News by the Ukrainian Women’s Guard Ukrainian Daily Wins May 09, 2022

According to the White House, Joe Biden has signed еру lend lease bill to supply weapons to Ukraine.

✅  The air defense forces brought down 10 russian enemy air targets, 7 UAVs and 3 cruise missiles.  

✅  In the south, Ukrainian defenders detected and thwarted the enemy’s attempt to launch the reconnaissance group. 51 russian invaders were eliminated. The enemy military equipment was destroyed. 

✅ Since the war broke out, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated 25 650 russian invaders.  

 ✅ Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau announced the additional 50 million CAD (around 40 million USD) military aid to Ukraine and declared new sanctions against russian oligarchs and putin’s inner circle.  

 ✅  Great Britain announced a new trade sanction package against Russia and Belarus in the amount of 1.7 billion pounds. 

✅ Thousands of people took to the streets to protest in the downtown Warsaw with the slogan “russia, go fuck yourself”, during which people urged to save Mariupol defenders and mocked at the russian army. 

✅ On May 09, the European Council head visited Odesa to celebrate the Europe day.  

✅ According to Vice Prime Minister on European and Euroatlantic integration Olha Stefanishyna, the EU oil embargo can be approved within the coming day.  

✅ On May 09, General Secretary of European Council Maria Pejcinovic-Buric visited Irpin and Borodyanka. “I am shocked by the meaningless destruction caused by the russian aggression, but I am impressed by the resilience of Ukrainians. We will support Ukraine in the European Council ”, Peijcinovic-Buric claims. 

✅ President Zalenskyy states that Ukraine completed the second section of the questionnaire to become the candidate for the membership in EU. 

✅ The EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen will go to Budapest to meet the prime minister Viktor Orban. She would most likely be looking to convince him to vote for the oil embargo against Russia in the 6th EU sanction package. 

✅  After all, red paint was splashed on the russian ambassador in Poland who was trying to put the flower tribute on the russian soldiers cemetery.  

✅  According to the White House, Joe Biden has signed еру lend lease bill to supply weapons to Ukraine. 

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