Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news July 31, 2022 (photo)

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Halyna Radevych, Ioanna Kryvenko

Editor-in-chief, Ukrainian Women’s Guard Ruslan Polishchuk

It has been the 158th day of Ukraine’s heroic resistance to the russian military invasion.

Ukraine briefly:

Here is operational information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine regarding the russian invasion as of 6pm:

Towards Volyn and Polissia, the situation has not changed. Units of the Armed Forces of the republic of belarus are performing tasks to strengthen the defense of the section of the belarusian-Ukrainian border in Brest and Homel oblasts.

Towards Siversk, the enemy shelled the areas of Hai and Senkivka in Chernihiv oblast and Bilopillia, Iskryvshchyna, Romashkove, Ryzhivka, and Shevchenkove Sumy oblast with barreled and rocket artillery. There was aerial reconnaissance with UAVs conducted near Zalizny Mist in Chernihiv region.

Towards Kharkiv, the enemy fired from barreled and reactive artillery in the areas of  Borshchova, Dementiivka, Duvanka, Kharkiv, Korobochkine,  Petryvka, Protopopivka,  Prudyanka, Pytomnyk, Pryshyb, Pushkarne, Ruski Tyshky, Ruska Lozova, Slatyne. Sosnivka, Staryi Saltiv, Udy, and Verkhnia Rohanka. There was an airstrike near Staryi Saltiv. The invaders unsuccessfully tried to advance towards Husarivka. They were rebuffed and withdrew.

Towards Sloviansk, the enemy used artillery to shell Adamivka, Andriivka, Bohorodychne, Chervonoe, Chervona Polyana, Dolyna, Dovhenke, Hrushuvakha, Husarivka, Kurulka, Krasnopillia, Karnaukhivka, Semilanne, Sloviansk.

Towards Kramatorsk, the enemy fired from barreled, rocket artillery and tanks in the areas of Kalenyki, Kryva Luka, Pereizne, Serebrianka, Siversk, Spirne,    Verkhniokamianske, Vyimka, and Zvanivka. There were  airstrikes launched near Spirne and Hryhorivka.

In the area of Serebrianka, a hostile reconnaissance group tried to reveal positions of our troops, yet failed and withdrew. Reconnaissance was conducted with UAVs near Hryhorivka.

Towards Bakhmut, the enemy shelled Bakhmut, Bilohorivka, Kodema, Pokrovske  Soledar, Travneve, Vershyna, Yakovlivka and Zaitseve.

Backuped by aircraft, the enemy tried to improve tactical position near Vershyna, Soledar, Yakovlivka and Pokrovske. These plans were disrupted by our warriors’ accurate fire. After the failed assault actions, the invaders withdrew.

Towards Avdiivka, the enemy shelled Avdiivka, Krasnohorivka, Nevelske, Niu York, Novobakhmutivka, Pisky and Umanske with available means of fire destruction

Russian assault and army aircraft cynically hit the settlements of Avdiivka, Novoselivka and Yuriivka.

The invaders tried to advance towards Kamianka and Pisky. The assault failed. In the area of Avdiivka, individual units of the enemy had partial success.

Towards Novopavlivka, shelling was recorded in the areas of Bilohiria, Hulyaipilske, Mali Shcherbaky, Mala Tokmachka, Marinka, Nesterianka, Novoselka,  Novopil, Olhivske, Prechystivka, Pavlivka, Novoukrainka, Temyrivka, Stepnohrisk, Velyka Novoselka, Vremivka, Vuhledar, Zaznychnne and Zelene Pole. The enemy’s assault and army aircraft struck near Marinka, Mali Shcherbaky, Stepove and Yehorivka. The enemy carried out aerial reconnaissance with UAVs near  Myrne and Stepnohirsk.

There was the movement of individual enemy units from Sloviansk to Zaporizhzhia.

Towards the South Buh, the enemy focuses on keeping the occupied positions and preventing the Defense Forces from creating favorable conditions to resume the offensive. The positions of our troops are constantly shelled. The civilian and military infrastructure is destroyed along the contact line and in the depths of defense.

The enemy’s ships in the Black and Azov Seas focus on blocking civilian shipping in the northwestern part of the Black Sea and damaging military facilities and infrastructure elements in the depths of Ukraine. Four carriers of sea-based cruise missiles are in combat readiness for strikes with high-precision weapons.

There was another terrorist attack by the russian federation. The President’s Office said that the crime in Olenivka was planned in advance. Published satellite images “before” and “after” the tragedy show that only one building has been damaged. Analysis of the photo indicates a thermobaric explosion from inside. Earlier, the Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that russian troops deliberately shelled a colony in the temporarily occupied Olenivka, Donetsk oblast, killing about 40 Ukrainian defenders and injuring 130.

Satellite images of the colony in Olenivka. Photo: from social networks

The occupiers are actively preparing for a “referendum” in the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions. This was reported by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense. Polling stations are opened and voter lists are specified. The process of distributing russian passports has also been actively started.

The Chairman of the Board of the National Bank, Bogdan Danylyshyn reported that destabilization in the cash currency market is temporary. It was caused by the technical impossibility to instantly supply currency to exchange offices.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation advised that citizens of Ukraine fleeing the war and going to Poland will be able to obtain an official digital residence permit The digital ID can be used even when crossing the border with the EU.

Eastern regions

Kharkiv oblast

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the enemy shelled at least 14 settlements in Kharkiv oblast with artillery and tanks. The invaders launched rocket and barrel artillery strikes and enemy aviation worked near Staryy Saltiv.

During the day, the invaders shelled 4 districts of Kharkiv oblast – a 39-year-old resident of Derhachi community was injured.

Russian troops hit Kharkiv with Grad multiple rocket launchers. The shell landed in a building on Pivnichna Saltivka.

Several buildings in Nemyshlia district, Kharkiv, were damaged as a result of the russian shelling. City mayor, Ihor Terekhov, informs that a typography, a car service and the Printing House were partially destroyed. According to the Regional State Emergency Service, there were no casualties. A fire broke out after the hit.

Destroyed building in Nemyshlia district. Photo: State Emergency Service of Kharkiv oblast

As a result of strikes, a fire broke out in a private farm building in Kyiv district.

According to the Kharkiv Regional prosecutor’s office, the invaders also destroyed a farm building in Chuhuiv district with a rocket attack. Rescuers in the region extinguished 8 fires caused by shelling during the day. Ecosystems, backyards, an industrial warehouse building and a wheat field were on fire. In Tsyrkuny and Vilkhivka, Kharkiv district, open areas and a household outbuilding of a private sector were on fire.

Donetsk oblast

Rescuers continued to clear the rubble of the railway repair base building in Bakhmut, hit by invaders with a rocket. Two people can be under the rubble.

The International Committee of the Red Cross reports that the invaders refused to allow experts of the ICRC to enter occupied Olenivka, who wanted to help the injured, help evacuate seriously injured people to hospitals and identify the bodies of Ukrainian prisoners of war who died in the penal colony.

Destroyed prison facility in occupied Olenivka. Photo: from social media

According to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, in Donetsk oblast, 150 hectares of wheat fields were destroyed and an agricultural enterprise was shelled.

Luhansk oblast

Part of Luhansk oblast territory is still unconquered – the Armed Forces of Ukraine are holding their defence. The enemy air forces are carrying out systematic combat operations to support ground groups. However, the enemy offensive was repelled in several directions at once.

According to the head of Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Serhiy Hayday, punitive measures against those who do not agree with the regime continue in the occupied territory. In the occupied cities of Luhansk oblast, the invaders are not removing the bodies of the dead from the streets. Thanks to HIMARS, the number of enemy attacks has decreased and the enemy’s logistics has worsened. In Sievierodonetsk, people, drinking water from wells, were infected. 

Northern regions

Kyiv oblast

Bucha now has another sister city in Poland. The mayor of Bucha, Anatoliy Fedoruk, announced that in addition to the towns of Tuszyn and Przczyna, a Declaration of Friendship was signed with the city of Katowice. The city mayor Marcin Krupa also visited Bucha.

Marcin Krupa in Bucha. Photo: Bucha town mayor

Another body of a civilian tortured by the occupiers was found in Kyiv oblast. According to the Kyiv oblast police, the body of a man with his hands tied was found near former russian positions in Nove Zalissia. As of July 17, 1 346 bodies of civilians killed by the russian military had been discovered in Kyiv oblast.

A body of a civilian tortured by russians. Photo: Telegram-channel of the chief of the Kyiv Oblast Police

Settlements in Kyiv oblast are being restored. During the hostilities, 2 798 private houses in Makarov community were damaged or destroyed. Currently, 28 private housing facilities are being repaired.

To boost the population’s morale, the Ukrainian Red Cross Society held a socio-educational event for psychological retreat ‘Kids day Redcross’ for children and adults in the Natalka Park in Kyiv. The organizers prepared 10 locations in the park with different activities and tasks.

Zhytomyr oblast

Zhytomyr regional police department reported that as of July 28, law enforcers of Zhytomyr oblast were investigating 69 criminal proceedings related to illegal collaboration activities. 34 people have been reported as suspected, including pensioners, private entrepreneurs, teachers, a clergyman, and a fitness trainer.

The citizens of Zhytomyr oblast bid farewell to the servicemen who were killed in the battles for Kherson’s liberation. Andrii Pavlovskyi and Dmytro Gordiyenko sacrificed their lives for Ukraine. 

Sumy oblast

The SBGS reports that the enemy continues shelling the Ukrainian border. The communities of Velyka Pysarivka, Myropillia, Bilopillia, Seredina-Buda, and Nova Sloboda came under enemy fire. The enemy inflicted fire damage from MLRS, barrel artillery and mortars. There were more than 100 explosions.

The Sumy RMA reports that two people were injured, one died due the shelling of the territory of the Seredina-Buda community. Private houses and power lines were damaged.

5 households were damaged, garages and equipment broken, graves in the local cemetery destroyed, and power lines damaged due the massive fire from russian mortars and barrel artillery on the territory of the Myropillia community.

Consequences of enemy shelling of the Myropillia community. Photo: Sumy MRA.

Head of the Sumy RMA, Dmytro Zhivytskyi said that face-to-face learning at schools in the border areas of Sumy oblast will not be resumed. According to him, out of 375 schools of Sumy oblast, they plan to reopen 223 schools for face-to-face learning. They are currently being examined. 

Pyrotechnics are actively clearing Sumy oblast from explosive consequences of russian aggression. The State Emergency Service reported that since the work began, pyrotechnic units destroyed more than 6K explosive objects in the territory of the oblast. Ammunition is found both on land and in the water areas of reservoirs.

The training on providing first aid was held for law enforcement officers of Sumy oblast. Police officers received life saving knowledge and applied skills thanks to the help of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine.

The city council reports that humanitarian aid for internally displaced persons from the AVSI international fund will begin in Konotop.

A charity sport fishing tournament is underway in Shepetivka. The event was organized by the public organization “Fishermen of Shepetivka”. All collected funds will be transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces.

Chernihiv oblast

The General Staff of the Armed Forces reported that the territory of the Horodnya community came under enemy mortar fire – more than 20 explosions were recorded. The village of Gai in the Novgorod-Siverskyi community came under artillery shelling. Almost 40 explosions were recorded. Near the village of Zaliznyi Mist, occupiers carried out reconnaissance using drones.

The Nizhyn delegation visited the Republic of Poland. It is planned to sign a Memorandum on cooperation with the city of Olkusz and a declaration on cooperation with the city of Dembytsia.

The city’s territorial community reports that a charity fair was held in Novgorod-Siverskyi to support the Armed Forces. All funds were transferred to purchase a car for the Armed Forces soldiers on the front line.

The Holy Kazan Church and the Chernihiv Regional Youth Center were included in the “Postcards from Ukraine” project. The project aims to record and demonstrate destruction caused by the occupiers to historical and cultural monuments of Ukraine.

Russian missiles destroyed the Chernihiv Regional Youth Center in February 2022. It is symbolic that this building was destroyed during the Second World War by German troops. After its reconstruction in 1947, an open trial of German and Hungarian prisoners of war who committed war crimes took place there.

Chernihiv Regional Youth Center before and after the Russian invasion. Photo from the “Postcards from UKRAINE” project, Ukrainian Institute

Central regions

Dnipropetrovsk oblast  

Russian troops shelled Kryvyi Rih district several times. Warehouse, kindergarten building, and a power line were damaged in Velyka Kostromka. Village Maryanske was also shelled with Urahan MRLs. Several residential buildings were damaged.

Result of the night Nikopol shelling. Photo: The head of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council Mykola Lukashuk
Results of russian shelling on July 30. Photo: Head of Zelenodolsk community Dmytro Nevesely
Result of the night Nikopol shelling. Photo: Head of the Nikopol military administration Yevhen Yevtushenko

About 50 missles munitions hit infrastructure facilities, private buildings, a school and a kindergarten in Nikopol. One private house was destroyed, several dozen buildings were damaged. 7 multi-storey buildings were damaged. A school, a kindergarten and several city institutions were damaged. Two buses burned down at a local auto company, a dozen of them were damaged.The gas pipeline and water pipeline was damaged. A 67-year-old man was injured.

Result of the night shelling in Dnipropetrovsk region. Photo: Valentin Reznichenko’s Telegram channel
Result of the night Nikopol district shelling. Photo: Yevhen Yevtushenko

The enemy shelled Zelenodolsk community, Kryvyi Rih district with barrel artillery. There are no victims.

About 50K schoolchildren moved from “hot” regions to Dnipropetrovsk region. More than 700 internally displaced first-graders were registered in regional schools.

Kirovohrad oblast

In Kirovohrad oblast, food prices increased by 20%, housing rent – by 60%.

Ten 60-year-old residents of the city of Oleksandria knit rugs for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Women work on a bench near a high-rise building. People bring them fabric. In a month, women have made more than 90 carpets brought to the front by volunteers.

In the city of Oleksandriia, a museum of the Ukrainian scientist Dmytro Chyzhevsky was opened. It took more than a year to reopen it. The benefactors’ donations were used to restore it.

Museum of the Ukrainian scientist Dmytro Chyzhevskyi. Photo: Serhiy Kuzmenko

Poltava oblast

More than 900 ordinances on violations of public safety and traffic rules were issued by policemen in Kremenchuk who patrol the city on bicycles during almost two months of work. This is the only bike patrol in Poltava oblast. Bicycles will be used until mid-autumn, then policemen will switch to cars.

Cherkasy oblast

Since April, the private house of Yulia Davydyuk from Cherkasy has become a meeting venue for volunteers who prepare meals for Ukrainian defenders.

Volunteers. Photo: social networks

Southern regions

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

The situation in the Zaporizhzhia direction has not changed significantly.  The enemy concentrates its main efforts on holding the occupied positions. 

According to Ukrainian intelligence, the occupiers are withdrawing personnel from the territory of the villages of Verkhnii Tokmak and Chernihivka after the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck on the buildup of their forces near these villages. About 40 wounded occupiers were taken to the hospital in the city of Polohy. Currently, there are several security checkpoints and no more than 100 military personnel near the settlement. The rest of the russian military, together with the equipment, are distributed among the cities of Tokmak and Berdiansk.

The occupiers shelled civilian infrastructure in the area of Huliaipole over the past day. The police received 13 reports of destruction of civilian infrastructure as a result of the russian shelling. 

Rescuers extinguished 9 fires during the day, which ignited as a result of the occupiers’ artillery shelling. 8 units of cluster cumulative fragmentary elements, cluster ammunition, remnants of the “Smerch” rocket multi launcher were seized in the settlements of Zaporizhzhia and Polohy districts.

During the day 1 829 people, including 567 children, were evacuated from the temporarily occupied territory.

According to Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov, over 4K people and 800 cars are trying to leave the temporarily occupied Melitopol. Occupiers’ representatives release only 200-300 cars per day.

Mykolaiv oblast

The enemy shelled Mykolaiv twice during the night, having used “Smerch” rocket multi launcher and S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems with modified projectiles of enhanced destructive effect. According to the head of the regional council, Hanna Zamazeieva, this is one of the most massive shelling of the city since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion – about 40 rockets were fired at the city.

The buildings of three educational institutions, several private and apartment buildings, the stadium, many other social facilities, and the industrial infrastructure were destroyed or damaged in Mykolaiv as a result of shelling.

8 fires were recorded due to the enemy fire. Rescuers extinguished the fire in two garages, three utility buildings, one outbuilding and premises of a notary office.

A rescuer is putting out a fire that ignited as a result of enemy shelling in Mykolaiv. Photo: Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Mykolaiv Oblast

Two people were killed and three injured in Mykolaiv as a result of the russian night shelling.

The Mykolayiv RMA reported that the Hero of Ukraine, the general director of the agricultural enterprise “Nibulon” Oleksiy Vadatursky and his wife Raisa Vadaturska were tragically killed in the shelling of Mykolayiv. The entrepreneur made a significant contribution to development of the country’s agricultural and shipbuilding industries.

The enemy shelled the regional center, Halytsynove and Shyroke communities. The shelling of the territory and nearby settlements of the Bereznehuvate community continues. Villages located on the demarcation line remain under constant enemy fire.

Marcin Obalek, a citizen of Poland, supplied a fire truck, purchased previously for his own needs, to the Mykolaiv Electrotrans utility company to support Ukrainians in the fight against russian aggression.

Marcin Obalek near the fire truck that he handed over to the people of Mykolaiv. Photo: Utility company “Mykolaivelectrotrans”

Odesa oblast

The pilot boat suffered a hole as a result of a collision with an unknown explosive device in the mouth Bystre of Danube river. The crew was evacuated, there were no casualties, the circumstances of the incident are being clarified. Passage through the estuary is temporarily restricted.

17 warships and boats of the Black Sea Fleet of the russian federation are maneuvering near the Crimean coast in the Black Sea from Cape Tarkhankut to Novorossiysk, including 6 Kalibr cruise missile carriers with 44 missiles on board, and 4 large amphibious ships.

The Come Back Alive Foundation donated ten new pickup trucks to the 28th Separate Mechanized Brigade named after the Knights of the Winter Campaign.

Kherson oblast

The South Operational Command reported that Ukrainian attack forces struck 2 enemy strong points in the areas of Bilohirka and Sukhyi Stavok. Enemy losses are being clarified. 

Enemy air forces attacked the positions of Ukrainian defenders 9 times in the Berislav and Bashtanka districts, at the junctions of Mykolaiv and Kherson regions. No losses.

Ukrainian aviation made 6 effective strikes against the enemy. Fighter jet pairs attacked strongpoints and the buildup of enemy forces and equipment in the Beryslav district three times. Helicopter pairs attacked strongpoints in Kherson and Mykolaiv districts.

Confirmed losses of the enemy are 33 occupiers, 2 howitzers “Msta-B”, rocket multi launcher, “Grad”, an anti-tank missile system, 2 units of armored vehicles and vehicles, as well as 2 ammunition depots in the Beryslav district.

In Kherson, occupation authorities appointed Halyna Rayko as the so-called “temporary acting rector” of the Kherson National Technical University. This was announced by the current acting rector of KhNTU, Olena Chepeliuk.

Western regions


After a month and a half of successful combat missions from advanced southern positions, some fighters of the separate special purpose unit “Lubart” arrived in Lutsk for rotation. As Andrii Dyachenko, head of the detachment’s headquarters, said that the fighters came for a short-term rest and reorganization.

Fighters returned to rotation. Photo: social networks

A month before September 1, 511 educational institutions in Volyn are ready to start training. The educational process will begin face-to-face only in the institutions with equipped shelters.

Flock master Volodymyr Alyokhin brought a flock of sheep from Pavlivka, Donetsk oblast, to Volyn. Fighting continued to rage in the man’s native village. His home was destroyed by russians. In Pavlivka, his herd numbered 520 heads, only 400 reached Volyn.

Flock master. Photo: social networks

Zakarpattia oblast

The head of the Zakarpattia Regional Council, Volodymyr Chubirko, announced that despite the closed sky over Ukraine, they want to resume flights from Uzhgorod airport in Zakarpattia. The Zakarpattia Regional Council has already allocated UAH 26 million to resume the operations of the Uzhhorod airport. The runway of the Uzhgorod airport is partially located on the territory of Slovakia.

Over 2K children from different regions of Ukraine have already visited the modern summer space “Together Camp” in Zakarpattia. The initiative is implemented by RMA together with the NGO “Cultural Platform of Zakarpattia” with the support of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

CF “Pure in Heart” transferred drones to the front.

In the village Krykhivtsi near the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, after the liturgy, a charity fair was held and a tour of the mobile exhibition “Krykhiv residents – heroes of the liberation struggles of the XX-XXI centuries. for the will and territorial integrity of Ukraine”. All proceeds from the fair and excursions will go to the needs of the Armed Forces.

Fair. Photo: social networks

The Siobhans Trust organization with the assistance of the NGO “Eurocarpathian Initiative” held a humanitarian action for the residents and guests of the Kalusa community. They distributed 500 pizzas for free.

Humanitarian action. Photo: social networks

Lviv oblast

122 people have arrived in Lviv by two evacuation trains from the places of war. 780 people went to Przemyśl from Lviv Oblast by four trains.

The RMA reported that from Monday, the “Krakivets-Korchova” checkpoint will be opened for cars. This checkpoint has been closed for cars since July 18.

Rivne oblast

In Rivne oblast, preschool education institutions are gradually resuming work for the youngest. 177 groups have been reopened in kindergartens attended by 2 615 children.

UAH 112K was collected in Rokytny, including UAH 53K in Zdovbytsa at charity fairs. All  community funds will be transferred to the military needs.

Charity fair. Photo: Rivne RMA

Ternopil oblast

Ivan Kosmyna, a resident of the village of Vilkhivchyk, Husyatynsk community, collected over 200 kg of russian books to hand them over for waste paper. This literature is collected throughout the community and brought to him.

Ivan Kosmyna. Photo: social networks

Khmelnytskyi oblast

In Khmelnytskyi, the memory of prisoners who died as a result of shelling of the colony in Donetsk oblast was commemorated. Residents of Khmelnytskyi, whose relatives are now in Olenivka, gathered near the “Angel of Sorrows” memorial. On Monday, families of “Azov” prisoners of war will gather again to hold a memorial service for the dead in the church.

Khmelnytskyi residents brought flowers to the memorial. Photo: social networks

Chernivtsi oblast

It was reported on the Facebook page of the Suchev community that the President of Ukraine awarded the soldier Pavlina Nikolayevich from the village of Prosykuryany, Suchev Territorial Community, with the “Cross of Combat Merit”.

Rewarding. Photo: social networks

International support

The state Qatar Fund For Development provided Ukraine with $5 million medical aid. The amount was transferred to the account of the Ministry of Health within the framework of the UNITED24 initiative. The funds will be used to purchase ambulances and anesthetic breathing apparatus for inhalation anesthesia.

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov announced that Italy supplied a package of military aid to Ukraine.

The UK‘s Royal Navy is training full crews of Ukrainian sailors to operate Sandown-class mine countermeasures ships.

The Deputy Press Secretary of the UN Secretary General, Farhan Haq, stated that the UN promised to support investigation into the murder of Ukrainian prisoners in the occupied Olenivka.

After the US Senate passed a resolution recognizing the russian federation as a state sponsor of terrorism, a similar bill was submitted by a group of congressmen from the Democratic and Republican parties.

The Parliament of Montenegro condemned the russian war against Ukraine and demanded  the russians to immediately stop hostilities.

British Labor MP Chris Bryant called on the British authorities to expel russian diplomats to moscow after their post calling for the execution of “Azovs”.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, Edgars Rinkevics, called on the EU to recognize the russian federation as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Rinkevichs post on Twitter. Photo: social networks

Kazakh rapper Scryptonite started a concert in Kazakhstan with a moment of silence in memory of the victims in Ukraine.

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