Ukraine Operational information from the regions

Ukraine Operational information from the regions 10.05.2022 (photo, video)

The Azov Regiment stated that there were hundreds of wounded soldiers on the territory of the Azovstal plant. They demand to evacuate them immediately to the territory controlled by Ukraine. (Photo of the Azov Regiment Public news)

Ukraine in brief:

The 76th day of the heroic opposition of the Ukrainian people to the russian military invasion continues.

The enemy is increasing the pace of strategic offensive operations in the Eastern Operational Zone. They carry out shelling along the entire line of contact and in the depths of the defense of Ukrainian troops.

The most significant activity of the invaders is observed in the Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Luhansk oblasts. There is a high probability of missile strikes on civilian and military infrastructure.

In the Volyn and Polissia sectors, the enemy did not take active actions.

Russian occupation troops fired mortars in the border areas near the settlements of Karpovychi and Senkivka in the Chernihiv Oblast and in the Sumy Oblast.

In the Izium sector, the enemy continued to create favorable conditions for going on the offensive. For that purpose it replenished munitions and logistical assets, carried out engineering arrangements for its advanced positions, and enhanced aerial reconnaissance.

In the Severodonetsk sector, unsuccessful attempts of the russians to establish control over Rubizhne continue.

The enemy carries out assault operations in the areas of the settlements of Nizhne, Toshkivka, and Orikhove in the Luhansk Oblast but has no success.

In the Donetsk sector, the invaders attempted assault operations in the directions of the city of Marinka, the settlements of Kamianka, Yasynuvata Raion, and Novomykhailivka, Pokrovsk Raion, Donetsk Oblast. They failed.

In Mariupol, the enemy continues to focus its major efforts on blocking and destroying Ukrainian units in the area of the Azovstal plant. With the support of artillery and tank fire, the russians conduct assault operations.

As a result of the well-coordinated actions of the personnel of the units of the Ukrainian Defense Forces in the Kharkiv Oblast, the settlements of Cherkaski Tyshky, Ruski Tyshky, Rubizhne, and Bairak were liberated.


Northern oblasts


The capital holds the diplomatic front. The Speaker of the German Bundestag, Bärbel Bas, favored granting Ukraine EU membership under a fast-track procedure after she visited Kyiv. The Greek embassy returned to Kyiv.

Kyiv Oblast

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock arrived in Bucha. She gave a briefing from the city destroyed by the russians.

Zhytomyr Oblast

During the period of active hostilities, the russian military burned a 600-year-old oak, which was a natural monument, on the territory of the Drevlians Nature Reserve. In Berdychiv, due to a shortage of fuel at gas stations, the municipal transport is not working for the second day in a row.


Chernihiv Oblast

The demining of the territory of the Oblast continues. During the day, pyrotechnicians removed 291 explosive items. In total, 20 651 such things have been removed since the beginning of hostilities.

Sumy Oblast

The russians continue to shell the communities of the Sumy Oblast on the border with russia. At night they bombarded the territory of the Novoslobidske and Vorozhba communities. Today the Bilopillia community is under shelling.


Eastern oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

In the occupied Izium in the Kharkiv Oblast, the bodies of 44 civilians were found under the rubble of a house. The russians destroyed the five-story building in March. The bodies of three executed civilian Ukrainians were found in the liberated Tsyrkuny.

Donetsk Oblast


No enemy action was recorded in the city, but air raids were on almost all day. The situation remains alarming.

Today, the humanitarian headquarters launched a registration form to receive humanitarian aid from more groups in the city. It was accepted by residents in difficult life circumstances and people with disabilities before that.


Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk Raion

In the Avdiivka and Kurakhiv areas, enemy troops tried to break through the defenses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). The AFU repulsed the enemy. Territorial Defense Forces were on duty in the community. The last day in the community was relatively calm. No damage was recorded. No one was injured. Utilities continue to operate normally.

Every year, employees of the Department of Municipal Economy plant many flowers in the flower beds of the community. This year was no exception: residents actively joined the initiative of the Intercession Council to plant greenery in the city and surrounding areas. So, the other day more than 1000 rose bushes were planted in Jubilee Park. Cleanup day or planting roses and fruit trees grown in the Donbas Gardens nursery in Pokrovsk Raion have already been held by residents of Olshanskoho Street, where 50 rose bushes, ten plums, 25 peaches, and 25 apricots were planted, as well as the Sonyachnyi Raion dozens of flowering trees and roses. In addition to the city, landscaping, and surrounding areas. On the eve of the Pershotravneve holidays, 31 fruit trees were planted together with the Head of the Pershotravnevyi Raion and the villagers.

To avoid duplication and for every resident of Pokrovska Territorial Community Association to receive humanitarian aid, the neighborhood and old buildings will be engaged in this work.


Over the past day, russian occupation troops carried out 34 airstrikes on the territory of the Azovstal plant, 8 of which were strategic bombers. Enemy naval and barrel artillery, rocket systems of volley fire, and self-propelled unit UR-77 do not stop working.

One hundred thousand more civilians are waiting to be evacuated in Mariupol. One hundred of them are hiding at the Azovstal plant. Yesterday, the occupiers deported another 400 Ukrainian citizens from Mariupol to the depressed regions of russia.

Concerned users are collecting signatures for a petition to the UN on applying the extraction procedure for Ukrainian defenders. It will free the wounded soldiers and medics from Mariupol. There are more than a thousand Ukrainian service members at the Azovstal plant.

The Azov Regiment stated that there were hundreds of wounded soldiers on the territory of the Azovstal plant. They demand to evacuate them immediately to the territory controlled by Ukraine. (Photo of the Azov Regiment Public news)

Luhansk Oblast

The russians continue to shell Luhansk Oblast. Their goal is to cut off the Oblast from Ukraine to prevent evacuations and the delivery of humanitarian aid. Yesterday russian occupation troops fired incessantly at all possible routes to leave Luhansk Oblast.

There have been 22 russian attacks in the past 24 hours. As a result of the russian shelling, Severodonetsk was left without gas. Russian occupation troops are preparing for an offensive in the North of the Donetsk Oblast.

The AFU are firmly holding the defense. Fighting is taking place in the villages near the Mountain Community. The russians did not advance in Rubizhne; Voevodivka was under Ukrainian control. The occupiers are exporting equipment from schools and hospitals of the temporarily occupied cities to russia, – said the Head of the Oblast Military Administration Serhiy Haidai. The Ukrainian military is clearing Belohorivka of occupiers.

Southern Oblasts 

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

The russian occupiers appointed their “governor” of the Zaporizhia Oblast. He became the former People’s Deputy and Deputy of the Zaporizhia Oblast Administration of the eighth convocation of the “Opposition Bloc for Life” political party – Eugene Balitsky.

The russian military is focusing its efforts on Orikhiv, Huliaipole, and Malynivka, and continues to shell settlements and civilian infrastructure.

As a result of such shelling, a 100-square-meter apartment building, an outbuilding, and another building were on fire in Huliaipole. In Orikhiv, a fire engulfed a 56-square-meter apartment building. In total, 819 private households were damaged in the Zaporizhia Oblast due to hostilities.

The russian orcs continue to plunder the civilian population, terrorize residents, and export grain from the temporarily occupied areas of the Zaporizhia Oblast to the Crimea. It became known that on May 9th near Polohy, the invaders fired at a car with two civilians. The passenger died on the spot, and the driver was injured.

In Zaporizhia, a soviet howitzer standing in one of the city’s squares was dismantled. This need arose due to the spread of fake russian propaganda, allegedly the base of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

Mykolaiv Oblast

At night russians fired at Mykolaiv.

Odesa Oblast

The situation in the Oblast is unsettling. The russians shelled civil and tourist infrastructure yesterday.

The bridge over the Dniester Estuary has been shelled for the fourth time today. Also, the city and the Oblast were subjected to missile strikes last night. The russian occupation troops hit Riviera Shopping Mall and a subsistence warehouse near Odesa. The strikes left one dead and five wounded. They also caused a fire of 1000 sq. m and smashed windows in residential buildings nearby. The shopping mall was totaled. Also, hotels in Oblast were destroyed.

There have been explosions in Odesa at around 4 pm.

Russian cruise missiles hit the village of Nova Dofinivka, wounding a 17 y.o. girl. The anti-aircraft defense has been actively engaged in the Oblast downing some missiles and UAVs. The local government does not rule out repeated strikes and pleads to stay in shelters during air raid alerts.


Central oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

On the morning of May 10th, the russian occupation troops shelled the Zelenodolsk community damaging some buildings. Boroughs of Velyka Kostromka, and Kryvyi Rih Raion, were also hit. One building was partially damaged. No casualties or wounded have been reported.

The invaders shelled the village of Hannivka in the Kryvyi Rih Raion. No one was hurt, but the population center was left for some time without power. The Zelenodolsk and Shyrokiv communities were subjected to artillery bombardment at night and in the morning from the occupied part of the Kherson Oblast. Some buildings were damaged.


Kirovohrad Oblast

The day went calm without air raid sirens. The situation in the Oblast is under control. The AFU has been guarding the Oblast limits and military facilities within them. The Territorial Defense Forces have been watching the checkpoints and patrolling the city with the police.

The Transparent Office in Kropyvnytskyi accepts applications from individual IDPs and families in need of accommodation from the temporary stay reserve. The applications are submitted together with a package of documents.

The community of the town of Bobrynets, Kropyvnytskyi Raion of the Kirovohrad Oblast, has joined the all-Ukrainian Victory Orchards project to plant two hectares with potatoes, watermelons, melons and pumpkins, and 33 trees.

Oleksandriya City Council MPs have recognized the “Opposition Platform – For Life” political party and its city council faction of the eighth convocation as collaborators, Oleksandria Mayor Serhiy Kuzmenko informs. Moreover, the Opposition Platform – For Life faction members in the city council have unanimously decided to put their activity on hold. They have also denounced russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

Poltava Oblast

There were two air raid alerts during the night of May 9th in the Oblast. A charitable testing of five craft beer brands and a Spanish meat delicatessen will be held in Poltava. The event coordinators will use the collected funds to purchase a rapid wound healing device much expected by the wounded defenders currently on treatment in A&Es in Kharkiv.

The deaflympics tennis players from Poltava have finished their participation in men’s doubles. From now on, public buses in Poltava will remain in their depots due to fuel shortages. Traffic between Kyiv and Poltava via an international highway has been restored.

Three servicemen from the Oblast, Yuriy Halupa, Dmytro Ryabych, and Oleksandr Nazarko, have been reported to die in battle.

Iryna Zemlyana, an activist from the Poltava Oblast, ‘painted’ in red the russian ambassador in Warsaw.

Vinnytsia Oblast

Military formations and russian task force units in the Transnistrian region of the Republic of Moldova are ready for action. The AFU service members have been put in heavy security mode. Territorial Defense Forces have been on duty in the community. The last 24 h in the Khmilnyk community went uneventful. The utility services were working in a normal mode.

Local housekeepers in a village in the south of the Oblast have acquired a night-vision device for their fellow compatriots. The money was collected from sales of yummies they made themselves and sold at fairs.

A volunteer bus from Opole made a dozenth visit to Vinnytsia. The Poles have collected humanitarian aid and sent it to the city by bus weekly. On their way back, the volunteers give a lift to people fleeing the cities bombarded by racists.

The clergy and the laity from the villages of Zalyvanshchyna, Holendry, Myrne, Holubivka, Herasymivka, Pervomaysk, and Vesela have left the moscow patriarchy to join the canonical local Orthodox Church of Ukraine.


The general situation in the community is stable. People’s reaction is calm. The unrest was noticed on the eve of May 9th, but alarming expectations did not come true. Territorial Defense Forces patrolled the area. Today there was news about another dead young man from the community.

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

The situation in Prykarpattia is calm.

Rivne Oblast

As of 5:20 p.m., there were no air alarms. The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) patrol the border with belarus. Territorial Defense Forces are patrolling and on duty at checkpoints.

The Head of the Rivne Oblast Military Administration provided information on his page on how to receive assistance to IDPs.

In Rivne Oblast, they said goodbye to three defenders – Oleksandr Pinchuk, Denys Shepel, and Dmytro Perekhodko.

Citizens are united, and help volunteers financially and non-financially.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast


The situation in the community is under control. Volunteer Olena Yaroshenko, together with volunteers of the Headquarters for Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons, held an exit ceremony in the Shevchenko Square for a couple in love with the people of Khmelnytskyi. For six years, she has been arranging weddings for defenders free of charge within the All-Ukrainian project “Love Wins” framework.

Employees of several hairdressers in the city go to the hospital every week and cut the hair of wounded soldiers for free. In addition, volunteers bring food, hygiene items, and clothing to medical facilities.


There is no fighting in the city, and the situation is relatively calm. The city authorities handed over another necessary cargo for the military. In addition, a household dosimeter for measuring radiation worth UAH 13.9 thousand was purchased for soldiers at the front. As of today, UAH 1.6 million has been disbursed from the budget for Territorial Defense.

According to the Department of Social Protection, all state social benefits in May were funded. Today or tomorrow, the Treasury Service will also finance benefits and subsidies for April.

Kamianets-Podilskyi continues to receive Ukrainians fleeing the war. Now it is mostly residents of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, less often – Donetsk Oblast. 24 people were admitted yesterday.

A location has been opened in Kamianka, symbolizing Ukraine’s strong resistance to the tragic events. “Closed sky” – this is the name of the sculpture. The material for the statue was a tree that was struck by lightning last year. For twenty days in a row, the sculptors worked to present their work to the townspeople and migrants on May 8th. So now the symbolic wings of an angel and hands, which symbolize strength and power, rise in the square of Hun wells.

Chernivtsi Oblast (Bukovyna)

Currently, the situation is safe in Chernivtsi Oblast. Law enforcement agencies are guarding the peace of Bukovyna residents and guests of the Oblast 24/7.

Today Bukovyna paid last respect to three heroes who died for the independence of Ukraine. They are Balanetskyi Olexandr, Mandalak Ilya, and Shova Andrii.

In an interview with “Paneuropa Bewegung Österreich”, Serhiy Osachuk, the Head of the Chernivtsi Oblast Military Administration, said they would not expect the war to end in the coming weeks.

“Volunteer Headquarters for the Defense of Ukraine” has been working in Chernivtsi since the first days of the full-scale war. The center provides aid to the military and cities under russian occupation. Every day volunteers send 50-100 tons of support to Sumy, Kyiv, Mykolayiv, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, and Dnipro. More than 200 willing people work here all the time.

IDPs living in a sanatorium in the village of Brusnytsia received humanitarian aid from the Spanish organization “Remar S.O.S.” Philanthropists donated 40 food kits to them. In total, more than 200 packages were sent to the community of the Vyzhnytsia Raion. Chernivtsi City Council transferred seven generators of various capacities to Hostomel to restore the power supply in the affected city.

Zakarpattia Oblast

Mariupol Drama Theater moves to Uzhhorod. Although the invaders destroyed the building of the Drama Theater in Mariupol, the theater itself continues to live. According to the Head of the Donetsk Oblast Military Administration, Pavlo Kyrylenko, “Music and Drama Theatre in Uzhhorod helped our fellow citizens. The Mariupol troupe will perform on its stage as much as necessary”.

An open-air flashmob, “Spring will win” took place in Uzhhorod. The artists aimed to capture this spring and express their wishes for soon victory and peace.

Starting from May 10th, the Humanitarian Center “Sovyne Hnizdo” (“Owl’s Nest”) will work in a new format. Volunteers will organize social days for IDPs. Information about such social days will be published on social networks of “Sovyne Hnizdo” and Uzhhorod City Council.



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