ЗСУ на півдні знищили 5 російських складів боєприпасів в Баштанському, Бериславському та Херсонському районах

News of the Ukrainian Women’s Guard, September 02, 2022. Ukrainian Daily Wins

Materials prepared by Mila Rosik

According to the ‘South’ Operational Command, the Armed Forces destroyed 5 russian ammunition depots in Bashtanka, Beryslav and Kherson regions. The drone operation center and the ferry crossing were also destroyed.

✅  Ukraine exchanged prisoners of war in Donetsk oblast by returning 14 soldiers taken captive in spring. The officer and the military doctor were among those prisoners exchanged. 

✅  Head of joined coordination Press Center of the South Defense Forces Natalia Humeniuk informed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the dormitory in Kherson where russian soldiers were stationed. The losses are being verified. 

✅   G7 countries plan to impose restrictions on the world russian oil purchase which is expected to cut the russian oil yields and weaken its potential to finance the war in Ukraine. 

✅ All EU states, except Hungary, agreed to guarantee 5 billion euro macro-financial support in long-term loans to Ukraine. The Eu Commission intends to file this proposal next week irrespective of Orban’s government opposition. 

✅   The Everhoatom advised that the fifth power unit of the Zaporozhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, disconnected as a result of russian shelling, was powered up. 

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