Передача гаубиць і танків Challenger 2 “є початком змін” у характері військової підтримки з боку Лондона фото

Ukrainian Daily Wins. January 15, 2023. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

Great Britain will transfer 155 mm AS-90 self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine

The transfer of howitzers and Challenger 2 tanks ‘is the beginning of a change’ in the nature of military support from London.

Russia lost 630 troops in a day — General Staff

As of the morning of January 15, russia lost more than 115 K people in the war in Ukraine, while about 630 Russian troops were liquidated in a day.


Germany will provide Ukraine with 300 K Gepard ammunition 

These will be new ammunition manufactured for the needs of Ukraine.


9 H10 Poseidon Mk II UAVs handed over to the military

Petro Poroshenko also handed over control machines based on DAF Leyland.


In Sumy oblast, the border was reinforced with mobile MLRS for S-5 missiles

One redesigned SUV is capable of launching 32 C-5 missiles. For this purpose, unified launch units UB-16-57 are used.


Ukrainian military began to seize the Bradley BMP

They will be delivered in Ukraine over the coming months.


IAEA expands its presence in Ukraine to help prevent a nuclear accident 

The press service of the organization reported that Grossi would visit Pivdennoukrainska and Rivne nuclear power plants, as well as the Chernobyl site.


Britain will hand over Apache attack helicopters to Ukraine – media 

Four helicopters can destroy an entire regiment of 70 tanks in a matter of seconds.


Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in a video clip of Kalush Orchestra for the song Shchedryi Vechir (Generous Evening) in the USA

At the beginning of the video, the actor addressed Ukrainians.

Materials prepared by Yuliia Akinzhaly 

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