Ukrainian Daily Wins. October 26, 2022. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

⠀   Germany transferred to Ukraine 2 MARS multiple launch rocket systems, 4 Panzerhaubitze 2000 howitzers, and 2 water surface drones. Mars II is designed to destroy concentrations of enemy manpower and equipment, artillery batteries, air defense equipment, command posts and communication points, as well as to lay minefields by remote control mining The range of damage is from 38 km to 300 km. The German government also promised to hand over 6,000 155 mm caliber artillery ammunition and 186,000 40 mm shots for grenade launchers.

⠀•  Today, the Battle for Human Rights. Crimea. Ukraine. The World Conference of Ombudsmen and National Institutions on Human Rights starts in continuation of the Crimean Platform Parliamentary Summit.

⠀•  Another release from captivity of 10 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine took place. Among them is an officer, 9 common soldiers, and sergeants. The liberated soldiers serve, in particular, in the 60th, 57th, and 28th brigades and in various military units. The oldest freed fighter is 55 years old, and the youngest is 21 years old.

⠀•   The Russian side handed over the body of an American volunteer, US Army veteran Joshua Alan Jones, who fought in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

⠀•  The Senate of Poland declared the Russian Federation a terrorist regime.

⠀•  Raytheon Technologies said it had handed over to the US government two NASAMS air defense systems ordered for Ukraine a few weeks ago.

⠀•  The Government of Ukraine announced the Restoration Army program, under which unemployed people will be able to participate in socially useful work that is needed in the regions and receive a minimum salary for it.

⠀•  Australia will send troops to Great Britain to train Ukrainian defenders, and will also hand over 30 Bushmaster armored vehicles.

⠀•  The total number of shot-down Russian helicopters is approaching 250. The Russians have already lost as much equipment as most of the world’s armies simply don’t have. The Russians will not be able to restore these losses.

⠀•  The military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed an X-59 guided missile, an air target in Dnipropetrovsk region.

⠀•  Arnold Schwarzenegger met with Kalush Orchestra in the USA.

⠀   The legendary actor writes on Twitter, “It was a fantastic meeting with Kalush Orchestra, the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest from Ukraine. You inspire me!”

Materials prepared by Olena Biletska

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