Ukrainian Daily Wins. December 13, 2022. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

⠀⠀   Ukrspecsystems showed a new Shark UAV with a more powerful battery

⠀⠀   The updated reconnaissance drone has a wingspan of 3.4 meters and a more powerful battery that allows it to stay in the air for up to four hours. “This is twice as much time for reconnaissance or adjustment and control of the battlefield. It is precisely such updated SHARKs that will be delivered to the Armed Forces,” the company said in a statement.

⠀⠀•  British intelligence says that Ukraine freed 54% of territories captured by russia since February 24 

⠀⠀   Currently, russia controls about 18% of the internationally recognized territories of Ukraine, including Donbas and Crimea, controlled by Russia since 2014.

⠀⠀•  In Melitopol, the bridge connecting the city with the village of Kostiantynivka was damaged

⠀⠀   This is one of the strategically important bridges. The occupiers used this bridge to transport military equipment from the eastern direction.

⠀⠀•  The power unit of the nuclear power plant, disabled after the missile attack, was reconnected to the power system

⠀⠀   On December 13, 2022, at 1:09 a.m., another power unit of Energoatom was connected to the power grid, which was put out of order on November 23 as a result of missile attacks. Currently, capacity is gained.

⠀⠀•  Thousands of specialists from Ukraine will work in the Czech Republic to increase the production of weapons

⠀⠀   To increase the production of weapons, the #Czech Republic will employ thousands of specialists from Ukraine at its defense enterprises.

⠀⠀•  The Czech Republic will provide Ukraine with financial assistance and generators worth EUR 8.5 million 

⠀⠀   The Czech Republic provides Ukraine with financial aid and equipment in the amount of 8.5 million euros to help it survive the winter.

⠀⠀•  Switzerland will provide Ukraine with a new aid package worth almost USD 100 million 

⠀⠀   Swiss President Ignacio Cassis announced a new package of financial assistance to Ukraine in the amount of 100 million Swiss francs.

⠀⠀•  The IEA will help recover and develop a new energy strategy of Ukraine

⠀⠀   The International Energy Agency and the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine have signed a two-year joint work program to restore the Ukrainian energy system after the destruction caused by russian attacks.

⠀⠀•  The European Commission will finance 30 million LED lamps for Ukraine to cover part of the energy system deficit

⠀⠀   The European Commission will finance about 30 million LED lamps for Ukraine, as President Zelenskyi said about the need for such support.

⠀⠀•  The IAEA will send permanent missions to all nuclear power plants of Ukraine

⠀⠀   According to Denys Shmyhal, the missions are aimed at securing power plants and recording all possible attempts of external impacts, in particular, shelling by the russian aggressor.

⠀⠀•  Canada donates 50 lighting towers to Ukraine to enable energy workers to work at night

⠀⠀   It is noted that 15 generator lighting towers eight meters high have already arrived in Ukraine.

⠀⠀•  Ukraine received a large grant from Germany

⠀⠀   The press service of the Ministry of Finance informs that the state budget of Ukraine received a grant in the amount of 200 million euros from the German state bank KfW (Credit Institution for Reconstruction). 

Materials prepared by Yuliya Akinzhali

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