Ukraine Operational information from the regions 13.03.2022

Operational information from the regions of the Active Community network  13.03.2022
Ukraine in brief:
It is the 18th day of the opposition of the Ukrainian nation to the Russian military invasion.
The invaders are taking measures to restore combat capability and regroup troops and carry out preparations for the continuation of offensive operations.
Russian war criminals carry out missile and bombing raids and artillery shelling, targeting civilian infrastructure in the Ukrainian cities of Chernihiv, Sumy, Mykolaiv, Mariupol, Avdiivka, Volnovakha, and the suburbs of large settlements throughout Ukraine, as well as groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
During the redeployment of enemy troops, additional units are being trained to conduct hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. Troops are being recruited from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Syria, plus additional marines, and all of them are drawn to the Republic of Belarus.
The enemy did not conduct offensive operations in the Volyn direction. There is still a possibility of the direct participation of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus in the military operation against Ukraine on the side of the invaders in the Volyn direction.
The enemy is conducting aerial surveillance and target acquisition of military and civilian facilities on the territory of Ukraine.
In Kyiv oblast, a certain number the enemy forces hold positions in the area of ​​11 settlements: Poliske, Ivankiv, Lypivka, Kopyliv, Motyzhyn, Buzova, Horenychi, Irpin, Synyak, Kozarovychi, and Sukoluchya. There are no active offensive actions being carried out at the moment. The enemy attempts to establish a system of logistics and tries to restore their military equipment.
In the direction of Brovary – Boryspil, the enemy is blocking the E95 highway and continues to take measures to redeploy troops, replenish the supplies, and conduct reconnaissance. The enemy has gone on the defensive and holds a network of checkpoints along the key routes. It is likely that after the regrouping of troops and bringing additional units, the enemy will resume offensive operations to take the left-bank part of Kyiv.
In the Chernihiv Oblast, the enemy holds positions near 11 settlements: Lyubech, Slavutych, Kovryta, Zolotynka, Mena, Branytsia, Kalyta, Bogdanivka, Lukashi, Romny, Nedrihailiv. The enemy does not conduct active offensive operations.
In Eastern Ukraine, the enemy maintains positions in the vicinity of 6 settlements – Severodonetsk, Svatove, Kupyansk, Velyka Pysarivka, Moskovskyi Bobryak, and Lebedyn to block Kharkiv further and seize the city of Izyum.
In the Donetsk and Tavriya directions, the enemy holds positions near 8 settlements in Borova, Ternove, Novokrasnyanka, Luhanske, Horlivka, Panteleimonivka, Novotroitsk, and Huliaipole. With the support of artillery, they carried out assault operations and captured the eastern outskirts of the settlement of Rubizhne.
The enemy did not conduct any active offensive operations in the Southern Buh area. They actively conduct aerial reconnaissance and continue to move towards Kryvyi Rih.
Northern oblasts
Kyiv Oblast
Air raid alerts were repeatedly sounded during the day.
The enemy launched an artillery strike on the psycho-neurological boarding school in Pushcha-Vodytsya. Its staff and wards were evacuated the day before. The Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant personnel have been held hostage for 18 days now, and no crew changes have ever taken place. SE NNEGC “Energoatom” reported that the power supply was restored. The spent nuclear fuel cooling system elements will normally work without a backup power supply.

психоневрологічному інтернаті в Пуща-Водиці.
In Irpin, the Russians shot a New York Times correspondent, and another foreign journalist was wounded. There are reports that the invaders were ordered to open fire on the press to cover up war crimes. Also, at least five more people were injured.
В Ірпені росіяни розстріляли кореспондента New York Times
Zhytomyr Oblast
In the Zhytomyr Oblast, an air raid alert was sounded several times. According to the mayor of Zhytomyr, no airstrikes or shelling were registered. The city continues to prepare for defense. The police received humanitarian aid from German communities.
The head of the oblast military administration called on entrepreneurs of the Novohrad-Volynskyi and Berdychiv communities to resume production and return those employees who were not mobilized.
About 2,500 people who were evacuated from the Kyiv oblast were resettled on the territory of the Radomyshl community. Volunteers and residents provide them with clothes, medicines, and food.
Sumy Oblast
In the Sumy Oblast, work continues on “green corridors”. The Head of the Regional Military Administration said that there would be no “corridors” during the day.
Сумщині “зеленими коридорами”
In the city of Okhtyrka, the thermal power plant and power plant are destroyed. There is no heat carrier in the city.  Water supply, sewerage, and electricity supply are interrupted.
Lebedyn continues to work on restoring the electricity supply in the city and district. There is no light in Trostyanets. The enemy destroyed the main communications. Major interruptions in water and electricity supply in Sumy. Cases of looting by the occupiers have been recorded.
Обстріли у Сумах: у місті великі проблеми з постачанням води та електрики
Chernihiv Oblast
The Russian occupation troops continue to carry out airstrikes on civilians. This morning, the occupiers bombed a nine-story dormitory. There are victims. SES units extinguished 5 fires as a result of shelling. The evacuation of residents to a safer place will be carried out after agreeing on the “green corridor”, while there is none. Yesterday, Oblenergo restored the power supply in most parts of the city. Today the work continues and at the first opportunity light will be supplied to all houses, today part of the city with light. 30-40 percent of apartments are already covered with water, as of 16:00 yesterday.

Eastern oblasts
Kharkiv Oblast
No active offensive was reported, except in the city of Izyum.  Here the enemy continues the offensive to conquer the city. The enemy continues to form additional units, consolidate on the achieved frontiers, regroups troops, renew reserves to block Kharkiv, and capture Izyum.
At night, 15,000 homes run out of gas. The gas company has joined forces to rebuild the communications destroyed by the shelling.

The shelling by the Russian military continues throughout the day. On March 7th, a police inspector and a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed three tanks of the aggressor and were hospitalized with shrapnel wounds.
Donetsk Oblast
In the evening and the morning, Russian occupation troops attacked the north of the Donetsk Oblast – the Svyatogorsk Lavra, which is a refuge for hundreds of citizens, was bombed. The windows in the building are broken, part of the facade is destroyed, there are wounded. The enemy also aimed at the Siversky Donets River near Raigorodok and the TV tower on Mount Karachun near Slovyansk.

Missile defense shot down several missiles over Kramatorsk. There is no data on the destruction. The Ukrainian military is giving a decent answer to the enemy. Territorial Defense Forces are preparing to meet the enemy, patrolling the city to maintain public order.
Today, due to the shelling of the evacuation train near the Brusino railway station, the evacuation of citizens from the Kramatorsk, Slovyansk, and Lyman stations has stopped.  Other points of departure are considered. Due to the night shelling, the number of people wishing to leave the city is growing.  The mood of the population is alarming. Volunteers continue to help citizens, the military, and Territorial Defense Forces.
Pokrovsk and Pokrovsky District
Russian occupation troops fired from Point U at the civilian population of the Avdiivka community. Fortunately, there were no casualties or damage. The shelling continues in the Ocheretyn community.  As a result, many houses in Kamianka were damaged. Verkhnotoretske, where the high-voltage line was destroyed the day before, is still without electricity.
The enemy is rushing to Kurakhovo. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are repelling the occupiers.  Territorial Defense Forces, together with policemen, are on duty in the city. All utilities operate on a full-time basis. There is an operational headquarters for the settlement of problematic issues and monitoring the city’s security and life. There is also a humanitarian headquarters and volunteers.  Simple shelters are currently being prepared, and the authorities are asking citizens to join.
Cities have food problems and fuel shortages. There is a problem with cash withdrawals at ATMs. Myrnohrad receives internally displaced persons (IDPs), 831 people, since the beginning of the evacuation. The Epicenter shopping center helped Pokrovsky with construction materials for repairing damaged houses and arranging the simplest places for shelter. The situation is generally under control.
The situation in the city is tense, but the locals continue with their everyday lives: they buy foodstuffs, go to work or walk kids in parks. The Bakhmut City Council issues updates about the operation of IDPs registration centers, humanitarian aid collection centres and evacuation routes for residents willing to leave:
Attacks of the Russian military have claimed the lives of 2,187 peaceful residents. The city suffers daily from airstrikes; some 400 thousand are blockaded.

Luhansk Oblast
The Russians broke into the home of a pro-Ukrainian volunteer near Severodonetsk and shot him dead right in his wheelchair.
Олександр Конанов був вбитий росіянами на Луганщині
Southern Oblasts
Zaporizhzhya Oblast
The situation in the region is rather unchanged. The Russian occupation troops shelled and destroyed a bridge over the Yanchekrak River. Russian military use artillery, tanks, and grenade launchers against civilians. The invaders use civilian infrastructure for military purposes. The road from Vasylivka to Zaporizhzhya  is rather complicated.
The Russian occupation troops resort to terrorism, kidnapping civilians and keeping them in captivity. The kidnapping of Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov was quickly followed by the snatching of the mayor of Dniprorudne. There were kidnappings of public figures in Melitopol, Berdyansk, etc. The Russian invaders impede humanitarian convoys: their personnel at checkpoints forcefully confiscate foodstuffs, clothes, personal hygiene items.
A center for individuals fleeing the military action zones has been set up at the premises of the Zaporizhzhya State Circus, Governmental Enterprise. The cenetr features a first-aid post and provides IDPs with psychological counseling, meals, and accommodation. From 1st till 12th March, Zaporizhzhya hosted 1,409 individuals, including 360 children from Vasylivka, Polohy, Orikhov, Guliaypole, Enerhodar and other Oblast towns that suffered military action.
The Russian invaders continue terrorising and kidnapping local civil servants and civic activists. Specifically, they kidnapped Melitopol District Council Chair Serghiy Pryima today. They kidnapped Melitopol mayor Ivan Fedorov two days before and took him away in an unknown direction. There is information about him being subjected to torture. A local MP from the Opposition Block, Halyna Danylchenko, addressed city residents yesterday with a call to not oppose the invaders and declared herself a head of the occupation administration. The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine has charged Halyna Danylchenko with high treason.
депутатка від «Опозиційного Блоку» Галина Данильченко та закликала містян не чинити опір окупантам
Russian militaries attempt to intimidate residents and prevent them from holding a daily meeting supporting Ukraine. In particular, the invaders used a loudspeaker to announce a ban on meetings and demonstrations. Military equipment is stationed on the central streets.
Local MPs called a Melitopol City Council session to declare Melitopol to remain a Ukrainian city. Despite the danger, Melitopol residents took to the streets again, chanting ‘Melitopol is Ukraine!’ and ‘Where is our Mayor?’
Enerhodar, Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant (NPP)
The situation in the city is deteriorating. The Zaporizhzhya NPP remains under the control of Russian occupation tropps. According to SE NNEGC “Energoatom”, there is lawlesness in Enerhodar. The Russian invaders confiscate the vehicles of residents. People are being beaten right on the street and whisked  away in an unknown direction. Enerhodar has been left without local TV broadcasts as the EnTS channel stopped, its staff claiming no relation to the context aired in the city.
Russian invaders shelled residential quarters in the village of Novotroitske near Komyshuvakha. The invaders resort to terrorist methods in their military actions.
The situation remains tense. Russian militaries took prisoner the city mayor of Dniprorudne, Vasylkiv District. A road bridge nearby Kamyanske was blown up. Some humanitarian aid reached the city, and the municipal infrastructure is partially operative.
Окупанти викрали мера Дніпрорудного Запорізької області
Russian occupation forces have started terrorising journalists and activists of the occupied Berdiansk, forcing them to work for Russian propaganda and threatening their families.
Russian invaders occupy Kherson Oblast. In Kherson, during a peaceful march, the occupiers began firing.

About 60 vehicles of the Russian army came to Skadovsk and the community, making their headquarters at the entrance to the city. The Armed Forces of Ukraine control the situation with the movement of invaders, but there are few of them in the area. Patrols are working. Local authorities ask to open a humanitarian corridor, which is already necessary for the people. People hold on; there is no panic when they see Russians. They behave calmly. No medication. Food supplies are running low.
There were shellings of the region at night and in the morning. Air defense works, the Armed Forces of Ukraine repel attacks. The enemy is monitored. Territorial Defense Forces are preparing for defense, strengthening coasts and checkpoints. The local authorities declare their readiness to repel the enemy and provide the locals with necessary goods. Volunteers work around the clock; there is maximum assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the SRO, and socially vulnerable groups. The oblast is preparing for defense.
Central Oblasts
At night, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defense carried out offensive operations against enemy positions in the direction of Kherson Oblast. The enemy suffered heavy losses and was pushed back from the border with the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.
In the Dnipro and Kryvyi Rih, locals detained several looters. According to the chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast State Administration, Mykola Lukashuk, the issues of salt availability have been resolved in the cities of the region, and there are also stocks of products. At the same time, the leaders of the city and the oblast note that now many older people in the Dnipro are being evacuated from hot spots and are simply unable to go further. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to open their shops, restaurants, and cafes with flexible schedules for employees. The Oblast Military Administration monitors the humanitarian and security situation in the oblast around the clock. The enemy exerts information pressure through personal messages and fake telegram channels.
Kirovohrad Oblast
The situation in the city is under control. During the day, Kirovohrad oblast experienced four long-term air alarms. On March 12th and 13th, at 4 am, the airfield in Kanatovo was bombed, some people were killed, but the authorities did not comment. The Armed Forces of Ukraine defended the borders of the region. Territorial Defense Forces ware on duty at checkpoints.
All internally displaced students can join the distance learning at the place of temporary stay in Kropyvnytskyi, said the head of the city council’s education department, Larysa Kostenko.
Volunteer community “We feed the patriots!” are preparing soup semi-finished products for the army, currently packed 378 packages of soups and borscht for a total of 5670 portions and about 400 bags of rusks, crackers, and dried fruits.
More than 80,000 people were evacuated from Sumy Oblast this week. Poltava Oblast is ready for further evacuation in the presence of a green corridor. She collected 800 tons of humanitarian aid during the war and sent it to Kharkiv, Sumy, Okhtyrka, Trostyanets.
The other day 9 humanitarian aid wagons arrived in Poltava: 600 tons of warm clothes, medicines, food, and hygiene products. The humanitarian will be sent to Sumy and Kharkiv regions. Last night, law enforcement officers checked more than 870 suspects. “Seven of them were taken to police stations to be checked for involvement in cooperation with the enemy and participation in sabotage activities,” said Poltava Region Police Chief Yevhen Rohachov.
Полтава гуманітарна допомога
Western Oblasts
Russia has attacked the International Center for Peace and Security near Lviv. As of the evening, there are reports of 35 people killed in the shelling, and another 134 with varying degrees of damage are in hospital. The airstrike was carried out from the Black and Azov Seas. In total, the occupiers fired more than 30 missiles. The Ukrainian air defense system worked. Some of the missiles were shot down in the air.
Кількість жертв обстрілу на Львівщині зросла до 35 осіб
Approximately 125,000 IDPs currently live in the Lviv Oblast. 31 enterprises from central and eastern Ukraine are moving to Lviv Oblast. There are still a few dozen applications from those who are hesitant about where they want to transport capacity. Most appeals come from Kyiv and Kharkiv Oblsasts.
More than 400 members of the volunteer battalion of the Drohobych Territorial Defense Forces took the oath of allegiance to Ukraine. 3,000 IDPs have been settled in Drohobych on free terms. The wounded people arrive in Lviv. Everyone receives quality medical care, but there is a need for medication. This was announced by the Head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration Maksym Kozytskyi:
There are fakes that humanitarian centers do not provide enough aid. The regional military administration explains that 80% of the aid that arrives at headquarters is immediately directed to defenders at the front and civilians who remain in hotspots. The rest is distributed among IDPs who arrived in Lviv Oblast.
Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast
Sunday morning began with explosions. This is the third airstrike at Ivano-Frankivsk airport during the war. Authorities once again urge citizens who have witnessed the events not to post photos or videos on social networks and not give detailed comments.
There are currently 25,000 IDPs registered in the community, including many women and children. Volunteers continue to work actively.
25 тисяч внутрішньо переміщених осіб, серед них дуже багато жінок та дітей Івано – Франківськ
Rivne Oblast
As of 16:40, there were two air alarms, one of which lasted three hours. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are intensifying patrols of the border with Belarus. Territorial Defense Forces patrol checkpoints. The Head of the Rivne Regional Military Administration, Vitaliy Koval, noted that the borders were not violated; the night passed relatively calmly, despite air alarms. IDPs continue to arrive in the Oblast ( The second batch of Starlink has arrived in Rivne Oblast (
Information on volunteer formations, volunteer headquarters, and humanitarian activities is open ( Residents are united, helping volunteer headquarters.
Khmelnytskyi Oblast
There was no fighting in the oblast. The Head of the Khmelnytskyi Oblast Military Administration (OMA) appealed to all relatives of the Ukrainian military with whom the contact had been lost, who had been taken prisoner, to provide information. Therefore, a call center was opened in the Khmelnytskyi OMA.
The situation in the community is under control. The city is operating in full combat readiness. Tonight, three buses evacuated residents of Kyiv Oblast, who lived for 16 days in basements under fire and were left without any means of communication with their relatives. Currently, IDPs are provided with housing and food. In the future, they will be provided with all necessary assistance. Some people have already settled with friends, relatives, and acquaintances, others at reception points. Here they will be able to stay as long as necessary.
In general, Khmelnytskyi accommodates internally displaced persons in various institutions – kindergartens, schools, sports complexes, sports centers, and private educational institutions. Khmelnytskyi residents respond en masse and become volunteers. Many newcomers settle in their homes.
The service of crisis psychological assistance “We are near” has been created especially for children and parents. 60 child psychologists selected by the Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy are ready for a consultation.
The city is calm, the air alarm sounded several times a day, but people are not very responsive to it. The Armed Forces of Ukraine patrol the city and serve according to the staffing schedule. Territorial Defense Forces continue to patrol checkpoints and strategic sites. The number of IDPs in the town reaches more than ten thousand, many children. «Celebrity Landing,» together with volunteers, helped IDPs. A meeting of internally displaced children with Ukrainian celebrities took place today in Arena City. Internally displaced children could also choose toys made by children from Kamenets, play board games and read books.
Chernivetska Oblast
In the morning in Bukovyna, the alarm sounded, now in Chernivtsi and area, it is quiet. Graduates of military departments are encouraged to join combat units. Officers will take preparatory courses in training centers. Mayor Roman Klichuk urged Chernivtsi residents and IDPs not to photograph important sites in Chernivtsi and help the enemy. 3 evacuation trains arrived in Chernivtsi. As of March 13th, more than 44,000 officially registered IDPs had found refuge in the Oblast. The first StarLink satellite Internet station belonging to Ilon Mask’s, SpaceX’s, has arrived in Bukovyna.
На Буковину надійшла перша станція супутникового інтернету «StarLink» компанії «SpaceX» Ілона Маска
Zakarpattia Oblast
The city is calm. People are worried about the attack that took place in Lviv Oblast. The Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defense Forces are preparing to defend the city and the oblast. City officials thanked the volunteers and partners for their humanitarian assistance.
Ukrainian Women’s Guard
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