Russian War Crimes in Ukraine. Facts and Evidences

Digest 84. May 17, 2022. Russian War Crimes in Ukraine. Facts and Evidences

On May 17, there were killed and injured as hostile russian troops launched the air strike on Desna town, Chernihiv oblast. 

Source: Head of Chernihiv Regional Military Administration

On May 17, 5 civilians were wounded, houses, a church, a kindergarten damaged by 5 russian airstrikes on Okhtyrka, Sumy oblast. 

Source: Head of the Sumy Regional Military Administration


#BuchaMassacre. Ukrainian law enforcement officers found more bodies of civilians, murdered during the russian occupation of the northern part of Kyiv oblast in February and March. 3 bodies were exhumed near Makariv, Bucha district, one of them was a Czech citizen. Another body was found near Rakivka village, Vyshhorod district.

Source: Chief of the National Police Department in Kyiv Region, Suspilne.

On May 16, russian shelling killed 2 civilians, wounded 10 at the Ukrainian-controlled area of Kharkiv oblast.  

Source: 24 TV channel

Russian invaders continue heavy shelling, launch air strikes and attempt the offensive in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. On May 16, 22 civilians, including a kid, were killed, 11 wounded. 65 houses were damaged or destroyed. A hospital was badly damaged in Severodonetsk.

Source: Joint Forces Operation Press Service, Head of Luhansk Regional Military Administration

2 civilians were killed, 2 wounded as hostile russian troops shelled 2 Ukrainian-controlled villages in Mykolaiv oblast.

Source: Prosecutor’s Office of Mykolaiv Oblast

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