Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news July 02, 2022 (photo, video)

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Halyna Radevych, Ioanna Kryvenko

It has been the 129th day of Ukraine’s heroic resistance to the russian invasion.

PHOTO is the main thing: a civilian residential building after today’s shelling. (Severodonetsk, Luhansk Region)

Ukraine briefly:

It has been the 129th day of Ukraine’s heroic resistance to the russian invasion.

Here is the operational information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 6pm:

Towards Volyn and Polissia, units of the armed forces of belarus continue performing tasks on a rotational basis to enhance guidance of the belarusian-Ukrainian border in Brest and Gomel oblasts. Training is carried out on arranging pontoon river crossings. Yet, there are no signs of forming enemy offensive groups.

Towards Siversk, no significant changes are observed. The enemy shelled the positions of the Defense Forces of Ukraine in Bilopillia, Nova Sloboda, Studenok, and Tovstodubove.

Towards Kharkiv, the enemy defends previously occupied positions. Settlements of Chepil, Cherkaska Lozova, Ivanivka, Khrystyshche, Korobochkine, Malynivka,  Molodova, Slatyne, Velyka Babka and Zolochiv were shelled from tanks, mortars, barrel and rocket artillery.

The enemy conducted assault actions in the area of Dementiivka, yet failed and withdrew. There was an airstrike near Prudianka and Verkhniy Saltiv. Aerial reconnaissance with Orlan-10 UAVs was also conducted.

Towards Sloviansk, the enemy continues conducting the defensive. There was artillery shelling in the areas of Adamivka, Barvinkove, Dolyna, and Kurulka. Our soldiers once again successfully repelled enemy assault actions in the area of Bohorodychne.

Towards Donetsk, the enemy shelled civilian infrastructure near Ivano-Darivka and Zolotarivka. Hostilities enabled the enemy to gain a foothold near Verkhnokamianka.

Towards Kramatorsk, enemy shelling was recorded near Bilohorivka.

Towards Bakhmut, the invaders shelled our positions with mortars, barrel and rocket artillery in the areas of Kodema and Berestove where a reconnaissance battle was also conducted. Ukrainian soldiers strongly rebuffed the attack and forced the enemy to withdraw.

Towards Avdiivka, Kurakhiv, Novopavlka and Zaporizhzhia, the enemy shelled Avdiivka, Netailove, Malynivka, Novoandriivka, Novosilka, Opytne, Orikhiv, and Pavlivka with artillery of various calibers. There were airstrikes near Pavlivka. Offensive actions of the enemy in the area of Novomikhailovka were halted by Ukrainian defenders.

In the South Buh direction, the invaders continue continuous shelling of civilian and military infrastructure with barrel and rocket artillery. There was aerial reconnaissance carried out with UAVs.

As a result of Ukrainian soldiers’ actions, the enemy left the settlement of Ivanivka.

Russian troops shelled the city of Pavlograd in Dnipropetrovsk oblast, as stated in the message by the City Council of Pavlograd.

The EU condemns the missile strikes on Odesa oblast and considers them another russian war crime. The EU’s Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Office says that those responsible for these actions will be held accountable in accordance with international law. As a result of enemy shelling in Odesa oblast on July 1, 21 people were killed, including 1 child.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready for any scenarios on the northern border of Ukraine,” stresses the President’s Office. In recent days, the issue of a possible new offensive operation by the armed forces of belarus has been widely discussed. However, these rumors are nothing more than another speculation of russian propaganda aimed at spreading panic in Ukraine. According to Adviser to the head of the OP Mykhailo Podoliak, the occupiers continue practising “missile terror” of peaceful cities to intimidate people and force them to put pressure on the government to make concessions to the Kremlin.

The Center for Countering Disinformation at the NSDC of Ukraine denies some fakes about the visa regime with the russian federation. The government has not banned russians from entering our country. Now, to visit relatives, russian citizens must have an invitation from Ukraine, a valid foreign passport, a Ukrainian visa, a photocopy of passport data of the receiving party, and an amount not less than 20 subsistence minimums per month totalling UAH 52 thousand. 

Due to the difficult situation and ongoing military operations, Ukrzaliznytsia does not plan to raise tariffs for passenger transportation in 2022. The railway has become the road of life for many Ukrainians.

Eastern regions

Kharkiv oblast

Russian troops launched airstrikes near Prudianka and Verkhniy Saltiv, Kharkiv oblast. According to the General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine, they shelled Chepil, Cherkaska Lozova, Ivanivka, Khrestushche, Korobochkyne, Malynivka, Molodova, Slatyne, Velyka Babka and Zolochiv from tanks, mortars, barrel and rocket artillery. The invaders conducted reconnaissance using drones. The aggressor again stormed Dementiivka. The russians also shelled Barvinkove and Kurulka.

The enemy struck at the cities and villages of Bohoduhiv, Chuhuiv,  Izium, Kharkiv and Lozova districts. During the day, the invaders fired rocket and artillery systems at Cherkaska Lozova and Udy villages, Donets settlement, and Barvinkove and Derhachi cities. Private homes and outbuildings were damaged. The forest belt was on fire as a result of shelling.

To the north of Kharkiv, the invaders are fighting defensively and trying to hold back the advance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Near Izium, the russians tried to conduct an assault on Bohorodychne, but suffered losses and retreated. In this direction, the enemy is also trying to improve the supply system for its troops.

According to the Kraken special forces chief of staff, Kostiantyn Nemichev, within three days, 754 people in Kharkiv oblast replied to a recruitment announcement for HIMARS and MLRS multiple rocket launcher brigades.

The russians shelled the Chuhuiv district, Kharkiv oblast, on 2 July, causing fire outbreaks near Kochetka and Velyka Babka village. A farm building and coniferous litter on an area of 3 hectares on the territory of one of forestry farms were on fire.

2 explosions were heard in Kharkiv around 4 am. The russians hit the territory of an industrial zone in the Nemyshlianskyy district with rockets. 2 craters formed at the spot where the shells landed.

At night, the russian aggressor shelled Svitlychne, Zolochiv community, with artillery. According to the head of the community, Viktor Kovalenko, the shells destroyed a kindergarten.

During the day, 4 civilians of the region were injured: 2 people in Izium district, 1 in Kharkiv district and 1 in Lozova district.

Donetsk oblast

The russian troops are conducting defensive battles toward Sloviansk. According to the General Staff, the invaders attacked Lysychansk, but had no success and withdrew. The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled an assault by the rashists near Bohorodychne, Donetsk oblast. The enemy is focused on preventing the advance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and conducts an assault in Kochubeivka – Dementiivka. In the Kramatorsk direction, the enemy conducted an offensive near Verkhnokamianka, but had no success.

Russian troops shelled 11 settlements in Donetsk oblast. 4 people were killed in Sloviansk and 12 others were injured. This was reported by the press service of Donetsk police. The invaders launched Grad, Smerch and Uragan multiple rocket launchers, artillery, air and missile strikes.

Russian invaders are sending all Mariupol teachers for so-called “attestation” in the russian federation. According to Andriushchenko, Mariupol mayor’s counsellor, due to a lack of teachers who are willing to cooperate with the invaders, the city has an unofficial prohibition on teachers’ leaving the city. In the city and surrounding villages, the invaders began another round of searches, checks and filtering due to increased resistance from residents.

According to the Mariupol City Council, russian troops illegally detain about 10K people in concentration camps in horrific conditions on the verge of survival. Civilians were detained by invaders and sent to four prisons: 2 in Donetsk detention centre, Makiivka and Olenivka. They are held in small 2-by-3-metre cells with 10 people each. They get almost no water or food. They have no access to medical care. People are also tortured in prisons, both psychologically and physically.

Curfew change in Donetsk oblast from Monday, 4 July, movement restrictions and a blackout will be applied from 22:00 to 04:00.

Luhansk oblast

According to the head of Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Hayday, in Luhansk oblast, the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled two massive offensives of russian troops toward the Lysychansk gelatin factory and Verkhnokamianka. Russians stormed Lysychansk, using a large number of forces, means and exterminating the populated area.

The invaders continue shelling the nearby village and towns near  Lysychansk – Pryvillia, Verkhnokamianka, Vovchoiarivka and Zolotarivka – with artillery. In the direction of the latter, the enemy launched an offensive, but failed. Ukrainian soldiers successfully and intelligently repelled the enemy’s reconnaissance attempt toward the Lysychansk gelatin factory. The invaders withdrew.

Northern regions

Kyiv oblast

The head of Kyiv Regional Military Administration Oleksiy Kuleba informed that the Memorandum of Cooperation between Kyiv oblast and the Ile-de-France region was signed. The ceremony was attended by Valérie Pécresse, the head of the Regional Council of the Ile-de-France region. Key areas of cooperation are general planning of urban spaces and developing the medical area, population protection, small and medium business.

351 explosive objects were cleared in Kyiv oblast. The EOD specialists inspected 191.70 hectares of the territory. More than 10 km of highways and 7 objects were checked.

The inspection and disposal of explosive objects were carried out in the settlements of Bucha, Brovary, and Vyshhorod regions. In total, almost 48K UXOs have been cleared in the oblast.

Photo: The State Emergency Service teams are demining the territory

Mobile information centers continue to work. This week they are operating in Borodianka, Dymer, and Hostomel. Specialists advise community residents on how to apply for compensation for destroyed or lost property, how to receive social benefits, the algorithm for rebuilding and restoring houses and installation of modular settlements.

According to the regional military administration, Kyiv oblast continues to prepare for the heating season under martial law. 2 884 houses, more than 430 schools and kindergartens, 532 health care facilities are ready for the winter season. Routine and overhaul repairs and reconstruction of boiler plants, including those damaged as a result of military operations, are underway.

A cardiac surgical ward has started operating in the Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital. According to the military administration, it was created from scratch during martial law. The medical institution has already received the third special equipment provided by the Department of Health. Medical specialists at the hospital have not stopped working since the start of the full-scale war and continue to save people’s lives.

In Kyiv, a young world chess champion collects money for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The girl offers to play chess with her for a charitable contribution. Valeria Yezhova is the world champion among girls under 10 years old. According to her, in a few days, she has not been bested even once.

Photo: The Ukrainian Witness Telegram channel. A young world chess champion collects money for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Kyiv, Poznyaky district

A mural appeared in Boryspil depicting the Antonov An-225 Mriya aircraft destroyed by russian invaders in Hostomel. The author of the drawing is the artist Dmytro Verheles.

Photo: the mural of the Antonov An-225 Mriya aircraft in Boryspil.

Zhytomyr oblast

Vitaliy Bunechko, head of the Regional Military Administration, reported that the restoration of damaged infrastructure continues in Zhytomyr oblast. The purchase of 17 thousand square meters of construction products for the restoration works has been arranged through the system of Ukrzaliznytsia in the amount of more than 77 million hryvnias.

About 100 russian bombs and missiles have been launched on Zhytomyr oblast since the beginning of the full-scale war. More than a dozen of them struck the Zhytomyr community. Private houses were destroyed, Lyceum # 25 was completely bombed, and damage was done to the City Hospital # 2 and the Perinatal Center, accommodated hundreds of patients.

The Zhytomyr Regional Administration has already received official approval for expenses of the reserve fund to restore 407 objects. The documents for 188 objects have been submitted to the Ministry of Regional Development. The total cost restoration of objects, for which documents have been submitted, is 60 million hryvnias.

Photo: Zhytomyr Regional Military Administration. The aftermath of Lyceum No. 25 bombardment in Zhytomyr.

Ukrainian investors plan to implement a project involving construction of a new line at the IZOVAT plant and creation of 150 new workplaces. According to Zhytomyr Regional Military Administration, the investment amounts to 32 million euros. After the plant was destroyed by one of the enemy’s missiles, the enterprise is gradually resuming and ramping up production to pre-war levels.

Photo: IZOVAT plant resumed its work after being hit by a russian missile, Zhytomyr

According to the regional administration, there are 75.2K internally displaced people in Zhytomyr oblast. Most of them reside in Brusyliv, Lyubar, Ruzhyn, Popilnya, Zhytomyr territorial communities. To accommodate people, 40K additional places have been prepared.

Zhytomyr kindergartens accommodate shelters for their children. The shelters have water and food supplies, medicines, and proper sanitary conditions. Many educational and interesting toys are prepared in the playing areas. Educators try to turn the process of staying in the shelters into a game.

Photo: A shelter in one of the kindergartens in Zhytomyr.

Sumy oblast

The SBGS reports that the enemy continues shelling the border of Sumy oblast. The enemy inflicted fire damage using MLRS, SPH and mortars. The communities of Bilopillia, Esman, Hlukhiv, Krasnopillia, Nova Sloboda, Shalygine and Velyka Pysarivka came under enemy fire.

The enemy fired 6 rockets from a helicopter at the Shalygine community. Private houses were damaged by the blows. One farm building was completely burned down.

Sumy RMA reports that the russians shot more than 270 mines, rockets and projectiles of various calibers on the territory of Sumy oblast. A 64-year-old woman was injured in the Shalygine community. She was wounded by a fragment of a russian projectile. The houses of civilians, farms, power grids and a water tower were damaged.

Photo: Sumy RMA. Consequences of the shelling of the Glukhiv community, 07/1/22.

In Sumy oblast, property of companies registered in russia was seized. The National Police reports that the total value of the property is more than 30 million hryvnias. Shostka police investigators seized 42 railway cars as part of criminal proceedings.

In the Sumy community, a list of 217 names of streets, alleys, thoroughfares, squares, proposed to be “derussified”, has been formed. During its formation, both suggestions of community residents and work of the expert community were taken into account. The city council notes that the Sumy community seeks to get rid of foreign symbols and markers of the former russian past.

Chernihiv oblast

The State Border Service reports that shelling of the Novhorod-Siverskyi community was recorded in Chernihiv oblast. The enemy started firing on the Ukrainian border with small arms, mortars and SPH. 4 mortar and 10 artillery shots were recorded. According to preliminary data, there were no casualties. The information about the destruction is being clarified.

Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gaar Støre paid a working visit to Chernihiv oblast, where he was able to witness the cynical nature of russian propaganda trying to convince the world of targeting only “military facilities”. Yahidne, Lukashivka, a cardio center and residential high-rise buildings in Chernihiv are eloquent examples of the russian war “by the rules”.

Photo: Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gaar Støre on a working visit to Chernihiv oblast

In Chernihiv oblast, our border guards seized a computer hard drive with documents of the russian military unit participating in the warfare against Ukraine. The SBGS reported that it stored information about the enemy’s personnel, its combat readiness, technical documentation of weapons and military equipment, maps and official documents marked as “classified”.

Central regions

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

The enemy shelled the Zelenodolsk community. There are no victims.

The Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Dnipropetrovsk region informed that a large-scale fire broke out at an industrial enterprise in Pavlograd. There are no victims. Firefighters extinguished the fire within 2 hours. The causes of the fire are currently being investigated. 

Photo: The State Emergency Service in Dnipropetrovsk region

A baby died in a fire in a private house in the village Oleksiivka, Kryvyi Rih district.

Photo: Fair in Dnipro

In Dnipro, funds were collected for the support of the Ukrainian army at a needlework fair.

Kirovohrad  oblast

Photo by Andrii Raykovych

The head of the Regional military administration Andriy Rajkovich informed that 10 buses were provided from Kirovohrad region to Luhansk with food kits, medicine and hygiene products, which will be given to the elderly, people with disabilities and large families.

Oleksandra Fursa, a resident of Oleksandria, Kirovohrad region, bakes patriotic cookies for soldiers. 

Poltava oblast

The demolition of the rubble of the shopping center in Kremenchuk, struck by a russian missile, has been completed which took six days. Currently, the information on the death toll is being updated. 20 body parts have been identified by DNA test. The information on one person is still missing.

The Kremenchug City Council has doubled the financial aid to families of the victims of the rocket attack on “Amstor” shopping center. According to the city mayor Vitaliy Maletskyi, the families will receive 100K UAH compensation. 

Vinnytsia oblast

A border guard was detained in Vinnytsia region for demanding a $10,000 bribe from a Ukrainian citizen for crossing the border after receiving $5K. The press service of the specialized prosecutor’s office in the military and defense of the Central region reported that the border guard faces from 5 to 10 years in prison. 

Vinnytsia Lyceum No. 26 was officially named after the Hero of Ukraine Dmytro Maiboroda, military pilot, lieutenant colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a former graduate of this educational institution.

Southern regions

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

In the Zaporizhzhia direction the situation is under control without significant changes. The enemy continues to conduct positional defense, preparing temporarily occupied settlements for circular defense and creates strongholds on main road routes.

The enemy fired 31 times at positions of Ukrainian defenders, using tank weapons, rocket and barrel artillery along the entire conflict line.

According to the National Police in Zaporizhzhia oblast, the invaders shelled the civilian infrastructure in the areas of the settlements of Kamianske, Orikhiv, Stepove. There were 30 reports of destruction of civil infrastructure facilities as a result of shelling by the russian occupation forces.

Zaporizhzhia RMA. Consequences of shelling Orikhiv

1 293 people were evacuated, including 284 children.

21 498 consumers in 80 settlements of Zaporizhzhia oblast remain without power supply due to the damage caused to power lines.

Mykolaiv oblast

At dawn, the enemy fired 10 Onyx-type missiles at Mykolaiv. This was reported by the South Operational Command. The objects of the port and other industrial infrastructure of the city were attacked again. The information about the damage and victims is being clarified.

Ukrainian aviation struck an enemy stronghold in the Blagodatny area of ​​Mykolaiv oblast. The enemy’s 1 Tor M1 anti-aircraft missile complex, 2 infantry fighting vehicles were destroyed. A dozen invaders were eliminated.

The Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Mykolaiv Oblast reported that firefighters extinguished 4 fires in Mykolaiv, Mykolaiv region and Halytsynivska territorial community, caused by enemy shelling. 

Odesa oblast

In the Black Sea, the enemy’s ship group currently consists of 2 missile ships and 2 large amphibious ships.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhnyi announced that The russian military tried to destroy their equipment, weapons and property, left after fleeing Zmiinyi (Snake) Island, with missile strikes. 

The military operation to clear the Zmiinyi (Snake) Island continues. According to the results of reconnaissance, the Grad rocket launcher system, another anti-aircraft missile and gun complex “Pantsir-S1”, 3 units of armored and automotive equipment, and a tanker truck were destroyed. No signs of enemy presence were found on the hull.

Rescuers continue clearing the rubble of buildings after a rocket attack on Serhiiivka of the Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky region. 21 people were killed as a result of the attack.

Village Serhiivka

A project of psychological integration and rehabilitation for displaced persons is being developed in Odesa. It is planned to be launched in August. As part of the project, group meetings will be held in the territorial communities. Experts will form psychotherapy and rehabilitation groups depending on the needs of displaced persons. 10 specialists have already joined the work.

Kherson oblast

The enemy continues engineering the defensive lines and retreating positions. The enemy intensified airstrikes to cover the arrangement of retreat lines. 6 air strikes were carried out during the day.

Ukrainian aviation struck ammunition warehouses, a stronghold and a concentration of enemy forces and equipment in the area of ​​Blagodatnyi,Davydiv Brid, Olhyno and Snigurivka. The enemy losses reached 27 people. The anti-aircraft missile complex “Tor”, the self-propelled howitzer “Msta-S”, 3 units of armored and automotive equipment, as well as 3 field ammunition depots, were destroyed in Kherson oblast.

The occupiers increase pressure on local residents in the temporarily occupied Chaplynka. The Ukrainian Intelligence Service reports that since June 29, mass searches have been ongoing in the village. The harvest has also begun in the settlement. All the harvest is taken by the occupiers to Crimea.

During the war, russia stole 4 billion hryvnias worth of water from the North Crimean Canal. Water intake is 50 cubic meters of water per second.

Western regions

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that the security situation towards Volyn and Polissia directions has not changed significantly, but a strict ban was imposed on citizens visiting forests in the north of Volyn oblast. The border with belarus has been guarded. In case of provocations of the Armed Forces, the Territorial Defense  and volunteer units are ready for decisive action.

According to border guards, over 37K people left Ukraine during the day, over 21K of them crossed the border with Poland. Almost 41K people returned to Ukraine during the same period, over  37K of them were citizens of Ukraine.

Chernivtsi oblast

10 trucks with humanitarian aid arrived to Chernivtsi to Düsseldorf. Some products are planned to be distributed to the displaced people in Chernivtsi, and the rest will be sent to the regions bordering the “hot” spots.

The 11th Forum of Bukovyna Women was held in Chernivtsi, which brought together active public and political figures of the region, representatives of local self-government, state authorities, volunteers, etc. The RMA notes that such “meetings in a circle of like-minded people are motivating, because everyone works in their place, bringing victory closer.”

The “Safety Educator” project will soon be operational in Bukovyna. This initiative of the National Police is designed to improve interaction of law enforcement officers with educators, communities and parents for the sake of student safety. According to the plan, there will be a security expert in every educational institution, and his competence will include anti-bullying, prevention of offenses in an educational institution, control over the observance of children rights, etc.

Lviv oblast

231 citizens arrived by two evacuation trains in Lviv, including 17 patients from hospitals of Donetsk oblast, admitted to hospital in Lviv. Doctors assess people’s condition as medium to severe.

The police processed 1 784 complaints about suspicious people and objects.

The military service family support the office organized a meeting of representatives of the Lviv Regional State Administration and creative children. Children’s ideas will help the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

An emergency meeting was held in Lviv RMA regarding a possible invasion from the territory of belarus. It was decided to create a defense headquarters and conduct additional training for members of the volunteer formations of territorial defense in each district of the city.

Rivne oblast

The Rivne RMA reported that eight police stations were opened in territorial communities of different districts of Rivne oblast to strengthen preventive measures and improve the quality of police services to citizens. Security services became operational in Politskyi, Volodymyretskyi, Verbskyi, Radyvylivskyi, Koretskyi, Zdovbytskyi, Bereznivskyi and Sarnenskyi territorial communities.

In Rivne, last respects to the Unknown Hero, whose name could not be established, were paid. The body of a young soldier, approximately 25 years old, was brought to Rivne. He died on March 12 in Luhansk oblast, just when the enemy was being repulsed by military units under the command of “Zahid” OC. All procedures were carried out to identify the serviceman, but it was not possible to establish his name and find relatives.

The mosaic created for the city’s 700th anniversary will be removed from a building in downtown Rivne. Rivne plans to get rid of everything related to the soviet past hammer, sickle and “colorado” ribbons.


With the assistance of the German corporation Stiftung Mainzer Herz, Germany sent over 20 tons of medicines to Volyn, for a total amount of over 120K euros. Medicines will be distributed among three dozen hospitals in 6 regions of Ukraine.

Zakarpattia oblast

In Mukachevo, the production of periscopes for the military from improvised materials was launched. The cost of one such device is UAH 100. Plastic water pipes, mirrors, tape and insulation needed to make these periscopes are purchased using the donations. 190 such self-made devices have already been transferred to the front line.

The charity photo tour was held in Perechyn on Lavender Hill, during which UAH 20 100 were collectee. The donations will go to support the Armed Forces.

The folk dance ensemble “Colors of the Carpathians” of the Uzhhorod Institute of Culture and Arts performed at the international ethno-festival “World Festival Parade Brunssum” in the Netherlands.

International support

The 7th meeting of contracting parties to consider the fulfillment of obligations under the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste Management was held at the headquarters of the IAEA in Vienna, during which Australia called on the russian federation to return full control over nuclear materials to Ukraine. 

During a telephone conversation, Head of the Foreign Ministry Dmytro Kuleba and Head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell discussed Ukraine’s future steps on the way to the EU and preparation of the seventh package of sanctions against the russian federation.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Italy in cooperation with the Honorary Consulate of Ukraine in Turin and the Lo Specchio dei Tempi Charitable Foundation developed a joint project due to which Ukrainian refugees could return home from Italy for free.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that the former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Head of the President’s Office  Andriy Yermak will lead the platform to develop specific security guarantees for Ukraine.

Prime Minister of Norway Jonas Har Stere arrived in Kyiv on a working visit. During the meeting with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, he announced that his country would allocate almost 1 billion euros to support Ukraine and stated that Norway started supplying Ukraine with heavy weapons and would continue doing so in the future.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania, Bohdan Aurescu, reports that the country is ready to help victims of rocket attacks in Serhiivka, Odesa oblast, which occurred on the night of June 30 to July 1.

The Minister of Sports and Tourism of Poland, Kamil Bortnichuk announced that Sports Ministers of 35 countries signed a joint statement with demands to suspend the membership of russia and belarus in sports organizations and urged to promote further functioning and restoration of Ukrainian sports. 


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