Russia’s Disintegration. But the dictator has no clothes on … and is all by himself

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The president’s speech is not just a monologue of a person, but an official event. Usually the first person of the state turns to his/her citizens from the office, sitting at his/her desk against the background of the flag. So it was until recently. Putin went on the air and gave out his false speeches according to all the rules of the state standard. Yet, his latest videos are surprising to say the least. They have a special subtext and enable interesting conclusions to be drawn.

The New Year’s greetings of the Kremlin dictator to his people are the first coming to mind. It was sad and depressing, targeting everyone to be prepared to die for the Russian Federation. He often coughed and paused. The bloody tyrant led a speech against the background of the military, who were disguised FSO-employees. The ones on display in the frame looked strange… At the top row were ‘circumcised’ heads. A logical question arises: Where is the scenery? Views of the Kremlin? A festive atmosphere? A Christmas tree?

Another interesting video was a Christmas service at the church. The lonely dictator was near the same lonely Christmas tree. The Christmas tree stuck in the middle of the temple on the mounting foam installed three minutes before the shooting looked somehow out of place. Putin’s etched, confused gaze indicated that he did not know what was next. He’s alone. Neither Medvedev, nor Sobyanin, none of the close people nearby. And they simply did not have time to collect extras. It was very symbolic!

Finally, the event on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the breakthrough of the blockade of Stalingrad was a complete shock to everyone. How are such events usually celebrated? A large solemn hall, a tribune for the head of state, in the background there is a large inscription: 80 years since the liberation of Stalingrad or something like this. And of course, guests, veterans, officials. But in fact, everything was different. Putin sat at the table on a purple background (perhaps they just forgot to set the background?!) and kept his speech for an hour and a half. The hall and people have never been shown. And what do we see on the table of the Kremlin tyrant? A German microphone (!) from the Bosch company, a bowl of strawberries and chocolates. Strawberries and sweets on the anniversary of the liberation from the blockade, when people had not even seen bread for months??? At the end of the speech, exactly two people applauded the dictator, and they were also not shown.

What do we have in the end? All the videos of the Kremlin grandfather are shot without preparation, hastily, and therefore have such a miserable appearance and look more like amateur shooting on a smartphone. Although in reality there is a separate brand book on how to shoot the first person of the state. But recent videos demonstrate what non-professionals are shooting. Most likely behind the camera is an FSB officer who was taught to shoot not beautifully, but reliably. And the reality is that Putin is confused and probably does not understand how to proceed. When the captain does not know where his ship is sailing, very soon he will crash on the reefs. Not everything is fine in Russia, and has not been going ‘according to the plan’ for a long time, and therefore we are watching and waiting. The collapse of the Russian Federation is just around the corner!

Materials prepared by Polina Romanova, the Ukrainian Women’s Guard for Free Idel-Ural


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