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Ukrainian Daily Wins. June 17, 2022. The Ukrainian Women’s Guard News

Compiled by Mila Rosik

The European Commission has officially recommended granting Ukraine the status of a candidate for the EU membership.

 ✅ The leaders of key EU states decided to grant Ukraine the status of a candidate without additional conditions, but then put forward conditions for reforms in all subsequent stages – Macron.

 ✅ Swedish Foreign Minister Anne Linde says that her country supports granting the status of a candidate for the EU membership for Ukraine and Moldova.

✅ During the war, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have eliminated 33,150 russian invaders, 1,456 tanks, 3,563 armored vehicles, 2,496 vehicles and tanks.

 ✅ Zelenskyy, the OP team and the government discussed with Boris Johnson the supply of heavy weapons and air defense systems, economic support for Ukraine, increased sanctions pressure on the russian federation, as well as security guarantees.

 ✅ British Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff, believes that strategically russia has already lost the war and has become a weaker power than it used to be before the invasion.

 ✅ Towards Sloviansk, the russians are trying to take full control of Bohorodychne, but the Ukrainian soldiers have successfully repelled the assault, as reported by the General Staff of Ukraine.

✅ The Cabinet of Ministers decided to terminate the agreement on visa-free regime with russia from July 1.

 ✅ Minister of Culture and Information Policy Oleksandr Tkachenko wants to appeal against the decision to transfer the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 from Ukraine to the UK.

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