Digest 102 June 4, 2022. Russian War Crimes in Ukraine Facts and Evidences

135 civilians, including eight children, were killed in Sumy oblast since the large-scale russian invasion began. Hostilities took place in February-April. Now the region is liberated from the occupiers, but the russian army continues artillery shelling and launching air strikes on the towns and villages close to the border. On June 4, russian strategic bombers carried out six missile strikes in the Sumy oblast.

Source: Head of the Sumy Regional Military Administration


On June 4, 2 civilians were killed, 1 died of wounds, 4 injured, 3 apartment houses damaged by russian artillery shells of the city of Mykolaiv.

Source: Mayor of Mykolaiv


Hostilities are ongoing in Luhansk oblast. Russian aggressors are trying to occupy the region. On June 3, 3 civilians were killed, two of them were a mother and a kid. There are injured civilians in the city of Severodonetsk sieged and assaulted by the russian army. Dozens of houses were damaged.

Source: Head of Luhansk Regional Military Administration


Russian aggressors continue heavy shelling, launch air strikes and attempt the offensive in Donetsk oblast. On June 3, at least three civilians were injured.

Source: Head of Donetsk Regional Military Administration, National Police Department in Donetsk oblast


The Security Service of Ukraine has identified one more russian war criminal. This is a sniper, Yurii Ilyin, a serviceman of the 15th russian motor rifle brigade. He shot a civilian in the village of Peremoha, Brovary district, Kyiv oblast in February-March. Ilyin may be convicted of life imprisonment.


Source: Security Service of Ukraine


On June 3, three civilians died following the mine explosion on a beach in Lazurne village, Kherson oblast. The village is located on the occupied territory. Russian troops mined the beach.

Source: Prosecutor’s Office of the Kherson Oblast

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