Українські щоденні перемоги. 14.07.2022 Новини Української Жіночої Варти

News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard, July 14, 2022 Ukrainian Daily Wins

Materials prepared by Mila Rosik 

  Demilitarization of russian occupiers continues: 300 hostile soldiers were neutralized during the previous day. The total combat losses of the enemy amounted to approximately 37,870.

 The Ukrainian military destroyed two control points of enemy troops and a landing site in Nova Kakhovka as reported by the “South” Command.

✅ Towards Sloviansk and Bakhmut, Ukrainian defenders repelled several enemy assault actions, reports the General Staff.

 ✅ The General Staff states that Ukrainian defenders repelled an assault attempt towards Dementiivka, Kharkiv oblast, and a number of occupiers’ attempts to advance towards Bakhmut. 

✅ Ukraine is severing diplomatic relations with the China in response to its recognition of the so-called “independence” of the “DPR” and “LPR”.

 ✅ In Istanbul, the sides agreed to deblock three Ukrainian ports for grain exports, writes WSJ. All empty vessels will be inspected by the Turkish Navy.

 ✅ The White House says that now Ukraine continues to receive military assistance under a long-standing special program, which does not provide for a refund for the assistance received, while lend-lease will begin to be applied later.

 ✅ Lina Kostenko received the Order of the Legion of Honour. This is the highest award in France awarded by the President of the Republic for military or civilian merit.

 ✅ Kyiv City Council approved the decision to create a landscape reserve Protasiv Yar. According to Mayor Klytschko, the creation of the reserve is a tribute to the memory of activist Roman Ratushny, who fought against development and for preservation of the green zone in the capital.  Ratushny was a scout of the 93rd Brigade “Kholodny Yar”, died in June while performing a combat mission in Kharkiv region.

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