Ukrainian children were killed

Digest 72. May 5, 2022. Russian War Crimes in Ukraine. Facts and Evidences

221 Ukrainian children were killed, 408 more were injured since the beginning of the large-scale russian invasion. The data are not comprehensive.   Source: General Prosecutor’s Office.

On May 4, russian combat aircraft stroke the monastery in Svyatohisk, Donetsk region. Seven civilians were injured. Hundreds of Ukrainians try to save their lives and use this monastery as a shelter.

Source: Prosecutor’s Office of the Donetsk Region. 


russian aggressors continue heavy shells and attempts of the offensive in the Donetsk region. On May 4, two civilians were killed in Shandryholove village. 11 more civilians were injured. Additionally, at night on May 4-5, russian invaders shelled from artillery Chasiv Yar town; a civilian was killed, 17 houses were damaged. In addition, russian troops carried out missile strike on Kramatorsk, 21 civilians were injured.

Source: Head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration.


russian aggressors continue heavy shells and attempts of the offensive in the Luhansk region. On May 4, five civilians were killed, more than 20 houses were damaged or destroyed.

Source: Luhansk Regional Military Administration.


#BuchaMassacre Ukrainian law enforcement officers have found more bodies of Ukrainians killed in Bucha district, Kyiv region during russian occupation. A 69-years-old woman was killed by russian shell in Nova Buda village. A 10-years-old girl was killed by russian shrapnel in her house in Shybyne village. The 58-years-old man was killed by russian soldiers near his house in Shybyne village. A 92-years-old woman was died in her house after the fire had been caused by russian shelling. The total number of killed civilians in the Kyiv region during russian occupation raised up to 1,235 victims. 

Source: National Police Department in the Kyiv Region.


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