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Ukraine Crisis Media Center Ukraine Under Attack – Digest 10 March 4, 2022. Russian war crimes in Ukraine Facts and Evidences

On March 3, Russian aggressors attacked Chernihiv. Missiles and military jets targeted reside buildings, schools and hospitals. At least 47 civilians were killed, 18 were wounded.

Source: State Emergency Service of Ukraine; Chernihiv Regional Military Administration.
On March 4, Russian aggressors attacked Zaporizhya nuclear power plant, the biggest one in Europe. Invaders fired several objects on its territory. Currently, Russian troops occupied the power plant. There is a great risk of the nuclear disaster.

Source: Energoatom.
On March 3, Russian aggressor shelled Byshiv village in Fastiv district, Kyiv region and destroyed country club. A civilian was killed, four more were wounded.
Source: General Prosecutor’s Office.
On March 4, Russian missile stroke a school in Zhytomyr.
Source: Zhytomyr Mayor.
On March 4, Russian aggressor fired an ambulance in Sumy region.

Source: Head of Sumy Regional Military Administration.