News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard. July 21, 2022 Ukrainian Daily Wins

Materials Prepared by Mila Rosik  

  During 148 days of the war in Ukraine, Russia’s total losses make 38,850 personnel, 1,704 tanks, 710 drones and 859 artillery systems.

  In the south, Ukrainian defenders accomplished 200 fire tasks, destroying 111 invaders, a command post, some command-observation posts, warehouses and equipment of the enemy.

✅ Ukrainian soldiers repelled russian troops’ assault actions towards the Lysychansk refinery – the village of Ivano-Darivka in Bakhmut district, as well as towards Klynove – Vershyna and Myronivka – the Vuhlehirsk TPP

✅ The head of MI6 believes that russia is “about to exhaust its potential” in Ukraine. “We estimate that it will be increasingly difficult for the russians to supply manpower over the next few weeks. They will have to take some pause, and this will give the Ukrainians an opportunity to strike back,” said Head of British Intelligence Richard Moore.

✅ This winter, the International Criminal Court may begin consideration of the first case related to russia’s war crimes in Ukraine — Bloomberg.

✅ The United States, its partners and allies have pledged to transfer more than 20 HIMARS MLRSs to Ukraine, of which 12 are already on Ukrainian territory.

✅  Britain will provide Ukraine with dozens of artillery guns, hundreds of unmanned aerial vehicles and 1,600 anti-tank weapons in the coming weeks, said Defense Secretary Ben Wallace. 

✅ European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen says that EU countries have agreed on a new package of sanctions against russia, which includes a ban on the import of Russian gold. The UK will also ban russian coal from August 10 and abandon russian oil from December 31.

✅ During the fourth meeting of Ukraine Defense Contact Group, known as Ramstein, Ukraine’s partners agreed on new commitments on the supply of weapons, ammunition, as well as training of Ukrainian fighters, says Defense Minister Reznikov.

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