01-03-2022: Day 6. Russia-Ukraine War

1 March 2022
News summary from the regions of the Active Community Initiative (01.03.2022)
About us: The Active Community Initiative, launched by activists of the Respublika Institute after the Euromaidan Revolution (2014), focuses on motivating Ukrainians to be more proactive in the decision making process. 2025 goal is to encourage at least 1% of Ukrainians to take up a stance and promote reforms in Ukraine on a regular basis for the prosperity of Ukrainian communities. Today, we are operating in 30 Ukrainian communities.
Ukraine in brief: This is the sixth day of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. As of 12:00 on March 1, 2022, the estimated losses of weapons and military equipment of the Russian aggressors were: 29 aircraft, 29 helicopters, 198 tanks, 846 AFV’s, 77 artillery systems, 7 AD systems, 24 MLRS, 3 UAV’s, 305 vehicles, 60 fuel tanks, and 2 ships/boats. Convoys of armored vehicles of Russian aggressors slowed down the offensive momentum. They have procurement issues in Ukraine. Enemy troops don’t have a sustainable supply of fuel and ammunition.
After having no success in capturing the regional centers of Kharkiv and Chernihiv, the hostile Russian troops launched rockets at residential areas of these cities. In Kharkiv, they targeted the building of the Kharkiv Regional Council. In addition, the Russian troops continue closing in on Ukrainian cities of Sumy, Lebedyn, and Okhtyrka in the Sumy region. The enemy is regrouping to continue the offensive actions towards Kyiv. The enemy continues its offensive actions in Mariupol, Donetsk region, in the areas of Skadovsk, Gola Prystan, Kherson, Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region. After regrouping, the offensive actions towards Nikolaev continue. The cases of robberies and looting by Russian troops were recorded in Bucha, Gostomel, Nova Basan, Kyiv region. Ukraine still requires military and technical support, humanitarian aid and vehicles to evacuate residents from the shelled areas.
Northern regions
Kyiv. Volodymyr Zelensky appointed General Mykola Zhernov to be the head of the Kyiv City Military Administration. There have been powerful explosions in the areas of Borshchahivka and Dorogozhychi. The Russian troops targeted the TV tower broadcasting the Public Broadcaster. The situation in the Kyiv region remains tense. The infrastructure in Bucha district is being restored after airstrikes and battles that took place on February 28. The situation is also complicated in Borodyanka and Gostomel.
There have been a number of explosions in the town of Bila Tserkva. As a result of these explosions, residential buildings were partially damaged. The information on casualties among civilians is still to be confirmed. The centralized heating system in the city is down. North of the Vyshhorod district is occupied by the enemy. There is no light, water, or medicine available on the occupied territories. Occupied settlements are on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. The regional authorities are doing everything in their power to assist the population, however, the ongoing hostilities and the partial occupation make the situation very complicated. Restoration efforts are underway in the city of Brovary to deal with the aftermath of the shelling on February 28. Zhytomyr highway, Bucha-Irpin-Gostomel, as well as the outskirts of Dymer in the Vyshgorod district remain the most dangerous areas. In other areas of the Kyiv region, it is rather quiet. That being said, the fight against the enemy sabotage teams continues throughout the region. Following the order of the head of Kyiv Regional Military Administration, humanitarian headquarters were established to assist the affected population.
Zhytomyr. The situation in Zhytomyr is rather calm. Hospitals are ready to provide assistance and people are gathering supplies for humanitarian aid. Although, the enemy did fire two projectiles on the outskirts of the city that exploded right next to a local school.
Sumy. Air raid sirens were heard in Konotop, Krolevets, Krasnopillya, Trostyanets.
The first exchange of captured persons took place: 5 Ukrainians from the Territorial defense unit were exchanged for one Russian officer. A Russian convoy bearing white flags and carrying captured persons is moving South of Nyzy, firing at civilians.
Chernihiv. The Operational Command “North” has been registering the presence of the Belarusian military in the Chernihiv region for three days now. On the outskirts of the city, Masana and Myr Avenue districts were shelled by the enemy using MLRS Grad.
Eastern regions
Kharkiv. The city is under control of Ukrainian authorities. However, the aggressor continues to attack Kharkiv around the clock and commit war crimes including: An airstrike that destroyed a five-story building. As a result, 8 people were killed and as many were wounded. The plane that delivered an airstrike was subsequently shot down by the Armed Forces of Ukraine; An airstrike targeting the largest square of the country – the Freedom Square. As a result, 6 people were killed and 7 were wounded. Shelling targeting the Regional State Administration. As a result, 10 people were killed and 20 were wounded. At the time of the shelling, an activist of the All-Ukrainian initiative “Active Community” was inside an administrative building on the Freedom Square: “We were sitting and drinking coffee. The first rocket landed near the building, all of the windows were shattered by the blast. We fell to the ground and then walked out into the corridor. I went to get my body armor and helmet. I sat down in the corridor. And then all of a sudden there was a heavy blow, everything went dark and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Then I saw a hole going 6 floors down mere 20 meters away from me.” The mayor of Kupyansk, a city in the Kharkiv region, handed the city over to the occupying forces. Locals, however, pushed the occupying units out of the downtown area and put the Ukrainian flag back up. The local resistance to the occupying forces is ongoing and very strong.

The occupying forces shelled the residential areas of the settlement of Dergachi on multiple occasions.
Kramatorsk. The situation on enemy advance is unclear, there is not enough data. The armed forces and territorial defense units are preparing to defend the city. The air raid sirens go off from time to time. The volunteer movement continues to work, and the number of people willing to help is constantly growing. There is anxiety in the city, but people are trying to stay calm.
Pokrovsk. The enemy forces shelled the village of Zoryane in the Mariinka City Territorial Community of the Pokrovsk District. As a result of the shelling, 1 person was killed and 4 houses were damaged. Ukrainian forces continue to defend the settlements along the line of demarcation. Territorial defense units are patrolling the neighborhoods. The Pokrovsk separate battalion of territorial defense found a vehicle, which was identified as belonging to a sabotage and reconnaissance group. The saboteurs were not in the vehicle. Bullets and dry rations with Russian markings were found on the spot. Also, the territorial defense of the city completed the manning of “Hrodivka-Novoekonomichne” checkpoint. The checkpoint was temporarily set up to inspect passing vehicles and block off the road to limit its use. The mayor urged local entrepreneurs to not raise the price of goods and help the socially vulnerable. He came out with a proposal to the deputies of the Pokrovsky council to cancel the payment for utilities for February. Utilities operate on a full-time basis. The chairman of the Pokrovsky district council, Yuriy Klyuchka, has temporarily resigned from his duties due to a call-up during mobilization. Fuel at gas stations can be purchased up to 20 liters for private cars, without restrictions for car companies. Local shops were replenished with food. There is no insulin on sale in pharmacies. Residents of Pokrovsk and Myrnohrad are concerned about the sounds of explosions from Pisky. Residents provide humanitarian assistance and assistance to internally displaced persons.
Volnovakha. Fighting was still going on in Volnovakha this morning. In the afternoon, the evacuation of the affected residents, who had been under fire for several days, began in the basements. According to activists, the authorities are not carrying out the evacuation well enough. There are still people who have not left.
Rubizhne. In Rubizhne we were informed about the enemy DRG near the southern districts of the city, at night there was a shootout with small arms, there is a possibility that looters. The current situation from the night and during the day on March 1 is more or less calmer: no serious fighting took place, shell bursts are periodically heard outside the town of Rubizhne. The sale of alcoholic beverages was banned. All grocery supermarkets are open. All other shops and outlets are closed for the 4th day. Vodafone’s mobile communication and Internet are out of order. Kyivstar and Life do not work at all. Wired internet hardly loads information other than text. Regular patrols drive around the city, and social networks information about the facts of looting in the city every day: from breaking into outlets with food and alcoholic beverages to breaking into apartments in the city. The Severodonetsk regional orphanage was shelled. The city had problems with withdrawing cash from ATMs. The mayor assured us that this issue will be resolved in the near future. Residents of the respective cities are informed about the working pharmacies and grocery supermarkets, about the evacuation train from Lysychansk through Rubizhne.
Southern regions
Zaporizhzhia. From time to time a siren sounds in the city – an air alarm signal. In the evening of February 28, shelling took place in the suburbs, and since then (as of 15:00) the city has been quiet. People come together and organize themselves. The largest companies have demonstrated a state position and are helping to repair equipment. Today, a humanitarian headquarters is being deployed to take into account the needs of the territories. A psychological support group has been set up in Zaporizhia to work online. It is designed to help both civilians and the military. They also work with the families of Ukrainian defenders.
Vasylivka. Fighting continues to happen in Vasylivka. The city is being shelled from “Grads”, multiple launch rocket systems. Therefore, the situation is very complicated and difficult. Russian troops fired on the school. The mayor said he was trying to arrange the evacuation of local residents. Meanwhile, people stay in shelters.
Melitopol. The Ukrainian government is functioning in the city, but the situation is difficult. Some institutions are beyond their control. There are the Russian National Guard units, whose task is to seize power and make management decisions within Melitopol. In Melitopol, the Russian military forces have fired on more than 10 residential buildings. Cases of looting are recorded. The mayor asks residents to form a group of people responsible for public safety.
Energodar (Zaporizhzhia NPP). Russian troops have surrounded the city. The nuclear power plant is working, and the situation is stable. All local services and the city Defense Council have been transferred to round-the-clock operation. Communal services, law enforcement agencies, and the Defense Council are provided with minimal fuel. Citizens are urged to save resources. Citizens built barricades and did not allow the occupiers to enter the city.
Berdyansk. Russian troops remain in the city. Enemy vehicles are recorded to move in the entire region. The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed Russian equipment at Berdyansk airfield. The city’s communal establishments are working, and the connection with the city is not lost. The city is experiencing humanitarian problems with food shortages. Grocery stores are running out of food. There is a lack of medicines and oxygen for COVID patients, who are currently in hospitals.
Skadovsk. Several groups formed in the community are patrolling the city along with the Territorial Defense.
The situation in the Skadovsk community is under control, communal establishments and grocery stores work. Shelters were inspected for their readiness. The volunteer movement is intensifying, and farmers are helping the city with humanitarian food aid. People are uniting, there is no panic.
Odesa Oblast. Enemy aircraft raids took place in the region.
Odesa. In Odesa, the air-raid sirens can be periodically heard. The Armed Forces of Ukraine shoot down all enemy targets in the air. There is an active strengthening of the sea coast. The mayor said that the situation is under control, the city is provided with everything necessary. People are actively helping to build fortifications to defend the city. In general, the community is united and actively helps the Territorial Defense.
Yuzhne. The situation in the city is calm in all directions. Anti-tank hedgehogs are being placed around the city, people are preparing to defend themselves. On February 28, the authorities set up messenger channels. It was reported about Internet disconnection but at the moment there are no connection issues.
Central Regions. Kirovograd Region
Kropyvnytskyi. Military units in this city were bombarded, air-raids happened. Sr. lieutenant Andriy Gerus at the cost of living has taken down enemy aircraft with paratroopers over the city. Ukrainian army with the help of air defense systems was shooting down rockets. Territory defense continues to patrol the city and control checkpoints. Local Administration coordinates the defense of the city and the region, the citizens heard sirens. The locals are staying strong, condemn the enemy, and support each other.
The Major of the military counterintelligence was caught in the Kirovohrad region. He was gathering information and transferring it to Russia.
The detention of the current employee of the Department of Military Counterintelligence of the National Security Service “G” happened in the framework of criminal prosecution under Part 1 of Art.111 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (treason). It was detected that in the period from December 2021 to the present day, “G” intentionally passed secret information and secret defense information to the Russian secret services. Urgent investigative actions are in action, searches are being carried out, and the means of communication used to transfer information were confiscated along with the bank card to which the funds were transferred from the representatives of the Russian secret services.
Dnipro. The city is calm. Police have detained two saboteurs with DNR passports and Russian symbolics. The City Administration is in control of the situation. Currently, the situation is not to be worried about. People volunteer to joint territory defense units, buy hunting weapons, help in volunteering units to the internally displaced people and soldiers, Sirens are currently heard over the city.
Western regions
Lviv. Lviv is mostly calm, sirens sounded once. People volunteer, accept people who have been evacuated from other cities.
Drogobych. Two air raids were heard in the community. Military exercises were conducted at the Lviv Armored Plant. Recruitment for territorial defense continues, there are queues at recruiting stations. The mayor announced that Drohobych had received humanitarian aid, which would later go to the front.
Ivano-Frankivsk. On February 28, two alarms sounded in the city. Local authorities called on entrepreneurs to work and stressed that those entrepreneurs who will raise prices in wartime will be equated with looting and betrayal of Ukraine’s interests in wartime. They promise to monitor prices. Residents of the community are asked not to spread unverified facts, not to launch drones, not to break road signs, not to climb on roofs. At present, such actions are only harmful. Local authorities have reached out to men who have moved their families to the city. 48 hours after the settlement, the men must register with the military enlistment office. Residents help the displaced, which is increasing every day in the city. However, residents are beginning to refuse to house male immigrants between the ages of 18 and 60. This issue is actively discussed by local volunteers and the authorities. In general, the city and region are calm.
Rivne. As of 17:00 in the Rivne region, there were two air alarms. Intensified patrols of the border with Belarus are underway. During the patrol, according to police, 13 people were detained with suspicious behavior. During the morning briefing, the head of the regional state administration informed us about the situation in the region – in particular, that the border with Belarus is being patrolled, the night passed almost calmly, at 5 am there was an air alarm signal. In addition, the head of the regional state administration noted that the application developed by the Ministry of Culture and Ajax – Air Alarm has been launched. Advised to download and install the application. Arrangements for shelters continue to be provided, and assistance is called for according to needs (long-term storage products, generators). The list of things is constantly updated and updated on official volunteer channels, as well as on FB and telegram channels).
There are volunteer headquarters that collect clothes, necessary ammunition and transfer them to other areas as needed. In the Rivne region, SBU counterintelligence officers detained a Russian intelligence agent who was photographing and videotaping strategic and military facilities in the region. In Rivne region, citizens expect to meet the fallen heroes – the bodies of three soldiers who died for the territorial integrity of Ukraine – Marchuk Vasyl, a resident of. Myrotyn, Pavlo Nikitchuk, a resident of Zdolbuniv, and Vitaliy Kucheruk, a resident of Alexandria village of Rivne district.
Zdovbytsia. Three air raids were heard during the day.Reception points for internally displaced persons were set up. Territorial defense patrols streets, entry and exit posts. Women of the community weave camouflage nets, prepare food for territorial defense
Khmelnytskyi region
In the Khmelnytsky region, a car with the military was fired upon. As a result, one soldier was killed and another wounded. At around 00:10 am, an official car was fired upon near the railway station in the village Tsvitokha. The chairman of regional military administration Sergey Gamaliy reported about it. Measures are being taken to identify and detain criminals. There was no fighting in the region.
Khmelnytskyi. Territorial defense arranges checkpoints. The streets are heavily patrolled. Work is underway to arrange resistance points. The situation in the city is under control. Public transport is working. On March 1, the military administration of the region decided to ban the sale of alcoholic beverages and goods made of alcohol. The ban is valid around the clock. Minors are not allowed to move or be on the street unaccompanied by adults (except within 100 meters of home). Men between the ages of 18 and 60 are not allowed to stay in the community for more than 48 hours without registration.
Kamianets-Podilskyi. The city was quiet, there were several air raids. Several locals were detained for drawing signs on houses for money. The Armed Forces patrolled the city in the area of the landfill and the accumulation of military equipment. In turn, the territorial defense patrols checkpoints organize assistance for residents of other cities. The coordinators of the “Active Community” organize a car with medicines, previously – to Kyiv. Assistance in the settlement of internally displaced persons continues. The task of the city authorities, first of all, is to ensure the protection of the civilian population. Alarms became more frequent. It is very difficult psychologically now, especially at night, but people do not lose vigilance and respond to notifications.
Work on the alert system continues. Before the start of hostilities, there were three sirens in the city, now there are 11. Shelter cleaning works were carried out. In case of unauthorized interference with access to basements, radical measures will be taken.
Three orders were issued:

  • from March 1, the settlement of men aged 18 to 60 in accommodation facilities for more than 48 hours is prohibited;
  • from February 28, the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited;
  • from March 1, it is forbidden to be on the street for children under 16 unaccompanied by adults (except for the area up to 100 meters from home).

The coordinator of the “Active Community” addressed the complaints of residents to the Department of Economics regarding the provision of food in the city’s retail chains. A voluntary community association is being formed. There are some volunteer points now. Thanks to the support of businessmen, beds, mattresses, bed linen, fuel for the territorial defense, and military enlistment office were delivered. The problem of receiving humanitarian aid at the border is being solved. Activists are looking for an opportunity to organize a “green corridor”. Almost all women make camouflage nets. Yesterday, 33 nets measuring 60 meters each were handed over to the East. Women also organize meals for defenders. Restaurant staff are involved too.
Chernivtsi Oblast.
Chernivtsi. There are no active hostilities in the city of Chernivtsi and the region. Recruitment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues, and representatives of other countries are joining.
The number of Territorial Defense fighters is constantly increasing. The public sector works to meet the needs for food, ammunition, medicine etc.
During the war, Bukovyna received more than 11,000 temporarily displaced people, including more than 1,800 children. Humanitarian aid centers that receive aid also from abroad have been set up and they are successfully operating. The volunteer movement to support the army, migrants, etc. is increasing. As of March 1, the blood bank in Bukovina is 100% full.
Ukrainian Women’s Guard