Daily Ukrainian victories 02.03.2023. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

The russian army lost over 150, 000 servicemen in the war against Ukraine

By the morning of March 2, russia’s total combat losses have amounted to about 150,605 soldiers since the start of its full-scale offensive against Ukraine on February 24.

The European Commission intends to increase ammunition production dramatically

The EU Commission is to present to the EU member states a plan of supplying Ukraine with ammunition and replenishing stocks in the EU.

Germany will increase ammunition production to continue military support for Ukraine

It will also increase the capacity to repair weapons and military equipment.

Ukraine produces a “mobilization” version of T-72 tanks

In a video of combat coordination of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, modified models of T-72AMT tanks, which had not been previously reported, were spotted.

“Release акщь сфзешмшен without conditions and exchanges” – an advocacy campaign for civilians abducted by russia has been launched in Ukraine

The aim of the initiative is to unite the efforts of the entire international community to release civilian prisoners of war as a result of кussian aggression against Ukraine and to call on the world to put more pressure on кussia to release them immediately.

Slovakia may supply 10 MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine

Slovakia has 11 MiG-29 fighters. The country is ready to transfer 10 of them to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad said.

“Vidvazhna”: The Ministry of Digital Transformation is launching a business accelerator for women entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs will be able to choose a convenient way to participate: online or offline. The programme includes 12 training modules

The first storage bank of red blood cells has been created in Ukraine

The bank will provide components of rare blood groups that may be in short supply when needed urgently or in large quantities during emergencies.

The Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company has launched a project to build its own barge fleet

The Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company will build its own barge fleet – preparations for the creation of a non-self-propelled vessel from donor vessel designs are already underway at the Kilia Shipbuilding and Ship Repairing Facility.

The Ministry of Energy launches AidEnergy platform to coordinate the donor assistance for the energy sector

The Ministry of Energy, with the support of the EBRD, has developed the AidEnergy online platform, a single place to collect, update and inform donors of the needs of the fuel and energy sector companies, process and confirm donor suggestions, distribute humanitarian aid, and report.

The museum that has the largest collection of Malevich’s works introduced him as a Ukrainian

The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam ( the Netherlands), which has one of the most complete collections of Kazimir Malevich’s works, now presents the abstract artist to be Ukrainian.

Materials prepared by: Yulia Akinzhali

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