Ukrainian Daily Wins. March 20, 2023. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

Minus 700 invaders and 16 armored vehicles

For the 390th day, a full-scale war with the Russian occupiers has been going on, and about 165,610 Russian servicemen have already died in our country. In the past day alone, 700 invaders were liquidated and dozens of units of enemy military equipment were destroyed.


United24 platform raised more than $300 million

People from 110 countries have joined the United24 platform, and the total amount of charitable contributions has crossed the mark of USD 300 mln.


Ukraine supplied Turkey with the first engines for a promising attack helicopter ATAK-II

The engines will be installed on the first prototype of this Turkish heavy combat helicopter.


Disposable Australian drones made of cardboard in the service of the Ukrainian army

The Ukrainian army uses ultra-cheap disposable cargo drones of the Australian company SYPAQ to provide logistics tasks in hard-to-reach places.


EU Ministers agree on the supply of 1 million artillery ammunition to Ukraine

Technical details of how they will cover the need for ammunition are decided and do not exclude the involvement of third countries for procurement.


Norway sent armored vehicles to Ukraine

Norway sent Leopard 2 tanks and unnamed armored engineering vehicles to Ukraine along with related equipment.


The United States allocated a new $350 million military assistance package to Ukraine

The United States announced the allocation of a new military assistance package, which included ammunition for artillery systems and armored vehicles, mortars, as well as patrol boats.


Eight Leopard 2 tanks from Norway arrived in Ukraine 

According to the country’s Ministry of Defense, four support vehicles, ammunition, and spare parts also arrived in Ukraine.


Germany sent a batch of BMP Marder to Ukraine

The German government has begun supplying Marder infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine, said the country’s Defense Minister Boris Pistorius.


Australia imposed sanctions on Iran over drone supplies to russia

Australian authorities are imposing sanctions on 13 individuals and organizations involved in the production and supply of Russian drones.


ARMA transferred more than ₴5.4 billion of assets of a Russian businessman in Kirovograd oblast

The assets of the agrarian company of a resident of the Russian Federation for UAH 5.4 billion were transferred to the management of the National Agency for Detection, Tracing and Management of Assets Derived from Corruption and Other Crimes (ARMA).


PLEON Talan created a social campaign “New pages of Ukrainian heroism”

The project was attended by representatives of such areas as agriculture, entrepreneurship, health care, public service, humanitarian assistance, civil society, energy and journalism.


Experimental shields and ‘spider boots’ were made for Ukrainian sappers

Kharkiv enterprise Ukrainian Spring Center has produced an experimental protective shield and “spider boots”, which should protect sappers from the traumatic amputation of limbs.


The Ukrainian Fashion Week team became a partner and mentor of a fashion show in Moldova

The Ukranian Fashion Week team became a partner and mentor of the collection of leading Moldovan brands — Moldovan Brands Runway.


Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg allocated funds for ₴ 1.3 million to support Ukrainian artists

To support Ukrainian artists, the Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg allocated funds in the amount of UAH 1.3 million through the UCF.


Finland cancels fencing tournament in protest against FIE

Finns do not agree with the decision of the International Fencing Federation.

Materials prepared by Yuliia Akinzhaly

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