Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news August 1, 2022 (photo)

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Halyna Radevych, Ioanna Kryvenko

Editor-in-chief, Ukrainian Women’s Guard Ruslan Polishchuk

It has been the 159th day of Ukraine’s resistance to the russian aggression.

Ukraine briefly:

It has been the 159th day of Ukraine’s resistance to the russian aggression.

Here is operational information on the russian invasion as of 6pm:

Towards Volyn and Polissia, the situation has not changed significantly.

Towards Siversk, the enemy fired from barrel and rocket artillery at civilian infrastructure in the areas of Senkivka and Lypkivka in Chernihiv oblast and Stara Huta, Pavlivka, Pokrovka and Bilopillia in Sumy oblast.  Aerial reconnaissance with UAVs was conducted near Hremiach and Hlukhiv. The enemy deployed electronic warfare systems to counteract technical means of intelligence.

Towards Kharkiv, the enemy carried out artillery shelling of Kharkiv, Nove, Prudianka and fourteen other settlements. A hostile reconnaissance group tried to reveal firing positions of our troops, yet failed and withdrew.

Towards Sloviansk, the enemy fired from tanks and artillery of various calibres at the areas of Adamivka, Dibrovne, Dolyna, Chepil, Hrushuvakha, Husarivka, Nortsivka, Ridne, and Virnopillia. 

Near Mazanivka, the Defense Forces exposed and eliminated an enemy reconnaissance group.

Towards Kramatorsk, due to significant losses of manpower, military equipment and a low level of morale and psychological state of the personnel, the enemy did not conduct active offensive operations. The invaders fired from tanks, barrel and rocket artillery at the positions of our troops and civilian infrastructure in the areas of Hryhorivka,  Ivano-Daryivka, Kryva Luka, Serebrianka,Siversk, Spirne, Verkhniokamianske and Zvanivka. Airstrikes were launched  near Serebrianka and Hryhorivka.

Towards Bakhmut, the enemy applied tanks and artillery to shelling Bakhmut, Berestove, Kodema, Konstantynivka, Soledar, Travneve, Vesela Dolyna, Vershyna, Vesele and Zaitseve. There were  airstrikes launched on Bakhmut, Kodema, Novoluhanske, Pokrovske, Soledar, Vershyna and Yakovlivka. 

In the area of Yakovlivka, the enemy tried to conduct reconnaissance, yet the hostile reconnaissance group was detected. The invaders suffered losses and retreated.

By conducting assault actions, the enemy unsuccessfully tried to improve tactical position in the areas of Bakhmut, Soledar and Vershyna and had to withdraw.

Towards Avdiivka, the enemy shelled Novokalynove, Novobakhmutivka, Pisky and Krasnohorivka. There was an airstrike near New York. There were failed assault operations towards Avdiivka and Pisky. Fighting continues to rage. 

Towards Novopavlivka and Zaporizhzhia, the enemy carried out systematic shelling of civilian and military infrastructure in the areas of Huliaipole, Huliaipilske, Kamianske, Marinka, Malynivka, Novoselka, Novopil, Pavlivka and Orikhiv.

Ukrainian soldiers did not allow the invaders to advance towards Maryinka. 

The enemy continues to regroup, trying to strengthen its troops in the south of Ukraine. 

Towards the South Buh, the occupiers shelled from tanks, barrel and rocket artillery along the contact line. There were air strikes launched at Bila Krynytsia and Andriivka.  Aerial reconnaissance was conducted with UAVs.

The enemy’s engineering units are trying to restore destroyed and damaged bridges over the Dnieper River.

Minister of Defense of Ukraine reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine received four more high-precision multiple launch rocket systems M142 HIMARS as part of the US military assistance program.”Four additional HIMARS arrived in Ukraine. I am grateful to U.S. President Joe Biden, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III, and the American people for strengthening the Ukrainian army. We have proven that we know how to handle these weapons. The sound of the HIMARS volley was a hit this summer on the front lines!” said Reznikov.

According to preliminary data of international experts, Ukrainian prisoners of war in the colony of the occupied Olenivka were killed by means of thermobaric weapons. This was announced by Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin. Experts are absolutely sure that it was not a rocket attack. Meanwhile, Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Dmytro Lubinets said that the russians had not yet provided access to the site of the murder of Ukrainian prisoners in Olenivka to representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and the UN had not responded to the ombudsman’s requests regarding this situation.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appealed to the Odesa City Council to consider a proposal to demolish the monument to Russian Empress Catherine II. In a letter to the Odesa City Council, Zelenskyy also emphasized the importance of protecting national interests, “clearing public space of objects and monuments relating to russian imperial and Soviet heritage, which enshrines russian anti-Ukrainian propaganda narratives in Ukraine.”

Eastern regions

Kharkiv oblast

According to the General Staff, the invaders shelled settlements in Kharkiv oblast with tanks, artillery and aviation. At least 14 villages and settlements were under fire. Invaders’ reconnaissance group attempted to expose the firing positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but had no success and withdrew.

According to the head of Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, Oleh Syniehubov, the invaders struck in Saltiv district, Kharkiv. According to preliminary information, two people were injured. One shell hit near a public transport stop. The second one hit the yard of an apartment building. City Council reports about 1 casualty, a worker of Kharkivvodokanal was killed by the shelling in Kharkiv.

Invaders struck the territory of a glass factory in Merefa, Kharkiv oblast. A 42-year-old security guard was injured.

Glass factory in Merefa, Kharkiv oblast. Photo: telegram-channel of Oleh Syniehubov/Kharkiv Regional Military Administration

According to the State Emergency Service of Kharkiv oblast, fires broke out in Kharkiv and Chuhuiv districts as a result of shelling. The industrial and administrative-storage buildings were partially destroyed.

According to the National Police, a Tunguska anti-aircraft system was destroyed in Kharkiv oblast.

According to the head of Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, a total of 872 people, including 203 children, were evacuated from the temporarily occupied territories of Kharkiv oblast.

Donetsk oblast

The enemy tried to gain a foothold in Bakhmut, Soledar and Vershyna districts by assault, but had no success and withdrew. Invaders’ attempts to advance toward Marinka were also unsuccessful.

According to the head of Donetsk Regional Military Administration, three people were killed in Donetsk oblast overnight as a result of the Russian invasion. Another 16 were injured.

According to Mariupol mayor councillor, Petro Andriushchenko, in occupied Mariupol, the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic police control rubble removal in Prymorsk district. They are removing the property from residents’ houses. All the property is taken and stored on the territory of the Prymorsk Police Department. The russian equipment was moving towards Zaporizhzhia in the city.

General Director, Ihor Smilianskyy, informed that today, Ukrposhta stops working in territories beyond Ukrainian control. He added that the company cannot ensure the safety of its employees in occupation.

Luhansk oblast

Luhansk oblast continues to hold its defence. The invaders are mostly sending soldiers from private military companies in this direction.

In the occupied cities, where active hostilities took place, the humanitarian situation is worsening every day. The invaders cannot provide residents with the necessities – water, food and medicine.

During the martial law, a team of specialists from Luhansk Administration will be working on humanitarian issues of internally displaced people from Luhansk oblast in Zeporizhzhia Regional Military Administration base.

Northern regions

Kyiv oblast

Around 300 people are considered missing as a result of hostilities in Kyiv oblast and 216 discovered bodies are still not identified. The chief police of Kyiv oblast Andrii Niebytov informed that all these people were civilians not affiliated with any military units. The police have also established that a lot of people from Hostomel, Bucha, and Irpin are currently held hostage in belarus.

The Advisory Center on the Rights and Freedoms of Defenders of Ukraine has opened in Kyiv. The center will work with military personnel, POWs, defenders released from captivity or demobilized from military service as well as with their families, and families of missing or fallen defenders.

As a result of hostilities in Kyiv oblast, about 26 000 facilities were destroyed or damaged, including private homes, educational and medical institutions, enterprises and other infrastructure. Since the region was liberated, more than 15K damaged objects have been inspected.

Representatives of various religious groups, military personnel, volunteers, and government officials held an event called ‘Prayer for Ukraine’. Oleksiy Kuleba, head of Kyiv RMA, said that all citizens of Ukraine, regardless of their views and preferences, have common values and must unite in their resistance to the enemy.

The event ‘Prayer for Ukraine’ in Kyiv. Photo: head of the Kyiv RMA Olexiy Kuleba

‘Heroes without weapons’ mural dedicated to rescue workers will appear in Kyiv. A drawing created by Ukrainian muralists Vitaliy Hidevan and Olena Noyna will decorate one of the administrative buildings of the State Emergency Service.

Heroes without weapons’ mural. Photo: State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Zhytomyr oblast

Preparations for the heating season continue in Zhytomyr oblast. A manual has already been developed for the workers, training and preparation for emergency situations are being conducted. The oblast plans to use more alternative forms of heating, which will reduce gas consumption and save almost 100 million hryvnias from the city budget.

Family members of Azovstal defenders held a rally in Zhytomyr to support Ukrainian POWs. The participants called on international organisations to protect the rights of their relatives and do everything possible to free them from captivity. Residents of the town were also supporting the event standing together with the families of prisoners of war.

A demonstration in support of POWs from Azovstal in Zhytomyr. Photo:

Sumy oblast

The communities of Krasnopillia, Bilopillia, Seredina-Buda, Esman, Velika Pysarivka, Myropillia and Nova Sloboda came under fire during the day. According to the SBGS, the territory of the farm, two civilian cars and more than 20 hectares of wheat were damaged due to shelling of the Bilopillia community. One person was injured, and civil infrastructure damaged due to shelling of the Seredina-Buda community.

Consequences of shelling of the Bilopillia community. Photo: SBGS

Sumy RMA reports that the enemy attacked the territory of the Desnyansko-Starogutsky National Nature Park. Natural objects and premises of the research department were damaged.

The soldiers of the Armed Forces shot down a russian unmanned aerial vehicle conducting reconnaissance to correct enemy strikes in Sumy oblast.

An enemy drone shot down over Sumy oblast. Photo: Sumy RMA

The SSU detained two russian agents looking for “weak spots” in defense lines of the oblast. Attackers collected information about deployment locations, the number of troops and weapons, as well as available fortifications of the Ukrainian Defense Forces. According to operational information, the enemy planned to use this data for the possible transfer of sabotage and reconnaissance groups to the territory of the oblast.

Chernihiv oblast

The SBGS reports that the enemy continues to shell the Chernihiv oblast from the russian territory. The Semenivka community came under the enemy fire, shelling was carried out from barrel artillery. About four dozen munitions from MLRS and SPH were fired by russians on the territory of the Novgorod-Siverskyi community. The vicinity of the Horodnya community village came under mortar fire twice. Over 20 explosions were recorded.

The State Emergency Service of Chernihiv oblast reported that over the past week, pyrotechnic works and underwater demining teams of the State Emergency Service were involved in disposal of explosive ordnance (EO) 99 times and discovered and removed 1 352 such items. A total of 36 976 EOs have been seized since the hostilities started.

During the month, an information and clarification campaign regarding mine safety was held among population of Chernihiv oblast. According to the “North” OC, after retreat of russian troops, mines and unexploded shells remain in almost the entire territory of the oblast, which pose a danger to local residents.

In Chernihiv, books for youth were retrieved from the rubble of a library bombed by occupiers. They will be stored in another building of the regional library. According to volunteers, about half of the 60K books in the library were previously evacuated.

Bombed library. Photo: Suspilne Chernihiv

The Chernihiv Military Administration reports that the damaged infrastructure of the oblast is being restored. Priority works are being carried out in the premises of the Chernihiv Central District Hospital, children’s educational institutions # 57 and # 64, the regional center of emergency medical aid and disaster medicine, the regional psychoneurological hospital and the Chernihiv City Hospital.

Central regions

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

At night, the enemy shelled Nikopol and Kryvyi Rih districts again, firing more than  60  missles munitions from Grad multiple rocket launchers on Marhanets and Chervonohryhirivska hromada. The russian army deliberately targeted residential areas and  people who were sleeping at that time. Two people were injured. One of them – a pregnant woman – was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

Law enforcement officers have started investigation on shelling by russian troops in the Nikopol district. Photo: Regional Prosecutor’s Office

8 private houses were damaged in Marhanets. Six children, one aged 2, were sleeping in one of them. They are unharmed. A cafe and a sewing factory were shelled. The power grid is out of order. The city is partially without light. 

Child’s bed in Marhanets.Result of the night shelling in Dnipropetrovsk region. Photo: Valentin Reznichenko’s Telegram channel

About three dozen private houses and cars of local residents were damaged in the Chervonogrigorivska community. The power line was also affected. Several streets of the village do not have power.

Result of the night Nikopol shelling. Photo: The head of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council Mykola Lukashuk

The enemy shelled Zelenodolsk community, Kryvyi Rih district with barrel artillery. There are no victims. This was reported by the head of Dnipropetrovsk RMA Valentin Reznichenko.

The enemy shelled Kryvyi Rih district several times, the head of the DCC Mykola Lukashuk reported. The occupiers launched an airstrike on the Hrushivska community, damaging the railway infrastructure. The electric transformer and the power grid were damaged. Noone was hurt. The wreckage of the “Point-U” missile was found at the site.

A wreckage of the “Point-U” missile was found at the site of the airstrike on the railway in Kryvorizhzhia. Photo: National Police

The Apostoliv community, the border territories of the village of Serhiivka were also shelled. Power lines were cut. The settlement was left without power. People were not injured.

The occupiers shelled the outskirts of Zelenodolsk several times with anti-aircraft missiles. The summer cooperative was attacked, houses damaged. No one was hurt. The scope of damage is being determined.

The occupiers shelled border territories of the Shirokiv community. There was no destruction and victims.

Nikopol Head of RMA Yevhen Yevtushenko announced that Serhiy Prytula Foundation provided Motorola communication equipment for the Nikopol City Council. 

Volunteer Roman Holobutovsky and the Lviv regional charity fund “Khevra” sent 20 tons of aid to Dnipro, including thousands of medical materials, over24 000 packages of food.

In Kryvyi Rih, 54 summer leisure clubs for children were organized at the local educational institutions with shelters. Under the supervision of adults, children play, have fun, do sports, and communicate with their peers.

Over 17 500 displaced people found shelter in Pavlohrad district. These are people forced to leave Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv regions.

Power supply was restored to 17K families in some cities of Dnipropetrovsk region, cut off due to shelling, during July.

Vinnytsia oblast

A group of school preparation for IDP children “Pre-schoolers” was organized in Vinnytsia.

´Shelter for life´ project under this name started in Vinnytsia. Within its framework, it is planned to equip 20 storage facilities for citizens, among other things with “safety packages”. Condominium teams and public organizations can participate in the project.

onfectionery on Soborna Street was opened by a couple of entrepreneurs from Kherson. Here you can enjoy ice cream and Kherson specialty cake. Ten people work in the team – residents of Vinnytsia and new residents of the city. In total, 111 enterprises have already relocated to Vinnytsia, employing 569 people.

Confectionery in Vinnytsia opened by a couple of entrepreneurs from Kherson. Photo from social networks

Kirovohrad oblast

More than 80 large rolls of film were quickly collected in Kirovohrad oblast and handed over to Mykolaiv, which is under constant shelling. 

More than 80 large rolls of film were handed over to Mykolaiv. Photo: Head of the Kirovohrad Regional State Administration Andriy Raikovych

Poltava oblast

Since the start of the full-scale war, more than 2 500 internally displaced persons have applied to the employment centers of the region. Almost four hundred of them got employed. This was reported by the director of the regional employment center, Kateryna Klavdieva. According to her, most displaced people were employed in Poltava, Kremenchuk and Horishnyi Plavnyi. A total of 16 500 residents of the region received unemployment status as of February 24.

Waste paper – newspapers, cardboard and russian literature – is collected in Gadiach so that the funds received can be transferred to the Ukrainian military.

Waste paper collection in Gadyach. Photo from social networks

An information and resource center for displaced persons was opened in Poltava. 

Cherkasy oblast

An exposition about the russian-Ukrainian war is being prepared in the Cherkasy Museum of Local Lore.

Southern regions

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

The situation in the Zaporizhzhia direction has not changed significantly. The enemy concentrates its main efforts on holding the occupied positions.

The occupiers shelled civilian infrastructure in the areas of Orikhiv, Huliaipole, Yurkivka, Tavriiske, and Preobrazhenka.

There were 8 reports of destruction of civilian infrastructure as a result of shelling by russian forces.

About 30 residential buildings and one private enterprise were destroyed by russian military personnel over the past three days as a result of shelling of settlements in Hulyaipole and Orihiv directions. This is reported in Zaporizhzhia RMA. The occupiers destroyed 100 hectares of wheat crops in Polohy district.

Consequences of shelling by russian military in Zaporizhzhia Oblast. Photo: National Police

Firefighters extinguished 6 fires in Zaporizhzhia oblast ignited as a result of artillery shelling by russian occupiers.

1 523 people, including 408 children, were evacuated from the temporarily occupied territory.

The SBU reported the suspicion to two pseudo-deputies of the “head of the Enerhodar City Administration.” They help the aggressor country establish and maintain the occupation regime in Enerhodar. Collaborators face up to 10 years in prison.

Representatives of occupation authorities are looking for collaborators for the “crowd scene” at the so-called “spontaneous actions” in support of the referendum in the temporarily occupied large population centers of the southern part of Zaporizhzhia oblast. This is reported by Ukrainian Intelligence. In addition, there is a recruiting center in Berdiansk for those wishing to cooperate with the occupation authorities. However, there are not so many who are willing to collaborate. The occupiers are forced to import “activists” from the territory of the occupied Crimea.

Mykolaiv oblast

At night, enemy troops attacked Mykolaiv again. Private residential buildings were damaged. A fire broke out on the territory of the medical dispensary as a result of shelling. A humanitarian warehouse with medical drugs and food burned down. Three people were injured.

The police documented 58 damaged private and 13 apartment buildings, private garages, educational institutions, private offices, hotel premises, communal and private enterprises, administrative buildings after yesterday’s massive shelling in the regional center. There are dead and injured civilians.

Consequences of shelling in Mykolaiv. Photo Mykolaiv RMA

Yesterday, a grain field and a forest strip were burned down as a result of shelling of Pervomaisk community. The enemy also shelled Halytsynove and Ingulske communities. The territory and nearby settlements of the Bereznehuvate community are being shelled.

10 fires broke out in Mykolaiv oblast as a result of hostilities. This was reported by the regional office of the State Emergency Service.

The charity fund Alliance of Public Health handed over two cars with humanitarian cargo collected by European charities to Mykolaiv. Bedding for internally displaced persons, food, animal food, hygiene products, and fire extinguishers have arrived in the city.

Humanitarian cargo from volunteers. Photo: Mykolaiv RMA

A resident of Mykolaiv oblast and a citizen of Moldova are suspected of illegally crossing the border with men of conscription age. The police of Mykolaiv oblast informed about it. According to the investigation, they took men to Moldova, bypassing border checkpoints. Both men were detained.

Odesa oblast

The first ship left Odesa port through the “grain corridor”. This was announced by the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov. The vessel RAZONI under Sierra Leone-flag carrying 26K tonnes of maize on its way to the port of Tripoli in Lebanon. In the coming weeks, Ukraine plans to reach the full capacity of transshipment of agricultural products. As of today, there are 68 ships in Ukrainian ports with more than a million tons of cargo on board.

Vessel RAZONI. Photo from social network.

The enemy hit Odesa oblast with 2 Iskander-type missiles fired from the temporarily occupied Crimea. The rockets scattered so-called heat traps over populated areas and open areas. Several such traps caused fires of dry grass. The fire has been extinguished, there are no casualties.

The ship group of enemy forces consists of 18 warships and boats maneuvering in the Black Sea along the Crimean coast in the direction of Novorossiysk. 5 ships and 1 submarine, equipped with 44 Kalibr missiles, are ready for missile strikes. In addition, 5 more amphibious ships are on duty.

Kherson oblast

The enemy carried out air and missile strikes in the region during the day. The occupiers tried to hit positions of Ukrainian defenders with pairs of helicopters in the Berislavsky and Kakhovsky districts of Kherson oblast.

Ukrainian aviation launched two strikes on enemy strongholds in the Oleksandrivka and Blahodatne districts. Missile and artillery units hit the enemy’s electronic warfare stations in the Biliaievka area.

The South Operational Command confirms a hit on an echelon with military equipment, ammunition and manpower in the area of the Brylevka railway station. Losses are being investigated.

The confirmed losses of the enemy are 52 soldiers, 4 tanks, 2 Nona-S self-propelled and air-droppable mortar, a self-propelled artillery, 8 units of armored vehicles and vehicles, as well as 4 warehouses with ammunition in Berislav and Bashtanka districts.

Yesterday as a result of successful counter-offensive actions in the Kherson direction, marines of the Navy of the Ukrainian Armed Forces captured 11 russian occupiers in battle. Among them are 1 officer, 1 ensign and 9 mobilized members of the so-called DPR. All prisoners have been handed over to relevant competent authorities.

The russian military installed radar reflectors along road and railway bridges in Kherson to prevent missile strikes by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was reported by the US Institute for the Study of War.

The SBI reported in absentia the suspicion of high treason to 3 employees of the law enforcement agency in Kherson oblast. They voluntarily agreed to cooperate with occupiers from the very beginning of the armed aggression.

The Security Service of Ukraine identified and established the whereabouts of all collaborators and their “coordinators” from the russian federation involved in the organization of the pseudo-referendum. This was reported by Ukrainian intelligence. According to intelligence officers, the russian federation has already developed a concept to prepare a fake referendum. By means of a pseudo-vote, the Kremlin hopes to legitimize accession of a part of southern Ukraine to russia.

Western regions

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that in Volyn and Polissya in the border areas with Ukraine, there is an additional deployment of radio-electronic warfare systems by the armed forces of the republic of belarus.

Almost 91K people and 18K vehicles crossed western borders of Ukraine during the day. 42K people left Ukraine, and almost 49K people arrived.


Employees of the SCE “Lutskteplo” donated one day’s salary to the needs of the army. Since the war began, this enterprise has collected UAH 1 million 250K for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As part of the food program from the UN, the Territorial Center of Social Services of Lutsk has started giving out food products to the disadvantaged – 274 such families in the Lutsk community.

Internally displaced persons in Golobska, Ratnivska, Smidynska and Torchynska communities received humanitarian aid – clothes and hygiene products.

Volyn RMA, together with the “Proxen” Charitable Foundation, sent food and hygiene products to families of Ratniv region. These are families whose husbands, fathers or children went to defend Ukraine.

Lithuanian volunteers from the city of Marijampole came to the Lutsk District Council to learn the needs of educational institutions. It is about rural schools and kindergartens.

A patriotic lottery draw was held in Volodymyr during the Volodymyr Cup football tournament. A total of 900 lottery tickets worth UAH 27K were sold. All proceeds were directed to the needs of the Armed Forces.

In Lutsk, children sell lemonade to help volunteers make dry rations. In the month since schoolchildren started selling home-made drinks on the street, they have collected UAH 8K to help the military.

In Uzhhorod, in the Horyan district, children organized a roadblock to collect money for cars for the Armed Forces. The initiative was supported by the abbot of the Horyansk Rotonda church, Fr. Bohdan Savula, encouraging adults to pass the roadblock and give money to children. UAH 12 670 have already been collected.

Zakarpattia oblast

Heads of regional military administrations of Zakarpattia and Luhansk oblasts signed the Cooperation and Partnership Agreement. The head of Zakarpattia, Viktor Mykyta, announced that from now on, a group of specialists from the Luhansk administration will work on the basis of the Zakarpattia RMA for the period of martial law, who will take care of humanitarian issues regarding IDPs.

The Mukachevo City Council reported that in a village in the Mukachevo region, six girls organized a charity concert in support of the 128th Zakarpattia Brigade. During the concert, UAH 20K was collected.

Karina Porokhnavets, Anastasia Cherepanya and Valeria Gerevich, who organized the concert. Photo: social networks

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

Ivano-Frankivsk RMA, in cooperation with the Parimatch Foundation International Charitable Foundation in Ukraine, organized a vacation for 25 children of privileged categories. The children will have some rest for 14 days in one of the institutions of Zakarpattia oblast.

25 children went on vacation. Photo: Ivano-Frankivsk RMA

The Polish city of Warsaw handed Ivano-Frankivsk KP “Electroavtotrans” a special vehicle for repair of trolleybus lines.

Special vehicle. Photo: social networks

Lviv oblast

209 people arrived in Lviv from the places of war by two evacuation trains. 818 people left for Przemyśl from Lviv oblast.

At the Center for Social Support of Orphans and Children Deprived of Parental Care and Internally Displaced Persons, a first aid training was held. It was attended by social specialists of the institution, and conducted by representatives of the Malta Relief Service.

In Sosnivka, Chervonohrad district, thanks to the Chervonohrad Community Development Fund, with the support of the “Building Ukraine Together” volunteer movement and the Ukrainian Educational Platform, a camp was opened. During two weeks, volunteers will repair living rooms for displaced persons in the Sosniv shelter. Over 1 500 people stayed in Sosnivka.

The families of the defenders of “Azovstal” came to the square in front of the Opera House in Lviv and called on international organizations to protect the rights of the prisoners and do everything possible for quick exchange of Mariupol heroes.

186 children of combatants living in the Lviv City Territorial Community received funds for rehabilitation. The total amount of payments is UAH 856K.

Rivne oblast

The head of Rivne RMA Vitaliy Koval reported that since the war began, 219 alarms have sounded in Rivne oblast. In July alone, sirens were turned on 27 times.

Rivne RMA reported that Rivne oblast has an evacuation plan in case of a possible invasion from belarus

Head of the “Servant of the People” party, Olena Shulyak visited Rivne oblast. During meetings with the oblast leadership, issues related to internally displaced persons were discussed.

In Rivne oblast, 2 331 landlords are ready to provide places for forced migrants for free. All those who sheltered displaced persons during the war receive compensation for the costs of paying for housing and communal services.

Ternopil oblast

25 children of soldiers, law enforcement officers and internally displaced persons from Ternopil Oblast went on vacation to summer camps in Ukraine. They will stay in safe and comfortable conditions for almost two weeks. An interesting and educational program was prepared for them, so that the children could spend their time in a fun and useful way.

A football match between the teams of Ternopil football stars took place in Ternopil to raise funds for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Football match in support of the AFU. Photo: Ternopil city council

Khmelnytskyi oblast

21 tons of flour were delivered to the city of Horodok to the population suffering as a result of armed russian aggression. Such assistance is provided by the agreement between Khmelnytskyi RMA and the UN World Food Program.

From the community of Khmelnytskyi oblast, Pecheska, Khodakovtsi and Arkadievtsi, decided to join the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

Chernivtsi oblast

Since the war began, Chernivtsi residents have bought UAH 50 million worth of military bonds.

Volunteers of the Vyzhnytsky District have sent 120 tons of humanitarian aid and two dozen vehicles to the Ukrainian military on the front lines.

Mykola Strelnikov from the city of Zastavna received an honorary badge “For exemplary military service” of the 2nd degree from the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny.

International support

The Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal announced that the EU directed €1 billion of macro-financial assistance to Ukraine. €500 million has already arrived at the NBU. The second tranche will arrive soon. These funds will be directed to servicing the budget’s priority needs.

The Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov announced that MARS II anti-aircraft missiles arrived in Ukraine from Germany.

The Ministry of Defense reports that Ukraine received 4 more HIMARS systems from the USA.

The Ambassador of Ukraine to Great Britain, Vadym Prystaiko, announced that Ukraine will receive several anti-mine ships from the British Royal Navy.

Syrian ship, loaded with flour, was arrested in Lebanon. The Ukrainian embassy in Beirut reported that it had received documents confirming that Ukrainian grain was stolen on board the ship Laodicea.

UNESCO will allocate almost $100K to develop museums and cultural institutions in Odesa.

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on Foreign Affairs, Richards Kohls, stated that the Diet of Latvia plans to recognize the russian federation as a terrorist state. The relevant application will be considered on August 2.

The Joint Operational Program “RomaniaUkraine” is launching a drawing and digital art competition called “Appeal to Ukraine”, open to the youth of Romania and Ukraine. Its purpose is to identify works of art reflecting unlimited help and compassion for the Ukrainian people. The winner’s artwork will be reproduced on the wall of one of the buildings of public interest in Romania.

The famous British musician Sting expressed his support for Ukraine during a concert in Warsaw. The musician said from the stage: “The war in Ukraine is an absurdity built on lies. If we swallow this lie, it will eat us. But lies are terribly afraid of the truth. The truth must be heard. We cannot lose this battle”.

In the city of Batumi in Georgia, a rally was held in support of the soldiers of Azov.

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