Ukraine Operational information from the regions 14.03.2022

Operational information from the regions of the Active Community network  14.03.2022
Ukraine in Short:
(Combat action info source: Armed Forces of Ukraine)
We are on day 19th of the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian people against the russian military intervention.
The invading troops bound for Mykolayiv and Kryvyi Rih have been stopped. Seeing no particular success, the enemy continues systemic the military actions using air bombing to destroy military and civil infrastructure of Ukraine. It uses high-capacity munitions and dumb bombs against peaceful civilians. Such actions are deemed war crimes under international humanitarian law.
In Volyn’s direction, the enemy continues with measures to enhance the guarding of the Ukrainian-Belarusian border with armed force detachments from Belarus; it used UAVs for air reconnaissance of individual areas along the state border.
In Polissya’s direction of the Kyiv Oblast, russian occupation troops continue attempts to overcome the barrier borderline along the Irpin River and entrench in the vicinity of Bucha and Irpin settlements. They attempt to organize defensive actions. Sabotage and reconnaissance groups are being prepared to act under the guise of Ukrainian service members.
The enemy launched no active offensive action in the Chernihiv Oblast. It is regrouping to renew awful attempts towards Kyiv.
In the Kharkiv Oblast, the enemy focuses its efforts on replenishing losses sustained due to decisive retaliatory action nearby Kharkiv and Armed Forces of Ukraine’s counter-attack in the area of Izyum.
The enemy continues with active military actions in the Donetsk Oblast and areas near the Crimea. Its numerical superiority results in some partial successes in certain directions.
The enemy tries to continue its offensive towards Kryvyi Rih. It has consolidated on the objective and now regroups and resupplies. It has not abandoned the idea of blockading Mykolayiv.
Northern Oblasts
Russian troops’ attempts to capture the capital of Ukraine have led to considerable losses. The Ukrainian army successfully defends Kyiv from invaders’ attempts to breakthrough.
After a brief calm, the russians continue to terrorize the capital; e.g., three russian missiles hit the State-owned Antonov Enterprise, killing two and wounding seven. The russian occupation troops also bombed a 9-storey residential block in Obolon Area, killing one person.

The Ukrainian military were able to intercept one cruise missile over Kyiv. The remains of the rocket fell in the Kurenivka District neighborhood.

Kyiv Oblast
The most challenging situation is in the Bucha District. The invaders move along the Borodyanka community. Borodyanka itself is blockaded, its infrastructure destroyed. There are ongoing battles in Irpin (about 30 km from Kyiv). The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are currently in control of 70% of the town.

Russian military equipment moves along the Brovary District. Some settlements there see action.
Russians occupy three communities in the Vyshgorod District. The occupied Ivankiv, Dymer, and Polissya territorial communities have no communication, electricity, food, or medicine supply and face humanitarian catastrophe.
The town of Slavutych is completely circled. There is a need for foodstuffs and medicines there. The electricity supply to Slavutych and the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) has been restored. However, Chernobyl NPP personnel is too exhausted physically and emotionally to continue with plant repairs and maintenance.
A team of more than 200 who went on shift on the eve of the russian invasion cannot be replaced for nearly three weeks.
Russian troops continue shelling civil infrastructure in the Kyiv Oblast. At about 8:45 am, the invaders launched a strike against the TV and radio retransmitter in the village of Vynarivka of the Stavyshchenska Territorial Community.
Zhytomyr Oblast
A Russian missile strike destroyed administration buildings in the village of Stavyshche, Zhytomyr Oblast.
Російський ракетний удар знищив адміністративні будівлі у селищі Ставище Житомирської області.
Two buses took children with cancer from Zhytomyr to Switzerland in the morning. In Zhytomyr, citizens paid last respect to 20-year-old lieutenant Vladyslav Selyutin, who died on March 6th near Kyiv. Vladyslav was born in Russia and grew up in Luhansk Oblast.
У Житомирі попрощались з 20-річним лейтенантом Владиславом Селютіним
Sumy Oblast
Russian occupation troops continue to hold Trostianets and use it to shell neighboring settlements. They are also attacking Okhtyrka, including private houses. At least three people were killed as a result of airstrikes during nighttime.
Окупанти продовжують утримувати Тростянець
Chernihiv Oblast
On the evening of March 13th, russian occupation troops made two attempts to break into Chernihiv. At this time, the enemy carried out an airstrike and then used “Grads” to destroy everything in its path and clear the road for a breakthrough.
At night, the occupiers fired on the Chernihiv Polytechnic National University. At 5 a.m., they shelled the city of Nizhyn with “Uragan”, multiple launch rocket systems. Chernihiv City Mayor said that the city’s critical infrastructure is difficult. Due to the hostilities that occurred on the territory of Chernihiv and regular night bombings, water, electricity, and gas supply are partially but irreversibly damaged.
Вночі окупанти обстріляли Національний університет «Чернігівська політехніка»

Eastern Oblasts
Kharkiv Oblast
The situation is tense, but Kharkiv is holding its position. In the city’s center, the russian occupation troops destroyed a house.
A 15-year-old girl died during the shelling in Derhachi. Russians killed her peer in Chuhuiv.
15-річна дівчинка загинула внаслідок обстрілу в Дергачах
In Izyum, the russian occupation troops fired on  a private minibus.

Donetsk Oblast
The situation is tense. Police officers are intensively patrolling the community streets, and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine is also working in an intensified mode.
Since March 1st, the City Council has organized an evacuation and brought 1,142 people to Kramatorsk and Sloviansk railway stations to wait for additional evacuation trains. The city’s Cultural Center has organized a checkpoint for people evacuated from dangerous areas.
The city infrastructure operates in a normal mode. Private trade facilities operate in a restricted mode. Products are expected to be delivered to distribution networks. People continue to live their lives as much as possible while martial law is declared. They go to work, buy food, walk with children in parks and playgrounds.
Enemy aircraft bombed the western part of the city. There are dead and injured. The windows in the houses were broken, the roofs were damaged. As a result of the shelling, part of the city was left without a water supply.
The Ukrainian military is preparing to meet the enemy. Territorial Defense Forces continue to train and patrol the city. Despite yesterday’s train shelling, the train evacuation was still launched. There are long queues at ATMs in the city and problems with medicines. Large stores closed due to a lack of food supply. People continue to volunteer, help with humanitarian aid, repair damaged houses, etc. The situation in the city is alarming.
Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk District
The shelling of Avdiivka has continued since the evening. The Russians are firing from Tochka-U and multiple rocket launch systems. The occupiers fired with “Grad” at the Avdiivka Coke Plant. It damaged a gas pipeline, school, and private houses. Several production workshops and a pipeline were destroyed. The heating supply in Avdiivka has been suspended. Information about victims is being checked.

As a result of hostilities, the Karliv Filter Station was de-energized. Pokrovsk, Myrnohrad, Rodyns’ke, Selydove, Ukrains’k, Novohrodivka, Hirnyk, Bilyts’ke, Bilozers’ke, Vodians’ke, and partly Dobropillya (more than 200,000 people in total) were left without water supply.
Employees of the Municipal Enterprise “Pokrovskvodokanal” repaired the station. In the afternoon, water began to fill the water supply.
Two people were injured in the village of Verkhnotoretske, Mariinsky Territorial Community. The Ukrainian military forces are repelling the enemy. In the communities of Pokrovsk District, they stand guard together with police and help those who came under fire from the occupiers.
Pokrovsk authorities are meeting with citizens to prepare shelters. As in previous days, the city experiences of cash shortage and long queues at ATMs. There are fuel outages.
Evacuation from Volnovakha District continues. Another 162 people, including 44 children, were rescued. The convoy was leaving under fire. Russian occupation troops were trying to obstruct the evacuation. Enemy’s “Grad” shells exploded next to the official vehicle that accompanied the evacuees. Thanks to the decisive actions of the defenders, no one was injured.
Триває евакуація з Волноваського району. Врятовано ще 162 людини, серед них – 44 дитини
During the siege of Mariupol, the russians killed more than 2,500 civilians. A pregnant woman died after the Russians shelled the maternity hospital. The entire world saw photos of her.
За час блокади Маріуполя росіяни вбили 2500 мирних жителів Маріуполь
The Azov Detachment soldiers, who have been defending Mariupol since the beginning of the war, say that only death can stop the enemy. After all, the russians are deliberately bombing civilian objects and civilians.
Luhansk Oblast
The russians continue to shell Severodonetsk. All shellings are focused on residential areas and infrastructure objects, including schools. More than 1,700 people were evacuated from Luhansk Oblast. One of the trains came under fire, and the female train conductor was killed.
З Луганської області евакуювали понад 1700 людей
Southern Oblasts
Zaporizhzhia Oblast
Russian occupation troops continue to actively use artillery, tanks, grenade launchers, mortars, and helicopters, including against civilians. At night, the occupiers fired on private houses in the village of Magdalinivka. Such cases are not uncommon.
Units of the Ukrainian missile forces continue to inflict fire damage on the enemy. The russian occupiers suffered significant losses in the direction of Melitopol – Vasylivka. Destroying blows were also imposed on the rear infrastructure – field bases and warehouses.
The leadership of Ukraine at the highest international level is negotiating the release of the mayors of Melitopol and Dniprorudny, captured by the russians. However, the occupiers continue to plunder and abduct the pro-Ukrainian population. Today in Berdyansk, the Russian military kidnapped the priest of the orthodox church of Ukraine, Oleg Nikolaev.
Сьогодні в Бердянську російські військові викрали священика ПЦУ Олега Ніколаєва
Air alarms were heard throughout the night and in the morning. There is a powerful humanitarian hub and two reception points for internally displaced persons (IDPs). Zaporizhzhia is waiting for the evacuation column from Mariupol, which passed Berdyansk as of 6 pm and is heading to the oblast center.
Energodar (Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant)
Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) is under the control of the occupiers. Russian troops blew up part of the ammunition at the Zaporizhzhya NPP site (next to the destroyed training center and power unit №1). As of 6 pm, the occupiers continue to carry out bombings. The staff of the station left their jobs due to the increased danger. Zaporizhzhya NPP is the largest nuclear facility in Europe. Damage to the infrastructure or operation of the plant could lead to a global environmental catastrophe.
As a result of shelling by the russian military near Vasylivka, several critical facilities were destroyed. The operational shop of water supply and sewerage in the village of Verkhnya Krynytsia (administrative building and power line). The sewage pumping station №1 was also destroyed. As of now, wastewater from Vasylivka enters the Dnieper River without treatment.
According to experts, even in the case of power supply, treatment plants will not be able to function. They need significant repairs and restoration. In addition, the Russian occupiers continue to loot. Yesterday in Vasylivka, they robbed the museum-reserve “Sadyba Popova”.
Учора у Василівці окупанти пограбували музей-заповідник «Садиба Попова».
The russian occupiers surrounded the central square of Melitopol and did not allow residents to attend the rally. Eyewitnesses say the occupiers humiliated and intimidated people. Two activists were abducted and taken away in an unknown direction.
Kherson Oblast
In the Kherson Oblast, the russian occupation troops are trying to repeat the “Donbas” scenario. Russians call local council deputies about cooperation. The russian military is being replaced by representatives of the occupying Rosgiardia and the police to establish a police regime.
In Kherson, the house of City Council Secretary Halyna Luhova was set on fire. She says she is on the list of the physical destruction of the russian occupiers.
У Херсоні спалили будинок секретарки міськради Галини Лугової
Odesa Oblast
Alarm sirens sounded in the oblast and the city. Russian troops are shelling the oblast. Enemy troops plan to land. The Ukrainian military is defending the territory. The air defense is working. The oblast is preparing for defense, strengthening coasts and checkpoints, and conducting exercises.
People come together, help the military, volunteer. Odesa received humanitarian aid from Lviv for the population and the army, namely medicines, hygiene products, and food.
Central Oblasts
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
The enemy is gaining ground in the direction of Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. At the same time, there are no and no enemy troops in the Oblast itself. Police detained 9 saboteurs in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast who photographed objects of the AFU or had Russian symbols / carried out propaganda work in the interests of the occupiers.
A session of the Dnipro City Council took place. An additional UAH 100 million (UAH 200 million in total) has been allocated for the territorial defense of the city of Dnipro this year.  Expenditures of the city budget were reduced, and 104 million 766 thousand UAH were transferred to the reserve fund of the city budget.
Kirovohradska Oblast
An air alarm sounded in the Kirovohradska Oblast for more than 5 hours. The military guards the borders of the oblast. Territorial Defense Forces are on duty at checkpoints and patrols the city with the police.
Kirovohradska Oblast provided shelter to more than 6,000 IDPs in a day, almost a third of them children. 40 tons of humanitarian aid was sent to Kramatorsk from Kirovohradska Oblast. Foreign humanitarian assistance arrives regularly – medicines, hygiene items, warm clothes. Agrarians of Kirovogradska Oblast help with food. A humanitarian center for IDPs has opened in the Kropyvnytskyi Sports School, and aid to people fleeing the war in Kropyvnytskyi is provided daily.
Distance learning resumes in all schools in Kirovohradska Oblast. The situation in the oblast is under control.
Residents are united and ensure the life support of the city. Trolleybus drivers work 24/7, picking up IDPs at railway stations. Utility workers continue to perform their duties. Volunteers answer phone calls around the clock, prepare food, collect things for the needy. Representatives of condominiums patrol their homes. Adolescents and young people weave nets and so on.
Western oblasts
On March 13th, the russians struck the International Center for Peace and Security near Yavoriv, Lviv Oblast, and the border with Poland. According to updated information, the attack was made from outside Ukraine by planes that took off from the airfield in the depths of Russia.

During the last days in the territory of Lviv Oblast, air alarm sirens sounded. The enemy did not carry out new strikes. The 103rd separate brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces announced an additional set of people willing to defend Ukraine. The servicemen of the 103rd separate brigade will be provided with uniforms, weapons, ammunition, food, housing, and financial support on a par with the service members of the AFU.
American doctors have set up a field hospital near Lviv to provide free medical care to all those who need it during the war. Its deployment was organized by the international humanitarian organization Samaritan’s Purse. The hospital will be able to accept 60 patients simultaneously.
Ukraine Media Center has opened in Lviv. Here they will assist journalists in truthfully covering the war that Russia has launched against Ukraine.
The military received two necessary cars from Drohobych. The off-road jeep was transferred to the front line in Kyiv. Drohobych State Pedagogical University has stopped cooperating with Belarusian universities. Education has started in all 79 schools of the Drohobych District. The schools themselves chose the format of the educational process. The community has already received 4,315 IDPs free of charge.
An alarm sounded in the city from night till morning. The electric transport was late for the routes, as the alarm sounded until 7:30 am. The Prykarpattia authorities are actively inviting companies and enterprises from the zone of active hostilities to move and carry out their activities within the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast. The authorities promise to support them in every possible way on their territory.
Local authorities once again urge not to comment on events in the city, including the explosions near the airport, and not to take photos or descriptions of infrastructure. Many occupants’ bots operate in the city chats on social networks. The Volunteer Front continues to work actively, including assistance from sister cities.
Rivne Oblast
The situation in the region is calm but a bit tense. There was an air alarm lasting 5 hours. An airstrike was heard near Rivne, which damaged the TV tower and the administrative building. Several people were evacuated from the rubble. As of 18:00, 9 people were killed and 9 injured in the attack ( ,  Head of the Rivne Oblast Military Administration – The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are intensively patrolling the border with Belarus. The Territorial Defense Forces patrol checkpoints. Cohesive residents help the volunteer headquarters.
Rivne Oblast continues to receive IDPs. 1424 citizens have been sheltered over the past 24 hours ( The educational process in the distance form was restored. Colleges, schools, and institutes have also resumed online classes. (
Khmelnytskyi oblast
There was no fighting in the city and oblast. The situation in the city and oblast is under control. Today, on Volunteer Day, the 19th Rifle Battalion soldiers took the oath. There are dozens of volunteers in the units who had different professions in peacetime, from a locksmith to a deputy.
As of today, the educational process is being resumed in the oblast remotely. Children who come from other oblasts have the opportunity to join the study. Due to the damage to the Rivne TV tower, there are some difficulties with signal reception in the north of Khmelnytskyi Oblast. While restoration work is underway, cable operators or satellites can access Ukrainian TV channels (national TV channels are decoded, and broadcast access is free).
Humanitarian cargoes are being formed in the oblast and sent to the war-affected areas. The oblast authorities plan to create a center with inpatient departments for service dogs and animals of IDPs basised on the Khmelnytskyi District State Veterinary Hospital. Meetings on psychological support of adults continue.
Residents of Khmelnytskyi continue to marry. For example, Anna and Serhiy registered their marriage after 15 years of dating after Serhiy decided to join the AFU and defend Ukraine.
The situation is relatively calm. The military provides security in the city. Alarms sound more often. 382 people arrived in Kamianets-Podilskyi this night. 12.4 thousand IDPs passed through official registration points. People who come are asked to register officially to understand the need for accommodation and meals. Legal opportunities to involve internally displaced men in community service are being considered.
The city plans to implement a large humanitarian project “From Ukraine”. Kamianets-Podilskyi can become a hub for conducting activities for children. The list of the enterprises which are ready to accept the enterprises from the east of Ukraine on the free areas is formed.
The Kamianets-Podilskyi Mayor instructed the Department of Economics to monitor the premises that could be used for social housing. Providing critical infrastructure with long-term resources and materials is being discussed. In particular, fuels and lubricants, medicines, food.
There is an agreement with Geneva on the location of the territorial branch of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Kamianka. The organization has already started assisting IDPs. The educational process in the community has been resumed, with the participation of internally displaced children, currently 112 schoolchildren. While the form of learning is distance, it will be considered mixed. People are starting to work in their jobs.
Chernivtsi Oblast
Bukovyna continues to assist the Armed Forces of Ukraine actively. Thousands on the front line. There are losses, but the army is working.
More than 1,500 IDPs have been registered in the Chernivtsi Oblast. Serhiy Osachuk, the Head of the Chernivtsi Oblast State Administration, took part in a broadcast on German TV channel Bild with NATO General Hans-Lothar Domroise: children and other civilians. “Almost 45,000 IDPs arrived in Chernivtsi. Currently, the city is ready to accept 5,000 more people. 346 out of 349 schools started online learning. Specialists of the State Food and Consumer Services in the oblast monitor the prices for rental housing, food, fuel and respond to all requests from citizens.”
The Turkish Embassy in Ukraine has moved to Chernivtsi.
Zakarpattia Oblast
There was an alarm in the oblast for more than five hours. There were no bombings or shelling. The area is calm. Significantly more people are arriving than before.
The Zakarpattia Oblast took almost 200,000 IDPs after a full-scale war. More than 17,000 people left Ukraine in one day, and 6,000 entered Ukraine through the Zakarpattia checkpoints.
A citizen of Kyiv suspected of treason was detained in Berehove District. Almost 160,000 hryvnias were allocated from the Uzhhorod budget to protect educational institutions that accept IDPs.
Ukrainian Women’s Guard
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