence, all staffing centers are tasked to work more actively.

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