Ukraine Operational information from the regions

Ukraine in Brief: Latest regional news May 17, 2022 (photo, video)

The State Emergency Services reported that they also hit a nine-story residential building. A 9-year-old child was badly injured and one more person was found dead when pulled out of the rubble by firefighters.

Operational information from the regions of Ukraine from UWG 17.05.2022
materials prepared by: Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna

Ukraine briefly:

The 83 anniversary of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion is underway.

The enemy does not cease offensive in the Eastern Ukraine. The enemy continues to launch missile attacks on military and civilian infrastructure in the Lviv, Chernigov and Sumy oblasts.

On the night of 17 January, 52 badly wounded servicemen were evacuated from the Azovstal plant to save their lives. 211 people were rescued through the humanitarian corridor to Olenivka.

Reuters  reported citing its source that seven buses with servicemen who were staying at Azovstal left the territory of the plant today accompanied by a Russian convoy.

Ukraine Operational information from the regions

No significant changes in the position and status of the enemy troops were detected in  Volyn, Polissya and Siversky areas.

The threat of missile and bomb attacks from the territory of the Republic of Belarus on infrastructure facilities on the territory of Ukraine remains.

Towards Kharkiv, the enemy troops are building up their efforts on holding their positions and preventing our troops from penetrating into the Ukrainian state border. The enemy carried out artillery attacks on our troops.

Towards Slovyansk, invaders are reloading and manning the troops and stockpiling supplies to prepare for an attack towards Slovyansk.

Towards Severodonetsk, the invaders are trying to launch an offensive with the support of artillery towards the settlements of Borovenki and Severodonetsk.

In the Kurakhiv area, the attack on the village of Novomikhailivka is underway with the support of artillery and aviation fire.

The enemy made an unsuccessful attempt to attack in the direction of Maryinka settlement.

The enemy did not engage in active warfare towards Novopavlivka and Zaporizhzhia. To deter our troops, the enemy shelled using small arms artillery and mortars. At the same time, the enemy is carrying out engineering equipment for the other defensive line.

The invaders did not engage in active warfare towards Lviv-Buzskiy. Our units were shelled with mortars and small arms artillery. The invaders continue engineering works to equip the second line of defense with reinforced concrete structures.

Enemy ships in the Black Sea and Sea of Azov are trying to isolate areas of warfare and block civilian ships.

The Ukrainian defence forces inflict losses on the enemy on all fronts and are prepared for any changes in the operational situation.


East regions

Kharkiv oblast

According to the head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration Oleg Siniehubov, there was no shelling in Kharkiv today. However, the village of Pechenyi, Chuguyevsky district, was hit. A 73-year-old man sustained minor injuries. Combat operations continue on the territory of the region. The invaders in the Kharkiv area are focused on defending the occupied territories.

Also, according to Siniehubov, the assault attempt by Russian troops near Dovgenky in the Izum area was unsuccessful – after suffering losses, the invaders retreated.

The sale of alcoholic beverages was prohibited in the Kharkiv region until the end of martial law. Currently, the ban does not affect the sale of alcoholic beverages between 09:00 and 15:00. Their sale is allowed until 21:00 in the pubs. According to the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, the alcohol is not sold to servicemen of the Ukrainian armed forces and the National Guard.

In Kharkiv, the fascists destroyed the National Center of Plant Genetic Resources which is second-to-none in Ukraine and one of the largest in the world. There were over 160K varieties and hybrids of plants from all over the world, including century-old varieties. They cannot be renewed. The Russians burned everything to the ground. The bank survived the Second World War, but did not survive the arrival of the “devotees”. His colleague Sergey Avramenko said that the plant bank was destroyed.

Ukraine Operational information from the regions

Donetsk oblast

Towards Slovyansk, the invaders regroup and complete the troops. The enemy failed to improve the tactical position in the area of the Dovzhenko settlement.

Towards Donetsk, the enemy tries to conduct the offensive along the entire contact line, shelling the settlements with artillery. In the areas of Bakhmut, Klinovy, Soledar and Vovchoyarivka, the enemy launched airstrikes and bomb strikes from Su-35 aircraft. The enemy also conducted air reconnaissance using Orlan-10 UAV.

The Russian occupants shelled Knauf factory in Bakhmut, Donetsk oblast, according to local residents. The plant was producing building materials.

The State Emergency Services reported that they also hit a nine-story residential building. A 9-year-old child was badly injured and one more person was found dead when pulled out of the rubble by firefighters.

Towards Avdiivka, the enemy carried out assault operations to take control of the Novobakhmutivka – Novoselivka Druha road section, without any success.

In Mariupol, the enemy concentrated its main efforts on blocking our units in the area of the Azovstal plant. In the Novopavlivsk, Zaporizhzhia and Pivdennobuzsk directions the enemy shelled using small arms artillery and mortars.

According to Reuters, seven buses with Ukrainian defenders left Azovstal today accompanied by a Russian convoy. Some Ukrainian servicemen were not injured.

Luhansk oblast

In the temporarily occupied territory of the Luhansk oblast, the fascists are drafting men into military service. Lyudmila Denisova states that the guerrillas threaten to shoot the men for refusing to fight against Ukraine. 

The Russian invaders are searching for the men who drove to the occupied territory and to safe places to get away from shelling. They scoured houses, homes, and outskirts of towns and villages. The “conscripts” are taken away at gunpoint, and if they do not agree, they are threatened with death.

North regions

From the territory of the Russian Federation, the enemy is shelling settlements on the territory of the Sumy and Chernihiv oblasts.

Zhytomyr oblast

Last week, regional firefighters were called upon 10 times to extinguish fires. Five of them were in private households and another five were in open territories. There were no fatalities or injuries during all of the fires.

The engineers of the State Emergency Services of Ukraine continue to clear up the mines on the territory of Zhytomyr oblast.

Ukraine Operational information from the regions

As of today, a group of pipelayers carried out 124 visits, during which more than 176 hectares of the region were cleared and 2605 items of munitions were destroyed. At the moment, surveying, clearing and dismantling of settlements are underway in Malinsko and Ovrutsk communities.  

Kyiv and Kyiv oblast

The bodies of three civilians murdered by the invaders have been found buried near the village of Makariv in Kyiv oblast. A Czech citizen was among those killed.

According to the head of the Military Administration Oleksandr Pavlyuk, gas supply was 99% restored in Irpin. Currently, in all 120 settlements where natural gas supply has been resumed, workers started connecting gas lines directly to residential buildings. 

“Puzata Khata” food chain will reopen 5 restaurants in downtown Kyiv and Podil.

According to Vitaly Klitschko, Kyiv firefighters received 12 special vehicles. The firefighting equipment was donated to Kyiv by several Dutch city communities. In addition, the air conditioning vehicle was donated to the city by a Polish philanthropist from Poland.

The reconstruction of “Orliatko” park in Solomianskiy district of Kyiv will be completed by the end of 2023. The estimated reconstruction cost is 86 million UAH. The contractor was chosen at the auction on February 28, 2022.

Ukraine Operational information from the regions

Sumy oblast 

The region has been shelled from the territory of Russia since early morning. There have been about 5 strikes in the area of Esmani, 6 – near Sopich, and 70 explosions in the Boyar-Lyezhachy area. Russians also fired missiles at Okhtyrka.

9 people were wounded as 10 air missiles hit civilian areas.

The shelling continued in Shostka district, in the area of Seredyn-Budy. The state border was not breached. However, provocative shelling from the territory of Russia continued.

As a result of shelling, some border areas caught on fire. Riot policemen continued to help rectify the effects of the enemy attack.

In Okhtyrka, the police continued to help relieve the consequences of the enemy attack on the town.

WCK’s executive director Nate Cook shared the news that “McDonald’s Day” for Trostyanets children in Sumy oblast was organized by the World Central Kitchen. McDonald’s stores have not been operating in Ukraine since February. But they transferred all ingredients, including buns and sauces.

Chernihiv oblast

Early on May 17, the Russian military launched air strikes on the village of Desna. The training center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is located in Desna. Four missiles were launched from the aircraft, 2 of them hit the building. 8 people were killed, 12 wounded as a result of the air strike.

This information as of 12:00 p.m. was reported to the Chief Directorate of the State Emergency Services in Chernihiv oblast.

The press service of Operation Command “South” reported that at about 16:40 Russian troops shelled the Chernihiv border area. According to the report, 6 Russian mortar attacks were made towards Senkivka village. There were no casualties among people. The equipment was not damaged either. 

Residents of the destroyed district of Bobrovitsa tried Polish national food bigos. Today, on 17 May, employees of Chernihiv educational and rehabilitation center #2 prepared and distributed 900 servings of food to Chernihiv residents. 

Ukraine Operational information from the regions

Central regions

Dnipropetrovsk oblast 

According to the head of Kryvyi Rih military administration Oleksandr Vilkul, Russian troops hit villages of Trudolyubivka and Osokorivka in Kherson oblast, near Dnipropetrovsk, as well as a village in the Shyrokyivka community of Kryvyi Rih oblast with multi launch rocket systems.

The situation in Kryvyi Rih and Kryvyi Rih region is stable and fully controlled by the military administration and the Ukrainian Defense Forces. There were no significant changes at the contact line.

Mines are being cleared up in the Kryvyi Rih region. On May 17, 41 Uragan missiles, which did not explode, were detected near Volodymyrivka.

Ukraine Operational information from the regions

In addition, a Ukrainian air defense system shot down an Orlan enemy missile today.

Kirovohrad oblast

Two servicemen from Kirovohrad oblast, killed during the warfare, were posthumously awarded the order “For courage” of the first degree by the President of Ukraine. Decrees on awarding Yuriy Kozakul and Oleksandr Bikmurzin were published on the official website of the President.

Today, a 35-year-old soldier, Andriy Chukhryayev, visited the Alley of Honorary Memorials of the Rivne Cemetery. Relatives, friends, comrades-in-arms and fellow countrymen came to pay their respects to the hero.

Ukraine Operational information from the regions

In Kropyvnytskyi, the humanitarian center “Success Territory” encouraged all those willing to contribute to the cleaning of the Kovalivsky beach.

Poltava oblast

The Chief Directorate of the State Fire Service of the Poltava oblast informed that a volunteer fire prevention squad began working in the village of Skorohodove. The newly formed unit was trained from April 29 to May 15 under the preliminary training program “Initial training of Poltava volunteer fire brigade members”. 

In addition, the businessman handed over the keys from the fire-engine vehicle to the head of the Chutivskiy territorial community for the needs of local fire protection. 

Ukraine Operational information from the regions

The head of the Poltava Regional Administration Dmytro Lunin informed that a training shooting was held in the Myrhorod community. The residents were warned about the sounds of shooting and explosions. 

Vinnytsia oblast

The Vinnytsia Regional Military Administration announced that the regional humanitarian headquarters rendered aid to residents of three communities in the Gaisyn district. Humanitarian cargo with necessities for internally displaced people, notably 4 trucks, 2-3 tons each, loaded with food, hygiene products, clothing, arrived at the village of Krasnopilsk, Sobolivka and Teplitsk territorial community of the Gaisyn district.

Ukraine Operational information from the regions

The State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Vinnytsia informed that a team of pyrotechnicians of the special emergency squadron destroyed three 76-mm artillery shells of the WWII times. Vinnytsia residents found the war explosive remnants the day before in the village of Rososha in Lipovytsia Territory and outside the village. 

Southern regions

Zaporizhzhia oblast

There is fighting with hostile Russian troops in Zaporizhzhia neighboring communities. Russian troops are trying to penetrate into the Zaporizhzhia oblast without any success.

Defensive structures are being erected in the region. For example, soldiers have already created three lines of defensive structures. Each of them is designed to repel the attacks of heavy weapons and large-caliber artillery. The defense is also set up to hamper Zaporizhzhia shelling, first and foremost from rocket launchers. The head of Regional Military Administration Oleksandr Starukh told journalists that not only soldiers but also civilians took part in constructing defensive structures.

Ukraine Operational information from the regions

Hostile Russian troops continue victimizing Ukrainians. As of May 17, 280 people were abducted, among them 163 were released, 117 are still taken hostage.

Kherson oblast

The Ministry for Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine reports that the humanitarian disaster in Kherson is worsening:

– no power in 61 settlements;

– buildings were destroyed and people are left without housing in 53 settlements;

– no heating in 35 settlements;

– no gas in 23 settlements (liquified gas is used);

– no water in 61 settlements;

– no medicines in 42 settlements;

– no food products in 58 settlements. There is a shortage of children’s food and goods for children;

– no pension and social benefit payments in 30 settlements;

– no communication and the Internet in 18 settlements.

The Ministry also states that 120 people were arrested.

Mykolaiv oblast

Russian troops use a system of roadblocks to prevent people from leaving the region as much as possible. The invaders put psychologic and information pressure on locals with a strong pro-Ukrainian stance.

The overall situation in the contact line remains steadily tense.

The enemy continues missile strikes. 

Airborne missile troops shot down a Russian cruise missile launched by a strategic bomber attacking Ukraine from the Caspian Sea area. They were directed towards western regions of Ukraine. The efficiency of our troops reduced the enemy’s intentions.

As of 17 May, 3 457 civilian objects were partially damaged or completely destroyed since the Russian invasion began in Mykolaiv oblast.

Odesa oblast

The enemy shelled the city across the Dniester estuary for the first time by launching two missiles. Currently, it is impossible to conduct the repair works. The bridge is not operational.

Western regions

Lviv oblast

On the night of May 17, the Lviv oblast experienced one of the largest missile attacks during the war. The enemy attacked the infrastructure of the regional branch of the Lviv Railway in the Yavoriv region. The explosion damaged the railway infrastructure. Air defense troops managed to bring down three missiles.

Last weekend, Lviv oblast welcomed and accommodated 230 people from other regions. According to the Head of Lviv Military Administration Maxim Kozitsky, there are about 8K equipped places for settlers in state and communal institutions.

During the day, the Lviv received an ambulance vehicle from Caritas-Spes Religious Mission. It was handed over to the 80th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade. It is already used at the front line. 

In Lviv, a center for internally displaced children was opened. The center can take care of kids from 4 up to 11 years old for 3 hours a day. Children can paint, play the piano and engage in other activities.

Tomorrow Lviv will host a large back-to-school conference organized by Lviv IT Cluster for high school students and graduates from different parts of Ukraine and around the world.

Rivne oblast

According to the report of the Head of the Department of Internal Affairs Vitaly Koval,  16944 internally displaced children registered in the region. In total, 53 936 internally displaced persons have registered in the region.

Ukraine Operational information from the regions

The Rivne oblast continues helping people affected by the war. Chernihiv has already sent 198,902 food packages.

The sowing period has almost completed in Rivne oblast. 95% of areas planned for the gardens of crops have already been planted.

The Rivne regional library has introduced daily training as a part of the “Artobiymi” psychological assistance project. The Art Library’s Department of Arts and Culture invites people affected by the war to participate in these free trainings, except for Rivne, also in Zdolbunov and Kostopol.

Classes are free of charge.

Khmelnitsky oblast

Recently a humanitarian aid package from the Brotherhood of the Soul Foundation arrived at the Humanitarian Center in Khmelnitsky from Krynytsia-Zdrój (Poland). Humanitarian aid will be rendered to displaced persons.

Khmelnitsky Museum of History Collects objects and evidence related to the Russo-Ukrainian War. The goal is to record and preserve history, to reveal the truth about the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian people for their country in the future through artifacts and documents.

Chernivtsi oblast

The Chernivtsi military administration purchased over 5 million UAH worth of rifle vests, quadcopters, binoculars and other equipment for soldiers.

They purchased rucksacks, sleeping bags, wrecking vests, quadcopters, binoculars, electric power and kitchen equipment.

At the initiative of the Vuglezhdar Development Agency, “Vostok SOS” charity organization donated 12 electric cars to Chernivtsi oblast.

The trucks have been delivered to regional educational institutions where these displaced people are currently living.

Transcarpathian region

Since February 24, the regional employment service has rendered employment aid to 1.8K residents from other areas of active hostilities. 116 of them have already been recruited.

At “Owl’s Nest” humanitarian aid center, IDPs can receive hygienic kits for their families from the office of the International Organization for Migration in Ukraine.

About 150 of these boxes including soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste for adults and children, a comb for hair, sponge and dishwashing cloths, dishcloths, shampoo cream, feminine hygiene products, laundry detergent were distributed by volunteers last night.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

During two months of war, Transcarpathian religious communities handed over 48 cars to Ukrainian soldiers and collected funds for ammunition and supplies of the first necessity.

There are 1500 religious organizations in the region. Since the first days of the war, they have been actively reaching out to support internally displaced people and defenders of Ukraine,  fighting for our land against the Russian invaders.

The State Scientific, Research and Design Institute of Basic Chemistry, originally located  in Kharkiv, has started working in Kalush within the State Program of Support for the Enterprises Relocation.

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