War in Ukraine today: latest news, 13 June, 2024 (photo)

It has been the 841 th day of the Ukrainian resistance to the russian military aggression. 

What happened in Ukraine today:

Here is operational information of the General Staff as of 6 pm:   

Throughout the day, the enemy has been trying to find ways to break into our defences and attempt to drive Ukrainian units from the occupied lines. The number of combat engagements along the entire frontline increased to 77.

Towards Kharkiv, the russian invaders continue to push Ukrainian defenders in the area of Vovchansk. As of today, the Defence Forces units have successfully repelled two enemy assaults and two more combat engagements are ongoing.  

Towards Kupiansk, our defenders prevented three enemy attempts to advance near Synkivka, Petropavlivka, Stelmakhivka and Berestove. Another battle is ongoing.  Also russians continue to shell Kupiansk, Pershotravneve and Stepova Novoselivka.

Towards Lyman, all six enemy assault attempts were unsuccessful. Ukrainian troops control the situation.

Towards Kramatorsk, russian troops have attempted to break into our defences eight times since the beginning of the day. Ukrainian troops repelled six attacks.  Two more combat engagements are ongoing.

Towards Pokrovsk, the invaders are not slowing down their offensive.  Since the beginning of the day, the enemy has attacked the defensive lines of Ukrainian defenders 30 times.  24 of the aggressor’s assaults were unsuccessful, six more attacks are ongoing.

Towards Kurakhove, there were 16 combat engagements.  Our defenders successfully repelled 15 enemy attacks. Another battle is ongoing. According to preliminary information, the enemy’s losses in this sector amounted to: 71 invaders, two tanks and 11 armoured combat vehicles.

Towards Prydniprovskyi, our defenders repelled five enemy attacks near Krynky. The situation is under control.  

In other areas, the situation has not changed significantly.

The Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that for the first time in history, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have hit the latest russian R-416GM communication station. Operators of the 3rd Regiment of the Special Forces worked on the enemy station while working in one of the areas, using one of the latest weapons developments.

Denys Shmyhal, Prime Minister of Ukraine informed that UAH 2.5bn has been allocated to restore the power system in Kharkiv oblast. These funds have been allocated to restore the oblast’s and the city’s power system, install cogeneration units, modular boilers and gas generators.


Recent war events in the east of Ukraine

Kharkiv oblast

The General Staff reported that towards Kharkiv, russian troops unsuccessfully attacked Ukrainian defence units twice near Hlyboke and west of Tykhe. As of 4pm, a firefight continues near Vovchansk. The General Staff noted that in the afternoon, russia dropped 9 guided bombs on Vovchansk and hit Vovchanski Khutory using 8 unguided missiles.  


Towards Kupiansk, Ukrainian defence forces repelled two russian attacks, and two more combat engagements are ongoing. Also russian aviation attacked Petropavlivka with 11 NARs, and hit Tabaivka with 7 more unguided aerial missiles.


Oleh Syniehubov, Head of the Regional Military Administration, reported that from 5:20 to 05:35am, the enemy attacked Kurylivka village, Kupiansk region. 4 private houses were damaged as a result of enemy air and artillery shelling.


The enemy used almost 20 guided aerial bombs in Kharkiv oblast yesterday, destroying civilian and logistics infrastructure.

At 11:40pm, the enemy attacked Kupiansk. A private house was damaged as a result of enemy artillery shelling.

 At 8:30pm, the enemy attacked Cherkaski Tyshky village of Tsyrkuny community, Kharkiv region. The explosion damaged a car, private houses and adjacent buildings.

At 4:17 the enemy attacked Staryi Saltiv village of Staryi Saltiv community, Chuhuiv region. The shelling damaged two houses. A woman and two men were injured, but they were not hospitalised.

At 4:10pm, the enemy attacked Bohuslavka village of Borova community, Izium region. As a result of shelling from MRLs, the building of an educational institution caught on fire and as it was not operational, it had been destroyed earlier.

At 1:25pm, the enemy attacked Pershotravneve village of Borova community, Izium region. The shelling damaged a house.


At 11am, the enemy attacked Odnorobivka village of Zolochiv community, Bohodukhiv region. Three FPV drones attacked the premises of a farm.

At 11:10am, the enemy attacked Ivashky village of Zolochiv community, Bohodukhiv region. They hit the territory of a non-operational plant.

At 9:30am, the enemy attacked Kurylivka village of Kurylivka community, Kupiansk region. Two men were injured as a result of the enemy shelling.

Towards Kharkiv, there were 5 combat engagements. The enemy’s attempts to approach our positions near Lyptsi, Vovchansk and Tykhe were unsuccessful.

Towards Kupiansk, the number of combat engagements increased to 13. The invaders launched active offensives near Synkivka, Petropavlivka, Novoosynove, Pishchane and Miasozharivka. 9 attacks ended in failure for the enemy,

fighting continues near Petropavlivka, Pishchane and Miasozharivka. The situation is under control.

There are fewer attacks on Kharkiv from enemy S-300 systems. All Kharkiv residents feel it. However, the threat of missile attacks remains.

Preparations for the heating season are ongoing. The priority is to ensure stable heat supply to homes and other facilities. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine made the decision at its meeting today that Kharkiv oblast will receive an additional UAH 2.5bn to restore the damaged energy infrastructure and implement a decentralised system.

With the start of the full-scale invasion, volunteers from Sakhnovshchyna set up a sewing workshop and started making clothes for the military. Now, according to volunteer Nataliia Koshliak, sewing has been supplemented by weaving nets, knitting socks, cooking freeze-dried meals and sweet bars for the military, and more.

In April, five streets in Kharkiv were renamed in honour of the fallen soldiers of the 92nd Separate Assault Brigade named after Kosh Ataman Ivan Sirko. Names such as Oleksandr Chaban, Valerii Deineka, Oleh Adamovskyi, Serhii Ponomarenko and Yurii Savchyn appeared on the city map. These soldiers fought in the battles for Kharkiv oblast and were killed while performing missions.

Donetsk oblast

The press service of Donetsk police reported that as a result of russian shelling, a 64-year-old man was severely injured in the stomach.

The police, together with rescuers from the State Emergency Service, did everything to give the man a chance to live. The injured man was taken to hospital, where he later died. Today, this is the hottest area with an unstable frontline. Evacuations are becoming increasingly difficult.

Yesterday the russian army attacked 2236 times.  

The shelling was recorded in 5 settlements: Lyman city, Hostre settlement, Hannivka, Novoselydivka and Uspenivka villages.

Seven civilian objects were damaged, including 4 residential buildings, a farm, an educational institution and a garage.

The invaders shelled Hostre using artillery, killing a civilian and damaging housing and infrastructure.

Also russia dropped three UMPB D-30 bombs on the Lyman, damaging three private houses.

In addition, there was information about one civilian killed in Siversk during hostile shelling on 11 June.

Luhansk oblast

According to Luhansk Regional Military Administration, the invaders are targeting frontline settlements. Nevske, Makiivka and Stelmakhivka were shelled by mortars and cannon artillery. In addition, the enemy used multiple rocket launchers near Nevske.

Also russians attacked 23 times towards Kupiansk and Lyman over the day. The fighting continued, specifically, near Miasozharivka, Nevske and in Serebrianka forest.

The enemy attacked Kupiansk frontline area by guided aerial bombs. According to preliminary data, the enemy lost 31 people.

The so-called “lpr” began reporting on the preliminary results of preparations for the autumn-winter period. They say that the activities are being carried out ahead of schedule.  At the same time, it turned out that the relevant work plan did not include measures at the infrastructure facilities of Lysychansk, Rubizhne and Sievierodonetsk, which were destroyed by the russians. These cities are supposedly being prepared according to a separate schedule, the progress of which is not reported. For instance, the launch of the heating system in Lysychansk was announced back in September 2023, but it is still not working. At the end of winter, there were attempts in Sievierodonetsk to connect individual houses to boiler houses but there was not enough capacity.

Cars and buses are stopped on the road between Sievierodonetsk and Luhansk. They are interviewing men of military age, checking whether they are registered with the military commissariat, and issuing summonses.

Luhansk oblast has joined the Agreement on the Economic Network of the Three Seas Regions.  The 3SEAS initiative is an important component of European security and economic development. The network brings together 25 regions from seven countries.

What is happening now in the north of Ukraine

Kyiv oblast

As of 3pm on 13 June, the regional military administration reported that attempts to extinguish the fire at the industrial facility in Kyiv oblast, which caught fire due to a russian attack on the night of 12 June, have been underway for 24 hours. 249 rescuers, 98 pieces of equipment and 4 fire trains are working at the site.

According to operational data, the number of damaged private buildings increased as a result of the fall of debris from downed enemy targets on 12 June – 3 houses, one of which burned to the ground, outbuildings, garages, warehouses of a business and a petrol station were damaged. One person was injured as a result of the russian attack.

The National Police informed that fragments of cluster munitions were found in the oblast after the latest russian shelling. Police advise residents of the region to refrain from visiting places near the shelling and, if they find suspicious objects, to immediately inform the relevant services. Such explosive items can detonate from the slightest movement.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the command and staff exercises of Kyiv defence forces, which had been ongoing since 5 June, have been finished in Kyiv oblast. The military practised coordinated actions to repel a possible occupier’s offensive: ground, river, unmanned, air and sabotage operations. All components of the group were involved in the exercise.

The RMA reported that major repairs of Motyzhyn Lyceum have begun in Makariv community. The renovation is funded by the European Investment Bank. Due to the hit of an enemy shell, windows and doors were completely smashed in the building, classrooms and corridors were damaged, and the assembly hall was completely burnt down.

Kyiv City Council will increase funding for programmes to support the Security and Defence Forces by another UAH 1bn of this amount, UAH 800m will be allocated under Kyiv Defender programme, while the rest will be spent on social support for soldiers and their families and rehabilitation of veterans. According to Kyiv City State Administration, this year the capital has already allocated UAH 6.5bn from the budget to help Ukrainian defenders. Charitable assistance is also being actively sought.

Ruslan Kravchenko, Head of Kyiv Regional Military Administration, presented a set of anti-corruption measures introduced by Kyiv oblast to ensure transparent reconstruction at the Ukraine Recovery Conference. 

Kyiv Mayor Vitaliu Klychko announced that €500,000 had been raised with the help of Berlin for a prosthetics centre to be set up in Kyiv. The charity evening to raise funds for the prosthetics centre was organised by Janine von Wolfersdorf, head of Life bridge Ukraine, together with the Association of Berlin Merchants and Industrialists. The donations amounted to €305,000 and German businesses will also provide additional equipment to the prosthetics workshop.

Zhytomyr oblast

Zhytomyr oblast receives support from Estonia in reforming vocational education. Estonian partners paid a working visit to Zhytomyr Vocational Lyceum. They inspected the conditions in which students receive their education and exchanged experience and suggestions for implementing educational reforms in Zhytomyr.

In Zhytomyr, the number of weekday runs on several city electric transport routes has been reduced. According to Oleksandr Shevchuk, Deputy Mayor of Zhytomyr, these actions are forced due to the need to save electricity and the lack of drivers at the municipal enterprise.

On 15 and 16 June, the 12th Azov Brigade will hold a free training course in Zhytomyr. Participants will be introduced to the basics of tactical training and tactical medicine. 

Sumy oblast

At night and in the morning, the russians attacked the border areas and settlements of Sumy oblast 7 times.There were 16 explosions recorded, including an attack by an enemy FPV drone, the dropping of high-explosive munitions from a UAV, and mortar and artillery fire. Khotin, Krasnopillia, Velyka Pysarivka, Seredyna-Buda communities were under hostile fire.

Over the past day, the russian military attacked Sumy oblast 14 times and a total of 41 attacks were recorded using various types of weapons.Six border communities were shelled: Khotin, Bilopillia, Krasnopillia, Velyka Pysarivka, Nova Sloboda, Esman.

Volodymyr Artiukh, Head of the RMA, said that a forum “Protection of human rights under martial law at the border” was held in Sumy oblast. According to him, in 2024 alone, 50 civilians were killed in the oblast as a result of hostile shelling, 151 people were wounded, including 13 children. In 2023, 85 people died, including 3 children, and 180 people were injured, including 1 child.

The RMA reported that the School of Social Partnership was launched in Sumy oblast. The educational programme is implemented jointly by UNDP, in partnership with the SNAU Business School, and funded by the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands as part of the pilot project “Support for the Stabilisation and Recovery of War-Affected Communities (Frontline Areas, Areas Returning and Hosting Internally Displaced Persons)”.

In Sumy oblast, ten Dobrobat volunteers, together with students from the Sumy Construction College, are dismantling the rubble of a private house in Trostianets that was damaged by two artillery shells during the russian occupation of the town in March 2022. Thanks to the cooperation, the work is faster and the students gain practical experience that will be useful to them in the future. 

Chernihiv oblast

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reported that over the past day, russian troops launched 17 mortar and cannon artillery attacks in the direction of three settlements in Chernihiv oblast.Three border communities – Novhorod-Siverskyi, Semenivka and Snovsk – were under attack.

Acting Mayor Oleksandr Lomako informed that the building of school №21, which was destroyed by the russian army during an airstrike on 3 March 2022, is being dismantled in Chernihiv. The work is being carried out with funding from UNDP. The partners also purchased equipment and transferred it to the municipal ownership of Chernihiv – a bulldozer, a 32-tonne dump truck and a forklift.

Five communities of Chernihiv oblast (Ivanivka, Kyinka, Kyselivka, Koriukivka and Novyi Bilous) received international technical assistance from U-LEAD with Europe and GIZ Ukraine. These are new Mercedes minibuses that will provide more efficient service to community residents and improve service delivery.

Recent events in the central regions of Ukraine

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

Mykola Lukashuk, Head of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Council, reported that the occupiers shelled Pokrovsk community of Nikopol region with artillery late last night. 

6  people were injured in the attack on Novomoskovsk. Two of them are children. A 3-year-old girl sustained explosive trauma, abrasions and scratches. She is in a hospital in moderate condition. Another girl, 12 years old, has an acute stress reaction. They will recover at home. The enemy attack damaged private houses, 5 educational institutions, and gas infrastructure. A fire broke out. Nikopol region was not left alone. Today they launched 17 kamikaze drones in the area. Nikopol, Pokrovsk and Chervonohryhorivka communities were hit. A cafe, an enterprise and a building that was not in use were damaged.

Consequences of russian shelling. Photo by Mykola Lukashuk, Head of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Council

Vinnytsia oblast

​​Vinnytsia City Council reported that Vinnytsia community donated aid to three military units. The military will receive 20 Mavic and 20 thousand dry showers.

In Bershad, Vinnytsia oblast, a memorial plaque was installed in honour of the fallen police officer Maksym Zaretskyi. It was done on the facade of the police department where the man served.

Poltava oblast

Filip Pronin, Head of the RMA, announced that the latest modification of a quadcopter has been delivered to the military from Poltava oblast. The drone was purchased by philanthropists and socially responsible businesses at the request of the military.

Cherkasy oblast

In Cherkasy, ground drones are being manufactured to help mine the territory, deliver ammunition, and evacuate the wounded.

Latest news from the front of the southern regions of Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia oblast

On 12 June, the occupiers struck Zaporizhzhia oblast 404 times. 10 settlements came under enemy attack.

In the morning briefing, the RMA noted that the enemy launched an airstrike on Huliaipole. 

Also, 155 drones of various modifications attacked Zaporizhzhia, Huliaipole, Levadne, Robotyne, Mala Tokmachka, Malynivka and Novoandriivka. It was recalled that yesterday, residents of Zaporizhzhia heard an explosion when the invaders hit a critical infrastructure facility.

There were 13 MLRS strikes on Robotyne, Mala Tokmachka and Huliaipole.

235 artillery strikes targeted the areas of Huliaipole, Orikhiv, Mala Tokmachka, Novoandriivka, Robotyne, Levadne, Malynivka, Nesterianka and Verbove. 4 reports of housing destruction were received, but no civilians were injured.

The press service of Southern Defence Forces reported that on 12 June, Ukrainian defenders destroyed 30 units of enemy equipment and eliminated over 100 russian invaders on the southern front.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion and as of May 2024, inspectors have calculated the damage from soil contamination and land pollution with construction debris and missile and shell fragments in Zaporizhzhia oblast, amounting to over UAH 15,679,681. All materials with the calculations have been submitted to law enforcement agencies for inclusion in criminal proceedings.

Mykolaiv oblast

According to Mykolaiv RMA, at 2:27pm, the occupiers carried out artillery shelling in the waters of Ochakiv community. At 7:36pm, the enemy shelled the territory of Kutsurub community. In both cases, there were no casualties reported.

In Mykolaiv, the diving unit of the Special Emergency Rescue Squad of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Mykolaiv oblast continues to operate on the Inhul river, which has been under enemy MLRS and missile attacks. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, State Emergency Service divers have surveyed 39 hectares of water area, discovering and destroying 150 explosive devices.

Odesa oblast

According to Odesa City Council, in June 2024, Ukraine and Italy signed a Memorandum of Partnership for the post-war reconstruction of Odesa and its oblast. This document outlines agreements aimed at the restoration and development of key oblasts in Ukraine after the end of military operations, in particular Odesa oblast.

At the #ARTODESSA gallery of the Summer Theatre in Odesa City Garden, an exhibition of graphics by Andrii Roik, a UAV operator and soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, opened. The series of pencil-on-paper graphic works was created between 2022 and 2024. All of them were born out of the “zero” situation, its cause, and its consequence, mainly for its intersection. The exhibition is about comrades, combat actions, waiting, the road, and the intersection of illusion and reality.

The renowned Odesa charity foundation “Corporation of Monsters” celebrates its 10th anniversary. According to Kateryna Nozhevnikova, foundation’s director, in 2014, 500 children evacuated from Luhansk oblast were brought to Odesa and urgently needed assistance. For the first few years, all volunteer activities were conducted without official registration. It was only in 2017 that they decided to officially register the foundation. Over the 10 years, volunteers managed to collect over UAH 1bn in aid. Before the full-scale war, assistance was provided to children, displaced persons, the elderly, orphanages, and pensioners, including preparing good meals. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they supplied free oxygen stations, concentrators and ventilators to sick people at home, saving over 5,000 lives. Now, during the full-scale war, they have started helping the military defend Ukraine by purchasing mortars, machine guns, drones, 25-tonne cranes, excavators, vehicles and boats.

Kherson oblast

On 12 June, the enemy targeted residential areas with artillery, mortars and UAVs. Kherson, Antonivka, Naddniprianske, Veletenske, Kizomys, Oleksandrivka, Bilozirka, Yantarne, Dniprovsk, Beryslav, Mykhailivka, Havrylivka and Zolota Balka were under enemy attack.

The shelling damaged residential buildings, a gas pipeline, a hangar, agricultural equipment and outbuildings.

On 3 June, at around 2:15pm, russian forces, likely using mortars, shelled Dariivka community in Kherson oblast. A 40-year-old resident of Tokarivka was killed.

Havrylivka, Beryslav, Antonivka, Oleksandrivka and Zolota Balka were under enemy drone attack, causing dry grass fires. There were no casualties reported.

Also russian artillery shelled Bilozirka, Naddniprianske, Kizomys and Veletenske, damaging a private house, a gas pipeline, an outbuilding and igniting dry grass.

The enemy also fired at Kherson from the left bank of the Dnipro river. An FPV drone attack in Dniprovskyi district of the city caused a dry grass fire, which was localised.

In the industrial zone of Tsentralnyi district, artillery shells damaged a hangar and agricultural equipment, and in Dniprovskyi district – the heating network.

The enemy also targeted the territory of enterprises in Korabelnyi district.

According to the South Air Command, on the night of 13 June, the air defence of southern Ukraine destroyed 4 reconnaissance UAVs in Kherson oblast, including 2 ZALA and 2 Supercam models.

Dmytro Pletenchuk, Spokesman of the Ukrainian Navy, reported that Ukrainian Defence Forces destroyed 5 russian occupiers’ boats in the south.

Latest news for today in the western regions of Ukraine

Volyn oblast

The RMA held a meeting with the participation of Oleh Slipchuk, Head of the National Police Department in Volyn oblast, and Mykhailo Blizniuk, Head of Volyn Regional Territorial Center for Staffing and Social Support. They discussed implementation of mobilisation tasks and its planned indicators.

Zakarpattia oblast

As part of the Congress of the Trimore Initiative, which is taking place in the Polish city of Lublin, Roman Sarai, Head of Zakarpattia Regional Council, met with Yaroslav Stawiarskyi, Marshal of the Lublin Voivodeship, and Zbigniew Wojciechowski, Deputy of the Seimas of the Lublin Voivodeship. They discussed continuing cooperation within the framework of the signed agreement between Zakarpattia Regional Council and the Lublin Voivodeship. Attention was focused on attracting investments in the construction project of the 4.5.0 Recovery Center rehabilitation centre, providing it with modern medical equipment and training rehabilitators.

The delegation of Zakarpattia Regional Council met with Oleh Kuts, Consul General of Ukraine in Lublin, and Consul Vasyl Yordan. The priority direction of cooperation with the Subcarpathian Voivodeship is the activation of the work on opening the Liubnia-Volosate checkpoint.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

Ivano-Frankivsk City Council reported that the community sent 30 FPV drones to the 710th Brigade.

Within the framework of the Care for the Hero’s Family project, an excursion tour to the Verkhovyna region took place. During the day, 15 participants had the opportunity to see the picturesque corners of the Carpathians, try themselves in the role of real explorers. In its new season, 4 excursion tours have already been held, in which 69 native military personnel took part.

Lviv oblast

The Lion’s Cup All-Ukrainian arm wrestling tournament was held in Lviv. 256 athletes from 17 oblasts of Ukraine took part in it. During the tournament, over UAH 150,000 were raised for the Armed Forces.

In the village of Chishki, Yavoriv region, a memorial sign to Ivan Kordek, fallen military serviceman, was installed. The event was attended by relatives of the deceased defender and residents of the village. Ivan Kordek served in the A1008 Military Unit. He was killed on 31 May, 2022 while performing a combat mission in Zaporizhzhia oblast.

According to the Presidential Decree, Mykhailo Dutko received the For Courage medal from the 420th Rifle Battalion. The soldier served in the 420th Separate Rifle Battalion. He was killed on 14 May, 2023 near Chasiv Yar.

Rivne oblast

Oleksandr Koval, Head of Rivne RMA, met with Kaisa Ollongren, Minister of Defense of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. They discussed the situation in the oblast during the war.

Lyudmila Shatkovska, Deputy Head of Rivne RMA, reported that the RMA submitted an application to the Ministry of Veterans for funds compensation for the purchase of housing for 62 military personnel.

Ternopil oblast

Ternopil City Council reported that the community sent 3 Mavic 3 quadcopters and a night vision device to the 55th Battalion.

Khmelnytskyi oblast

Khmelnytskyi City Council reported that the community sent 70 FPV drones for 5 ESI devices to the military. In total, since the beginning of the year, the community has sent over 3,100 FPV drones, almost 280 expensive quadcopters, over 60 ESI devices.

Chernivtsi oblast

A military-patriotic training was held for the youth of Chernivtsi region. There were tactical medicine, marksmanship (machine gun assembly/disassembly, shooting range), drone control, tactical actions of movement in war conditions, basic self-defence knowledge, shooting methods, mine and explosive safety and mountain rescuers (crossings) locations.

Vasyl Bezkorovainyi, Mykola Porfiriev, Kostiantyn Herman and Ivan Droniak, fallen soldiers from Vyzhnychyna region, were posthumously awarded the Bukovyna Cross of Honor and Dignity. Awards were received by family members of the military.

Military from Bukovyna, who serve in the 57th Separate Rifle Battalion of the 65th Separate Mechanised Brigade of the Ground Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, received awards. 23 defenders were awarded the Golden Cross by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 3 were awarded the Silver Cross by the Commander-in-Chief, 4 were awarded the medal For Saved Life and 142 were awarded the For Wounds medal by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine.

International support of Ukraine in the russian-Ukrainian war (russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

Ukraine will receive over $1 billion from G7+ partners to support the energy sector. At the International Conference on the Reconstruction of Ukraine 2024 in Berlin, representatives of the partner countries condemned the russian attacks on the Ukrainian energy sector and confirmed plans to continue providing assistance to restore the Ukrainian energy sector. The G7+ partners announced the allocation of additional aid to the energy sector after the latest attacks.

The Elysee Palace announced that leaders of the G7 countries agreed on the allocation of $50bn for Ukraine from the profits from frozen russian assets. According to the report, Ukraine will receive the loan by the end of 2024.

Bjorn Arild Gram, Norwegian Defense Minister, reported that his country allocates ammunition for grenade launchers to Ukraine worth over $45m. Norway recently sent hand grenades worth approximately $4.7m, as well as sniper ammunition worth over $282,000.

Partner countries allocated an additional $35m for humanitarian demining projects in Ukraine. It is indicated that Germany together with partners in Ukraine will finance 7 projects. For 2024, the German government has additionally allocated €20m.

Bill Blair, Minister of Defense of Canada, announced that the country sent to Ukraine the 1st 4 armoured vehicles from a batch of 50 Canadian-made vehicles. He noted that the Ukrainian military will learn to use them this summer.

Kaisa Ollongren, Minister of Defense of the Netherlands, reported that Ukraine will receive the 1st F-16s already this summer.

Jake Sullivan, US National Security Adviser, announced that Ukraine and the US will sign a security agreement during the G7 summit in Italy from 13 to 15 June.

Volodmyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, met with His Royal Highness Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman Al Saud. They discussed bilateral relations between Ukraine and Saudi Arabia, preparation for the Global Peace Summit and its expected results.

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Tamara Moshkovska, Sofia Ratynska, Ioanna Kryvenko, Аnna Efremova, Albahachiieva Helena

Translated by Tetyana Pidgorna, Yana Hushchyna, Zhanna Anshukova, Litrovnyk Alla, Marharyta Koval, Tetiana Kurbatova

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