Where does the money run away?

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Russians began to massively withdraw their money abroad. Over the past year, the amount of transfers to neighboring countries amounted to billions of dollars. And it’s not about profitable investments. People simply run away from Putin’s regime, taking with them everything they managed to accumulate. This trend appeared only a year ago, but during this period tens of billions of dollars of withdrawn capital from the Russian Federation have already been recorded. Private capital! This situation suggests that the Russians do not see any prospects in their state. This applies to both entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens who had at least some financial savings. Various schemes are applied, mainly through offshore firms registered in a neighboring state.

Where do Russians transfer their money? Mostly in the countries of the former Soviet Union, since the banks of Western Europe require a report on where the funds came from and how they were earned. The leaders in the withdrawal of rubles from the Russian Federation are Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. According to statistics, remittances from Russia to Kazakhstan in 2022 amounted to $ 775.5 million. About 2 billion private capital was transferred to Georgia during the same period. Money transfers to Armenia make just over $ 3 billion. Uzbekistan set an absolute record by accepting more than $ 14.5 billion into its banking system. Such an outflow of capital from the Russian economy multiplied by Western sanctions, failed import substitution and partial loss of the main source of income – the sale of oil and petroleum products, raises a simple question: How long will the Russian economy and Russia itself, as a state, exist?

To stabilize the situation, the terrorist country takes from its reserve fund from $ 4 to $ 5 billion every month. But this reserve will end soon. The noose around the Russian economy is tightening more and more every day. And with each new restriction, with each new reservation, it becomes more and more difficult to fill the budget of the country that unleashed the greatest war of the XXI century. And the new package of sanctions is already on the way. Therefore, we are waiting – the collapse of Russia is just around the corner!

Materials prepared by Polina Romanova, Ukrainian Women’s Guard for Free Idel-Ural

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