Daily Ukrainian victories 05/19/2023. News of the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

The materials were prepared by Yulia Akinzhali


The Armed Forces have already destroyed 201,760 russian invaders

From February 24, 2022 to May 19, 2023, the Defense Forces of Ukraine eliminated about 201,760 Russian aggressors, while another 660 people were killed in the past day.


Italy will train the Ukrainian military in its training centers and military institutions

She will also take part in training programs of the 🇪🇺European Union for Ukraine.


Ukrainian air defense shot down a Russian fighter jet with a Patriot anti-aircraft missile system, CNN reports

These air defense systems were transferred by the partners to Ukraine to protect against Russian air attacks.


Ukraine will be provided with new ARTHUR anti-aircraft missiles and radars

Norway, together with Britain, will transfer additional jet installations to Ukraine. ARTHUR artillery reconnaissance radars will also be included in the package.


“Energoatom” handed over Mi-2 to the military

“Energoatom” used this helicopter for training in case it was necessary to carry out radiation reconnaissance.


The first patrol boats of the DPSU have already left for Ukraine

After long months of waiting, the first two patrol boats of the DPSU coast guard, which Ukraine ordered from the French shipbuilding company OCEA, were sent from France.


Korean business will provide heavy agricultural machinery to Ukraine

The Korean company will transfer 14 sets of heavy agricultural machinery to Ukraine as technical assistance.


A demining machine was produced in the Kharkiv region 

Specialists of the Kharkiv region have produced a demining machine, which has already been put into operation in the Balakliya community of the Izyum district.


Chernihiv region received humanitarian aid from a Danish company

Residents of Chernihiv region and critical infrastructure facilities received humanitarian aid from the Danish company Rockwool.


France transferred 9 tons of humanitarian aid to Transcarpathia

Transcarpathia received 9 tons of humanitarian aid from France, it is mainly medicines and basic necessities, which will be transferred to Dnipro and Bakhmut.


The Ukrainian pavilion opened at the Biennale Architettura 2023 international exhibition

On May 18, 2023, the official opening of the Ukrainian pavilion Before the Future took place at one of the world’s largest architectural exhibitions, the Biennale Architettura 2023 in Venice.


At the book fair in Warsaw, Ukraine will present a collective stand “Millions of Bridges”

At the International Book Fair in the capital of Poland, Ukraine will present a collective stand under the slogan “Millions of Bridges”.

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