News from Ukrainian Women’s Guard, August 2, 2022 Ukrainian Daily Wins

Materials prepared by Mila Rosik

53  settlements have been liberated from russian occupation in Kherson oblast.

The General Staff states that the Ukrainian military eliminated an enemy reconnaissance group near Sloviansk and repelled an attack towards Bakhmut. Combat operations continue towards Avdiivka.

✅  Ukrainian defenders repelled the enemy’s assault actions towards Bakhmut, Kharkiv, Kramatorsk, the Southern Buh, and Avdiivka.

✅   In the south, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the enemy TOR anti-aircraft missile system.

✅  The European Union disbursed 1 billion euros as new emergency macro-financial assistance to Ukraine.

✅  Austria’s gas dependence on Russia fell from 80% to below 50%.

✅  Belgium has frozen 50.5 billion euros of funds belonging to people, companies, and other legal entities due to sanctions imposed because of russia’s invasion.

✅   The Finnish youth movement Kokoumusnuoret (Nationalist Youth) bought a billboard near the border with the russian federation and placed an advertisement there reminding of russia’s military actions in Ukraine. Kokoumusnuoret notes that in recent weeks more tourists from the russian federation have received visas for trips to Finland. The movement calls on the government to ban the issuance of visas to russians.

✅    Zelenskyy and Macron had a one-and-a-half-hour conversation, during which the Ukrainian president asked his French counterpart to help unblock 8 billion euros of the macro-financial assistance provided by the EU.

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